Revelations at Dairy Queen part three

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Tai and Matt were still sitting at the table when the doorbell rang. Tai jumped three feet in the air and let out a startled yelp. Matt gave him a weird look and walked over to the door. He opened it to find Sora and Kari, waiting patiently.
"Uh…hi Sora." He said, loud enough for Tai to hear. This resulted in another yell and what sounded like a soda can hitting the floor. Matt rolled his eyes and stepped aside to let the girls in.
"Come on in." He said over his shoulder, "Tai's in the kitchen."
When they walked in they found Tai on his hands and knees, cleaning up a big soda spill and muttering angrily under his breath.
"Hi Sora." He said cheerfully, "Have a seat."
When Sora's back was turned Tai gave Matt a death glare and finished cleaning up the mess.
Grabbing two more sodas from the fridge, Tai sat down with the others.
"Well, we're just waiting for one more person now." Kari said, opening her soda can.
"One more?" Tai asked warily. Just then, the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it." Matt said, going to answer the door for a second time. He opened the door to see Mimi standing there nervously.
"Mimi?!" He said, surprised.
"MIMI?!?!" Tai yelled from the kitchen, sounding slightly hysterical.
"Matt, what on earth happened to you?" Mimi asked, eyeing his soda-spotted shirt.
"Don't ask." Matt said dryly, "Let's just say Tai had an interesting reaction to some interesting news."
"Ah…" Mimi said, following Matt into the kitchen, "I see…"
"Hi Mimi." Tai said, "Join the party."
He handed her a soda and indicated the only seat left at the table. Then he glanced at Kari, "Explain."
"You guys all know why you're here." Kari began, "I have heard every side of this story, and there's one obvious solution. Tai. You like Sora, and you have since you met her. Correct?" Kari prompted. Tai abruptly turned bright red and nodded reluctantly.
"See Sora?" Kari said, "I told you so."
"Tai, why didn't you just tell me?" Sora asked, "You didn't have anything to worry about."
"I know that now, but I was afraid you didn't feel the same way." Tai explained, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."
"Don't worry about it Tai," Sora said, "I understand. I didn't tell you because I was afraid to ruin our friendship."
"You know that could never happen." Tai exclaimed.
"Yeah," Sora said, leaning forward slowly, "I know. Tai?"
"Hmm? He asked, scooting his chair closer to hers.
"I think I love you…" Sora whispered, barely audible.
"Me too." Tai agreed.
Sora wrapped her arms around Tai's neck, and their lips met in their first kiss, but surely not their last. Matt raised his eyebrows and glanced at Mimi who smiled warmly and shrugged.
"Mimi?" Matt asked.
"Yes?" She said quickly, on the edge of her seat with anticipation.
"Will you go out with me?" Matt asked, more nervous than he had ever been. The words were hardly out of his mouth when a pink blur hugged him tightly and wailed tearfully, "Matt! I thought you'd never ask!"
Suddenly everyone froze and looked around. Mimi started giggling, her brown eyes sparkling with happy tears. She was soon joined by everyone else, and laughter filled the Kamiya apartment.
"We all knew who we were meant to be with from the start, but we STILL couldn't figure it out." Tai said, draping one arm around Sora's waist.
"This is the best day of my life." Sora whispered, resting her head on Tai's shoulder. Everyone whole-heartedly agreed.
No one noticed when Kari slipped quietly out of the room… or when she reappeared with something in her hand. Her digital camera. Kari smiled to herself as she looked through all the great shots she'd gotten.
"Man, the others are going to LOVE these pictures." She said to herself, "Kari…you are a genius."
The End
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