Owning you

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"Natsu! Get down!"

The pink haired dragon mage ducked down before getting hit by a flailing limb. Growling low in his throat, he turned just in time to see Erza fighting along side with Gray to finish off the third monster they have encountered in this lair so far. Huffing he skidded to a halt beside his curvaceous partner who was now breathing heavily. "You ok Luce?"

The said stellar mage merely growled low in her throat as they tried to avoid the monster's tentacles, calling out to Sagittarius effectively killing the monster. Groaning as she bent down to catch her breath, she looked up to see Natsu glaring at the double doors where their opponent was still smirking madly. "How sweet… is she yours Dragon Slayer?"

Gripping Natsu's arm to right herself up, Lucy glared at the dark mage they were assigned to capture, just as she stood up and lowered her hands from her partner's arm, the dragon mage launched himself with a growl towards their opponent. Despite her fatigue, she couldn't help notice how fluid Natsu's movements were, avoiding the attacks at him while aggressively attacking with his own fire magic. The dark mage laughed maniacally as he formed a blue magic circle around him, eyes glittering in malice as it flitted from the enraged dragon slayer to the blonde standing on one side. "Let's see how you fare with your woman, eh?" with those words, he aimed his magic directly at Natsu who wasn't able to dodge it.

Gasping in shock as Natsu got propelled to a wall after getting a direct hit with a strange blue light, Lucy called out to Loke and helped out take out the dark mage. Things got settled down as Natsu came back with a vengeance after his hit along side with Erza and Gray, who were able to finish their own opponents. Lucy sighed as she sat down breathing deeply, using almost all of her magical power, Loke frowned as he approached her, "You shouldn't push yourself too much. Doing multiple summoning is hard on your body, you should know that Lucy."

Lucy merely smiled without looking up to her protective stellar spirit. "I know... it's just, I don't want to just sit around while Erza and the others finish the job."

"We don't expect you to kill yourself while trying to help out Luce... we already know how strong you are..."

Looking up at her partner, Lucy smiled tiredly. "Thanks Natsu..." her smiled turned to a frown as she looked at her friend worriedly, "How are you? That was one heck of a hit, we didn't even know what type of magic he used against you."

Natsu merely snorted, "I'm fine, he just caught me off guard.", grinning as Happy approached them, he grinned at his blue exceed partner, Lucy sighed and grinned in exasperation at Loke who merely shook his head at the dragon slayer. "I should be going back now, I don't want to use up more of your energy." With his parting words, the stellar spirit disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Lifting herself up, Lucy groaned as she made her way to Erza who was still kicking the unconscious dark mage in irritation. Too focused to keep herself from toppling off in exhaustion, the celestial mage failed to notice the way Natsu's onyx eyes seemed to gleam hungrily as he watched her move slowly away from him.

Breathing in deeply, he shook his head at the sudden thought that flashed in his head. He looked at the dark mage that was still tied down and pinned under Titania's metal encased foot and frowned, just before he got hit by that damned blue light, he had a sinking feeling that the dark mage had shot something at him, he didn't know what that something was, but as he stood up from the rubble he did a quick inventory of his limbs and saw that everything was still intact, found nothing wrong with him and flung himself head-on to the battle again…dismissing that nagging thought at the back his head that told him something was off.

He frowned, nothing seemed to be wrong with him... but... how is it that when he approached Lucy, he couldn't help notice her scent, the way the soft afternoon setting sun had cast a golden halo around her or the way her brown eyes looked at him worriedly when she asked him how he was. He shook his head again, it was nothing, nothing was wrong with him, just the same as before... after all... it was easy for him to notice those things right... he was after all her partner, right... her partner and her best friend.

Ignoring the slight tug in his gut, he grinned and jogged to where his partner and team mates were, all grinning and in a euphoric high despite their exhaustion after being able to finish another S-class mission.

Unfortunately for team Natsu, their lives were just about to be thrown completely upside down.

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