Revelations at Dairy Queen

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Sora sat on her bed, staring off into outer space. She was thinking about Tai…….again. They'd known eachother forever and they had been best friends for as long as she could remember, but something was missing. She liked Tai. LIKE liked him. As more than just a friend. Somehow this had caused her more problems than anything else in her life. So many pages of her diary were filled with stories and other nonsense about him, there was no way she could count them all. But the real problem was, she didn't know if he liked her back. I mean, sure, Kari said she was sure he did, and that it was totally obvious. Kari was his little sister, so she should be right, but Sora couldn't be sure. Kari and her had had a conversation about Tai just the day before in fact…….

~*:~*:~*:~* Flashback *:~*:~*:~*:~

"Hello, Takenouchi residence." Sora's voice came over the phone.
"Hey Sora, its Kari." The younger girl said.
"Oh, hey Kari, what's up?" Sora asked, "Is something wrong?"
"No…nothing's wrong," Kari said slowly, "But I have a question for you."
"Ok, what is it?" Sora asked, casually.
"Ok, Sora, I know you like my brother, and I know he likes you too." She said, pausing to take a breath, "I know he's too pathetic to tell you, so I want you to promise me something."
"What is it?" Sora asked warily.
"I want you to promise me you'll tell him. Soon. If you don't tell him I'm afraid he'll give up on you and end up going out with someone else."
Sora sat staring at the phone, not saying a word.
"Sora?" Kari asked, getting the girl's attention.
"Sorry, I'm still here. I was just thinking."
"Promise……" Kari prompted .
"Look, Kari, if he doesn't like me the way I like him and I tell him, it could ruin our friendship." She said, exasperated, "I'd love to be able to tell him, but I don't want to lose what we do have."
"Sora, I understand what you're saying, but I know Tai. He likes you." Kari insisted, "Just believe me. If he doesn't like you back, everything will just go back to normal. Both of you will just pretend it never happened."
"Kari, this is a bad idea." Sora said with a sigh, "But I trust you. Ok, you win, I promise."
"Yes! Don't worry Sora, you won't regret this……"

~*:~*:~*:~* End Flashback *:~*:~*:~*:~

Sora shook her head, trying to clear it, but she just couldn't stop thinking about Tai. How would she tell him? Even worse: How would he react? Finally she grabbed her coat and headed out the door. She'd just go for a walk and try to figure out what to do.
"I'll be back later Mama!" She called over her shoulder, shutting the door behind her.
Sora walked aimlessly, not really watching where she was going. Suddenly, she slammed into someone and fell down with a surprised look on her face.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." Sora said as the person helped her up. She looked to see who it was.
"Matt!" She exclaimed, happy to see her friend.
"Hi Sora, sorry about that. I wasn't really paying attention either." He said. "Where are you headed?"
Sora shrugged, "No where, really."
"Hey, I'm going to Dairy Queen, wanna come with?" He asked.
"Sure," Sora said with a shrug, "I could use a good distraction."
Matt looked at her sideways as they walked, "Is something wrong?" He asked, noticing the look on her face.
Sora looked up, startled. 'Should I tell him?' She thought, 'He is Tai's best friend.' Sora shook her head. No, not yet, "No I'm fine. I guess I'm just a little tired."
"Ok." Matt said, not really believing her.
Just then, they arrived at Dairy Queen. Matt held the door for Sora and they walked in. "What do you want?" Matt asked.
"Hmmm……Chocolate dip." She answered as they stepped up to the register. Matt ordered a Cherry dip cone and they went and sat down by the window.
Matt took a bite of his icecream and looked up at Sora, "I know something's bothering you." He said, "So you might as well tell me what it is."
Sora bit her lip, thinking hard. Finally, she decided to ask him. If Tai had told anyone, it would be Matt. "Ok, fine. Um….have you talked to Tai lately?"
Matt rolled his eyes, "Only every five minutes! He never leaves me alone, what with his new girlfriend and all……"
Sora's head snapped up, "What did you say?"
Matt looked uncomfortable, "Um…..what do you mean?"
"Matt, I'm not stupid. I heard what you said. Since when does Tai have a girlfriend?" She demanded.
Matt looked around nervously, "Sora, I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this! It just slipped. Can you just pretend it never happened? Please?"
"No." Sora insisted, her voice cold, "Tell me who it is."
"It's Mimi." Matt said, "They've been going out all summer. He didn't want anyone to know. He didn't even tell Kari. Only me."
Sora suddenly felt dizzy. What was happening? Tai and Mimi were going out. She was too late! Or maybe not….Maybe he'd never liked her and they really were just friends. Why hadn't he told her? Why……
"Sora? What's wrong?" Matt asked, sounding worried.
Sora laughed, "Nothing. Sorry, I was just surprised. That wasn't what I expected to hear. Who would've ever thought those two would've gotten together?"
Matt looked relieved. Laughing with her, her said, "Yeah, I was shocked too. Listen, Sora, you can't say a word about this to Tai. He'd skin me alive if he found out I told you."
"Sure Matt, don't worry about it. It's not a problem." Outside, she acted completely calm, but inside she was screaming. She had liked Tai all her life. She couldn't imagine be with anyone but him. She couldn't imagine life without him. She thought she was going to MARRY him some day! Now everything she based her life around was ruined. She had never felt so lost in her entire life.
Sora finished her icecream in silence and looked up at Matt, who was also done. She fought to keep the tears from coming.
"I'll walk you home." He suggested. Sora nodded numbly. It was getting impossible to act normal. Sora started shivering uncontrollably, trying to keep her emotions under control.
Matt kept stealing worried glances at her on the way home, but he kept quiet. Finally a tear escaped from Sora's eye.
"Ok, Sora, tell me what's wrong, please." He said.
"I just have something in my eye." She said in one of those scratchy voices you get when you're trying REALLY hard not to cry.
Finally, they got back to her apartment and Matt stood with her by the door. Not being able to keep it in any longer, Sora blurted, "The reason this bothers me so much is I've had the biggest crush in the world on Tai since I was 8 years old."
Matt gave her a 'Oh, I get it' look and suddenly looked very embarrassed.
"I'm gonna go get some sleep." Sora said, "Thanks for walking me home."
Matt nodded and whispered, "I guess that would be hard."
Sora tried to smile, not quite succeeding, and shut the door. Matt stood there for a second before leaving for his house. Suddenly, a lot of things were making sense….
As soon as Sora got inside, she burst into tears. Powerful sobs shook her body as she ran to her room. Changing into her pajamas, she got in bed and cried into her pillow, feeling dejected. Her whole world seemed to be crumbling around her, and she didn't know what to do about it.
"It's over, it's all over. She whispered to herself, "I've lost him."
Finally, her face streaked with tears, Sora fell asleep, feeling worse than she could ever remember feeling. He had never really liked her……


a/n: Sorry to be so depressing, but that's how it happened. I'm going to write a happy ending for this story tomorrow and hope it turns out the same way for me. This story is for you Gloria F. And of course, for Eli……….