It was another peaceful day in Normville as the Backyardigans were playing Pirates using cardboard swords as Pablo jumped on the Picnic table as Anubis pulled out her sword, sword-fighting with him

"You can't be me Lassie"

Pablo said as Anubis swung the sword knocking Pablo's right out of his hand as Tyrone was Sword fighting Drew who tied up Tasha with a jump-rope as Steven joined in the fight while they were distracted and untied the rope handing Tasha a Nerf pistol as she shot a form dart at Drew as he jumped out of the way As Donny open the fence door firing a Nerf Machine gun although they didn't exist at the time Austin was climbing the fence as Uniqua chased him trying to pull him off

"You're getting that easy Captain Kangaroo"

Uniqua said pulling him as he slipped hitting the bricks on the floor near a shed knocking him out

"Oh my God, Austin!"

Uniqua shouting seeing Austin mildly dripping blood as everyone stooped rushing to him

"Is he dead?"

Steven asked

"No he's still breathing"

Anubis said

"We need to take him inside"

Tasha said reaching into Austin's pants pocket pulling out his house key as they unlocked the door, Austin's parents were at work so the house was empty as Uniqua and Donny carried Austin upstairs patting Paper towels on his head soaking up the blood as the blood dried up they laid Austin on his bed

"Austin, please be OK"

Uniqua said under her breath

"I'll boil him some tea"

Tasha said

"right now, shouldn't you wait until he wakes up?"

Steven said

"I'm starting it no so the water will be done boiling, stupid"

Tasha said putting tea leaves in a kettle of water and placing it on the stove

Up in Austin's room he was waking up

"Where am I?"

Austin mumbled regaining consciousness

"Were in your room, that was some fall"

Uniqua said

"How on earth did I get here?"

Austin mumbled

"We carried you"

Uniqua replied

"Thanks, whoever you are"

Austin said

"Welcome and…wait a minute you don't know who I am!"

Uniqua said

"No, come to think of it I don't even know who I am"

Austin replied