Title: The Different Path I Choose

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Summary: Tsuna went missing for two years. No one can find him. But he returns and he is no longer working for Vongola. Why is he dressed like Mr. Iron hat? But will anybody see the real reason why he left?

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Chapter 6 – Some Secrets Are Better Left Exposed




Reborn blinked his eyes. All he could feel was that Iemistu and Federico were holding him back and forcing him to sit in his chair. Ezio stood protectively in front of Tsuna, using his own body as a shield. But in his sleeve he had hidden knives ready to be used if necessary. Nono wondered what caused Reborn to even try to attack Tsuna.

Nono remembered that Tsuna just finish saying, "…one area has to rain supreme and that is the Arcobaleno." Then Reborn, in a blink of an eye, had Leon in gun-mode and fired. But Tsuna dodged it by moving his head. Tsuna didn't say anything that could have antagonized Reborn to shoot at him. Tsuna didn't even finish his explanation.

Iemitsu became furious, "Reborn what the hell do you think you're doing!" Federico had a dangerous scowl on his face; he couldn't believe what Reborn just did.

Reborn numbly slumped in his seat. He remembered that Tsuna said that… about control…then he couldn't contain his anger, the years of suffering as an infant released in one moment. He was so mad that he forgot his surroundings, which hasn't happened in the long time. But when he sat down, he realized that what had happened was… all in his mind.

Reborn couldn't help but grip his hand into a fist. He didn't know what had exactly happened, but whatever Tsuna did made him lose control.

Tsuna's eyes narrowed in thought and his mouth went into a small frown. He didn't mean to corner Reborn in such a way, but he had to find something out. He did and that is all that mattered.

Reborn slightly raised his head to look at Tsuna, who seemed conflicted. Reborn tried to read Tsuna's mind, but found himself blocked. Only a handful could do such a thing. Luche, Aria, Uni, Checkerface…

Under his fedora Reborn's eyes slightly widened in doubt; true Luche, Aria, and Uni were never able to read his mind. They did have ability to read others, just like him. But only one man, Checkerface, was able to read his mind and go deeper. Checkerface was able to enter his mind and affect his dreams, even repeat memories.

'Is it possible Tsuna has the same ability?' Reborn thought. 'Or is it possible…that it was given?'

"Pfffftttt, Hahaha! Okay I can see that they are true to your promise Reborn. Now I know that I'm in no harm in my stay here." Tsuna said, with a dying laughter.

"Tsuna what do you mean? Did Reborn pretend to shoot you?" Federico asked.

Reborn stood up from his seat, Tsuna was trying to cover up his outbreak and he couldn't help but admit it was a good plan.

"Ah Tsuna didn't trust or believe he was safe during his stay so I convinced him that if I attacked him that you all will stop me, if you didn't he could leave."Reborn said adjusting his fedora.

"And he proved it. So please don't be mad at Reborn, it was just a deal that we decided on." Tsuna said assuringly.

Nono was speculating if whether or not if this was brought up suddenly or if it was actually planned. Years as a boss, made him aware of lies and truths. But he couldn't sense any lies, it only added to his suspicions'.

"Very well. I'm sure Tsuna and Ezio would like to rest for while. Iemitsu, if you would please show Tsuna his room." Nono gently asked. Iemitsu looked a bit surprised being asked but complied.

Ezio quickly glanced all of his surroundings then to Tsuna, waiting to know what to do next. Tsuna merely got up his seat and walked close enough, but kept his distance, to Iemitsu.

"Lead the way I guess." Tsuna said calmly. Despite how he looked on the outside, his inner chibi self was sulking in a corner while drawing circles on the walls. He really didn't want to be here. Ezio grabbed the duffel bag and slung it over his shoulder.

Iemitsu motioned them to follow and soon they entered the hallway, separated from the rest. After going up an elegant spiral staircase, making turns in so many hallways, they finally made it into Tsuna's guest room. Iemitsu hesitated for moment but opened the door, but Tsuna noticed his hesitation.

As Tsuna entered the room he couldn't help but find the similarity between this guest room and his bedroom suite in the Scacchiera mansion. The balcony, the canopy bed, the fireplace, everything was too similar. His room Scacchiera was personalized, Checkerface wanted him to have what he wanted and feel comfortable.

"I remembered that sketch you made when you were seven. How about you wanted your room…but you never got the chance to use it." Iemitsu said quietly.

Iemitsu remembered when Tsuna joyfully drew his sketch and showed it to him. Iemitsu felt guilty that he wasn't always there for his son, so he decided to make that room a reality. So when one day when Tsuna came to Italy, he would have somewhere to call his own space, his home.

But that never was going to happen.

Tsuna softly bit his tongue; he didn't know Iemitsu was trying to make up. It only made his plan harder to separate himself from Vongola. This is exactly why he didn't want to come here. Vongola wanted him back. He can't come back.

"That's…nice." Tsuna paused; he really didn't know what to say.

Iemitsu felt the awkward tension, "I guess I'll show your Right-hand man his room."

Ezio shook his head, "I'm sorry if you prepared a room for me but I'll sleep in this room. Even though I know you might not hurt Tsuna, there are other familgia's that will. No offense though."

Iemitsu scratched the back of his head, "Don't worry about it. I'm just happy that someone is protective of Tsuna, making sure he's safe."

Tsuna crossed his arms; a small blush was noticeable on his face as he 'hmph-ed' away from them. His father had no idea how protective Ezio could be. Never mind Ezio, Scacchiera was overprotective, like doting mother-hen protective.

"I'll leave you two to rest. I send your other guest when they arrive up here." Iemitsu said, as he opened the bedroom door and made his way to leave.

"Please…and thank you." Tsuna said softly. He never had this type of deep father-son relationship, so it felt pretty awkward to say the least.

Iemistu gave a cheeky smile, "I'll see you later my kawaii musuko~!" And he was out the door.

Tsuna kicked the floor in embarrassment as Ezio teased him.

"Boss!" Tsunomichi bursted into Checkerface office. His eyes found Checkerface facing the window behind his desk, his arms behind his back. The aura he gave was grim.

"I know what has happened. Did he arrive safely?" Checkerface asked, he didn't bother to turn around.

"Yes, Tsuna arrived safely. I just got word from Ezio." Tsunomichi said. Then it came to him, he realized what Checkerface was doing.

"Boss…you wanted Tsuna to go to Vongola. But why? He could have been under our guard, safe here." Tsunomichi reasoned.

Checkerface sighed, "I knew that we would be attacked soon and I did not want Tsuna to join this battle, I know that Vongola will keep him safe so that's why I wanted him to go. That's the reason why I convinced Tsuna to begin his plan now rather than next month. Tsuna thought that his father would take time to realize what was going on between him as father and son but I had to speed things up.

"I was the one who called Nana."

Tsunomichi's eyes slightly widened. "But I thought it was CEDEF Apprentice Basil who informed Nana."

Checkerface slightly turned his body towards Tsunomichi, "He did. But I forewarned her and gave her the suggestion of having Tsuna spend time with his biological father. I knew if Tsuna stayed any longer here, he would have found out of what is about to occur. And I couldn't have that."

Checkerface faced the window, "I can't let him get hurt like last time. I just…can't."

"But how long do you think Tsuna will go not noticing? He's going to call you or me to see how we're doing. He's going to be mad if he finds out. He might end up losing control." Tsunomichi spoke.

Then the mansion shook from a blast. Tsunomichi couldn't believe what was happening.

The battle was starting once again.

Checkerface started to walk to the door, with his smile of annihilation on his face.

"Then we better finish this fight before he finds out."

Tsuna looked out from the edge of his balcony. His intuition was screaming at him again, that something threatening was going to happen. The "screaming" was reaching the point that he felt that his head was splitting in two. But what he hated was that he didn't know what it was.

"Tsuna…are you alright?" Tsuna turned around and saw Vito with a worried look on his face.

Tsuna gave a soft smile. "It's good to see you safe Vito. Don't worry I'm fine, just a migraine. So how was the mission?"

Vito didn't look convinced, "It went good and I have the item." Vito then circled Tsuna completely with a hand on his chin.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing?" Vito could act weird when he wanted to.

Vito got real close to Tsuna's face and poked Tsuna on the nose. He then brought his forehead against Tsuna. Tsuna couldn't help but blush at the close contact. Then Vito smoothly brought his hands against each of Tsuna's cheeks.

"You're lying." It was a statement.

Tsuna sighed and gently nudged Vito's hands off his face. He gave Vito a pained look, one of longing ache. An unsure frown appeared on Tsuna's face. He could feel some sort of ache, a foreboding one, and it hurt so bad.

"It's your intuition isn't it?" Vito said as he watched Tsuna look out from the balcony.

Tsuna clutched his head between his hands, his elbows resting on the ledge. He never felt this unaware, so lost. Usually his intuition would focus on one specific fixation. Be it person, place or object. But for some reason – that he still can't figure out – his intuition was going haywire. When that happened, it only meant one thing.

Something viciously wrong was going to happen.

"Tsuna are you alright?" Tsuna turned to the source of the voice.

Giving a weak smile, Tsuna said "I'm fine Enrique…just the usual headache."

Enrique didn't seem convinced, "I know when you're in pain Tsuna. Go lie in bed, take a nap." Enrique knew it would be hard to convince Tsuna to do something non-active. Tsuna did not like to waste time, he rather be doing something more productive.


And there it goes.

A vein began to pulse on Enrique's forehead, with a sweet smile he faced Vito, "Vito would you be so kind to help me get Tsuna to sleep?"

Vito smiled, "It would be my pleasure." In unison they both turned their heads to Tsuna, who had one leg over the balcony and was ready to jump off.

"I was going for a…run." Tsuna said quietly as he slowly positioned himself to jump. He then felt something warp around his leg and the next thing he knew was upside down.

"Oh come on! That's not fair Vito! I don't want to have a nap!" Tsuna whined as he crossed his arms. He didn't even care if he was upside down and being held by his ankle by a vine.

Vito raised an eyebrow, "Wow Ezio was right. You have gotten a little spoiled."

"Umm can you put me down? I feel kinda woozy…"

Vito and Enrique both looked at Tsuna, his face was turning red. Still holding Tsuna from the vine, they walked backed inside. But from the corner of his eye Tsuna saw someone spying on them. He mouthed a few words to the watcher's. The next thing he knew he was on a fluffy bed and then he slowly fell asleep. He didn't sleep so well last night, barely slept at all.

Enrique glanced at Tsuna then at Vito, "Vito can you go get Ezio for me please? I want him to be here when you discuss your mission."

Vito saluted, "Right on it." And he exited the bedroom.

Enrique waited until he was absolutely sure that Vito was gone. He then pulled out a vaccine from his pocket. The orders he was given replaying in his head.

"I need you to inject this into Tsuna, without him knowing. Is that understood?" Checkerface said. His fingers laced together.

"I understand. I know that an attack is being launched soon and having Tsuna go to Vongola for his own protection. But, what is the purpose of this vaccine?" Enrique questioned.

"It is best that you don't know. And make sure Tsuna doesn't find out what is going to occur. If he does before we are able to control the tide of the battle, you must stop him."

Enrique looked at his hand, the vaccine starring at his face, "I don't like this."

Checkerface sighed, "I knew you wouldn't. But trust me; it is best for Tsuna's sake."

Enrique nodded, orders were orders.

He started to run his fingers through Tsuna's hair. Tsuna instantly began to relax, lowering his guard but not too low. Tsuna snuggled closer to the sheets, releasing a sigh of relief. Enrique removed the plastic tip and tapped it to remove the air. He knew as soon as he removed the vaccine from Tsuna's skin, he will wake up.

He worked quickly and injected it into Tsuna's arm. He saw Tsuna's eyebrows knit together; he drew out the needle and hid the vaccine behind his back. Tsuna woke up, a knife in his hand and pointing to it directly to Enrique's throat. A glint of killer and merciless glow became visible in Tsuna's eyes but they went back to their normal appearance as he saw it was Enrique.

Tsuna whispered as he retracted the knife, "What is going on?" Something felt off, but this time his intuition wasn't saying…anything. He blinked his eyes in wonder. What just happened?

Enrique eyes narrowed in realization…and anger. So this is why Checkerface didn't tell him what the vaccine was for, specifically what is in it. From what he could see, whatever was in that vaccine made Tsuna's intuition numb. If he knew, he wouldn't have given the vaccine to Tsuna in the first place.

Tsuna's intuition made Tsuna part of who he is. And for Enrique, him, to know that part of that has been cut off, like a severed arm, is cruel.

And Checkerface knew what he was doing.

Enrique didn't like this one bit. But now he understood what Checkerface meant about "It is best for Tsuna's sake." Tsuna's intuition would have led him back to Scacchiera, back to the war. But now that his intuition is cut off, he wouldn't feel what was happening around him.

'But I'm sure this is only temporary. I wonder how long this will last.' Enrique thought.

Tsuna felt a bit odd, like something was missing. He then looked at Enrique and noticed Vito was gone.

"Where's Vito?" Tsuna questioned.

"He should be coming any min- Speak of the devil." Enrique muttered.

"I'm back~! Ezio is still doing an outside check. Tsuna I was asked to tell you if you can go outside to the garden." Vito said.

"Might as well go." He walked towards Vito, and then he noticed he wasn't being followed. "You're not coming Enrique?"

Enrique waved them off with a smile, "No you guys go ahead. I'll be there in a minute."

Tsuna raised an eyebrow at his reply but didn't push it. He walked out the door with an audible click. As soon as the door closed Enrique let that smile fall off his face. He couldn't help but shiver, despite Tsuna not having his intuition he was still pretty sharp.

What Enrique failed to notice was that he was closely watched.

By someone who watched the whole thing.


He did.



And he was very livid. To the point of going…


Vito and Tsuna arrived at the garden. Tsuna had to admit it was beautiful, it was full of colors. He would sometimes tend the garden in Scacchiera whenever he got a little homesick. When he was little he and mother would tend the garden every day, gardening would just remind him of his mother.

"I'm glad you're here." Reborn said as took a drink of his espresso. Though he was a still peeved off of what happened earlier, he had to put that aside for now.

"Let me guess you want to talk about what happened earlier?" Tsuna crossed his arms.

"Not now. I just want to inform you of-"

Glass shattered and rained downed like thorns. Tsuna grabbed Vito and pulled him out of the way. Reborn moved away in a flash and looked up. His eyes narrowed in distaste. That window was Tsuna's guest room. He didn't expect someone to try to assassinate Tsuna, nonetheless on Vongola grounds.

But when he heard the loud crash on the ground, dirt smoke filled the air; he knew it wasn't an assassination.

When the smoke cleared it revealed two men. One, on the cracked ground with a hand around his throat, crushing it with a deadly force. The second, held the throat with a vice grip with a wild insane…but extremely protective look in his eyes.

"EZIO!" Tsuna shrieked with such fear and alarm. He hasn't seen Ezio like this in…some time.

Vito readied himself to protect Tsuna and if it came down to it, he would have to put Ezio down…if he could. Reborn wondered what the hell happened, silently watching the whole thing.

"Ezio please let Enrique go…" Tsuna pleaded. He knew that Ezio was barely reasonable at this point. Reborn got Leon ready from the sound of Tsuna's voice.

"No…" It was growled out. He only had one thought running in his head. Protect Tsuna. Kill enemy.

"Ezio please what did he do? Please Ezio let him go..." Tsuna begged. He knew he had to get Ezio away from everyone. And he had to do it quick.

"He hurt you. Hurt you."

Tsuna shook his head, "He hasn't hurt me Ezio. Ezio please…" He walked towards Ezio and laid a gentle hand on Ezio's shoulder. Tsuna could feel Ezio's breathing decrease.

Ezio slowly let go of Enrique's throat. Enrique landed on the ground and Vito quickly caught the man and took him aside, away from Ezio's view. He knew Tsuna had control of Ezio now.

Tsuna had his chest against Ezio's back and wrapped his arms Ezio and slowly brought him to the ground. Reborn watched in awe, he sensed the dark aura that possessed Ezio, there was supposed to be no return. He sensed Ezio's mind went over the edge into insanity. He shouldn't be able to come back. But Tsuna brought him back from his sinister mind.

"Breath Ezio…breath…" Tsuna whispered, trying to calm Ezio down. He felt Ezio take soft pants of air, lowering his heart rate.

"Now tell me, what caused you to attacked Enrique?" Tsuna tightened his grip of his arms around Ezio, in case he lost control again.

Ezio wiped his eyes and laid a hand on his forehead, he couldn't help but remember of what happened to his little sister, "I saw him inject you with something. I-I just lost it when I saw him do it. I-I w-was afraid that maybe he poisoned you…"

Tsuna went numb for a second, when he realized what that injection might have done to him. He let go of Ezio and stood up. A shade was created under his eyes as he made his way to Vito and Enrique. Vito backed away as he saw the way Tsuna walked. It was predator and it was angry at its prey.

Enrique was still massaging his throat when he noticed Tsuna approaching him. "Tsuna thank-"

"Shut up."

Reborn eyes widened, that tone felt menacing and merciless. Reborn walked towards Ezio and helped him stand. "Okay what is going on?"

Ezio looked away, "You're about to find out."

Tsuna gave Enrique a hard chilling stare, "You usually never try to force me to go to sleep unless there was a motive, a reason. Because you know that I like to be productive but this time you did. I knew there must have been a reason why, when I woke up with the feeling to kill you.

"But then I felt nothing…" Tsuna whispered. "Whatever you did to me… I can't feel anymore…you took my intuition away…" He growled out.

Enrique's eyes widened then narrowed dangerously, "I was under orders from boss, your father Tsuna. You have to understand this is for your-"

Tsuna was furious at this point, "Then why would he do this to me! He knows how important it is to me! It's part of-"

A blast light, miles away, shot up into the sky. Then disappeared as it faded away.

Reborn became immediately concerned when he saw the look of Tsuna's face. It became pale and his eyes were dilated in disbelief. He watched as Tsuna took a step forward, almost afraid to go a little further.

With a quiet tone Tsuna whispered out, "That light…that light…it can't be…"

Ezio and Vito weren't any better. They remembered the last time they seen that light. It only meant one thing returned.


Tsuna angrily turned to Enrique, "You knew! This was damn plot to keep me out!"

Enrique sighed, "There's no point in hiding it anymore. We were hoping to protect you by having you stay away from the war. Three days at least but it seemed this plan failed us. Tsuna please don't get involved…you know what he's after!"

Tsuna screamed out, "But did any of you guys think about what would happen if he found me! He would have attacked Vongola without a care!"

"I know you're mad. But…" Enrique took a stance, and pulled out two guns. "I can't let you go Tempo. You either stay put or fight me."

Tsuna gritting teeth were visible, "I would have never thought it would come down to this Enrique but…" Vito and Ezio stood behind Tsuna, ready to defend their boss and friend.

"If you're in my line of attack I have no choice but to crush you out of the way!" Tsuna roared.

Inside, Tsuna felt like weeping. He was mad that Checkerface would go to such extents just for his safety. But what angered him was because he was only protecting him, not the family, not Scacchiera. He knew the war would rise up again but to keep him away? But this protection was ripping their family apart and putting Vongola in danger.

'On the verge of extinction.'

Tsuna didn't notice that Nono, Iemitsu, Federico, and the guardians appear and witness what he said. All shocked from his words.

Enrique channeled his lightning flame into the guns, "Tsuna…do you wish to die?"

Ezio prepared his blade. Vito prepared his naginata spear. Tsuna activated Natsu, his eyes glowing a frightening and intimidating red-orange…

He coldly said…

"For the family…"

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