Legolas didn't know how long he ran, or how far, but finally he came to a small camp with several men seated around a fire. He stepped forward shaking and stayed silent until one warrior noticed him.

'Look, it's an elf!!!'

'Nah, it's not…is it?'

'What's it doing out here, he's a kid, it's too dangerous'

One warrior bent down to Legolas's eye level.

'Where are you're parents?'

Legolas's lower lip trembled.

'The bad man killed them…Sephro…'


Legolas nodded vehemently.

'We shall take him to Rivendell immediately…I don't care if it's completely out of our way…it's serious, if the little boy is telling the truth, then Sephiroth has risen!'

A shocked gasp was heard from several of the men.

'Let us go in the morning'


They set out for Rivendell in silence and arrived three days later carrying a terrified Legolas. The one Legolas had grown closest to burst into Elrond Half elven's office, clutching a sleeping Legolas.

'Lord, forgive me…but I have found Legolas Greenleaf, the Chile that escaped Sephiroth's wrath.'

Elrond stood up hastily and walked behind the warrior's shoulder, peering at the child.

'Tis him, how did you find him?'

'He arrived at out camp, spooked…he told us someone had murdered his parents, he couldn't say their name, yet he recognised the dark Lord's'

'May Elbereth bless his soul, the poor child has been through enough to last a lifetime.'

Elrond gently took Legolas from the man and headed for the stairs, motioning for the man to follow.

'You and you're men are always welcome in Rivendell, stay for as long as you like'

'Thank you, my lord, I shall go tell them that the young 'un shall be alright'

The man bowed and headed out to the courtyard. One of his men looked up nervously.

'Will the child be alright?'

Arathorn nodded. 'He's in safe hands now.'


Elrond gently lay Legolas onto the bed and smiled at the child who stirred. He opened an eye and peered at Elrond.

'Who are you?'

'I am Elrond, Legolas I shall be taking care of you from now on'

'Will I be ok?'


'What about Mommy and Daddy?'