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He sat on a the branch of an old oak tree, looking over the landscape. How the sun glistened over the slightly mildew grass awhile the day was still young, and how his fellow brethren began their mating calls. Peace, it's what all living creatures want. Freedom from hardship, conflict, and oppression. Red Bird knew how to enjoy his days well, he had a mate and three offspring, which he called his flock.

With the eggs hatched, Red Bird could at least take a moment to relax every time a pig comes near his place. The hell he went through for at least 2 years was still sore in his heart, the beating made it moist and tender, which caused Red Bird to cry. He did his best to purge all of those nasty thoughts from his mind, yet Red Bird could only do was to treat the long-term effects of his experience.

A soft smile could easily be noticed on his face, as his eyelids were just skimming the boundary of his irises. Relaxed as any bird can be, Red Bird let his mind wonder as he stared out into the beautiful meadow of his homeland, a land he shared with a diversity of birds, and one species of pig. How about that, nothing to worry about for one day.

Just when things were going well, Red Bird heard the branch he was resting on crack. Had he been a little to heavy, or the tree who own the branch had enough of being used as a footstool? Whatever the reason, the branch gave way, and Red Bird tumbled down and headbutted the world.

"Oww!" he squawked in response.

He rolled onto his back and laid there as he stared up at the tree above him, the branch he was sitting on was hanging onto the tree by a thin layer of bark. The doctor had told him not to put minor stress to his skull, due to the fact that it developed a lot of weak-spots from previous sieges upon pig structures. Maybe that's what his brother had, weak-spots all over his skull, when it split open like a watermelon upon impact against a stone castle. The thought crossed Red Bird's mind almost immediately, he successfully held it back with his might awhile fighting back the tears.

As he lay there, he heard a voice chirped through his ear. He looked to his side and saw Orange Bird, seeing how cute Orange Bird was made Red Bird forget the sudden pain he felt from the fall. The little bird pushed him back upright, Red Bird took a moment to redeem his balance before taking a deep breath.

"How are you doing little guy?" he asked.

"Good," said Orange Bird, "But you don't seem to swell, Red."

"I was doing fine," explained Red Bird, "Yet the tree had other things in mind."

"How did you get up there anyway?" asked Orange Bird.

"I climbed up there, how else I got there."

"That's odd since you don't even have limbs."

"Neither do you."

"Are you still grumpy?"

"No, since your here."


Red Bird felt his temper began to billow up within him, he held it back and calmly said, "Do I have to explain why?"

"No." said Orange Bird.

"We'll leave it at that."

Red Bird started walking down the meadow, grumbling to himself. Why do the little birds always make me angry? Red Bird thought. Little birds are simply kids in their own right, just fledglings who left the nest and become independent. What made them annoying was the fact that they never stop talking, or they like to pull a fast one on you. In this case, Orange Bird picked the wrong time to be asking questions when Red Bird was trying to keep his cool.

"Hey!" the little bird called out, "Wait!"

Orange Bird came after Red Bird as he gained enough distance from the tree that dropped him, seeing that little bird running up to him made Red Bird's feathers ruffled, "Go away, kid!" he retorted, "I don't want to deal with you at the moment!"

"I just wanna hang out is all." said Orange Bird.

"I do to," Red Bird snorted, "And look what happened to me, I was dropped on my head as a result."

"Oh come on Red, spend time with your flock. Hello? Red? RED!"

His voice fell of deaf ears as Red Bird walked away, leaving Orange Bird stumped from his behavior.

After getting about a hundred meters from him, Red Bird was alone again. Finally, he could have peace and quiet to himself again. No loud squeaking birds chirping into his ear, just him and his private thoughts. How about that, no noise. Might as well go home as it was louder, Red Bird began to head straight for home without a second thought.

It took awhile to get there, but he made it back to his small hut he had been living in for years now. Home sweet home, he thought, Might as well find some relief here with the flock. Of course, not everything goes well in Red Bird's world. So when he walked through that door, three chicks: two boys and one girl, came running after him with swift speed. Before he could do anything, they tackled him onto the ground.

"Daddy!" he all chirped in unison.

"Oh hey little ones," said Red Bird as all of his offspring stepped aside as he gets back up, "What were you three up to?"

"Not much." said one of the birds.

"Causing trouble I suppose."

Everyone giggled in response.

Aw, thought Red Bird, Nothing like family time.

"Red," said Female Red Bird as she came out of the nest in the corner, "How's your walk?"

"Good," lied Red Bird, "Did anyone need me awhile I was gone?"

"Yellow Bird called," said his mate, "Looks like some rebel pigs had stolen a few of his flock's eggs again."

"When did he called?"

"About a few minutes ago."

"Where's the coordinates?"


Female Red Bird handed him the coordinates on the GPS system, "Thanks mate," said Red Bird, "I'll be back till dinner."

"Be careful," said Female Red Bird, "I don't want you coming back home with a concussion."

Red Bird chuckled before he turned and walked out the door, once outside he checked the coordinates on the GPS system. Hrm, he thought, It's only 3 kilometers away, might as well start walking now.

It was a long walk, if Red Bird had the ability to fly he might as well save time. Having long walks wasn't new to Red Bird, it was all part of the job. Protecting eggs from the clutches of pigs requires lots of travel, he had been underground and in harsh terrain, chasing the pigs to the far corners of the world. His father was impressed, during his time he didn't perform a lot of travel. Red Bird would might not had made it this far in his career if not for his friends' support, since he could do little against the more sturdy pig castles.

After almost an hour of walking, Red Bird spotted the pig castle within the distance. It was heavily fortified, solid stone that had cavities in them from the siege. The slingshot was no more than 15 meters away, perched up on a slightly higher elevation as always. He could see his friends catapulting themselves off of the slingshot and into the wall, how painful it was from every thump off of its walls.

Okay, thought Red Bird, Here we go.

When Red Bird approached the slingshot, his friends nearby caught sight of him. "Hey Red," said Yellow Bird, "Finally you've showed up."

"Why do I always have to be the last one to arrive?" he asked.

"What were you doing when we called upon you?" asked White Bird.

The thought of crashing from the oak tree's branch came to Red Bird's mind, "I was chilling up in a tree." he replied.

"Well," said Yellow Bird, "Can you see if you can get inside that castle and sabotage it from within?"

"What about the eggs?" asked Red Bird.

"The blue bird trio managed to retrieve them awhile ago," said Black Bird, "I'd never seen such teamwork in awhile."

"Then why are you birds still attacking the pigs?"

"To finish them off, what else?"

Black Bird hopped onto the slingshot and pulled back on the band, then launched himself at the castle. He flew straight into one of the windows of the castle, an explosion occurred, followed by a plume of smoke belching out of the window. "Why not you give it a shot?" asked White Bird.

"Well," said Red Bird, "What the hell."

He got onto the slingshot and stretched it out to maximum velocity, before he was able to launch himself Boomerang Bird approached the slingshot and tried to get on. "Boomerang!" cried Red Bird.

But it was too late, the clumsy bird accidentally pushed the slingshot to an angle as Red Bird looses his grip. Instead of flying straight towards the castle, he was launched over the castle and into the sky. Red Bird screamed with emotions of humiliation and terror as the castle became a simple speck from his point of view, he flew over a forest for a few seconds before he dove into it.

Once he was below the treeline, he smashed into a few branches, even crashed on one with his privates, then tumbled onto the forest floor with an unnoticeable thud. "Ca-caw." moaned Red Bird as stars clouded his vision before his world closed the blinds on him.