The Eye of the Phoenix

An Uncharted fanfiction by Rainfox88


Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Uncharted franchise, which includes the games, characters, media works, etc. Naughty Dog is entitled to everything, but I try everyday to buy Nathan from them…lol. I only own my OCs, ideas, and story for this fanfiction work. I hope you all enjoy it! Thank you! :)

"Immortality: A toy which people cry for, And on their knees apply for, Dispute, contend and lie for, And if allowed Would be right proud Eternally to die for."- Ambrose Bierce

The pain was excruciating. Fire was engulfing the whole room in a matter of seconds. Nathan tried to move, his world a blur from foggy vision and drugged inebriation. He had no idea what he just did, what just happened to him, but he knew it was hopeless to save the others while still drugged. He just hoped the fire was a part of the hallucination. He was sweaty and could feel the ripples of heat. Trying to get to his feet, Nate saw something explode farther away. Out of the flames, something emerged. A large creature spreading wings of fire and screeching like a hawk emerged. It rose from the waves of fire, forming into a bird of flames and embers. It flew up towards the ceiling, bursting through it like a magical force.

If there hadn't been blood coughing up from his lungs, Nate could have chuckled at the sight. Of all the things to see, he had to witness the mythological Phoenix rise from his prison and fly away. It couldn't be real. It was just his imagination getting the best of him. After all, the Phoenix was nothing but a symbol in all of this. Immortality. If Nate had only known that this simple job was going to blow up into something as crazy and dangerous as this. But, as always, he was never in control of the situation.

Nathan used all the leftover energy in his wounded body to force himself to his feet, all at once remembering the Magician and his cruel intentions. They were all in danger, and as always, it was his fault. Elena, Sully, Chloe, and Charlie were going to die because of him.

Nate staggered forth, unsure to test the reality of the flames or not. It was getting harder to breathe, but he wasn't certain if it was from the smoke or that his lungs were filling with blood. He blindly patted his body, searching for any weapons, but found none. All that was on his person was the card he had forgotten, planted on him from his enemy.

The words from the Magician rang through his head once more. "Your luck will one day run out, Drake. And when it does, I'll be there to watch your final, miserable moments."

"Bast…ard," Nate growled, which ended up making him cough up more blood.

He felt drunk trying to move. The hole in the roof caused by the Phoenix was making the smoke rise up out of wherever it is he was. He no longer cared about the Enochian language or the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. Angels, alchemy, demons, sorcery, magic, immortality; it was all too much. For once, Nate truly felt defeated.

In the distance he could hear church bells. The deep dong echoed continuously. Nathan's ears were ringing, but he continued to look for a door to get out. He heard ravens cawing as they flew over the hole of the roof, and knew it was still dark outside.

Nate shook his head, trying to focus and shake the effects of the drug. I'm not going to die so easily. I have to save Elena! Save Sully! I have to save them!

He found the door but it wouldn't budge. Nate threw his whole body weight into it, trying to barge the door down to escape. The flames were closing in on him, if they were even real. He cursed as he rammed and rammed, feeling the pain rack his body more, but he wasn't going to stop.

Finally, the door broke through, and Nathan fell with it onto the ground outside. The cool night breeze hit his face, and he could see faint lights and a courtyard of some kind. He couldn't stop here. He had to find the others, had to stop the cult.

As he went to scramble to his feet, a new wave of adrenaline coming over him, Nathan felt a boot strike him in the back, knocking him back down. He knew who it was by his laugh, but he suddenly lacked the energy to even speak.

"I want you to watch them die. Then we will be even."

Before Nate could cough up nasty words, blood trickling down his lip, he felt something sharp stab into his back. The blade went right in between two ribs, grinding against the bone and releasing more pain.

Nathan yelled out in pain, but was unable to move. He felt himself losing consciousness, and then was quickly swept into darkness, only to wake up gasping for breath and fully aware and recovered from his hallucination. The fire was gone. The building he had been in wasn't real. The Phoenix had burst into a rain of fire. He wasn't as wounded as he first thought.

"Damn it!"

It was time to be on the move again. He had let his enemy gain control over him once more. There was no more room for mistakes. Nate couldn't screw up anymore, or everyone was going to die.