Owning you


Chapter 5:

Happy flew over to friends to anxious to sit still, "Do you think they should be coming back today?"

Charlie sighed and glared at the blue exceed, "You asked that question the day before and the day before that. How much longer are you going to ask us?"

Wendy chuckled, "Well it has been almost three weeks since Natsu and Lucy left the guild, Grey and the others just got back a week ago."

"And that put Erza in a waspish mood."

Lisanna chuckled at Charlie's words, "Yes, that certainly did, we were all expecting Gray and the others to bring back Lucy and Natsu… except they came back empty handed."

"Not entirely that empty handed." The group then turned to Levy who placed the book she was reading on to the table and joined their discussion. "We did find them, but we had to leave them since they weren't ready to come back yet."

Cana tipped her drink and smiled, "I, for one am happy to hear that they're both ok, but Erza wasn't too happy not seeing that herself."

The young take over mage chuckled, "We were lucky master himself issued an order to Erza not to go about hunting for those two."

Levy smiled, "Erza-san is just worried about Lucy-chan, besides, we all were."

"And I appreciate you guys worrying about me… but you should have known, I'll always be safe, as long as I'm with Natsu."

All eyes then turned to the young celestial mage who just appeared out of nowhere and was now grinning down at them, the fire dragon slayer standing beside her. It was Happy who first reacted from the group, launching himself to Lucy's ample bosom, he cried out in relief, "Lucy! We missed you!"

Laughing out lout at Happy's antics, hugging him tightly to her, she turned her head and grinned at the rest of her nakama sitting around the table, the rest of their guild mates now hurrying to meet them back.

"How the heck did you two come in without us noticing?" yelled Wakaba

Natsu snorted, "We used the back door, Luce wanted to surprise you guys, so I thought it would be better to go that way."

"Are you two ok? You didn't hurt her did you now, Natsu?"

The fire dragon slayer's eyes narrowed into slits as he glared at Nab making the older man step back and scratch his head sheepishly. Before he could open his mouth to answer back, he felt pain slam across his head as his face got knocked down on to the table before him, making everyone around him step back. Pushing himself up, his eyes promised death to the person who slammed his face down only to face an enraged Titania cracking her knuckles, his eyes widening in fear, he uttered a small yelp before she hoisted him up by his scarf. "If Lucy is hurt one little bit, you'll be doing laps for a year."

Lucy's face turned scarlet as Erza's words sunk in, hastily putting Happy down, she moved forward to intervene, putting her shaking hand on the arm holding Natsu up, she faced Titania with a tentative smile, "Erza-san, please let Natsu down. I'm ok… he didn't hurt me… he never would."

Erza then turned to look at her comrade from head to foot, making the other girl squirm under her scrutinizing gaze, finally nodding in approval the red haired mage dropped the dragon slayer and hugged her friend before turning to glare at the dragon slayer still sprawled on the floor. Shrinking under her dark glare Natsu winced when she used her fist to hit him again. "NEVER, EVER DO THAT AGAIN! I SWEAR I WILL SKIN YOUR DRAGON HIDE IF YOU DO SO!"

Holding his injured head, he winced out loud and leaned towards his mate for protection against the enraged knight. Giggling softly at their antics, Lucy gently caressed Natsu's head and he glared at the red haired knight balefully from the vicinity of her legs.

Gildarts chuckled as he watched the younger generation bicker, "Things have been dicey here for the past few weeks since everyone was so worried at those two, good to know that they're both doing ok now."

Makarov nodded, a strange gleam in his eyes before bawling out loud, "I can't believe our little Natsu has finally grown up and got himself laid! I'm expecting to see little rugrats running about the place soon!" At his words, the entire guild laughed boisterously earning a yelp from the blonde celestial mage. As the group dispersed to their activities, Lucy sat beside Levy, her face still bright scarlet at their master's words.

"Mou.. that perverted old man."

Gray chuckled, "Well, you gotta hand it to the old man, he definitely knows how to ask what we've been dying to know."

"Eh?" blinking owlishly at the ice mage's words, Lucy frowned in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Mirajane chuckled as she put down three drinks on the table, Lisanna giggling softly beside her. "I think what Gray wanted to say is that, are we expecting little Natsu and Lucy's around the guild soon?"

"EHHH?" nearly falling to the floor if Natsu hadn't reached out to catch her in his arms, she buried her face quickly in her partner's chest, cheeks aflame, leaving Natsu to answer for her.

Sheepishly scratching his head, he tightened his hold on Lucy as she whimpered softly in his arms, "We don't have plans for that yet… maybe in the future… but not now…"

All eyes were on the fire dragon as he spoke, it was Gajeel who reacted first, whistling in awe, "Who would have thought you would know how to control yourself."

The fire dragon slayer glared at the other dragon slayer, "Igneel taught me well."

"So you knew that you were forced to go into heat?"

The pink haired mage shrugged, "Yup. It was easy to recognize. I was seriously fixated on Lucy, and that could have meant only one thing."

"You usually fixate on your battles." Came Erza's dry comment

Natsu grinned roguishly, "I knew that this was a different type of fixation. I'm not entirely stupid."

"So when you realized that you were starting to go into heat, you took precautions?" Levy asked him

"More of like focusing myself."

Gray snorted, "Focusing? Dude, you haven't seen yourself, we had to damn lock you in using Freid's magic, and that didn't even hold you down."

"I was focusing myself but that doesn't mean I'd have to bear it, it was hell, all I wanted was to get to Lucy, but at the same time I knew that I'd end up hurting her…"

"And that was the one thing you could never ever permit yourself to do." Lisanna smiled at Natsu, "That really is so sweet of you Natsu."

At her words, Lucy lifted her flushed face from Natsu's chest and turned towards the animal take over mage, eyes alight with rueful chagrin, "It's ok Lucy-san, I've known ever since. As I said before, Edo Lucy and Edo Natsu were an item in Edolas."

Lucy felt her jaw drop at Lisanna's words while Natsu grinned and leaned forward, "No way! They are? Cool!" at his reaction, Lucy turned towards her mate and swatted his arm, embarrassed at his enthusiasm.

"So… what do you mean no rugrats yet?"

Natsu rolled his eyes and glared at his frie-nemy, "We're not yet ready."

Gajeel watched the fire dragon slayer, his lips twitching on the corners before exploding in laughter. "So, that dragon of your taught you how to recognize a woman's time?"

Natsu grinned at Gajeel, "Told ya he taught me well…"

Gajeel laughed harder "He probably took a while before he managed to teach you that."

"I wasn't grateful for it back then, I can tell you that." Came the rueful response from the other dragon slayer.

Mirajane's eyes twinkled as she managed to get a gist of what Natsu and Gajeel were talking about while the others frowned in confusion at the direction of their discussion. "Ne… so both you and Lucy-chan are not yet ready to have kids?"

Lucy flushed darker at Mirajane's words but shook her head nonetheless. "Iie… not yet… Natsu and I have a long way to go, we still want the chance to travel Fiore… I want to become stronger as well… and Natsu would still like to find Igneel…"

The fire dragon slayer grinned and wrapped his arms around Lucy's trim waist, "Yup. I can't go out there and find Igneel and leave Lucy and my kid back here…"

Erza smiled. "You wouldn't want to leave them alone."

Natsu nodded.

"But what if you don't get to find Igneel?"

All eyes turned to Wendy before turning back to Natsu who had turned quiet at the small girl's question. A muscle ticked on his jaw before he answered, "I know that a possibility… I guess when the time comes, I'll know when to stop looking…"

"But until then… I'll stand beside you… I'll help to the best that I can to help you find Igneel." Natsu lifted his eyes and let a smile light his face and nodded enthusiastically, "There… so you have your answer."

"But with the two of you as it is… what if you got Lucy with child before hand? That is a possibility… non?" came Juvia's question

It was Mirajane who answered for Natsu, "I doubt it. From what I understood between Natsu and Gajeel's discussion earlier…" she slowly turned her head towards the pink haired teen, lips twitching, "You know when Lucy-chan is fertile or not… do you?"

"What?" the exclamation echoed throughout the guild at Mirajane's words.

Lucy turned bright red at Mira's words as she turned to stare at her mate who was now scratching his head sheepishly before turning to grin widely at her. "It's just one of the things taught to us…"

Still blushing bright red at the turn of their discussion, Lucy looked at the fire dragon mage, "Your dragon father taught you that…. But how in the world do you even know that in the first place?"

"You forget we have enhanced senses, especially our sense of smell. It's easy for us to know if our mates are fertile or not." Came the answer from the iron dragon mage.

An irritated tick appeared on Lucy's forehead, "That still doesn't answer our question how." She growled

Natsu stroked Lucy's back in soothing motions as he answered her irritated question, "Your scent would change. That's what Igneel told me before…" all eyes then turned to him as he chuckled again, "Every people smell differently… as far as I know, females tend to change their scent when they come in to their time." He then turned serious as he watched his mate as she stared at him in wonder, "That's also the reason how I'm so attuned to you no matter where you are… no matter where you'll go, I'll always know where to find you."

Shock turned to joy, bringing tears to her eyes, Lucy covered her mouth with her hands, trying to cover her smile but then gave up as she threw her arms around the one person she gave her heart to, ignoring the fact that they were in the middle of the guild. "I love you to, you idiot of a dragon." She whispered softly, knowing that he would hear it, earning her an exuberant laughter from her dragon as he hefted her in his arms as he turned in circles, "Love you too, Luce!"

The rest of the guild watched at the two lovers as their laughter echoed throughout the guild, one thought echoing in their heads…

'It's about damn time.'

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