Hey guys! So here is a little story I threw together. So I hope you like it (:


Jake wanted to find her. Really, he did. The only thing he wanted to do was take her in his arms and keep her there forever. He wanted to make sure she was okay. That the wolves hadn't taken her away from her before he got to apologize.

The bloody headband had almost killed him, but Drew was there, and they were too far into the woods to turn back. So, he played it cool. Like he was fine and calm. Like the girl that he was hopelessly in love with wasn't lost in the dark woods.

Then, they found her. She wasn't alone though. Eli was there, and she was wearing his jacket, so Jake decided he had even more reasons to hate him for. Eli had found Clare. Not him. Eli made sure she was okay before he did. That was supposed to be Jake's job. Not Eli's.

Deep down he knew it was stupid. To be so mad at Eli for saving Clare. It wasn't Eli's fault for what happened at the cabin. He didn't know that Jake had to fix the crack he had put in Clare's heart.

The long walk back to the cabin must have been Jake's punishment for what had happened between him and Ali. The silence was too much. It was almost loud. And the only thing he could think about was what he was going to do to get Clare back.

When the cabin had come into view, relief had flooded his body. They were going to be back with other people. He could talk to Clare alone and maybe fix things. Though chances for things to be fixed were slim. When the four walked through the wooden doors Jake had never loved the sound of his friend's voices so much.

Wrapping her hand made guilt spread throughout his whole body. He knew he deserved it and it made the guilt sting even more. Then Jake had heard the most beautiful thing since this horror trip had started. Clare was forgiving him. Clare wanted him back.

She wanted to fix what had happened. Just forget about it. Like what had happened was gone. Had disappeared. There was going to be a Jake and Clare again.

She wasn't going to pretend like they were a happy family. Even though that would've been easier, and they both knew it. For that Jake was greatly happy.

Sorry about the ending...

But anyways!


Hope you liked it!