Justin jumped up and down excitedly, while her mother tried to secure her mask in place, "And I'm gonna get a Hershey bar! And gum! And pixie stix! And candy apples! And M&M's! And Mars bars! And Tootsie rolls! And-"

"And if you don't stay still so I can put your costume on, you aren't going." Kim warned.

Justin stayed still, letting her mother tie the mask on, "There, all done Justin."

"Okay. And I'm gonna get jawbreakers! And ring pops! And butterfingers! And milky ways! And baby ruths! And snickers! And nerds! And tootsie pops!"

Jay came in, smirking down at Justin, "Nice costume."

Justin was decked out in a black muscle shirt and black pants, with red stitching all across the legs, up the chest, and around the neck. Kim had strapped a red mask around her face that covered her cheek bones up to her forehead.

"Thank you!" Justin giggled, "You make a great Luke Skywalker!"

Jay looked down at his Luke Skywalker costume, taking out his light saber and turning it on, "I will never join the dark side!"

"I am your father!" Justin said, trying to sound like Darth Vader.

"Hey!" Jason said coming into the room, "How's the costumes com-"

He froze, staring down at Justin… "Kim… What the hell is your daughter wearing?"

Kim smirked, "It's all on you, Jason. You let your daughter watch WWE wrestling, so now you're going to pay the price."

"NO!" Jason protested.

Justin gasped, "Daddy, are you Daniel Bryan!?"

Jay stifled his laughter, pulling his hood over his head, snorting.

Jason took a deep breath, getting down on one knee to look Justin in the eye, "Justy, baby, are you sure you wanna dress up like this? Do you even know who you are?"

"I'm KANE!" Justin yelled excitedly.

"Well, yeah I get that but, you're a girl-"

"I AM THE DEVILS FAVORITE DEMON!" Justin screamed, and Jason nearly flinched. Yep, he could here a bat voice under that little girl voice. Damn it.

"Justy, why would you even want to dress up like Kane?" Jason groaned. Seeing his little girl dressed up like the demon himself was not something Jason particularly liked.

"Because he's cool! You said that he was the best!" Justin said, fingering her mask.

"Well," Jay interjected, "Actually MC Punk is the best, he is the-"

"Jay. Shut up. Kane could take him easily." Jason snapped. He turned back to Justine, "But Justy, the point is, you don't exactly know what kind of person Kane is, and honey, he's-"

"He is the devil's favorite demon." Justy said, going into the deepest voice she could manage. "He grew up locked in a basement, suffering severe physiological and emotional scarring when his brother set his parents on fire."

Jason raised an eyebrow, listening as his daughter raved on about Kane. "From there he sifted among a variety of mental institution until he was grown, at which point, he buried his brother alive. Twice. Since then, he's set a couple of people on fire, and abducted various coworkers. He once electrocuted a man's testacies."

Jason covered his face with his hands, groaning. "He had a girlfriend named Katie, but let's just say that didn't turn out to well. His real father is a guy named Paul Bearer, who he recently trapped in a meat locker. He's been married and divorced, broke up his ex-wife's wedding, and tomb stoned the priest. And for reasons never quite explained, has an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose."

Jason was silent for a minute, before sighing, "Alright, Justin, you make one great Kane. Now go find yourself a Daniel Bryan."

"Yay!" Justin said, and the doorbell rang. "Kyler!"

Jay scooped Justin up, taking her to the door, and opened it to see Caitlin and Kyler standing there, in a black shirt and pants, but the shirt and red and grey streaks on the sleeves. She had aquiver and a bow strapped to her back, and a pillowcase in one hand. Justin frowned, looking at Kyler, "Who are you?"

Kyler smiled excitedly, "I'm Katniss! Who are you?"

"Who the hell is Katniss?" Justin asked, and Kim groaned, "And for your information, I AM KANE!"

Kyler frowned, raising and eyebrow, "Who's Kane?"

Two seconds ticked by before Justin sighed, and opened her mouth, "Kane is the devils favorite demon. He grew up locked in a basement, suffering severe physiological and emotional scarring when his brother set his parents on fire and-"

Jay put his hand over her mouth, "And, you Caitlin, look gorgeous."

Caitlin blushed looking down at her costume, Snow White. "Uh, really? Thanks. You look cute."

Jay smiled a little, before Justin latched onto his leg desperately, "Jay! Jay! Jay! Come on! Come on! Let's go trick or treat!"

"Not now, we have to wait for Blake to get here, and-"

A suddenly voice took them off, deep and throaty, "Well kiddies, you shouldn't wait out here… in the dark."

They all spun around to see a tall man, with a red and green stripped sweater, and leather gloves with long metal nails. His face was badly burned, and he had a wicked grin.

Caitlin screamed, grabbing Kyler up off the ground, and jumping behind Jay. Jay's eyes widened, staring at none other then Freddy Krueger. Justin's jaw went slack, pulling her Kane mask on a little tighter, hoping she looked scarier then Freddy.

Freddy let out a cackle, "Now why are you screaming? I haven't cut you yet!"

Jay grabbed Justin, shoving her into Caitlin's arms right next to Kyler. "Run! I'll hold him off!"

Caitlin took off, darting down the street to try and get to her Uncle Roy's house.

Jay turned to Freddy, falling into a fighting stance, "Get ready to go back to Hell."

Freddy jumped forward, and Jay did too.

Caitlin heard jay scream from down the street, and seeing as she wasn't even halfway to her uncle's house, she turned, and ran off into the woods bordering one side of the neighborhood.

When she felt she had run far enough, she dropped the girls, and Kyler started sobbing, "C-Caitlin! W-what are we gonna do!?"

Caitlin panted, "Just… just stay calm, we have to stay calm."

Justin snorted, crossing her arms, "You dummy! Why didn't you just take us back into my house? My Daddy coulda shot that guy!"

Caitlin paused, never having heard a toddler talk like that. "Uh… because Freddy was right there, and he could have easily killed Jay and broken the door down? And about your dad, sorry, but I'm not trusting my life to a guy I just met."

"Yeah well… you're still a dummy!" Justin proclaimed. "Bad things happen in the woods! Don't you watch any movies!?"

Kyler stopped crying for a moment, panting heavily, "W-what happens in the woods?"

Before Caitlin could stop her, Justin blurted out, "A guy with a chainsaw! That's what happens in the woods!"

"Why a chainsaw?' Kyler whimpered.

"So he can tear off your face and use it as a mask." Justin said, as if telling someone what the weather would be like tomorrow.

Kyler's face froze, a few seconds ticked by, and she let out a small squeak. "Caitlin!"

Caitlin, having gathered her wits again, asked, "What?"

"I need to change my costume." Kyler said, embarrassed.

Caitlin sighed, and Justin raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

Kyler grew red in the face, "I started potty training last week, and I'm not that good at it…"

Justin's eyes grew wide, "You started potty training!? But… I'm still in huggies!"

Caitlin groaned, "Kyler, Justin, have you girls ever been in these woods before?"

Justin nodded, "Yeah, lots of times with Jay and Blake, they know all the best hiding places for when Mommy and Daddy say it's bath time."

"Then can you find the way back?" Caitlin asked.

Justin paused, "Uh… ai bath time, the sun is still up."

Kyler nodded, "Yeah, daddy takes me here at dark sometimes! I can get us home!"

Caitlin brightened, "Really?"

She nodded, "Yeah, come on Justin, help me up that tree!"

Justin and Kyler darted over to a tall tree with a narrow trunk, and Justin got on all fours, Kyler standing on her back, and hugging the tree trunk with her arms and legs, shimmying up the tree like Mario did on that old Super Mario, Nintendo sixty four game Uncle Roy had.

Kyler climbed up quickly, almost all the way to the top, looking around the forest. "I see the neighborhood! But we should run away from it."

"Why?" Caitlin called up, not quite sure why she wasn't alarmed by the fact her two and a half year old cousin was that high up a tree.

"Cause that scary guy is coming!" Kyler shouted, scrambling down from the tree into Caitlin's arms.

As soon as Kyler was on the ground again, Freddy dashed into the clearing. Caitlin screamed again, backing up slowly, her back hitting the tree trunk.

"Gonna make you bleed girly." Freddy snickered.

Kyler whimpered, "Which girl is he talking about?"

"Well Caitlin's the only one here in a dress!" Justin hissed.

Freddy walked closer, "Do you know who I am?"

"Darth Vader?" Kyler asked.

Freddy actually hesitated, "Wait… what?"

"You're face is all burned up, are you Darth Vader without the mask and helmet and all the black?" Kyler asked.


Kyler brightened, "Oh yeah, well Justin is the devil's favorite demon! Tell him Justin!"

Justin paused as Freddy's gaze turned to her, "One demon to another… eat Kyler first."

Kyler turned to look at Justin, her mouth open like a codfish, "What!?"

Freddy just started laughing, it dimmed down form a cackle, to a voice Caitlin remembered immediately. Freddy let his gloves fall, his hands going up to the edge of his face, and peeling his flesh off.

Kyler screamed, and Caitlin jumped forward, smacking him across the face.

Justin gasped, "Whoa, your cousin's got brass balls!"

Freddy hissed, "Ouch! Jesus Caitlin, it was just a joke!"

Justin frowned, and Freddy turned to wink at her, but it wasn't Freddy. Justin brightened, "Blake!"

Blake scooped Justin up, hugging her, "You bet kid, and from one demon to another, you'd totally survive a Freddy Cougar movie."

Justin smiled, "Okay."

"Kid… who are you dressed as anyways?" Blake asked.

"Kane!' Justin said happily. Silence. "From WWE."

"Oh, that guy." Blake said.

"Wait a minute." Caitlin said, "If you were Freddy, then where's Jay?"

Blake snorted, "Come on out lover boy!"

Jay jogged into the clearing, stopping next to Caitlin, opening his arms for a hug, "Hey look! I'm alive Caitlin!"

Caitlin glared at him, "I should smack you."

Jay put on his best puppy dog eyes, "But… I wanted a hug."

Caitlin smiled, "Oh… you're so adorable."

As Caitlin went in for a hug, Justin shouted, "Jay! Jay! Jay! I wanna go trick or treat!"

Kyler grabbed onto Caitlin's leg, "Me too! Me too!"

Jay took Justin from Blake, and Caitlin sighed, scooping up Kyler from the ground. Jay leaned into peck Caitlin on the cheek, "Later, maybe?"

Caitlin nodded, "Oh, you just wait until these kiddies are asleep."

Blake sighed, "And now I, alas, am the lonely, third wheel, bachelor."

Caitlin rolled her eyes, "Your dress up like that on Halloween, and you're number one flaw with yourself is you don't have a girlfriend?"

"I think all of our primary concerns should be that Justin dressed up as the most demonic character of WWE." Blake snapped.

Caitlin nodded, "Actually, I'm gonna have to agree with emo boy on this one. What's wrong with that kid?"

Jay sighed, "We don't know, we only pray there's a cure."

Justin raised an eyebrow when everyone laughed, not understanding the joke.

Jay shrugged, "And hey, at least she didn't dress up as MC Punk right? Or even worse-"

"Hilary Clinton?" Blake guessed.

"I was gonna say Casey Anthony, but they're both probably on equal footing." Jay relented.