"Are you serious?" Rarity angrily asked Midnight Dash. "I ended up becoming a filthy mule living underground all because you chose a friend over winning a race that would also affect your friends?"

"Friends are more important than winning," Midnight Dash answered.

"Besides, the Diamond Dogs are very nice once you get to know them," Rockity told her counterpart. "They appreciate it when I pull their carts. Haven't you met them once before?"

"Oh, I met them, alright," Rarity said. "They forced me to pull their rusted carts and tried to turn me into their slave. What was it that made you become their...friend?"

Rockity smiled at the memory. "It all started a few minutes after I fell into the underground cave..." she began.


Rockity looked around in the dark cave. She just fell in a deep hole. Even though she wasn't seriously injured, her horn was snapped off her head, resulting in her losing all of her magical powers.

However, Rockity heard voices nearby. Curious, she walked through the tunnels. As she walked, the voices became louder.

Eventually, she found where the voices were coming from. Three large dogs were pulling carts that were filled with gems. But Rockity didn't pay attention to the gems. Instead, she was alarmed to see the dogs struggling to pull the carts.

"Excuse me," Rockity said as she approached the dogs. "Can I help you?"

The dogs noticed the young filly. "What's a pony like you doing down here?" one dog asked.

"I fell in when a hole opened right below me," Rockity explained. "As you can see, the impact from the fall caused my horn to snap off my head."

"We're the Diamond Dogs," the second dog said. "We collect valuable gems for a living. But as you can see, it's hard moving these carts."

That's when Rockity had an idea. "What if I pull the carts for you?" she asked.

"That's not a bad idea," the third Diamond Dog said, then he took off his harness and put it on Rockity's back.

"This feels a bit heavy..." Rockity said as she tried to pull the cart.

"Don't worry about it, mule," the second Diamond Dog said. "You'll eventually get used to it."

End Flashback

"That's when I realized my destiny was to help the Diamond Dogs," Rockity concluded. "Spot, Rover, and Fido took care of me and helped me understand their ways of living. They're the best friends a pony like me could have."

Rarity shuddered at the thought. She was glad she wasn't raised by the creatures who tried to make her their slave.