by Tenshinrtaiga
Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon a Time
Pairings & Characters: the Queen, Snow White, the Mirror
Summary- A response to my claimed prompt table at Once Upon a Prompt. The Queen and her looks over time.
A/N- According to Wikipdia, Grimhilde was the Queen's real name. Also, I'm using the original Grimm's version of the tale in which the Queen was Snow White's mother (not step-mother).

05. Ego

Grimhilde had always been rather fond of her looks. She liked to spend hours brushing her hair so that it shone just right the next day. On her 19th birthday, she received a mirror from her parents. It was not just any mirror though, but an enchanted mirror, one she could ask any question and it would answer truthfully. And so everyday, Grimhilde would wake up and go to the mirror to ask it the same question she did the day before and the day before that.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?" She grinned, already aware of the answer.

"You, my dear, are the fairest of them all," the mirror responded back dully. He was quite tired of hearing the same question over and over again, but there was nothing he could do. For she was the master and him, her mirror.

Years passed and Grimhilde, using her beauty and cunning, married the King of a nearby kingdom. But, being the ambitious woman that she was, she refused to place second to anyone. And on their wedding night, she killed him. It was, of course, rather unfortunate that she fell pregnant that night as well.

At first, the Queen had been furious to find herself pregnant. She feared that carrying a child would ruin her beauty, but instead her people began complimenting her on her 'glow'. Slowly, the idea of a child grew on Grimhilde. Someone she could nurture, someone who wouldn't hate her for her beautiful looks, for Grimhilde was often the focus of jealousy.

She smiled as she quietly hummed a tune while sewing a little blanket for her daughter. She winced as she accidentally pricked herself and automatically shook her hand out. Droplets of blood fell to the snow below and she smiled looking at it.

"Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony," she mused to herself.

Several days later, the Queen received her wish as she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, a girl she named Snow White in honor of Grimhilde's wish.

As the child grew up, she became beloved by not only her mother, but also the kingdom. She knew everybody by name and was always willing to lend a helping hand should anyone ever need it. The Queen watched as this occurred and though she was at first worried, she accepted how beloved Snow White was. She was the Queen's daughter and one day the kingdom would be hers. (One day very far off, however.) And besides, it meant that she could send Snow to deal with the peasants instead of the Queen doing it herself.

But then, on Snow White's 14th birthday, the Queen went to the mirror to ask it the same question she had asked for the last two decades.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?" She asked with a smile, already anticipating the answer.

"You, my Queen, are quite fair 'tis true," the mirror started, a grin making its way across his face as he realized what was happening, "But your daughter, Snow White, is much more fairer than you."

The Queen froze at the mirror's words, "What?" She hissed.

The mirror's grin widened in unabashed joy. Twenty years he had been forced to sit and repeat the same answer over and over again and now, he finally had something new to say, "You, my Queen, are quite fair 'tis true. But your daughter, Snow White, is much more fairer than you."

A scream echoed through the entire castle. How dare Snow White! How dare she! Grimhilde had given her wealth, luxury, clothes, a kingdom and more. And how had that little brat repaid her?

"Bring me my huntsman!" She demanded of a nearby servant.

There was nothing more important to her than her beauty. The Queen was the fairest of them all. Always. And she would ensure that she was the fairest of them all again. It was her beauty that got her her kingdom. It was her beauty that got her her power. She would make Snow White pay for ruining what was Grimhilde's.