Title: The Different Path I Chose

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Summary: Tsuna went missing for two years. No one can find him. But he returns and he is no longer working for Vongola. Why is he dressed like Mr. Iron hat? But will anybody see the real reason why he left?

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Chapter 1 – Please Forgive me…Now That I Am Now Gone

Music: Hans Zimmer – Science & Religion

Vongola was celebrating.

Timoteo was happy to the point of crying.

It was unexpected though.

The late son of Nono, Federico, who was said to be killed under unknown circumstances and only that his bones was found.

Is alive and well.

It was really unexpected.

But no one could deny it, it was a happy occasion.

But during the celebration, Tsuna went to his room, alone, in the Vongola HQ in Namimori. He summoned Nuts and held him close.

'Everyone looked so happy…I never seen Grandpa this happy. But I can't blame him; I would be crying tears of joy if I found out my dead son was alive.' Tsuna sighed and lay on his side on his bed.

Tsuna faced the window and closed his eyes in pain, hot tears rolling down his face. He knew things were going to change. An heir for the Vongola throne was back, one that members of the Vongola family would approve. Federico was a true-born Italian, Timoteo's favored son, and and and…

A perfect candidate to become Decimo of Vongola.

Sure at first he didn't want to be Boss at all. No not one bit. But now, he would be happy if he was. It seemed he didn't know how good he had it until he no longer has it. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he would have to return his Vongola ring. His guardians would become Federico's. But what about him? Will he be alone? Would his life return how it once was?

He laid on his back and grabs Nuts from his side and lifted him in the air.

"At least I will have you right Nuts?"


Tsuna couldn't help but chuckle at Natsu's response. He got up from his bed and sat at the edge. He wiped his face using the sleeve of his suit; Reborn will surely get mad if he saw he ruined his tailored suit. With Nuts in his arms he walked towards the wide window. Reborn always warned him that he was a target and to make sure he never left himself open. But right now he didn't care; he just wanted to feel the night breeze.

But before his hand could even grab the window handle, his body went numb. Nuts fell from his grasp and landed on his paws and looked at his master in worry. Tsuna fell to his knees, clutching is head.

"Please not again!" Tsuna said

The curse of the Tri-ni-sette. The Sky arcobaleno curse was to have a fleeting life and be the sacrifice, never to feel the real love of another. The Sky Mare Ring curse was to be aware of all worlds but suffer in loneliness and be led to insanity. The Vongola sky curse was to relive every painful memory, rearrange those memories that are precious…rearranging them to something twisted and malice.

He would relive through one of his worst memories. But then a happy one that he treasured would slowly leave him and he couldn't do anything about it but feel it leave through his weak grasp. Tsuna figured out that this only happened to a few of the Vongola bosses. Octtavo, Quinto, Secondo and…Primo went through this horror.

Strangely enough he found Giotto's journal, he written every memory he could before they were rearranged. But even he couldn't fight something that was too powerful for him. There is even a picture that G took by accident. Giotto wrote that he snapped out of his memories and stole the picture once it was developed. He wrote down that he looked like a madman, full of insanity. He acted like nothing was wrong with him and sadly enough his guardians believed it.

Then he wrote down that the horrible memories become agonizing over time. Feeling that he was on the edge, he retired. No one knew the reason why he retired but Tsuna did after finding it.

Tsuna could tell that the Second, Fifth, and Eighth bosses of Vongola went through this; they signed the very last blank page of Primo's journal. They wrote a journal themselves and each suffered horribly. But they never showed it.

It seemed that no one noticed that they all died young.

Once all the precious memories are rearranged, they just fade. There are just bodies, an empty shell of who they once were.

…And then they die.

Tsuna weakly got off his knees and used the wall as leverage. The process was fast but it felt like eternity. Tsuna could only question, "Why me?"

He was young. The youngest to ever take the Vongola Sky ring. And here he was, having a curse that would surely consume before he is even reaches twenty years old.

"That really is some problem you have there…Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna eyes widened and raised his head at the source. There at the door was a man, with an Iron hat and a masquerade mask. Tsuna eyes widened then narrowed has he gritted his teeth.

"How did you get in here?" Tsuna cautiously asked. He had no strength to fight, but he was not going down that easily.

"That is very impolite. You should call people by their name; I would like to be called Mister Checkerboard. If you don't mind." Checkerboard said as he took a seat near a chair that was close to the bed.

Tsuna just stared at him, "You didn't answer my question. Why…how are you here?"

"Well it is pretty empty up here in the fourth floor. You are the only one up here. Everyone else is on the first two floors, celebrating Federico's return. But on the other hand…" Checkerboard started to walk towards Tsuna.

Tsuna tried to step back but then his vision went dizzy and the next thing he knew Checkerboard was actually helping him stand. But Tsuna pushed him away.

"Don't touch me. You have done enough damage to everyone. Especially to Reborn and the rest of the arcobaleno's." Tsuna said, but couldn't help but shiver when he saw Checkerboard smile.

"Yes. Indeed I have. But they have their adult bodies back. And it was you who actually won and understood my battles and there meanings. But let me ask this…where is that tutor of yours?" He said as he twirled his cane.

"Why do I need to know that? Reborn does whatever he wants." Tsuna crossed his arms, his strength returning to him. What was Checkerboard trying to prove?

"Of course he can do whatever he wants now. But if he can do that why hasn't he checked on you? You have been in this room for the last five hours. No one has came by to even see if your still here. Someone could have easily killed you and be on their merry way. I am proof that you could have gotten killed." Checkerboard said, still twirling his cane.

Tsuna was taken back, 'Five hours? That long… They must have been enjoying themselves.'

"I'm sure they know where I am. Beside who would want to kill me…?" Tsuna said with conviction. But deep inside he could feel his heart saying 'They don't care about you'.

"I'm not so sure about that Sawada-san…"

"About what?"

"About someone actually trying to kill you…"

Tsuna prepared himself as he saw Checkerboard walk near him. But then Checkerboard went towards the window and opened it, the night breeze entering the room. Then he pointed with his cane outside and then downward.

"If you don't believe me take a look for yourself Sawada-san." Checkerboard said, but he saw that Tsuna was hesitant of being near him.

"Oh don't worry I won't harm you. I was the very person who saved your life why would I kill you if I just saved you? Just take a look boy and see the truth." He pointed once again.

Tsuna slowly walked to the window and looked outside. His eyes widened and he took a step back. There lay a dead assassin with a sniper rifle on the ground near a tree. His clothes were black to blend in the night. He was going to kill someone…him.

"Now do you believe me? That assassin doesn't even deserve that title if it took me one shot to end him. I told you even if you were killed they wouldn't even notice until the next day. It seemed they really have moved on…" Checkerboard said behind Tsuna's back.

Tsuna just stared at the dead body, he could have died and no one would know. Then he felt the trembling pain in his head. He clutched the edge of the window, the pain was intense. He never had more than one episode a week at least. But then the pain faded and Tsuna released a sigh of relief. He was grateful he wouldn't have to go through that again. But it was only a matter of time.

"The curse is eating you already? That is surprising."

Tsuna looked at Checkerboard with wide eyes. There was no way this person knew what was happening to him.

"How do you-"

"Know about the curse? Young man I know about and seen what it does. Though it looks like the same side of effects, trust me a different type of curse given to Sky holder is unique. I wonder what will be yours." Checkerboard said, pointing his cane at Tsuna.

Tsuna's hand went to grasp his head in shock. "Unique…how?" He was hesitant to ask. Why did he feel his curse was going be…full of misery?

"That I don't know about that. Like how the Arcobaleno curse them into babies. That was unique, different. I didn't expect them to turn to that. But I have to admit…" He paused and returned to the seat he once sat. "It was funny to see the world's strongest seven be turned to babies, especially Reborn."

Tsuna eyes narrowed in disbelief but then took a seat at the windows seat cushion.

"There is nothing funny watching them suffer. They fight to the point of desperation to have their lives back. They had their lives taken away." Tsuna said, with no emotion as he stared at the full moon.

"What about your life?"

"What about it?" Tsuna said as he put his elbow at the edge of the window and used to prop his head.

"Well Federico might become-Wait he will become the Vongola Decimo. Your guardians will most likely become his since the rings are officially theirs. But you boy have not become the official boss because you didn't take the Sin of Vongola. Though I suppose that isn't your fault, since the Inheritance ceremony was…disturbed." Checkerboard said, watching Tsuna's head turn to his direction and was surprised the look he received.

It was full of sadness, but acceptance. A decision for somebody as young as Tsuna to even think.

"I know. I know they will move on but what kind of person will I be if I made them stay behind for my own selfish need? You have no idea how much it hurts just thinking that I'll be alone. That I would return to my old boring life is now so terrifying to me. I guess that the saying 'You don't know how good you have it until it's gone' is true." Tsuna said, his eyes becoming empty by every word he said.

Then he turned his head and faced the full moon. The gentle breeze blowing Sakura petals in his room, a petal touched against his cheek as if understanding his pain.

"This brings me to reveal why I am here…" Checkerboard got up from his seat and talked towards Tsuna and took a seat on the window seat cushion. He was not too far from Tsuna but not too close. About two arms width away. Tsuna just ignored him and continued to look outside.

"Why are you here…I just realized that I've been talking to you as if I know you…" Tsuna said. He was kind of happy that he wasn't alone anymore in his empty room, but not with Checkerboard to keep him company of all people. Nuts, staying quiet the whole conversation, jumped on Tsuna's lap. Tsuna smiled at him and started to pet him.

"I agree that odd as this may be I have an invitation for you Tsunayoshi. I think you might interested."Checkerboard smiled, as he pulled out something from his inner coat pocket.

"What would that be?" Tsuna softly spoke, as he continued to look at the moon. Not knowing that the pale moon light gave him a glow on his skin that made him seem eternal. His eyes looked like swirls of honey-gold strings pooled around a black pond. The curtains giving shadows that gave him the look of wings. His suit giving him the dark but intoxicating look of a non existing creature.

The non-existing creature of a dark angel.

Tsuna noticed that a shadow hovered over him; he turned around and saw what was in Checkerboards hand.

It was a silver masquerade mask.

It was very similar to the one Checkerboard was wearing…

Tsuna's eyes widened as he realized what was going on.

Checkerboard smiled, "It seems you understand what I'm offering…." The wind blew his coat, the flaps making a beating noise.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi. I would like to invite you to join the Scacchiera famiglia (Checkerboard family)."

Tsuna stared at the mask for what seemed like an eternity. Was this man…the man who made the arcobaleno, his friends, his family go through hell asking him of all people to join his family?

Tsuna abruptly stood up, "Are you serious? Do you even know who you are asking? I think you got the wrong person!"

"Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi, also known as Dame-Tsuna. Born October 14 at Namimori Hospital. Currently weighing 48kg (104 lb) and 157 cm (5'2") and is blood type A. Mother is Sawada Nana and father is Sawada Iemitsu. Great-great-great grandson of Giotto or Ieyasu Sawada. Has the Sky Harmony flame as well the rare Oath flame. Oh trust me I'm sure I have the right person." Checkerboard said, not even stuttering a letter.

"H-How do you know all of that?" Tsuna stuttered out. A little embarrassed that Checkerboard knew his nickname.

"I'll admit you pike my curiosity. How does someone like you become involved in the mafia? How could he go along with it? So many questions went through my head. That and I were also saddened." He said, his mask keeping him from showing the true expression in his eyes.

"Saddened about what?" Tsuna asked.

"Not exactly saddened but angry you could say. When I found out that Timoteo's son was back, I was a bit angry. They might just make you a regular family member of Vongola. I wanted to see what would you become, how would you change over time. But that opportunity is gone. I saw that you had an amazing amount of potential. I was saddened that it might go to waste." Checkerboards said, looking at moon.

"I-I…that's nice of you to think that. But I'm no 'boss' or 'mafia' material." Tsuna looked at Nuts, who was on his lap.

"You do have potential. It is in your blood. It's like a diamond. You need to find it, clean and cut it, until it shines brightly and reveal its true colors." Checkerboard said monotonely.

Tsuna blushed at his description but then became serious, "I am…flattered. But do you have any idea what would happen if I did join your family?"

"So you are considering it?"

Tsuna then realized that he is actually thinking of even accepting the offer.

'What am I thinking? Even though I'm not going to be boss I won't betray my family.' Tsuna thought.

"Boy…this has nothing to do with betrayal. You are not officially in that family so you will not be betraying them, you are just leaving them. You're very easy to read Sawada." Checkerboard said, easily reading the emotions on Tsuna's face.

Checkerboard then walked and stood at the very edge of the window, he then turned around to face Tsuna. He didn't even use his hands to hold on to something, his balance was perfect.

"And since you're not officially in Vongola, my offer still stands. When you do, this offer no longer exists. Until you finally reach a decision, whether be it yes or no, there is contact number I would like you to reach. I wouldn't like to come to your school, now would we? The mask has all the info you need…

"Have a goodnight Tsunayoshi…" Checkerboard said as he took a step back and looked like he went down like an elevator. Tsuna looked out the window and saw that he was gone. That was too fast for any human.

'But then again is he even human or does he have an ability like me?' Tsuna thought, but that thought vanished in a second.

Tsuna gently laid Nuts on the cushion and hesitantly got the silver mask. He was surprised when it was a little heavy, so it was made of real silver. He thought it was fake. He walked to the dresser with a big mirror and stared at his reflection.

'What did Checkerboard mean the mask is all the info I need?' Tsuna thought, and then he decided to put on the mask.

The mask quickly attached to his face and mended with his skin.

"AHHH! STOP!" Tsuna screamed as he tried to rip the mask off his face, but as quickly the pain came, it left. The information was like downloading into his mind; he suddenly knew the phone number and when would be a good time to call for him and Checkerboard. Then the mask fell off his face and hit the counter.

His breathing was fast and he used the dresser for support as one thought went through his mind…

'I hope I never have to call…'

Two weeks was all Tsuna could handle.

In two weeks his 'friends', his 'guardians', had gotten more familiar with Federico than they ever did with him. Nono was even considering having Reborn train Federico, not him. His own father, his own damn father, treated Federico more of a son than he ever was in his whole life. None of them didn't even notice that he was suffering from the curse.

They all left him alone, one by one.

He was returning back to the life he no longer wanted.

His breaking point was when he found the Vongola Sky Ring was no longer on his finger. Only Nuts in ring mode was left.

That's why he was waiting at the park on a swing, looking at his shoes. He called Checkerboard yesterday and today his life would change.

"Hello there Tsunayoshi. I think I may know your decision but I just want to be correct." Checkerboard said, his smile openly showing his happiness. He just wanted to be sure. But he was thrilled if Tsuna decided 'yes'.

Tsuna raised his head, the moon light reflecting the metal on his face.

The silver masquerades' mask beautifully fitting his face.

Tsuna stood up from the swing and bowed his head a little and raised it up, "I gladly accept your offer…Boss."

Checkerboard' smile couldn't help but get wider.

"Boss we have bad news!" A regular family member said as he barged into meeting room. Reborn, Iemitsu, Nono, and Nono's right hand man Coyote, were startled at the news.

"What's wrong?" Nono said.

"Yeah what's wrong?" Iemitsu said. While Reborn and Coyote stayed silent.

But before the guy could open his mouth Basil rushed in and looked at said guy.

"It's confirmed not a trace! We can't find him!" Basil exclaimed while trying to regain his breath.

"But who would take him? Most families don't know about him yet! And there is no he could runaway without us finding him!" The guy said back.

"What is going on here?" Iemitsu said. He then looked at Basil, "Basil I order you tell me what is going on!"

Basil got quiet, "Sir it's your son…"

Iemitsu now became worried. But before he could say anything Reborn said, "What about Tsuna?"

Basil started to tear up, "T-Tsuna-dono is m-missing…He's gone…"

A son for a son.

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