~AUTHOR'S NOTE~ I don't know where I ever got the idea to mix these two worlds, but the result has been…interesting. This story takes place after Return of the Jedi and after Dark Heart's defeat in Care Bears 2. Care Bears 2 is the only Care Bears movie I've seen, so all historical plot references are to that and all genders of the Bears or Cousins are based on that too.

~DISCLAIMER~ I don't own anyone in this story. All of the Star Wars characters are owned by George Lucas and the Care Bears are owned by whoever made that movie. Or maybe "Those Characters from Cleveland"…I don't know. But it's not me, whoever it is.

When two tales come together, who knows what will befall our heroes?


Luke Skywalker was a farmboy thrust into an intergalactic war. He was unknowingly the son of Darth Vader, an evil man-turned-machine bent of destroying the Jedi order – his own former order. Both Luke and Vader possessed a talent for feeling the Force – mystical energy used for good by the Jedi and for evil by Sith lords like Vader.

With the help of his friends Han Solo and the wookiee Chewbacca and teachers Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi and Yoda, Luke slowly unearthed of his family past and learned to harness his control over the Force. It took Luke long to come to terms with Vader being his father, who Luke thought to be dead. But Luke also discovered his lost twin sister: Leia, adopted Princess of the destroyed planet Alderaan. Leia also possessed the family's strong connection to the Force. Her resolve for avenging her lost planet, her bond with her brother Luke, and her love for Han Solo developed into a unique form of strength in Leia that carried her through the galactic Civil War.

Anakin Skywalker saved the life of Luke as he renounced his alter ego Darth Vader and turned on his evil master, Emperor Palpatine, thus also sacrificing his own life. Order and peace were restored to the galaxy with the Emperor and Vader's death.


True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse raised the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins to protect Earth and its inhabitants from cruelty and carelessness. The two originally settled their family in the Kingdom of Caring and there they received mystical symbols on their stomachs, which enabled them to project their positive energy and feelings.

An evil force known only as Dark Heart was close to discovering True Heart and Noble Heart's sanctuary for the baby Care Bears and Cousins. To keep the cubs safe, True Heart moved the Care Bear cubs to another land of clouds called Care-a-Lot. Likewise, Noble Heart moved his Care Bear Cousin cubs to a land just below Care-a-Lot: the Forest of Feelings.

The Cubs slowly grew to full-grown Bears and Cousins, learning to protect Earth and love the people. But it was three children that finally helped them to defeat Dark Heart. The children learned how to love themselves and each other from the Care Bears and Cousins and that knowledge led them to all fight Dark Heart as a team. The Care Bears and Cousins were eventually able to release Dark Heart of his evil, thus turning him into a real human boy free of corruption.


Earth was free of Dark Heart's evil influence and the faraway galaxy was safe and peaceful once again. But a new evil was rising that could throw each world out of whack with one glowing crystal…