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The doctor taking care of RJ and Orange Bird watched as they rest in the nest, sleeping peacefully. He was staring at RJ in particular, looking down at him as he sleeps. He remembered RJ back in the first Angry Birds war, the little cocky bird had a vicious taste for sweets, so much so that the sweet tooth often raid the candy stores of some pig castles just to get a bite of chocolate. He never really knew much of RJ personally, yet it wasn't the first time he had treated him for injuries.

During the first Angry Birds war, the doctor treated RJ for shrapnel damage on his side. He could clearly see the old bird still bearing the scar that forever marked him, maybe RJ had all but forgotten about it since no one bothered to ask. Those days were harsh, the doctor had his sympathies for RJ but at least he finally got some sort of, "vacation." Hell, the bird needed to rest sooner or later.

Just as the doctor stepped away from the nest, the frond door barged open, the doctor immediate thought was that the pigs were raiding the small hovel. He breathed in a sigh of relief when he realized it was only the birds, but that doesn't mean he was still worried since the way the door opened sounded serious. When he saw a nearly crying Red Baron carrying his bleeding son into the room, his stomach turned upside down.

"What happened?" he croaked.

"He was shot," cried The Red Baron, his voice near breaking, "What was even more surprising was that the pigs attacked the swine who shot him, they were fighting each other by the time we ran for the hills!"

"Oh my," said the doctor, "Get me my surgical equipment, everyone clear the room."

All the birds except The Red Baron, RJ, and Orange Bird head outside and shut the door behind them. The Red Baron handed the doctor his medical bag, he glanced up at one of the windows and saw Red Bird's mom peaking through the window. Her face was worrisome, a tear was on the verge of being taken over by gravity.

If I screw up, the doctor thought, I would be exiled by the birds for failure, I hope that would not happen."

The doctor opened his medical bag and pulled out the scalpel and pure alcohol, he quickly disinfected the wound before assessing it, "The pellet went right through him and landed somewhere in the grass," said The Red Baron, "I don't know how much damaged was caused, all I know is that he's bleeding bad."

He could see that some blood was pouring out of him like an overflowing bathtub, not a good sign at all, "The pellet probably struck his liver," said the doctor, "Start up a small fire at the fireplace, I know of something I could use to stop the bleeding."

As The Red Baron lit a fire at the fire place, the doctor began to open up Red Bird at the entrance wound of the pellet. Once cut open, he peered at his liver and saw that the pellet simply grazed it. Even though the wound looked no more like a scrape on the knee, it was oozing out a lot of blood, the doctor will still have to work fast in healing the wound.

"Okay," said The Red Baron, "The fire is burning, will this file do?"

The Red Baron held up a sanding file, the things famous for old school jail breaks, "That will do," said the doctor, "Stick one end into the fire and heat it till its red hot, then I'll show you what I'll do with it."

The old bird put the file's tip into the fire, after a couple of minutes the tip began to glow red hot. The doctor picked up the cool end and held it up to view, he could see that the tip was glowing red hot as expected.

"What are you going to do with that?" asked The Red Baron as the doctor walked back to Red Bird.

"I'm going to burn the wound shut."

Without warning, the doctor jabbed the hot end of the file onto Red Bird's liver wound. The sudden pain caused Red Bird to wake up, letting out a small cry in the process. "Hot, hot!" he yelled, "It's very, very hot!"

The doctor reached into his medical bag and pulled out a syrette, he pulled off the cap with his teeth and stabbed Red Bird with the mosquito nose-shaped needle and pumped its contents into his system.

"Uhh," muttered The Red Baron, unsure what he was seeing.

"Morphine shot," said the doctor, "Helps numb the pain."

Red Bird began to breath easier as the drug quickly kicked in. He sighed as he let out a small smile, a sign of addiction, "How are you doing there, buddy?" asked the doctor.

"Groovy," muttered Red Bird, "What smells good?"

"Cooked liver, your liver."

"Oh... crap."

With that, Red Bird pasts out again. The Red Baron took a step back as the doctor removed the file and sat it aside, "Wound is sealed," he said, "Now I'll seal up his lacerations, patch him up, and wait for him to come to."

"Oh, thank you doc," said The Red Baron, "Thank you."

"I do this for a living, knowing you birds I may see you sometime soon."

. . .

Red Bird stirred as he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, a combination of hunger and hurt. His eyes opened as he stared up at the ceiling, remembered getting shot by the pig boss but that was all he remembered. He felt a sharp pain in his back, and recalled the pellet had exited out of it. Instead of pellet holes, there were plasters covering them. He soon forgotten the pain when he smelled food in the air, and that wasn't all he sensed.

"Wakey, wakey, red birdy." said RJ's voice.

He looked around and saw the old bird staring down at him as he sat on the edge of the nest, what caught Red Bird's eye was the patch over his chest. Looks like the oriole had his operation and it went off smoothly, "RJ," said Red Bird, "You're alright."

"And you are too," said RJ, "I heard what happened to you after I woke up, the doctor told me me and my great-grandson slept through the whole operation. No kidding."


"He managed to patch me up too, stapled my ribs back in place. I never felt so alive, I mean, I admit that I had said that quote a dozen or so times already but heck, I had beaten death again. Thanks for getting me to safety Red Bird, no bird hadn't gone this far as you had."

"It's all in a day's work."

"Another chapter to your biography I suppose."

"Where's Orange Bird anyway?"

"He went off with the rest of your friends, your kids are coming over soon and your mate with them. I think your dad is sleeping... in his chair."

RJ looked past him before Red Bird turned around and saw his father sleeping on his chair, he let out a soft snore as he napped. Red Bird looked near the nest and saw a full plate of food, with his mouth watering he dug in with his beak. RJ chuckled as Red Bird gorged on the food, almost near choking point.

By the time Red Bird finished the meal, he heard his father stir. He looked up and saw The Red Baron opened his eyes, they were droopy, yet he was awake.

"Dad!" cried Red Bird with tears of joy.

He shot out of the nest and dove towards his old bird, The Red Baron was taken by surprised as his son hugged him tightly. What ever sleep the old bird still had from his nap was shaken loose from his mind. "Son," he said, "You're awake, I was worried."

"Where is everyone?" asked Red Bird.

"I think your mother is away with your mate, the kids are with them as well."

"I missed you dad, when I was trying to find my way home."

"I missed you too, in fact that was the second time you went missing. When you went missing again, your mother went ballistic. It took awhile to calm her down."

"I was more concerned about you due to your condition, I was afraid that I wouldn't be there when you go."

"Oh, I'd forgotten about the arthritis, where's that Ibuprofen bottle"

Red Bird looked around and found the bottle strewn up against the edge of the room, he lets go of his dad and walked up to the bottle to pick it up. He handed it back to The Red Baron as he took the bottle and put aside for now.

"I love you, dad."

"I love you too, son."