Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.

Here's a pairing I'm never going to revisit…

But I win again.


"Come on, Draco!" Harry said, draining his glass and grinning at him. "This is your last night! Live a little! You wouldn't want to get married tomorrow and never kiss anyone but Luna again without snogging at least one boy first!"

"I do have some dignity left, you know, Potter," Draco said, shooting him a rather nasty look. "If you're going to spend the party behaving… like this… then you can just go home."

"He is right, though, Draco," Blaise put in. "Do you honestly want to go to your grave having never kissed another man? Or are you planning on experimenting after you're married to Luna?" he added, arching one eyebrow.

Draco's eyes narrowed and his hand flew to his wand. "I would not-"

"So just take the damn opportunity now before the wedding. It's still technically not infidelity."

"That isn't the point. You're all mad if you think I'd ever kiss Potter."

"But you invited him," Theo pointed out.

"No, Blaise did. Organizing this party was his responsibility. And that is the last time I ever entrust Blaise with sending out invitations."

Blaise looked away with a slight, innocent cough.

"But you didn't exactly turn me away," Harry reasoned.

"Don't make me regret that decision any more than I already do."

"Come on!" Blaise said impatiently. "One kiss won't hurt you. It'll get rid of temptation if you do it now, so that it never gets in the way of things with Luna."

Draco's eyes narrowed to slits, then finally he let out an impatient sigh, leaned over, and pecked Harry quickly on the mouth.

"There!" he said, scowling and looking around at the rest of the boys, wiping his lips off with the back of his hand. "Happy?"