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ATC: Ha ha, everyone really seems to want Romania and Bulgaria, and you won't have to wait long to see which one(s) I chose... ;3 Yeah, HP slice-of-life is sorta rare. I'm glad you like the established Giripan; what with USUK and Harry/Luna and Ron/Hermione and stuff, I didn't want to have to go through setting up another relationship along with the others . I can sorta see where you're coming from with the whole "sex-starved Greece", but the reason I'm sorta writing him like that is coming a bit from personal experience, as well as my own headcanons. See, I see Japan as someone who isn't really comfortable with PDA/showing affection, while Greece is very okay with it (highest sex rates anyone? x3 Btw, I want that animated in the fifth season so bad you have no idea how badly I want my Giripan). Plus, they don't get to see each other very often, so you have Greece, who is not quite used to having to wait so often for (sex) being affectionate with his partner, and Japan who while not being repressed to the level England seems to be, isn't really someone who you can just hit up for a booty call like, say, France. So you've got the experienced not quite sexual deviant on the one hand, and on the other you've got the serious, hard working (not quite virgin) nerd, and while Greece can be quite thoughtful at times, other times he's just like, "Where's my Kiku? I wanna cuddle my Kiku. My economy's crap and I wanna huggle my Kiku Dx" and that results in bad judgments made after a day of teaching annoying little British kids who don't really listen to anything you're saying, while on the other end your significant other is busy w/his own government and then there's the time difference so you wake him up in the middle of the night and yeah. I probably will write that scene as an extra (I've got a whole bunch of extras planned courtesy of my reviewers; it'll probably be a whole other fic) now that I think about it, but that's the preliminary explanation x3;; Hope you're still following the story here or on the other places where I've posted it~

Language key:

Oh hey, finally some Parseltongue!: "*insert text*"

"Goddamit Potter!" Arthur yelped as the potted plant he kept on his desk shattered against the wall. "Even Peter can manage simple mental exercises without blowing things up!"

"I'm not sure whether I should take that as a compliment or not," Sealand piped up from where he was lounging on the floor.

"Yeah, well you didn't say that you'd be trying to get inside my mind while I was doing it!" Harry retorted angrily, though he felt a sort of grim satisfaction that he'd managed a silent spell strong enough to garner that kind of result, even if it had resulted in destruction of a teacher's property.

"I was just checking exactly what the fruits of Severus's labor were," Arthur drawled as he rolled his eyes. "Like I said before Potter, I've better things to do than spy on you."

"Like pine after – "

"Shut up if you don't want me to confiscate those hentai mags I know Kiku gives you," England snapped.

"You wouldn't!" The resemblance between the two was obvious as both their eyebrows furrowed in anger at each other.

"Just try me," Arthur growled, jade green eyes narrowing. "Or maybe I should tell Tino and Berwald?"

"Daddy Sve says that it's healthy for me to have outlets like a normal kid," Peter countered loftily, his chin held high. Arthur merely glared in reply.

"Um, excuse me, Professor? Peter?" Harry inquired, hoping to gain their attention. As amusing as their bickering was, he was supposed to be learning something here. He wasn't quite sure what yet as all Kirkland had tried to do was get inside his head. At least he wasn't being a dick about it like Snape had been.

"Yes, yes, back to the beginning," Arthur muttered. "Right Potter; if you're to learn any form of magic from me you first have to put your mind in order, but not in a way that will limit you."

"Limit me?"

"Yes, limit; as in not able to reach your full potential," Arthur lectured. "Part of the problem these days is that as children you're taught that magic is to be used a certain way, can only be used that way, and that there are dire consequences if you stray outside the thin red line." He shot a dirty look at Peter when he snickered after the mention of "the thin red line". The first-year didn't even bother to try looking innocent, causing Arthur to sigh wearily before he continued. "Which, honestly, is complete and utter bollocks, since magic is quite flexible and, really, the reason why magic-users of the past were so much more "powerful" than the average John or Sally is because they didn't limit themselves. Well, that and inbreeding."

"Definitely inbreeding," Peter nodded sagely. He squeaked at Arthur's glare.

"I'm going to wash your mouth out with lye soap if you don't shut up and let me bloody talk!" the elder Kirkland growled. "Right," he sighed after Peter looked properly cowed, "so, the best course of doing this would be to give you some form of amnesia, but that could take too long to work through and you might be killed in the process, so unfortunately we can't do that."

"Unfortunately," Harry repeated, trying to simultaneously wrap his head around and ignore the fact that the professor had actually been considering making him lose his memory.

"Yes, so first we're going to focus on a form of meditation that I like to call - oh look over there, a Thestral!"

"What?" Harry wondered, bewildered. He looked over in the direction that Kirkland was pointing and then felt a large amount of pain blossom in his head. "Motherfu-" He cut off as the pain became too much and he fell unconscious.

"Um," Peter started as he stared with wide eyes at the prone Gryffindor. "What the hell was that?"

"It's like taking shots," Arthur nodded as he hefted the cast-iron frying pan over his shoulder. "You say that you're going to do it on the count of three, but instead you give it to them on one or two, that way they don't expect the pain and they don't tense up!"

"I know that. What I'm wondering is why you felt the need to clobber him with a pan in the first place!"

"Well I couldn't give him amnesia; that would take too long to fix and while it would have the added bonus of him unlearning all those unnecessary limitations, he could die in the interim," England explained as he set the pan down and then dragged Harry over to the chair. "Now go sit in the corner and meditate. Try to feel my presence or Greece's, and don't bother me while I do this or I could end up wiping his brain and leaving him a vegetable."

"Yes sir," Peter squeaked as he quickly relocated to the corner furthest from his brother and unconscious classmate.

"Now, I'm fairly certain I didn't hit him hard enough to cause any long-lasting damage, so this should be fairly easy..."

Strangely enough, the barely audibly mutterings didn't make Sealand feel any better.

The first thing that alerted Harry to the fact that there was something wrong was the fact that he felt like he was floating, but when he looked down, his feet were flat on the ground. Also, the ground itself was wood and not stone. He hissed at the flare of pain on the side of his head whenever he moved it.

"I'm going to kill someone if I'm not already dead," the Gryffindor muttered to himself. He looked around what seemed to be a small room that, as he looked out the window, was part of an equally small house.

"Are you sure you're-"

"It's just a flesh wound Albus; I've had much worse."

Startled to hear the voices of two of, if not the most powerful, the barmiest men he knew, Harry poked his head around the corner to see Professors Dumbledore and Kirkland standing near what seemed to be a door and -

"That's not a flesh wound," Harry said aloud to himself rather stupidly as he saw the great gaping gash that had gouged itself across Kirkland's chest, the blood only slightly visible against the black sweatshirt because of the amount of blood. As he realized his mistake, the boy's shoulders tensed up as he expected to be berated for being there, but neither of the men acknowledged his presence.

He continued to watch as the blond man pressed a hand to his chest. There was a faint glow around his hand and after a moment he pulled away. It still looked pretty bad, but Harry could tell that it wasn't gushing blood anymore. And the professor had had worse? Yikes, he had some questions for when he woke up. If he woke up.

Harry's morbid musings were interrupted by Dumbledore's cut off protests as Kirkland knelt down in the middle of the room and started hissing.

"*Hey, open up,*" the blond ordered, his brows furrowed as he glared at the floorboards. "*I didn't get woken up at 7:30 in the morning to come here and just stare at the floor!*" Harry heard a vague hissing sound that sounded like words, but he was too far away to make out what was being said. It seemed to make Kirkland angrier though.

"*Thomas Marvolo Riddle will be the least of your problems once I'm through with you; no matter what tricks he had up his sleeve when he made this, I can break down every one tenfold in less time than it would take the most talented cursebreaker from Gringotts.*" Kirkland's expression was edging towards apoplectic now as he shouted as well as he could while hissing, "*Well Salazar Slytherin wouldn't have wanted his fucking family ring made into a bloody Horcrux! Now if you won't let me in I'll just have to break you down myself!"

There was a high-pitched screeching noise that made both Dumbledore and Harry cover their ears as the History professor pried up one of the floorboards. The fabric covering his arms was rent repeatedly for a moment before a pale green glow surrounded Kirkland, making for an impressive light display as several dismal colored spells dissipated against the energy that enveloped him, keeping him safe from harm.

Kirkland pulled out a box and the screeching increased in volume as he opened the box, took out a ring, and tutted. "Really now, resorting to those sorts of curses are we?" There was an intense flash of light that made Harry stagger back, and spots danced across his vision as he blinked rapidly to regain his sight.

It looked as though Dumbledore hadn't been unaffected either, though he was blinking far less than Harry. Kirkland smirked, placed the ring back in the box, the floorboard in its original place, and walked over to the headmaster.

"Well, that was a bit trickier than I expected; didn't think he'd have used Parsel wards, but it's all good now." Kirkland handed the box to Dumbledore, who took it with a slightly awed expression. "I know you need this more than me."

"Thank you Arthur," Dumbledore said as he gave the younger man a hug. "I have no doubt that it would have taken much longer to regain this had I not asked you to accompany me."

"So long as you don't bother me this early in the morning again," the blond issued his ultimatum sternly. Dumbledore laughed cheerily as they exited the small house.

"Horcrux?" Harry wondered aloud as his vision suddenly tunneled and everything went black.

"...think he's coming around. Yes, he is!" Bright green eyes were the first thing Harry saw as he awoke. "Much quicker this way than inducing any sort of amnesia. How are you feeling?"

"Fuck, my head!" Harry swore, holding his hand to the side of his head. "What the hell did you hit me with?"

"Good, your mental faculties seem to be the same as before," Kirkland nodded, his expression tinged with pride. "And it was a frying pan from a friend; she specializes in combat with them."

"I'm going to tell Daddy and Papa on you!" Peter called petulantly from a corner of the classroom. "You're not supposed to do anything that will potentially scar me for life!"

"You'll be fine," Arthur waved off his brother's concerns. "Now Potter, we can begin your real training!" The enthusiastic grin did not bode well for Harry's continuing mental health, and in light of the terror his teacher's expression was evoking, all thoughts of Horcruxes, Parseltongue, and wounds that were certainly not flesh wounds fled his mind.

"Stefan! Stefan, where are you?"

Bulgaria's expression was set in a deep scowl as he walked hurriedly down the hall, trying his best to look dignified even though all he wanted to do was strangle the other right now. Not that it would really work, but it was the thought that counted. Plus, it probably wouldn't do anything positive for either of their images if any non-nations saw him strangling that irresponsible, infuriating -

Any thoughts of murder were temporarily chased away as he felt his arm being encased in a vise-like grip and he was pulled into a small cranny that he had never really noticed before. "What-"

"Shh!" Romania hissed, cutting him off by clapping a hand over his mouth. "They'll hear you!"

Kiril rolled his eyes. After a moment he pried Stefan's hand away and asked quietly, "Who are 'they'? And why have you been avoiding me?"

"I haven't been avoiding you," Stefan refuted, his amber eyes narrowed. "I've been avoiding everyone else; my boss keeps trying to lock me up and it's got something to do with that guy who's been bothering England lately."

"How do you know?" Bulgaria asked, brow furrowing as he mulled over the information given him.

"Aside from the fact that a guy who looked like a combination of a chemo and plastic surgery patient gone wrong showed up with some guys wearing skull masks?" Romania snarked. "Lucky for me bats have far superior hearing and they like me."

"Yeah, luckily," Kiril agreed. "I guess that's why your boss called me over to find you, saying it was an "emergency". What are we gonna do?"

"Do you remember my friend Eldred Worple?" Stefan grinned, his fangs glinting in the minimal light.

In case it wasn't already clear, Kiril is my fanon name for Bulgaria, while Stefan is for Romania.

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