Author's Note

Original note:

To my dear readers.

I must apologize but I'm going to cut this story a little short. I did say that it would be a short story but there is a variety of reasons for why I'm doing what I am doing.

First of all, this story has been what I would consider "light". Yes, I said light. But that is all it has been. This story is only going to get darker from their. To my readers that are within the age range for K+, if you are not bothered by dark stories, then by all means continue reading. I have enjoyed writing to you and I hope you will continue reading.

Two, I felt that my short description only describes the first half of the story but I can't edit it to fit the rest of it. Therefore, there will be a second story. Because of this, I have edited my data so that this story is now book one.

Third, I have also changed the title of this story from Evil Within to A Tortured Soul. So, those of you who subscribed to Evil Within will still be getting alerts for A Tortured Soul.

Four, the second book will be called "Cyberchase: A Warrior Reborn" and will be a continuation from "A Tortured Soul". So, keep your eyes peeled for this new update. I shall let you know when it has been finished.

Anyway, thanks again for sticking with me. You will recieve the next update soon.

New Note:

Book two has now been posted. Enjoy.