Since Roy and Anna had moved into the neighborhood, there had to be another 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' BBQ block party. Kim was worried about how Jay would fit in, but he seemed to be incredibly calm with the entire thing. Jason was driving them to David's house, while Kim was in shot gun, looking over her shoulder at Jay and Justin in the back seat.

Jay had been with them a week already, and if he wasn't training, eating, or sleeping, he was spending time with Justine. Playing with her, reading to her, watching TV with her, harassing Mrs. Beth's cats with her, and overall just being the ideal big brother figure in her life.

Jason had spoke to Dick, who spoke to Barbara, about adoption papers for Jay. Nothing real, just enough paperwork so that the government wouldn't be suspicious, and that he could go to school next month. Kim wanted to give him plenty of time to adjust. Jason had also gotten enough paper work to convince anyone who asked that Kim had been a Marine, and Jason had been in the Navy. Army jobs like those would cover any questions if people wondered why Jason and Kim were in such great shape, or why Jason had so many guns, not that anyone ever saw them.

Jason parked the car, getting out, "Alright, remember, don't talk about guns, knives, fighting, or anything assassin related, okay?"

Jay nodded, having been drilled on this several times. "Now, what's your name?"

"My old name was Jay Francis Weaver, but since you adopted me, my name is Jay Todd. I don't have a middle name anymore, for personal reasons. My father died in a car crash, my mother died form breast cancer, and I don't like talking about it. My favorite sport is Basket ball, and I don't like tennis. I'm thirteen years old, and I'm in the eight grade. I'm not going to school right now because we've had trouble with paperwork, but I'll start next month." Jay recited.

Jason nodded, "Good, let's go."

They walked through David's house, into his back yard, being greeted by David's wife Jenny, "Hi Kim! How's Justine been doing? Oh, and who's this?"

Kim smiled, Jenny was a nice woman, but a bit boring all she really did was raise children. Once her kids got to old for pampering from their mother, she was going to be heart broken. "Justine's fine, she's got another ear infection though. And this is Jay, we adopted him a few days ago."

Jenny smiled at Jay, "Well, welcome to the neighborhood!"

Jay smiled at her, "Nice to meet you Ma'am."

Jenny turned to look across the yard, "Matthew!"

One of the teenage boys looked up, running over, "Yes ma'am?"

Jenny introduced him quickly, "Matthew, this is Jay, he's new here. Why don't uou introduce him to the other kids?"

"Okay Mom." Matthew said, then turned to Jay, looking him up and down, and then deciding he was cool enough to hang out with, "How old are you?"


"I'm fourteen." Matthew said proudly, "Come on, we were about to play basket ball."

Jay lit up, "That's my favorite sport."

"Well come on then!" Matthew said, and he and Jay rushed over to the other boys.

Anna walked over to Kim once Jenny had gone to check on her yeast rolls she was making, "Hi Kim, how's Justine?"

Kim sighed, looking down at Justine in her arms, "Fussy, she's got another ear infection. Her doctor says that if she doesn't stop getting them, they're gonna have to put tubes in her ears."

Anna looked sympathetic, "Sorry to hear about that, would she be able to take them out eventually?"

Kim nodded, "Six, I think."

"Wow, I'm really sorry about that Kim."

Kim shrugged, "It'll be fine. She'll pull through."

"Can Justy play?"

Both women looked down to see Kyler, standing there, looking up at Justine in Kim's arms, fast asleep.

Kim smiled, shaking Justin lightly, "Justy?"

Justin cracked her eyes open, frowning, "Mama?"

"Kyler's here, do you wanna play with her?"

Justine's eyes lit up, and she wiggled out of her mother's arms, dropping down to the ground, and running off with Kyler.

Kim paused, "Should we be concerned?"

Anna shook her head, "Kyler runs off all the time. She just likes being independent."

Kim shrugged, "Alright then, and she never get's hurt?"

"Bruises and scraped up knees, but all kids her age do." Anna reassured. "They won't leave the yard, Kyler knows to stay where she can see us, and not to talk to strangers or walk off with them. They'll be fine."

Kim nodded, "Alright."

Justin followed Kyler through the yard, to the edge, and watched as Kyler scurried under a bush, "Come on Justy."

"Why?" Justine asked, "I don't wanna go under a bush!"

"It's fun." Kyler insisted. "No one can see you, but you can see all of them. Try it."

Justin paused, before crawling under the bush too, peeping out form between the roots. "I still don't get it."

Kyler shrugged, "Just wait awhile."

Justin sighed, waiting with Kyler for a few minutes, until she saw something funny. It was brown and wrinkly, and it had lots of little holes in it. It was hanging from a branch across from Justin's foot, and she reached further into the bush, noticing small little buzzing things covering it, "Kylie, what's that?"

Kyler looked over, "Oh no, Justy don't touch that-"

One of the little buzzy critters flew onto Justin's finger, and immediately, she felt a really big sting go through her hand.

She screamed, jumping up out of the bush, "MOMMY!"

Kim looked up at Justin, her eyes going wide at the side of her baby falling onto her face, screaming her head off. "MOMMY IT HURTS!"

Kim jumped up and took off running, but someone had already beat her to it, Jay. Jay scooped Justy up, grabbing her hand an inspecting it, while Justy wrapped her free arm around Jay's neck, burrowing her face into his neck, still wailing.

Jay looked up at Kim as she reached them both, "Hornet stung her."

Kim nodded, wondering why Jay would care this much about someone he just met. Kim carefully took Justy from Jay, taking her inside David's house to treat her finger. Jason walked up to Jay, and took him but his elbow, dragging him to the other side of the house where no one could see them, before he grabbed Jay by the collar, throwing him against the side of the house.

"What are you playing at!?" Jason hissed.

Jay looked taken back, "What?"

"No one does that, no one moves that fast to help someone! Not someone they just met!" Jason growled, shoving Jay harder. "When you run to help someone like you just did, it says that you care, a lot, so I'm going to ask you one time, why the hell do you care about her so much?!"

Jay paused, eyes wide. "Are you… are you really beating me up, and yelling at me, because I tried to help your daughter?"

Jason paused, and Jay frowned, continuing. "Because if you are, you have serious issues. You wanna know why I care so much about her Sensei Jason?" Jay had normally talked to Jason with a lot of respect, but now he was spitting out Jason's title.

"Because she deserves someone." Jay spat.

"She's got me!" Jason protested.

"Yeah, you're such a great guy." Jay said sarcastically. "Bullying people because they were trying to help your daughter."

Jason stopped, letting Jay go. There was a long moment of silence, before Jason sighed, "I'm sorry."

"Forget about it." Jay waved off, "Believe it or not, you're actually the best Dad I've ever met."

Jason sighed, "Considering that your father was in the League, I don't have any trouble believing that."

Jay shook his head, "He wasn't in the League of Shadows, he's in the Court of Owls."