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Chapter 13:


A month later found Harry sitting in the far east library of Riddle Manor, on the window seat he had claimed as his. He was engrossed in a fictional tale of a dragon who was rampaging a castle for gold, he snuggled into the seat as he nestled further into the collection of pillows he was propped up against.

However, Harry was suddenly interrupted from his mythical land and pulled back to reality by the sound of the heavy double oak doors banging open. "What did I say about closing these doors?" Asked an agitated Dark Lord for the second time that day.

Harry rolled his eyes as Voldemort sent a minor stinging hex at his shoulder. "Don't roll your eyes at me", warned the Dark Lord, an obvious threat laced into the calm words.

Harry glared at Voldemort, "I don't like keeping the doors open, if I do your death eaters see it as an open invitation to prance on in and pester me on what I'm up to." Voldemort's diabolical plans had been going slowly lately, in fact they had basically come to a stand still, amounting to a large portion of free time for his death eaters.

Boredom and death eaters were never a good mixture and after growing impatient of waiting they wanted nothing more than a distraction to keep them busy, and they had begun to see Harry as exactly that.

Voldemort had introduced Harry to them as his heir a week after he had adopted him and since then several of his highest ranking death eaters had taken a great fondness to him, including one Bellatrix Lestrange, who basically saw Harry as her personal playmate. She and her husband, Roldphous had moved into the Dark Lords mansion several years ago, but since the manor was so large, they had been ignorant to Harry's arrival until Voldemort had introduced him to them at the meeting.

Since then Harry had become Bella's new fascination, or perhaps obsession would be a better way of describing it, she had taken to him right away after watching the small four year old crucio a despicable spy of a death eater at the Dark Lord's command. Seeing the power the young boy already possessed at such a young age, she was engrossed by the potential he exhibited. Ever since then she barely left his side, always offering him a lesson in dark art spells, telling him what he was doing wrong, meticulously correcting him, and insisting he call her "Auntie Bella."

In all honesty, Harry was quite fond of his 'Auntie Bella' too, as she could always teach him a neat new trick and other then being slightly crazy, she was very intelligent and a superb teacher, plus she was completely devoted to the Dark Lord. She was loyal to the core, always putting his needs before hers. Harry liked that about her, he knew he could trust Bella, unlike the others.

One of the death eaters that he wasn't quite sure of was the intimidating, tall, dark haired man named Severus Snape. He had an unattractive hooked nose, a sickly pale complexion, long greasy hair, and definitely didn't offer the title of "Uncle Severus" to Harry. Nevertheless, the man was very clever when it came to potion making. He was a valuable asset to their side, but sometimes Harry couldn't help but wonder if the mans loyalties really lay with the Dark Lord.

Another man, he liked even less then Snape was a platinum blonde man named Lucius Malfoy, he was arrogant, rude, and thought everyone else was beneath him. All attributes Harry despised, as he associated them with that of his old family.

Lucius was very proud of his pure blood status and often times repetitively boasted about it, even though every death eater was already quite aware he was a pure blood from his endless past bragging. In all honestly no one cared anymore what Lucius was, they just all wanted the man to shut up.

Which led to a meal a few nights ago when the man was in the middle of telling yet another story about his pureblood heritage to the death eaters at dinner, one that they had heard several times already, Harry had made the fact that no one cared perfectly clear to the man when in the middle of his story he loudly announced "nobody gives a shit."

There had been a moment of utter silence and then laughter rang out from all around the table, Bella's cackling the loudest of all. He even saw a slight smirk fix itself onto Snape's face, however Voldemort had not been pleased and had sent the boy from the table without being able to finish his supper, scolding him about his inappropriate language. After that the Dark Lord had had a long talk with him about his atrocious tables manners and respecting his elders. He had been even less pleased when the boy made a comment about how he must really have to respect Voldemort then, since he must be older then Nicholas Flamel himself.

Harry was brought back from his thoughts when he saw Voldemort roll his eyes at him. However, Voldemort too had to agree that Bella had been even more annoying as of late and internally made a personal promise to himself to find a new mission for her soon.

Just as he was thinking of some busy work he could assign to her, none other then Bella herself pranced into the library in a demented skipping fashion, a huge smile plastered onto her face at the sight of Harry, "found yooouuuu" she sang in a sing song voice. Harry groaned at the sight of Bella. "Speak of the devil" he commented in a low voice, only loud enough for Voldemort to discern, who couldn't help but smirk at the young boys obvious annoyance with his faithful follower.

"Hair bear, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Voldemort couldn't help but chuckle at Harry's discomfort at the name, watching as the boys cheeks blushed a pink hue. "I told you not to call me that", he whined at Bellatrix, looking slightly mortified at the Dark Lord hearing the embarrassing nickname Bella had made for him. How absolutely humiliating, he was the Dark Lords protégée for crying out loud!

Bella ignored his clear indignity and carried on with the reason she came, "I found some muggles in the street to play with, I thought they'd be a fun present for you, I want to teach you some new spells, they're in the dungeons, come with Auntie Bella, we're going to have some fun!"

If it was possible, Harry looked even more mortified at the use of the title she insisted he call her by. Harry, thinking quickly replied, "Wow Auntie Bella, I'd really love to, but Voldie over here needed to speak to me about something, I guess I'll just have to wait and play with you tomorrow, thanks though."

Looking like a kicked puppy, Bella pouted, letting her disappointment show. Voldemort didn't exactly attempt to hide his annoyance with the dubbed nickname either. 'Voldie'… the audacity this child had was unheard of! Seeking revenge, he cunningly replied, "Don't worry Harry, we can reschedule, in fact I'm actually busy till dinner, which gives you a good…" at this point he gazed up at the large clock propped on the wall and made a quick calculation, "7 long hours to spend with your 'Auntie Bella."

Harry, who was now looking horrified, turned to petrified when Bella excitedly jumped up and clapped, grabbing his hand and pulling him away, while enthusiastically telling him of all the torturous spells she was going to teach him. As Harry was pulled past Voldemort, he sent him a glare as the man leaned down and whispered, "I doubt you'll be calling me that name again…" All Harry could do was scowl and glower as he was hauled away by a very eager Bellatrix Lestrange.

The next few days went by in peace and Voldemort was beginning to expect that there must be something Harry was working up to ask. And of course, he was right.

It was on Sunday at breakfast when Harry looked up at the Dark Lord and said, "I've been really good lately…"

Red flags went up in Voldemort's mind and he knew he had to tread carefully, there was obviously something the boy was working up for. Choosing a simple approach he didn't even bother looking up from the Daily Prophet he was reading, attempting to not make eye contact, "yes" was his only reply. There was a moment of silence and he had vainly hoped the boy had decided to drop whatever topic he was considering to pursue. However, unfortunately that was not the case.

Harry looked down at his trainers, then back up at the man, considering which way was best to phrase his request. Finally he decided on one. "You know how you have Nagini…." The older man sighed knowing the boy was not going to drop the topic. Finally putting down the prophet he sighed and replied with another "yes."

"Well…" the boy treaded on "I was wondering if maybe I could have a Nagini too."

"You can't have my snake" Voldemort replied, wondering which direction this conversation was headed.

"I don't want your snake silly." If Voldemort had an eyebrow it would be twitching, how dare the boy call him silly! He was about to fry the boy with 'ingorgio' but then the main question came out, "I want my own pet."

No, no, no. A pet? A pet?! He'd kill it within days, he wouldn't take care of it, he was way too young, way too irresponsible. The poor animal would slowly perish away in the boys care. But, it would mean that Harry would be out of his hair, the child would be a lot less bothersome with another familiar to keep him entertained.

That thought in mind, knowing he'd do just about anything for a moment of blissful peace, he said a quick prayer for whatever poor animal would be sacrificed and agreed to the boys request.

Two days later Harry had a new pet snake, it was much tinier than Nagini, but definitely not small in normal terms, it too was a python with vicious fangs and beautiful green scales.

It's features resembled those of Nagini's, looking almost just as frightening as her. The snake was the pure epitome of terror, that was until Voldemort walked into Harry's room on an absolutely dreadful scene.

The boy was squashing the snake in his pudgy clutches while repeating "I love you Tommy" over and over again. "Tommy?" The Dark Lord questioned, "yeah, that's what I named my snake." Voldemort stared on in dread at the boy and the poor soul he was grasping in his scrunched up palms. "You can't name your snake Tommy", Voldemort replied, refusing to allow his charge to dub the poor serpent such a horrific name as the one he was unfortunately born with. "Why don't you call him Killer, or Assassin, or anything else other than Tommy?" Harry pondered this for a second before replying, "Okay, I'll call him..." he seemed to think for a moment before finally making a decision, "Bob."

At this point, Voldemort simply left the room, hearing Harry coo behind him about how much he loved his "wittle Bob." How the hell was he supposed to form this boy into a killer, a merciless death eater, his right hand man?! Nothing was going as planned! Sure the boy was cute and had potential, but his attitude was completely wrong!

At that exact moment a shadow lunged out at the Dark Lord, ready to attack, Voldemort was about to kill the man he identified as Eric, a lower ranked death eater he had recently initiated, but before he could even manage, the cruicatus curse hit Eric right in the middle of his chest and he was thrown to the ground, writhing in the throes of pain, crying, and begging for mercy. He turned around to see Harry, wand pointed at his attacker, clutching Bob in one hand, Leo the Lion at his feet, and a spark of fire in the boys eyes Voldemort had never seen before. The next thing he saw was a green spark of light shoot out from the child's wands as he murmured the two words "Avada Kedavra."

And at that moment Voldemort knew that he needn't form the boy into a killer or a death eater, he was already one.

He was his little assassin, quirky name choices and all, Harry was his.