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"Luke?" Han managed to sputter, but the Jedi ignored him. "Leia?" he tried, but she too ignored him. "Colored animal things?!" he cried, determined to be acknowledged.

But they all ignored him. "Follow me!" Luke said and they disappeared into the cave.

He was met with a shock when they reached the crystal. Instead of the smooth milky white it had been, the stone's core writhed and boiled with darkness. He stared deep within it and was further worried when he saw malevolent eyes glaring back at him. "Its power is growing," he said tensely. Before he'd needed contact to see into the crystal's depths. Now they were clear.

"We must destroy it!" Noble Heart said, urging the Cousins on.

"No!" Leia's sudden, broken cry startled everyone. She threw herself between the crystal and everyone else.

"Leia, move!" Luke pleaded.

"I can't," she whispered tearfully. "I can't! I can't leave Alderaan again!"

"Leia," Luke said gently. "Alderaan is gone. Earth is different and it is not our home." He took her hand again. "Let it go."

She looked at her brother – her strong, supportive, wise brother – and nodded. Luke took her back to stand with the Care Bear family. The two humans stood facing their friends, those who had cared for them. "Thank you," Luke said simply.

True Heart stepped forward. "And thank you! You have taught us much about ourselves. I have a parting gift for you." She looked to Leia. "For both of you."

Holding out her paw, she placed something small and glowing in Leia's hand. Leia looked at the star-shaped creature lying asleep in her hand. It was smaller than her palm.

"Wow!" Braveheart Lion said.

"A baby star buddy!" Funshine Bear said in awe.

"Yes." True Heart smiled. "When he grows up, he will be bale to communicate with Great Wishing Star, should either of you want to see us again."

Leia's eyes glistened with tears as she bent down to hug the bear. Wish Bear broke out of the group to give Luke a hug good-bye. "I'll miss you!"

Luke smiled at the green bear. She was the one he'd most remember. "Every time you use your power, just remember how boring it felt on Tatooine!"

She laughed. "Okay."

True Heart and Noble Heart took ceremonial positions at the front of the family. "Ready?" Noble Heart asked. Luke and Leia nodded.

"Care Bears, stare!" At True Heart's word, beams of colored light shot through the air and hit the crystal.

"Care Cousins, call!" The cries of various animals ran through the cave as the Care Bear Cousins added their own power.

Luke and Leia, hands interlocked to join their power that had developed as the twins grew together in their mother's womb, closed their eyes in concentration. As their power intensified, pure white light seemed to erupt from their outstretched fingers.

Meanwhile, Han and Wedge were busy pinching each other in order to determine if it was all an elaborate dream. After a minute and several promises of black and blue marks, they determined that it was really happening.

A matrix of cracks appeared in the crystal's surface, all but hiding the dark maelstrom within. "It's breaking!" Luke cried. Letting go of Leia's hand, he pulled his lightsabre free. With a brilliant flash and a deafening thunderclap, the crystal was gone in the flashing green arc of the Jedi weapon.

Then the cave was silent. Han cautiously walked over to his old friend. Seeing that Luke seemed sane and uninjured, Han smacked him upside the head. "What the hell was that?!"

Leia dizzily shook her head, looking around. "They're gone."

Luke nodded sadly. "Yes."

"Luke? Hello?" Han still didn't have his answer. "What is going on?"

Opening her hand, Leia smiled at the baby star buddy still fast asleep. She walked out of the cave and gazed into the starry sky. Coruscant, where the New Republic had settled, shone in the black sky. Turning to Luke and Han, she smiled.

"Let's go home."

The End