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I'm sorry I haven't updated my other stories recently, but I've grown tired of them and have had some MAJOR writers block. So, I started a new one. It's a Harry Potter Fanfiction, but with a twist.

Here are some things you should know before you read...

1) Harry has a younger brother.

2) Harry is not the "Chosen One".

3) Voldemort never killed James or Lily.

4) Voldemort knows of the Prophesy, but has chosen not do anything as of yet.

5) Harry is four years old as of right now... he will grow older as the story progresses.

6) James and Lily strongly favorite their other son over Harry.

7) This story will mainly be about Harry and Voldemort.

8) Their relationship is purely guardian/charge, until later when Harry becomes his heir, then it will be father/son.

9) Voldemort is alive as of right now, Dumbledore was able to vanquish him for a few years, but his faithful servant Bellatrix Lestrange was able to bring him back via. horcrux. He still looks the same as he did in the fourth movie when he was brought back to life.

10) No slash will occur between the characters stated above.

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Chapter 1

Pure Power:

"Harry, hurry up! We haven't got all day! Come on!" shouted an annoyed and infuriated Lily Potter.

A small child with large, emerald green eyes looked up sadly at his exasperated mother.

"Oh for Merlin's sake," Lily sighed, "James, you get him!"

Turning around from helping Nate into his little, orange jacket, her husband exclaimed calmly and reasonably, "He's fine honey, just leave him here. Don't let him spoil Nathan's special day."

Lily sent a piercing glare at James before turning around and sending it Harry's way too.

"Fine, I tried! You stay here, and don't meddle in anything or you'll regret it", she threatened as she stomped out of the manor, slamming the large oak doors behind her, and leaving the small boy hidden behind the blue curtains with only his tear streaked face peeking out.

Alone at last, four year old Harry toddled out from behind the wide expanse of royal blue fabric, the small tears still glistening on his cheeks began to dry as he fervently rubbed at them with the back of his sleeve.

It was August first, otherwise known as his younger brother, Nathan's birthday.

Only yesterday it had been his birthday as well, but like always, it was ignored.

Harry couldn't blame them really, I mean he was only a regular kid.

There was nothing special or different about him, not like Nathan...

"The Chosen One", "The Golden Child", "The One Destined to Defeat the Dark Lord."

Nathan needed special attention if he was going to achieve and reach his full potential, Harry knew that, so why was he so jealous?

Meanwhile, in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore paced silently around in his office, a grave expression on his face.

He knew James and Lily were great parents to Nathan, that he need not worry about that factor, surely the boy would reach his full potential.

Even at the young age of two he was already showing magical ability and no doubtfully in time, he would grow up to be an extremely powerful wizard and fulfill his destiny to defeat the Dark Lord, Voldemort.

But there was always that little voice in the back of his mind, questioning how they treated their elder son.

He knew Harry's welfare wasn't quite as important as little Nate's, but it had bothered him that Harry was once again not present at another one of his parents grand dinner parties, especially when it was one to celebrate his younger brother's second birthday.

Actually, in all honesty, Dumbledore had been under the false impression that they would be celebrating both Potter boys birthdays today, seeing that they were only a day apart.

However, when he arrived to find only the youngest Potter accompanying his parents, he knew once again that they had completely forgotten about poor Harry.

The two years before Nate had been born the Potters had absolutely adored their first son, but when Nate was born, and the Prophesy exposed to them, they were overcome by the power of being the parents of the prophesied child.

Who could blame them?

Power was of the purest evils, altering anyone it offered itself to, beckoning to them... they all succumbed to it, even Dumbledore himself, one of the strongest and most influential wizards, if not the strongest wizard, had fallen for it.

He had murdered his beloved sister, Arianna, accidentally in the process of achieving it. For power knew no bounds, it created people and led to the downfall of others. Everybody starved for power, they yearned for it, would give absolutely anything for just the smallest taste of it.

Wasn't that the reason Voldemort had been able to collect so many followers? No, not because they believed in his views, shared his same ideas, or were simply loyal to him. They did it for that small dose of power it offered them.

Unadulterated power in it's purest form, evil.

He had to admit, power was an exquisite thing.

It offered the impossible, false hallucinations of a brighter future was what Dumbledore had fallen for.

And his enemy, with power equal to his own, had fallen for something as well, a power greater then all others; the power of immortality.

Finally arriving home, the Potters were all smiles as James carried little Nate in his arms, who had finally succumbed to sleep after fighting it off for a long, tiring four hours.

The party had been a total success!

Everyone seemed to have had a great time as they said their farewells and departed, not one person left the party without a large smile painted across their face, that is except for Dumbledore.

Lily couldn't help but find this odd, seeing that usually he was the life of the party.

He had been fine when he got there, smiling like the old coot he was, but then when he questioned where Harry was, saying he wanted to give his present to him himself, it got extremely awkward.

Neither James nor Lily were sure why Dumbledore had brought Harry a gift, after all it was Nate's birthday, not their elder son's.

Perhaps his memory truly was starting to go; maybe his old age was finally catching up with him.

Could he possibly believe it was Harry's birthday and not Nate's?

But then again, he also had a gift in his other hand addressed to Nathan.

They found it all very peculiar, but hastily made up what they hoped to be believable story, about how Harry had fallen ill last minute, but had insisted (against their better judgement) that they go off without him and have fun with Nathan. After much persuasion, they had finally agreed to floo their good friend Remus Lupin or otherwise known as Uncle Remy, and have him watch Harry for the night.

Dumbledore had just nodded solemnly and placed both presents on the designated table, atop the massive heap of other brightly wrapped boxes, all labeled to one Nathan Potter...

Looking up at the sky, he noticed the bright, full moon and Dumbledore knew for a fact, that Remus definitely wasn't with Harry.

Hoping everything was alright with the eldest Potter son, Dumbledore returned to the party, but without the enthusiasm he had entered with.

There was nothing he could do; it was out of his control, and he had much more important things to be dealing with, so why was this minuscule thing bothering him so much?

He knew he was helpless... he dare not question the Potter's judgment.

The last thing he wanted was for them to turn against him.

He needed them to win this war; their loyalty was a necessity, and unfortunately for him, they were just as good with or without Harry.

After all, he wasn't the "Chosen One."

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