I don't own Digimon. This does contain slight hints at Takedai and Yamasuke, and it's a weird fic.

The '*  *  *' resembles a day change, and the '--' resembles an hour change, or if the first part was in the morning, the second part is usually in the afternoon. And the paragraphs/words between the '~~~' are Daisuke's dreams.

*  *  *

"Pass me your pink pastel, would you Daisuke?"

Daisuke's eyes flickered up briefly before moving to the chalk-like items before him. He scanned the little labels under the lighter colors for the word 'pink'. It took him but a quick moment to spot it and flip it towards Kari sitting across from him. She muttered a thanks, never once glancing away from her picture spread out on the podium in front of her.

A bang of a door caught Daisuke's attention. Takeru was dripping wet in the art room doorway, having been soaked by the rain pouring down outside. He pulled off his raincoat and hung it on a hook where several other wet coats were and slipped out of his soggy shoes before moving to where Daisuke and Kari were painting. Well, in Daisuke's case, supposed to be painting.

Everything that day had distracted Daisuke from his work. Usually he started vigilantly on a new picture of perfect art, but today…

"Nice use of color there, Dai," Takeru teased upon seeing the blank white before Daisuke.

"Whatever," Daisuke mumbled in response.

Takeru smiled and sat down at the work place next to his friend. He pulled his case from beneath the podium and opened it, setting all his colors where he wanted them. A little later the art teacher walked by and handed him a blank canvas, giving him a pointed look for being late. She whispered something quietly about letting this once slide because he was usually a good student and it was raining. Takeru smiled winningly at her and thanked her for her leniency.

"What took you so long to get here?" Daisuke asked once she'd left. He tapped his pencil on the podium thoughtfully, not really caring to hear an answer, but finding it polite to ask.

"Yamato's windshield was covered in ice from the sleet last night and he couldn't see where he was going, so I made him pull over until it was cleared," Takeru replied, also not caring if Daisuke heard his answer, but finding it polite to respond.

Daisuke nodded slightly. "Oh."

"I hate it when it rains and sleets," Kari said suddenly. Both boys looked in her direction, suddenly interested in what she had to say, but a different reason for both. She sat back in her chair and studied her pastel artwork. "It's always so cold outside and gray. I hate being cold, and I really hate the color gray."

Daisuke rolled is eyes and drifted back to what he was supposed to be doing. He'd already known that much about Kari, having learned the first because she screamed whenever he put ice down her shirt and the second because she never liked any of his drawings, which were done in pencil and had absolutely no color in them. All of the color pastels, markers, and paints in his case were barely used, and only barely because other people used them.

"I guess your artwork isn't appreciated," Takeru whispered, leaning over to Daisuke. He got a shrug as a reply and smiled. Daisuke was by far the most interesting person he knew. All the boy seemed to care about was getting Kari to like him, except for when they were in art class. In that case, he couldn't care less about Kari, and this amused Takeru very much. He, personally, loved Daisuke's work, but would never tell Kari that.

Gray isn't bad. Daisuke thought. He heard Takeru whisper something else to him, but didn't respond in any way. A little later the blonde was busy creating something new. I happen to like gray. Because it's the only color you see. Yes, true, but I've seen those other colors, and gray isn't bad. When did you see other colors? A long time agoWhy didn't you tell me about this? I didn't think you'd care. I always care, Daisuke. I'm sorry then, I'll tell you next time. You'd better.

"Motomiya Daisuke!"

Daisuke snapped from his thoughtful conversation and looked at the teacher standing over him. "Yes ma'am?"

The class giggled as the teacher frowned. "Could you please stop daydreaming and work on something? If you don't have anything done by the end of the period, then I will be forced to give you a 0. Now get to work!"

The class giggled again when Daisuke blushed. "Yes ma'am."

"What were you thinking about?" Takeru asked once their teacher walked off.

Daisuke sighed. "Nothing. Nothing at all."


"Why exactly didn't you tell Haiku earlier?"

Daisuke fidgeted under the watchful stare of the six doctors sitting before him in the shadows. He never liked this room. This was the worst possible place he had ever imagined, and now that he was getting older – getting in trouble more often actually – it was becoming a more and more frequent visit to the room. Of course, today his mom brought him in for a check up, but somehow they'd found out about his conversation with Haiku. He'd known Haiku might have told them, but he truly had been hoping Haiku wouldn't tell anyone, especially not the Council – the six doctors before him.

"I… I didn't think it was important," Daisuke whispered and fidgeted again as he heard the scratch of pencils on paper.

There was a glint as one of the doctors looked up and the dim light caught the dark glasses he was wearing. "What exactly did you see?"

"I don't know how to explain it… it just wasn't gray…" Daisuke's voice had dropped to below a whisper, but he knew they'd hear him. If they could hear his thoughts, then they could definitely hear his spoken words, even if they were just a squeak.

"What exactly did you see? What object?"  Another doctor asked.

Exactly this, exactly that. Why is everything always exactly? Ah, ah, Daisuke. Be good. Daisuke sighed and looked at the mirror to his left. He knew Haiku was standing behind it, watching him and listening to what he had to think. "I saw the trees and some animals and the clothes I was wearing. It was amazing. It was just like they were there, the colors I mean."

There was a whisper of voices before, "What exactly were the colors?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Daisuke snapped, turning his head to glare at the doctors. That's not being good Daisuke… Apologize. He sighed again. "I'm sorry. Things have been… irritable here lately."

"Tell us about this… digital world that you've been visiting."

Digiworld? I can't tell them about that! Yes you can. But it's supposed to be a secret, Haiku! You promised! Daisuke, tell them now. Yet another sigh escaped his lips. "The digital world is amazing. There are many different types of monsters there, or as we call them-"

"Who are we?"

"My friends. The-"

"What are their names?"

"Takaishi Takeru, Yagami Hikari, Hida Iori, and Inoue Miyako."

"Go on."

"The monsters are called digimon. My friends and I were chosen to protect them from this cruel person who calls himself the Digimon Emperor. We're called the digidestined. There was an original digidestined, and they help us-"

"What are their names?"

"Ishida Yamato, Takenouchi Sora, Yagami Taichi-"

"Is this Taichi related to the Hikari girl?"

"Yes, and Yamato is Takeru's older brother. Their parents are divorced, so that's why they have different last names."

"Go on."

"Kido Jyou, Izumi Koushiro, and Tachikawa Mimi, but she lives in New York, US of A. They help us when we are really confused and don't know what to do to protect the digimon from the Emperor, who is Ichijouji Ken, by the way."

The doctors whispered to one another. A minute later one said, "Go on."

"We have to go to the digital world through the computers. It's a real world, not a game, like Ken thinks. We're trying to convince him of that, but he doesn't believe us." Daisuke paused, trying to think of what else he could say. Tell them about what happens to me when you go there. Daisuke frowned, and continued. "Whenever I get sucked through the computer, my ear chip goes wiggy and I can't hear Haiku, and he can't hear me."

Another round of whispers, this one much longer than the last. There was more scratching on paper as they jotted down the notes. Daisuke glared at the mirror next to him. He was horribly angry at Haiku for making him tell the Council that. Now they might not let him return.

"Motomiya Daisuke," one of the doctors announced. "You are permitted to the 'digital world' only if you give a full report about your adventures there. We will be working on a new, better chip so Haiku can keep contact with you for when you go there. We are finished now, you may go home."

"Thanks," Daisuke muttered and rose to his feet. He walked to the door at the back of the room and waited for it to be opened by security. Later he was walking at his mother's side as they left the building with refills of Daisuke's old medicine and bottles of new prescriptions, as well as papers to fill out his 'reports' on the digital world. Needless to say, Daisuke was very bitter.

As his mother unlocked the car, Daisuke felt someone watching him. He looked back towards the building to see a figure standing in the doorway, but he couldn't see her person's face. Haiku… Yes. I thought it was you. Ever since Daisuke could remember Haiku had been inside his mind. He'd never seen the man, except for the occasional shadowy outline or from far away like now. Eventually he'd gotten good at keeping certain thoughts from Haiku. The Council thought they had complete control over his mind, but they were greatly mistaken. There were things Daisuke thought about that they would never know about; things that not even Haiku would know about.

Like the time Daisuke saw color. It'd been at his soccer game against Ken's team. When he went to shake hands with the famous child, Ken's eyes flickered a new color; something he'd never seen before. It was amazing and at first he'd been hypnotized by it, but he managed to keep Haiku from finding this out. Then later, when he went to the digital world and discovered whom the Emperor was, he'd seen the flash of color again. Then everything started to change. He could see the colors, the beautiful colors; all of it initiating from the eyes of Ichijouji Ken.

They would have never known about the color had he not slipped up earlier that day…

*  *  *

"This is pointless. We're not going to find him!"

She's annoying me. Who? Miyako. Daisuke glanced at the purple-haired girl in front of him and scowled. She could really push his nerves some times. Of course he wasn't always disgusted with her, but at times like this – when they were recently defeated by the Digimon Emperor, that is – she completely destroyed any form of patience and sanity that he had.

"Would you shut up?" Daisuke snapped.

"Ohh, excuse me for being rational," Miyako retorted.

Takeru grabbed Daisuke's shoulders before he freaked and pounded Miyako into the ground. He glanced at the blonde and jerked away, stalking off towards his apartments.

"Well, good bye to you, too!" Takeru shouted after him with a laugh. He waited for Daisuke disappear around the corner to let his smile fall. He dug around in his pocket as he turned to follow Miyako and Iori for his cell phone. He pulled it out and flipped it open, dialing his brother's number.

There were a few rings and then, "Moshi, moshi. Ishida residence."

"Hey, Yamato?"

"Oh – hi Take. What do you need?"

Takeru thought about how to put what he needed in words. He was worried that Daisuke was depressed. The day before, Daisuke had told him that he couldn't go to the digital world because his mother – being overprotective as Daisuke had put it – wanted him to go to the doctor for a check up. He hadn't seemed very happy about going, but then no one enjoyed visiting the doctor. Takeru was mostly worried about the way Daisuke was acting now. All day he'd been in a bitter mood.

"Uh… I don't know how to put this…" Takeru said. "I… I need you to check in on Dai. He's really rattling me. I'm worried that he's depressed."

"What makes you think that?" Yamato asked, a tad confused.

"Yamato, I've been around you my entire life. I recognize the symptoms," Takeru said flatly.

"Oh, gee, thanks a lot." Yamato sighed. "Fine, I'll go see what's bothering him, but you really owe me for this, you got that?"

Takeru laughed. "Yeah, sure."


Yamato had always thought of the Motomiya's door as an ominous one. Every time he visited the apartment, something bad ended out of it. Actually, he'd only been here once, but still… And what if Jun was here? Would she find another way to con him into going on another date with her? Stupid, depressed Daisuke. Yamato thought bitterly and raised his hand to knock on the door.

Before he could, though, it opened and Daisuke walked out, nearly bumping into him. Daisuke blinked at him confused and then closed the door before Jun saw. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see how you're doing. Takeru says you haven't been yourself today," Yamato said, leaning against the wall and folding his arms.

Daisuke frowned. "Why didn't he come then?"

"I live closer," Yamato muttered, adding softly, "and I'm better with the whole depressed thing."

"Oh. I'm not depressed, at all. Just a bit… miffed at someone." Daisuke started to walk off to where he'd intended to go before meeting Yamato.

"Is that so?" Yamato asked and pushed off the wall to follow. Daisuke glanced at him with a nod. Yamato waited until they were in the elevator and on their way down before requesting, "May I know whom? Miyako? Takeru?"

"No one you know," Daisuke mumbled. He eagerly stepped out of the elevator and walked away, putting as much distance between himself and Yamato as possible.

Yamato had to jog a little to catch up and keep pace with Daisuke's fast walk. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Listen Yamato," Daisuke said, stopping abruptly and causing him to stumble a little. Daisuke waited for him to regain his balance and composure to continue. "I'm fine. Really. Everyone has his bad day, and this one is mine. Tomorrow everything will be fine, okay?"

As much as Yamato wanted to shake his head and demand more of an answer, he knew it was annoying when people pressed into issues that they had no right to, and he especially had no right because he and Daisuke hardly knew each other, although it still annoyed him somewhat. Brushing a lock of hair from his face, he sighed. "Okay, I get the point, but if you need anything you can get my number from Takeru. Just tell him I gave you permission with a frog and he'll give it to you."

For the first time since he'd run into Yamato that night, Daisuke smiled. "Unlisted to keep the fan girls away?"

"Yeah, something like that," Yamato laughed. "Dad and I don't want them calling in the middle of the night when we're trying to sleep."

"Permission with a frog?" Daisuke asked, thinking back on Yamato's words and raising an eyebrow. He laughed softly and began to walk on, saying over his shoulder, "Never mind. I don't want to know."

Yamato watched Daisuke disappear around the corner with a smile. He's not so bad. Miyako and Koushiro need to give him a chance. He thought and started his walk home. As he walked his mind started to fill with new theories about Daisuke's personality. He'd always thought Daisuke was just a miniature Taichi, but if he was able to stay upset for an entire day, then there was definitely something deeper about him.

Besides, Daisuke did one thing Taichi could never do: hold an actual conversation.

*  *  *

Yamato was staring through the window of a little shop in the mall. It was the only reason he'd bothered to go where fan girls could spot him easily with Taichi. Of course, his soccer-loving friend was currently browsing the food court for free samples. Yamato decided to spend his time looking for a new guitar. His old one was nearly falling apart – even with duck tape in some places, which screwed the sound up horribly; all the same, the ones he was looking at now weren't that great. As he peered through the large window at the different guitars, another reflection appeared in the glass.

"Hey," Daisuke said, "you might want to run because Jun will be coming out of that shop over there with her friends in about five minutes."

Yamato grinned and looked back at Daisuke. "Thanks for the warning."

"So, are you going to buy a new guitar?" Daisuke walked up beside him to look in the window. His eyes shifted from one to another, none of them being of any interest to him either.

"I want to. If I do, it wont be one of these," Yamato sighed. "Are you into this sort of stuff?"

"I've always wanted to play, but I've never had the time or money to get lessons. Besides, music should come natural to people, and I don't think it comes natural to me," Daisuke said softly, frowning slightly. He looked at Yamato and shrugged. "Besides, everyone says I'd better with percussion anyway."

"I think everyone has musical talent, even people like Taichi, and that's not meant as an insult," Yamato replied. He looked over Daisuke's shoulder at some girls exiting another little shop, one of them being Jun. Quickly he stepped into the guitar shop, motioning for Daisuke to follow him. Once inside and sure that he hadn't been seen, Yamato began to browse the shelves, Daisuke at his side. One particular guitar caught his attention, as it was a soft blue color. He stopped and pointed at it. "What do you think of that one? Match my eyes well?"

Daisuke looked at it and shrugged. "I'm not good with that sort of stuff. If you want someone who can tell you, then bring your brother along next time."

"You can't tell me if it matches my eyes or not?" Yamato said flatly. Daisuke looked at him with a half-smile and walked on down through the rows of guitars without replying. Shaking his head, Yamato muttered under his breath, "I don't want blue anyway. Too cheesy."

Yamato ran his finger lightly down the slick side of a guitar, loving the way it felt under his fingertips. The guitar reminded him of one that he'd first used a while back that had belonged to his uncle. It had been the one that made him want to learn to play. He could even remember staring into its polished surface at his reflection. He moved his hand from the side to touch the strings, barely pushing at them to make a soft noise. He realized Daisuke was standing behind him again, watching him look over the guitar, so he turned around with a smile.

"So Daisuke, you want to play? I can teach you," Yamato said brightly. While at one time the thought of having to spend more than five minutes with Daisuke would have made him groan and throw a fit, yet now the idea of it didn't seem so bad. At least he had humor.

Daisuke frowned at Yamato, startled at first, but breaking into a smile quickly. "I don't think you can handle me, Yamato. I'd drive you up the wall."

"If I can handle Taichi, I can handle you," Yamato snorted.

"Or so you believe. Taichi is a cupcake compared to me!" Daisuke said and flicked Yamato's nose. Yamato pushed his hand away with a halfhearted glare. Laughing, Daisuke turned and started to walk to the front of the shop. When he got there, he turned back to look at Yamato expectantly. "Well, Yamato, are you coming or not? I don't see Jun and her attack club anywhere, so I think the coast is clear."

"Ha, ha," Yamato muttered to himself and moved to trail Daisuke. They stepped into the crowd of people, getting caught in the quick traffic. Somewhere in the back of Yamato's mind, he knew he should be looking for Taichi, but the thought was pushed back several others popping into his head. "Daisuke, if you honestly want to learn to play, I will teach you."

"Why the sudden generosity? I thought you hated me," Daisuke shouted over the buzz of the noisy mall. He easily swerved through the crowd, unlike Yamato who ran into about everyone.

"I don't hate you, and I never have. You used to annoy me, but – sorry," Yamato apologized when hitting yet another person. When he looked back up, Daisuke had disappeared. He stopped walking, causing people to run into him, and looked around, yet saw nothing indicating where his newly found friend had gone.


Taichi suddenly appeared beside him. He grabbed Yamato's arm and pulled him towards the side. "You're holding everyone up. Come on, get out of the way." Yamato continued to look for Daisuke, allowing himself to be lead away. Taichi noticed this and looked around, too, trying to see what it was that had Yamato's attention so well. When he saw nothing he turned to Yamato confused. "What are you looking at?"

"Huh?" Yamato glanced at Taichi for a brief instant. "Oh… nothing. Let's go."

They started to leave, Taichi chatting away while Yamato nodded every so often, still searching the throng of people. When they got outside, he felt a shiver dance up his backside; the feeling of being watched. He turned around and looked up. In the window above the doors where the second story was, Daisuke was leaning against the railing, smiling at him through the glass. Yamato smiled back and shook his head.

"How did he do that?"

*  *  *

Takeru tapped his pencil on his desk lightly. History was the most boring class he had. He sighed and leaned back as the instructor droned on about the French revolution. Why do we have to know that? We don't even live in France! Usually he sat by the window with Daisuke and stared out it the entire period or passed a note since it wasn't important to listen to the lesson because it was all in the book anyway, but today Kari asked him to sit with her and he agreed – now considering it to be the biggest mistake he'd made the entire day.

"You may work with a partner, but if it gets too loud in here I will take away the privilege." His instructor was passing out the worksheets that they did everyday over each section in each chapter.

Before Kari could stop him, Takeru jumped up and quickly walked to the empty desk in front of Daisuke, sitting in it backwards. His friend glanced at him and smiled knowingly. Daisuke may not turn out as a rocket scientist, but Takeru could definitely see him as an emotional supporter. If there was anything the boy knew about, it was emotions. Across the room, Takeru caught a glimpse of Kari frowning at him. She'd picked up the hint also.

"Did you pay attention to anything he said?" Takeru asked.

"No, did you?" Daisuke replied, opening his book. Takeru shook his head and they shared a mischief grin. Daisuke flipped through the pages and began to scrawl things on his paper. "Are we going to the digital world today?"

Takeru sat back thoughtfully. "We should. Ken could easily take over now that he's there all the time. I don't know how Miyako will take to that, though. I think she wanted to go on that trip to the science museum or something."

"We can leave her behind," Daisuke replied casually, not even looking up from his work.

"Miyako is not that bad if you're on her good side, you know," Takeru laughed.

Daisuke scoffed at the remark. "Too bad I'm never on her good side."

"So, I heard you might take lessons on the guitar from Yamato." Takeru knew better than to let Daisuke dwell on the subject for too long, otherwise he'd end up defending her for the rest of the day. Nothing annoyed Daisuke more than Miyako, to his understanding, that is.

For the first time, Daisuke looked directly at Takeru. "And where did you hear that?"

Takeru grinned. "From Yamato."

"Well, I'm thinking about it," Daisuke said and began to doodle on his paper.

"Thinking about it? You know how many people who would love to get within two feet of him?" Takeru didn't get a response and rolled his eyes. "I didn't know that getting him to talk to you one night would turn you two into such great friends. Before long, I'll have to start hanging out with Taichi!"

That made Daisuke laugh. "I don't think Yamato and I are that good of friends. More like… good acquaintances. However, I need to talk to you about that. My life isn't any of your business, Takeru, and I'd appreciate if you didn't send your brother over to check in on me, but thanks for caring anyway."

"I was worried. You don't normally act like you were that day," Takeru replied with a shrug. He looked at what Daisuke was drawing. "You don't seem to be bothered by Yamato."

"No, not at all. It only bothered me that you thought it necessary to have him look after me, especially how hours before then you'd told me how it bothered you four years ago when he kept trying to look after you when you felt you could yourself," Daisuke explained. He set his pencil down, blew hot air on his thumb to moisten it barely enough so that when he rubbed the graphite on the paper it smeared exactly how he wanted it to. "But no. Yamato doesn't bother me at all."

"That's pretty good, Motomiya-san, but instead of drawing famous rock stars, why don't you try doing your work? This isn't art."

Both boys glanced at their instructor and nodded, picking up their pencils to start working on their history again. Takeru looked across at Daisuke's paper and smiled again. "That is pretty good. And think: if you can do that in less than five minutes, what can you do when you really put your mind to something?"

Daisuke studied his drawing. "The shading is off."

"Ah, you're just nit picking." Takeru took Daisuke's paper from him and looked at carefully. "I think it looks very nice. Anyway, I got C for number two and I can see that you didn't."

Daisuke snatched his paper back. "That's because it's D."

"How do you figure?" Takeru flipped through the pages some more. "I could have sworn it was Italy."

"Look on page 513, the last paragraph. It distinctly says that Haiti is the present day Saint Domingue." Daisuke pointed to the sentence in Takeru's book where it pointed that out. Takeru nodded and erased his answer. Daisuke ran his pencil through his fingers as Takeru changed to D. "Do you think I should take lessons?"

"Hm? For what?" Takeru mumbled, already moving on down the questions.

"The guitar," Daisuke said slowly, sounding irritated.

"Oh yeah… well, sure, I guess, if you want to." Takeru grinned. "I think you two would hit off very quickly. You kind of remind me of each other."

Daisuke snorted. "How so?"

"Well, you both have your dark sides…"

"What? Are we talking about Star Wars or me and Yamato?" Daisuke asked acridly.

"I mean that you two are… dark. There's more to you than meets the eye, which," Takeru thumped Daisuke on the forehead with the eraser end of his pencil, "by the way, I think you hide that part of yourself very nicely."

"That part of myself?" Eyes rolled. "You're nuts Takeru."

"Thanks," Takeru chirped. He and Daisuke looked at each other and grinned before turning back to their work. "So, did you get A on number five?"

"No. It's B."

"Oh. How do you figure?" More pages went flying as he looked for the answer. Daisuke pointed to a spot in the book, which he read and changed his answer quickly. "You are going to go to Yamato sometime this week aren't you?"

"Does it really matter when I go?" Daisuke asked confused.

"Yeah… Yamato has a time limit on his memory… It lasts about two weeks, so if you don't hurry up…" Takeru let the sentence drop as he searched for his latest answer, knowing Daisuke didn't need him to go into a large explanation. "D on six?"

"C," Daisuke corrected, of course showing Takeru the exact spot where the answer was found. "If I'm not that important for him to remember, then what makes you think he'll care enough to actually teach me. Besides, I'm getting good on my own. There's no need to bother him."

Takeru sighed. "There is a need to bother him. Yamato needs to be bothered. He has the most boring life for a rock star. You'd think he'd party hardy! But no… He sits at home either working on his music, lyrics, or homework. A on seven?"

"Not, it's C. Look at that paragraph," Daisuke promptly pointed to the aforementioned paragraph. "Maybe that's why he's so good at what he does, and working hard at school is important. If his rock star life doesn't work out, then at least he has an education, you know?"

"Uh huh," Takeru muttered. "I think he's too afraid of getting big in the music business, and since when did you decide school was important?"

Daisuke gave him a flat look. "Since I was born. Just because I get in trouble a lot doesn't mean I make bad grades. Why does everyone always think that? Yamato afraid? I can't see that. He probably likes music as a hobby, and not a career."

"Yeah, yeah. If I looked that good and had that great of a voice, I think I'd be looking more into the career form of singing, not as a hobby. What a waste." Takeru flipped his paper over to do the back questions. He tapped his pencil against the desk and chewed on his lip. "C on ten?"

"Are you jealous of your brother because of his voice and looks? Honestly Takeru, I thought you were higher than that," Daisuke teased. "Did you ever consider that maybe he wanted to be something other than a singer? I know I wouldn't want Jun-like fangirls chasing me for the rest of my life. And it's B. Louis XVI said that. Look under the Death of a King subtitle."

"Ah, I see it." Takeru erased his previous answer with a scowl and circled the new one. "I'm not jealous of Yamato. Well… maybe a little, but you have to understand that it's not fair being the innocent little brother that is expected to be perfect. If Yamato blows up his apartment, everyone will be like 'It's because he's a rock star – they have unbalanced personalities' but if I were to do something like that, I'd probably get shipped off to a nuthouse because I'd 'flipped'. It's not fair."

"Yeah," Daisuke sighed, "You're crazy anyway, Takeru. We've already been planning to ship you off."

"Thanks Daisuke. That makes me feel wonderful," Takeru muttered. He paused to look at his paper. "A on thirteen?"

Daisuke gave him an amused look. "No, it's D."


The city was huge. Not huge like at his home, but huge in a way that things were bigger. The roads were so large, and yet so empty. No cars, no pedestrians. Absolutely nothing. And of course, it was all in gray. Beautiful shades of gray nonetheless. Some almost as dark as black, others almost as light as white, but still they all held that tint of gray. It was a nice color for his life, and the world about him fit everything he'd ever felt: emptiness.

Daisuke recognized the place he was in; an American city that his family had visited years and years ago. Houston, Texas, to be exact. He remembered the way the buildings looked, their oddly shaped windows and winding roads, somewhat similar to his home, but yet so different it made him uncomfortable. He cautiously walked down the street, very well aware that he was having a dream of some sort, but oddly couldn't wake himself.

Then a flash caught his eye, movement of some sort. He turned to it curiously and was shocked at what was before him. Actually who was before him. Standing on one of the high overpasses was none other than Ichijouji Ken, in his Digimon Emperor outfit. His cape flapped in the breeze as it did in the digital world, only this time Ken's appearance didn't come across as dangerous or threatening in any way. He tilted his head to the side and leaped off the over pass, landing on the ground with a soft tap.

He looks inviting

The thought wisped through Daisuke's mind, and he was surprised when Haiku didn't respond. Even in his dreams did the whispered voice seep. It wasn't with him this time, and that made him feel even more uncomfortable than before. He shifted as Ken began walking towards him, never breaking the eye contact that had established between them. Daisuke stood and waited, not knowing what was going to happen, but curious enough to find out. Ken was only a few feet away, then but a few inches.

He smiled at Daisuke.


"You can let go of my hand now."

Takeru looked at Daisuke and smirked. "No, that's okay. I'm afraid you'll bolt as soon as the elevator doors open. Besides," he leaned closer to Daisuke and dropped his voice to a sultry whisper, slowly massaging Daisuke's hand in his, "why would I ever want to let go of you?"

"Wha…?" Daisuke leaned away with a shocked expression, but he promptly saw the laughter in Takeru's eyes and scowled. With his free hand he pushed the blonde away from him. "That's not funny. You had me scared for a minute there."

"You know you were loving it," Takeru replied casually and straightened out his jacket that Daisuke messed up when he pushed him. He glanced at Daisuke and then stepped closer, snuggling up to him. "But I am cold…"

"Stop it!" Daisuke whined, squirming away. "What would Kari think if she saw you doing that?"

"She'd probably deck you," Takeru said with a wry grin.

"Whatever," Daisuke muttered, and jerked forward as Takeru moved off the elevator, pulling him along. He shook his hand free of Takeru's again – not without catching the amused look the blonde had – and followed him to Yamato's apartment. "I don't even have a guitar yet, and I know he wont let me touch his."

"Then you two can get to know each other better today," Takeru said offhandedly.

"Honestly, Takeru," Daisuke sighed. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to set me up with your brother, especially how you're acting today."

"I'm doing no such thing!" Takeru disputed. He gave Daisuke a sly grin. "Although…"

"The way you say that you make it sound as if I had a crush on him," Daisuke grumbled.

Takeru's mouth drop open. "You have a crush on my brother? I knew it!"

"What? No! I didn't say that!" Daisuke spluttered. "You're assuming things again!"

"You might not have said it, but I heard that longing tone!" Takeru shouted over Daisuke's protests. "Don't even try to deny it! It was soooo implied!"

"It was not!"

"Was to!"

Daisuke huffed and looked away. "I'm not even that way, Takeru."

"Sure you're not," Takeru snorted. "You just have a crush on my brother. I wouldn't be surprised it if you liked the Kaiser." Daisuke fidgeted and didn't answer, making Takeru's eyes widen and mouth drop again. "YOU DO??!!"

"I thought you said you wouldn't be surprised," Daisuke muttered.

"I'm not surprised! I'm shocked senseless! You honestly like Ken?" Takeru squeaked. Daisuke refused to meet his eyes, finding the cracks in the concrete walk to be much, much more interesting than anything his friend had to say. Takeru's horrified expression turned to an evil smirk. "So you are that way, which means it is possible for you to like Yamato."

"You're a brat, you know that?" Daisuke spat coldly.

Takeru laughed and knocked on the apartment door that they were now standing in front of. "I can't believe my best friend has got it bad for my brother. This is too good. You know, you and Yamato would be a cute little couple. I might have to set the two of you up."

"Don't even think about it!"

The door opened before either could say more and a very rumpled looking Yamato stood in the doorway. He smiled at his brother and friend before letting them inside. As they walked past, Takeru leaned over to Daisuke and whispered, "You like the dark, crazy ones, eh?" only to receive a sharp jab to the stomach as Daisuke elbowed him to shut up. Yamato didn't notice any of this, or if he did, he didn't mention anything.

"Are you staying Take?" Yamato asked.

"No, I have to be at Kari's in a little while. I'll only stay for about five minutes," Takeru replied, finally shifting his laughing gaze from the red-faced Daisuke.

"You're not staying!?" Daisuke exclaimed, bouncing a bit nervously.

"Of course I'm not. Why would I?" Takeru asked, acting innocent. Daisuke glared at him for a moment before looking away. Takeru smiled and leaned forward to whisper loud enough for Daisuke to hear, but not loud enough for Yamato. "Do you like me, too, Dais?"

Daisuke shoved him away. "Stop it."

"What do you have in mind to do today, Yamato?" Takeru asked, for once letting Daisuke be at peace.

"Well, actually, I didn't know you two were going to be here so early. I was about to take a shower…" Yamato said. He looked at Daisuke. "Can you wait a few minutes?"

"Yeah, sure," Daisuke muttered.

"Okay, thanks." Yamato disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door.

"I need to be off if I want to stop by Miyako's and then hit Kari's in time," Takeru said glancing at his watch. He gave Daisuke another mischief smile. "Don't sneak looks at my brother, you got that?"

"I hate you," Daisuke growled. "I would never do anything like that."

Takeru rolled his eyes. "Sure you wouldn't. Anyway, I'm off. See you tomorrow?"

Daisuke shrugged. "Yeah, whatever."

He was once more graced with another one of Takeru's smiles; only this time Takeru leaned forward and brushed his lips across Daisuke's in a short but tender kiss before leaving the apartment, and leaving Daisuke to stand in shock. By the time Daisuke blinked away the daze, Takeru was already far enough away that it would be pointless to call him back. He lifted his hand to his mouth, still getting used to the tingly warm feeling spreading throughout his body.

"That was… odd," he whispered to himself.

After a few more minutes of standing in the same place trying to clear his muddled thoughts, Daisuke finally moved to look about the apartment. He'd been to the Ishida's before with Takeru and knew basically where everything was, so he drifted his way to Yamato's room, remembering that it had been somewhat cleaner than that of the kitchen and hallway.

He walked to the room and pushed the door open. Sure enough the bedroom was spotless, everything in its place, including Yamato's guitar case which was positioned perfectly against Yamato's desk. Daisuke strolled over to it, picked it up, and laid it gently on the bed. He snapped the locks and opened it, revealing Yamato's old guitar with its scrapes and faded colors. Daisuke slid it from the case and into his lap. Yamato was obviously right handed as the strap was on the one side that Daisuke couldn't use it since he was left handed.

A soft noise filled the room as Daisuke ran his fingers over the metal strings. He continued to play a few notes before he noticed the music lying on Yamato's bedside table. He paused to pull them closer. The rhythm was slow at the beginning but picked up very quickly. Daisuke started to play it, racking his memory for the notes, as it had been a while since he'd played. He played softly at first, but figured Yamato would hear anyway and simply let his fingers flow across the strings. It wasn't too long before Yamato was standing in the doorway staring at him. He knew this but didn't bother to look up until he finished the song.

"I'm sorry for touching your guitar, Ishida-san," Daisuke said softly and set the guitar back in its case.

"What?" Yamato gawked. "I thought you said you wanted to learn how to play!"

"No, I already knew. I said I didn't have the time or money to play," Daisuke corrected, giving Yamato a half smile. "Really, Ishida, you're as out of it as Takeru. Did you know he has no concept of French history?"

Yamato rolled his eyes and walked to the bed. He shut his guitar case and locked it, placing it back in its corner. He turned around to Daisuke and clasped his hands together. "Never. Touch. My. Guitar. Again. I don't care how good you are. You lay a finger on it and I'll break every bone in your body, you got that?"

"Right, right. I understand. I'm sorry for touching your guitar," Daisuke repeated, his smile brightening just a tad bit.

Yamato smiled back and sat down beside him on the bed. "So… why doesn't Takeru have any concept of French history?"


Needles of fear ran across Daisuke's body like a million spiders crawling all over him. He wanted to move, to wake up from this horrid dream, yet he was frozen. He couldn't even blink, and all the while he had the odd feeling he was going to die. Moreover his feet were burning now, as if the flames of hell were licking the bottoms of his shoes. So he was frozen, but on fire at the same time, and there was no one to save him from this, not even the annoying voice in his mind.

There was something about Ken's smile that was not right. In spite of that, it wasn't something bad, or frightening even. It just wasn't right. Perhaps because it was soft and kind, instead of an evil smirk that usually graced the young Kaiser's face. Even at that, it wouldn't fit him. Even if Ken were an angel the sweetness of the smile wouldn't have looked right, and at the moment it was driving Daisuke mad.

Then, before Daisuke could do a thing, not that he would have been able to if he wanted, Ken reached out and pulled him nearer, kissing him softly. Daisuke couldn't resist closing his eyes. He wanted to respond to this, wanted to return the softness that was flowing through him and easing his nerves, but he couldn't. The flames at his feet died away and were replaced by the feeling of not standing on solid ground, but air.

Finally Daisuke had complete control over his body again and he jerked away from Ken, not because the kiss was disturbing him, but because he wanted to see if he was still on the ground. Indeed he was, and he looked back up at Ken to apologize for being so rude, except Ken wasn't there. Standing where Ken had been only moments before was Yamato. He looked at Daisuke's confused expression and laughed richly, only his voice was swept away with the wind so that it was an echo coursing through the empty streets of the city around them.

Yamato leaned in, pressing his forehead against Daisuke's, and smiled the same smile Ken had, only it seemed more realistic and perfect. He moved his mouth, although no sound came out. Daisuke, confused once more, stepped back as he was beginning to feel terrified all over again. Yamato tilted his head to the side, now looking much like Daisuke had with a confused expression. However, Daisuke continued to back away, trying to put as much distance between him and Yamato as possible.

That's when he saw Takeru sitting against the railing of the highway, looking down at him.


"You're doing it again."

Daisuke looked across the kitchen table at his sister. "What do you mean?"

"You're tapping on the table, and it's about to make me go insane!" Jun snapped. She pointed at Daisuke's hand resting on the table with her spoon. "Stop it, please. I can't take that noise anymore."

"Oh, okay. I'm sorry," Daisuke apologized. He removed his hand from the table and placed it in his lap. His thoughts were too busy swirling around his dream to think about what he was doing to bother Jun. He didn't want to be rude to her, but he didn't really want to be disturbed, but then, he was disturbing her.

"Dai-chan?" Jun said softly, noticing the flickering emotions across her brother's face. He glanced at her, his eyes showing the plain irritation, but smiling nonetheless in an attempt to be polite.

"Yes?" he asked.

"I hate to disrupt whatever it is that you are thinking about," she started with a slight hesitation, "but is there something wrong? You look… ill almost. You feeling all right?"

Daisuke blinked at her, a complete blank stare, for a moment before mumbling, "Yeah, I'm fine," and getting up from the table. Normally he'd be eating his breakfast like Jun, but his appetite had suddenly disappeared. It took him a moment to realize that Jun had snatched his wrist as he tried to walk past and pulled him back. This time he didn't bother trying to hide his irritation and jerked his hand away. "What?"

Jun was taken a bit back by the tone he'd used. Her usually perky brother simply wasn't right. "Daisuke, I know when you're lying. I've lived with you your entire life, okay? Now tell me what's wrong!"

Another moment's pause went by as Daisuke filtered her words through his mind. He shrugged. "Nothing. I feel fine."

"Where did you go yesterday?" Jun asked.

Daisuke squinted his eyes at her in uncertainty. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, after school yesterday, where did you go?" she asked again, saying it slower, not because she was getting impatient and starting to be rude, but because she honestly was starting to believe Daisuke wasn't hearing a word she was saying.

"…I went to Takeru's," Daisuke lied. He didn't think his sister would get all squealy if he mentioned going to Yamato's, but he'd rather not risk that option. "Why?"

"Did you and him have a fight?"

Daisuke gave her a long look. "No…"

"Then what's up? I know there's something you're not telling me!" Jun whined. She pushed her chair back and stood up, placing her hands on her hips. "Come on, Dai, you can tell me. I'm your sister! You usually tell me everything! Is Haiku? Did he say something that bothered you?"

"No, I just…" Daisuke hesitated. He was finally hit with the urge to tell Jun everything, like he usually did, but something about this once made him not want to. "No. Haiku didn't say a thing. Takeru and I did get in a fight, and it was over something stupid and I'm afraid that if we fight over things like that, then our friendship won't last long. We only just became friends, you know."

Jun sighed and pulled Daisuke into a hug. "Don't ever scare me like that again, Daisuke. You really had me worried. And don't worry about Takeru. You two will make up, I know you will. Everyone gets in fights from time to time with their friends over little things. Tell him you're sorry if he's still upset about it and go on with your happy way. Feel better?"

Daisuke faked a smile. "Yeah. Thanks Jun."

If only things were that simple


"Hey Daisuke, you feeling okay?"

Daisuke growled at the comment that had been made several times already that day. He shot Takeru a more than annoyed look, wincing slightly afterwards when he noticed the hurt on Takeru's face. "I'm sorry. I've been asked that all day and it's starting to get old."

"It's okay. I understand," Takeru said softly. He placed an arm around Daisuke's shoulders and gave them a light shake. Daisuke looked at him and smiled faintly, not at all making him think there was nothing wrong. However, Takeru was not a fool and knew when to leave people be with their problems. As an alternative, he tried to hit a happier note. "How did your afternoon with Yamato go?"

"It was… fine, I suppose," Daisuke shrugged. "I got mess with his guitar before he got out of the shower, which, of course, he told me to never touch again, but I already knew that. I was just bored since you left me all alone with someone I've only started really talking to a couple weeks ago when you decided it'd be good if he checked up on me."

Takeru grinned. "You loved being alone with him, admit it. It was like floating on air."

Daisuke stopped walking abruptly at the comment. He stared at Takeru icily, making him shift uneasily. "What did you say?"

"I wasn't serious, Daisuke. It was a joke," Takeru replied hesitantly. "I'm sorry. I'll stop teasing you about Yamato."

"No, not that. The air comment," Daisuke snapped. "Where'd you get it?"

Takeru's face twisted in confusion. "What? Floating on air?"


"Well, ever watched Bambi?"

Daisuke stared at Takeru blankly, much like he done to his sister earlier in the day. Silence rested between the two of them, making Takeru again shift uneasily. Finally Daisuke shook his head and started to walk again. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm feeling really out of it today. Are we going to your house or mine?"

"Whichever is more convenient," Takeru said slowly, falling back in step with Daisuke.

Convenient! Ha! Like anything is convenient for me. The fact that you hide yours thoughts from me is convenient, on your end anyway. How did you find out that I did that? Your sister said she could tell you were this morning at breakfast and yet I remember you not thinking at all. And it is because you are trying to hide your thoughts from me that the Council wishes to speak to you this afternoon. Right now, actually. What? I can't go right now! I've got schoolwork to do! Daisuke, are you going to tell your mother to bring you or must we call her? You'd better call her because I'm not saying a thing!

"Your house," Daisuke concluded. "I like your house a lot more than I like mine. In fact, let's go faster. I'm getting hungry."

Daisuke grabbed Takeru's wrist and took off down the sidewalk at a run, dragging Takeru behind him. He couldn't see the Council right now. They bothered him enough already and if he had to talk to them now, he'd go insane. He couldn't stand what they were doing to him. This wasn't right. It wasn't right and it wasn't fair. Thoughts were the only thing a person had that was his and his alone, and the Council had taken that away once. Now they wanted to take it away again? He wouldn't let them.

"Daisuke! Slow down! You're hurting me!" Takeru cried as he stumbled along. When he got no reply, he cried out in pain and tried to pull his wrist free of Daisuke's grip. "DAISUKE!"

This time Daisuke heard the painful shout and he slowed down almost immediately. Takeru managed to wrench his hand free and cradled his wrist close to his chest. He looked at Daisuke in shock as a bruise was already starting to form.

"I'm sorry Takeru," Daisuke gasped. "I… I wasn't thinking…"

"That's it! I don't care if you've heard this all day, but tell me what's wrong!" Takeru demanded, anger quickly taking over his pain.

"Can we talk about this when we get to your house?" Daisuke whispered, glancing in all directions. Takeru started to say no, but he was quickly cut off. "Please, Takeru! Please. I have to get to your house now. Please? I'm sorry for hurting you. I really am. I'm just so scared."

Takeru could see that Daisuke was visibly shaking, as well as constantly looking over his shoulder and every other place as if any moment someone was going to jump out and steal him away. This worried him a lot since he knew Daisuke wasn't the type to be paranoid about things. He reached out to Daisuke, wincing as his wrist screamed at him. "Don't be scared, Dai. Come on, let's go before… Let's go."

He hadn't known what they needed to go before, although he knew Daisuke was going to explain everything to him so he could wait. They walked hurriedly towards Takeru's home. When they came around the last corner to his apartment complex, the first thing the both of them noticed was Daisuke's father's car. Daisuke instantly jumped back around the corner, jerking Takeru with back with him.

"Is there any way else to get up to your apartment?" he asked quietly.

Takeru shook his head. "No. Not one that I know of."

"Then this is what I need you to do for me…"


Takeru stepped back around the corner, whistling and swinging his bag around, basically looking as cheerful as he possibly could, and, being the person he was, that wasn't hard to do. He went straight to the elevator and pressed the 'Up' button. The elevator was already coming down and when the doors opened, Jun and Mrs. Motomiya stood inside. They looked at Takeru, then at each other, and then raced out to him.

"Takeru, dear, I know this may sound odd, but have you seen Daisuke recently?" Mrs. Motomiya asked, sounding so worried that Takeru was tempted to tell her the truth.

"Not since school left out. He went off with a few of his soccer friends to practice since we're only working on basketball now," he lied. Mrs. Motomiya's face took a sharp plunge and she looked like she was about to burst into tears. "I'm sorry I can't help you. Is something wrong?"

"Mom, go to the car," Jun whispered, ushering her mother away. Once the older woman was out of hearing range she turned to Takeru with an evil glare. "I know you know where he is. Tell me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Takeru protested, and started to become very nervous under the intense glare.

"You do to," she snarled, her voice dangerously low. "Tell. Me. Now."

"Listen, Jun, if you're going to stand here and accuse me of something that I have no idea of, then I'm not going to stay. I have better things to be doing than to argue with you," Takeru answered in a voice that equaled hers. He shoved her out of his way and stepped into the elevator. He pressed the button to his floor and looked up as the elevator doors were closing. Jun was still glaring at him murderously, and as soon as the doors closed and the elevator was moving up, he gave a large sigh of relief. "The things you get me into Daisuke."


A soft creak of the door made Takeru sit up straight. He hadn't been able to sleep at all even though Daisuke had told him to, so he was wide-awake when his friend walked into the room. He'd given Daisuke his apartment key so he could come in later that night. Glancing at the clock, Takeru was surprised to see that it was nearly 2 AM. Daisuke set the key on Takeru's desk, having not seen that Takeru was awake yet and turned around. He jumped when their eyes met in the dark.

"I told you to get some sleep," Daisuke whispered harshly. "You'll be really tired tomorrow."

"I couldn't sleep. I've been really worried about you. What took so long?" Takeru asked. He was expecting Daisuke to come in maybe an hour or so after his parents and Jun left and he was sure they weren't watching. It had been ten hours since he'd last seen Daisuke.

"They didn't leave until an hour ago, but I wanted to make sure they weren't coming back before I came up." Daisuke sat on the bed beside him, now getting a full view of the dark rings under his eyes and feeling bad given that he knew it was his fault they were there.

"They? As in your mom and Jun?" Takeru looked slightly confused, and his sleepiness wasn't helping much.

Daisuke hesitated. "No… not them…"

"Then who?"

Daisuke shook his head. "Don't think about it now. I'll explain tomorrow when you're not so tired you can barely keep your eyes open. Oh, do you mind if I crash here tomorrow while you're at school?"

"Only if you promise to explain all this to me," Takeru whispered with a yawn and lay down on the bed, tucking his hands under his head.

"I will."

Takeru studied Daisuke for brief moment. "Do you want any night clothes to sleep in?"

"Only if you don't want me sleeping in your bed with my dirty clothes on," Daisuke responded, looking down at his shirt and shorts.

"Well, actually, I was hoping you'd sleep in nothing if you didn't want any night clothes," Takeru smirked.

"Ha, ha. He's that tired and can still make jokes," Daisuke mumbled. He gave Takeru a mock glare. "May I have some night clothes, please?"

"Your wish is my command." Takeru sat up slowly and slid off the bed. He walked to his dresser and pulled out a baggy T-shirt and some pajama pants and tossed them to Daisuke. As Daisuke stood up to change, he slipped back under the warmth of his blankets and curled up with his back to Daisuke. "There's a sleeping bag in my closet somewhere if you want to find it. If you don't, then you can sleep in the bed with me, but you had better not steal my blankets."

*  *  *

Daisuke was still asleep when Takeru left for school in the morning, and he left before Takeru could get home. He knew this was going to frustrate his best friend, since he'd promised to tell everything, but how do you explain something like that? Well, you see, there's this guy inside my mind that is kind of like a conscience only he also keeps track of everything I do and when I do something wrong he puts me in front of these six doctors that analyze me to the core. Yeah, that would run real nicely. Takeru would think he'd gone insane, or say he wasn't telling the truth.

Besides, his mother would still be crying and Jun would be threatening every person that passed her. His father, on the other hand, would be sitting on the couch, reading a paper perhaps. Then of course when Daisuke finally got home, his mother would demand that his father do something to punish him, and he would take Daisuke to his room and start screaming a bunch of nonsense while Daisuke took a nap on the bed for about thirty minutes to satisfy his wife. Jun knew all this was false, however, since she too went under this 'punishment' before and later that night she'd come into his room scolding him and demanding an explanation.


Stopping on the sidewalk, Daisuke looked around. I thought you'd show up sooner or later. So, are you watching me now? No, I have no idea where you are. Pity. I'm having a wonderful walk under the moonlight. It was midday at this time, but the building Daisuke was walking past had moons and stars painted on the bricks and he figured a subtle hint wouldn't hurt. And what do you want, my dear friend? Don't fool with me, Daisuke. You are in a lot of trouble. I always am. Not like this time. First you keep your thoughts from me- Even though they are my thoughts. You're wrong. They aren't yours. And why not? You don't own me like some dog! I am a human and I deserve to be treated as such! No one else has this problem. Then I'm not like them, now am I?

People brushed past Daisuke and glared at him for standing in the middle of the sidewalk. He moved over and leaned against the painted bricks. Haiku would be around sooner or later, or at least some men from the Revision since Haiku never showed his face. It made Daisuke wonder, and at the same time it angered him. Why was the one person he wanted to meet more than everything always kept from him? Or perhaps he had met Haiku, only under a different name. What if he saw Haiku every day and didn't even realize it?

Are you listening to me? Daisuke snapped from his private thoughts and went back to Haiku. No, I wasn't. You were thinking? As always. You can't do that Daisuke! I can do what I want. If I remember correct, weren't you naming off a list of things I did wrong? Yes, I was. First, you are thinking separately- Which is not wrong at all. Secondly, you didn't come yesterday when you were told to. Cry me a river. Don't be a smart ass. Third, you were gone for the whole night without telling anyone where you were. I told someone where I was. Someone I could trust. Who might that be? Like I'm going to tell you so you can go corrupt him and turn him on me, too. Don't even think about it. Oh! I made a pun!

Daisuke snickered at the stupid joke. He quickly wiped the smile from his face when he noticed the typical black van that belonged to the Revision. He sighed and began walking towards it. The side door opened and a man stepped out, a man that Daisuke was becoming all too familiar with, but when he saw Daisuke he patiently stood and waited. He gave Daisuke a slight smile, trying to hide it from his coworkers. Daisuke didn't mind this guy so much. He'd most likely laugh at how Daisuke evaded the Revision.

"Motomiya, what are we going to do with you?" he asked, partial humor seeping into his voice.

"Hello Kiyoshi. We're getting to be real friends aren't we?" Daisuke replied as he entered the van, placing himself in the middle between a man he didn't know and Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi merely smiled and motioned for the driver to go. It was silent in the van all the way to the Revision Center, and when they did arrive, there were a few people waiting for them with needles, no doubt full of some sort of numbing substance to keep Daisuke from struggling, not that he was. He hoped they didn't give it to him anyway because it always made him feel helpless. Kiyoshi opened the van door as they came to a stop and got out, waving his hand to indicate that nothing was needed to keep Daisuke in line.

They still escorted him like a criminal up the steps and down the halls into the room where the Council would be waiting for him. He was pushed inside and the door locked behind him. Giving a fixed glare at the door he walked to the stool in the middle of the room where he sat with a sigh. The doctors whispered amongst each other like they did all the time and wrote a few things onto their paper that they had 'received' from that sigh. Honestly, I could pass gas and they'd say it had some meaning as to my mood and personality at the moment. Let me guess, SBD's must mean I'm depressed. Daisuke

One of the doctors cleared his throat. "Motomiya Daisuke, are you aware of the exact extent of the problems you've caused?"

"Am I aware, or do I care?" Daisuke snapped. He rolled his eyes as startled gasps went through them and there was more scribbling on paper.

"Where exactly is this… bitter attitude coming from?" another doctor asked.

"Hm, let's see. The fact that I can't have a life and that everything I do is analyzed kind of annoys me. The fact that I can't have my own personal thoughts without someone listening kind of annoys me. The fact that the six of think you know everything really annoys me. Tell me something, is my bitter attitude a sign of depression or is it simply that I'm tired of not being able to live?" Daisuke asked.

For once, it seemed that he'd shocked them into silence, maybe even given them some sense. This hope lasted only a minute though as they instantly went back to whispering and scribbling. With another sigh, Daisuke stared at his hands. Sometimes these sessions with the Council lasted hours. Other times they were only a few minutes. He could tell this was going to be a long session.

*  *  *

"The green lids should be taken every two hours. The yellow lids every three hours. The white ones every hour on the hour, and the one light blue one is whenever he gets a headache. Here's his watch that has a green, yellow, and white light that will go off when it needs to just so he doesn't miss his schedule. Of course he'll have to memorize the order…"

Daisuke was only half listening to the nurse speaking with his mother. He was tying to stay awake so he could hear everything that went on around him, but as soon as he'd left the Council four hours after he'd gone in the room, several other doctors forced him down and gave him about three different shots. He didn't struggle through any of this, but they still felt the need to be brutal in order to make them feel they were still in charge, or so Daisuke guessed.

At the moment, his vision was blurring with every minute, and his arms and legs felt extremely weak, so much that his mother had to help him from the chair and out to the car. And he couldn't speak; no matter how hard he tried. His mouth wasn't dry and he could move his tongue and jaw just fine, but every time he tried to make a noise, nothing came out – or his hearing was gone. It bothered him, but the more he tried to think about it, the bigger the headache he got.

He didn't remember most of the ride home, or how he got inside, or that night, or the next, or it's night. All he knew was he woke up two days after he lost conscious thought, and still had a horrible headache. The beeping noise wasn't helping either. He groaned and looked around his bright room for where the origin of this noise came from. He could see something blinking on his desk, but he still felt horribly weak and he could only move his fingers a bit, as the rest of his body was numb.

A moment later his bedroom door opened and Jun walked in. She turned off the beeping noise and messed with something before turning to him. Upon seeing his woken state, she smiled gently and softly sat on the edge of his bed.

"Are you really awake this time?" she asked.

Daisuke gave her a confused look and managed to mumble words that sounded like, "What do you mean?"

"Then you are. The other Daisuke had a glossy look in his eyes and didn't talk back," Jun said, and, luckily for Daisuke, softly since he knew any noise louder would seriously hurt his head. Jun smoothed his hair, and it was then he realized he was sweating, but felt horribly cold. Noticing the look of revelation mixed with bewilderment on Daisuke's face, Jun explained. "You're a little sick because of the new dosage of medicine and because of what they gave you at the Revision Center."

Daisuke groaned again. "I hate them."

"You brought this upon yourself, Daisuke," Jun sighed. She shook her head sadly and opened her hand, revealing a pill in the middle of her palm. "Here, take this."

"What is it?" Daisuke muttered.

"One of your new prescriptions." Jun gave a soft, short laugh. "You'd think the Revision Center would hire smarter people than they do. The lady gave you three different medications and in order to tell them apart, you have to know what color they are." Daisuke gave a sound of disgust. "Yeah, I know. I labeled them first, second, and third, corresponding with the lights on a watch they gave you. Now open it; time to take your medicine."

As much as Daisuke didn't want to, he knew better than to fight against Jun, especially when he was so weak. After taking the pill, Jun left again, leaving him to rest some more. Daisuke closed his eyes, and after a few fleeting thoughts, he was out once more, letting the dream world whisk him off and take him from the pain that reality caused.

*  *  *


…For chapter one anyway. The next chapter will have a little more romance in it. Hmm… now here's the hard part… Takedai or Yamasuke? It was intended to turn into a Yamasuke, but I have really been on a Takedai high lately. Maybe since I'm making my other fic Daikeru I'll make this one Yamasuke… I'm not sure yet. Here's the thing: If it's Yamasuke/Daito there will be pain and suffering. If it's Takedai/Daikeru there will be pain and suffering. What to do, oh, what to do?