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.:Chapter One:.

Draco stepped into greenhouse 2 flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, immediately grateful for its warmer air, it was unusually cold for September. The place had a vibrant green glow that suited Draco just fine and was full of the strangest plants he'd ever seen. It was their first Herbology class of the year, with the Gryffindors. They also shared History of Magic and Charms. Draco suspected that this was an attempt to avoid the sort of trouble that the rival houses got in to in Potions and Transfiguration last year, potentially more dangerous classes. He smirked, like that would keep him from torturing Potter and his precious little sidekicks, who had just walked in, casually taking their seats with the rest of the Gryffindors. Once everyone was seated and silent, Professor Sprout began her class.

"Welcome to third year Herbology" she said."I know you lot have a history of not getting along," glares were shot across the room."But I expect you to respect each other, and cooperate. And hopefully, working on this new project in pairs will promote some inter-house unity!" she beamed. Draco scoffed. "As you know, this year Hogwarts celebrates the 1300th anniversary of its founding, so I thought we'd honor the occasion by growing an extraordinary plant that Helga Hufflepuff created herself,". She said, puffing up with house pride as she unveiled a small flowerpot with a flourish. "Hoggle bush!"

The plant was totally anticlimactic and Draco wasn't the only one who snickered at the lone twig sprouting from the soil.

"I know it doesn't look like much now, but who can tell me what it'll look like in a few months time?" she asked. Predictably, that mudblood Granger, and herb-nerd Longbottom were the only ones to raise their hands.

"Bellus Ludus arbori! They grow into miniature Hogwarts castles, they're extremely rare" Longbottom answered breathlessly, and Draco had to look away in disgust, the boy was practically drooling over the plant.

Potter, he noticed, was distracted, his green gazing at the various exotic plants hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly his eyes met Draco's, who covered his surprise with a sneer before turning to talk to Pansy.

"Potter looks like someone just obliviated him and he can't remember where the loo is." he said, causing her to shriek in laughter. Draco smiled, even though he didn't look their way, Harry knew they were laughing at him, and that was almost as effective as insulting him to his face. He swelled with pride at all the ways he had perfected to insult Potter over the years.

Professor Sprout had conjured two velvet bags, one red and one green and began to draw names, pairing Slytherins and Gryffindors together.

"Pansy Parkinson aaaaand Dean Thomas, Vincent Crabbe aaaand Ronald Weasley"

Draco laughed at his friend's bad luck but then felt a wave of horror. What if he got stuck working with the annoying mudblood or worse, Potter for months? He sent a silent prayer to the ancestral Malfoy spirits. Please, if you value the noble Malfoy bloodline, send divine intervention. Because he was sure that he would go all murder-suicide if he was forced to cooperate with—

"Harry Potter and," Pleasepleasepleaseplease, in the name of all that is evil and snarky don't let her say . . . "Draco Malfoy" Professor Sprout-the-merciless-peacemaker-of-doom announced.

Draco's face fell; you'd think his ancestors would care a bit more about the fate of the Malfoy line . . . Potter groaned loudly and Draco rolled his eyes. This was going to be a royal pain in his arse.


Once he realized that Malfoy wasn't going to move, Harry reluctantly made his way over to the blonde's table. Hermione gave him a sympathetic smile, while Ron was too busy cursing his own bad luck. As Professor Sprout began handing out the materials, he and Malfoy pointedly ignored each other. For their first class, they had to prepare the soil for the hoggle bush. Harry looked at the instructions enchanted in the air for the class to follow, and frowned. This seemed more like a Potions class, they were so complicated.

He sighed and turned to Malfoy "Look, I'll take care of the orange seeds, jryle soil and verbena, you can do the rest"

"How noble of you to leave me with the thestral dung Scar-Head" Malfoy said, rolling his eyes "Not gonna happen."

Harry clenched his teeth in frustration "That's the easiest part Malfoy."

The boy scoffed "I'm not touching that stuff" he said looking at the bag of thestral fertilizer disdainfully. "Besides, menial labor suits you better, we don't want you to have to think too hard, you're not used the exertion"

"You care about my well-being. I'm touched" Harry said with dry sarcasm.

"I care about you not screwing anything up!"

"Look whatever, do what you want! I'll deal with the fucking dung, it'll be a lot more pleasant than dealing with you, you git." Harry said irritated, and grabbed the smelly fertilizer and started to work it into the pot. The slimy little bastard smirked with the most aggravating satisfaction and got to work smashing the different seeds and spices to a fine powder.

Around him, most pairs were having similar problems. Hermione looked exasperated while Goyle seemed to be making dung-castles. Ron was banging his head on the table. Harry was fuming, if he was Neville or Hermione, he'd have no problem doing the work himself, and not have to bother with his partner. But he refused to let Malfoy off that easy. He wasn't really paying attention to what his hands were doing until Malfoy snapped "What are you doing Potter, you're only supposed to fill three quarters of the pot!" Looking down Harry realized that the small pot was overflowing with dung.

"I forget that some people half no problem handling mud." Malfoy said, shooting Hermione a dirty look.

"Watch it Malfoy." Harry growled, gripping the pot forcefully.

"Awww, are you afraid I might hurt the mudblood's feelings?" the blonde said mockingly as he continued crushing the seeds.

"Shut UP! or I'll hurt more than your feelings" Harry said, violently removing the excess dung from the pot.

"What're you going to do Scar-head? Sic the dementors on me? We all know how teeeerrifying you find them" Malfoy taunted with a smirk.

That was it! Everyone (well, all the Slytherins) had been giving Harry grief about the dementors ever since the word got out that he'd passed out when they came into his compartment on the train. Harry was still ashamed at his weak reaction and was sick of hearing about it.

Before he could think twice about what he was doing he threw the dung he was holding, directly at Malfoy's face. His grey eyes went wide in horror and disgust and Harry dearly wished he had a camera to capture the moment: always composed nothing-if-not-dignified-Draco Malfoy covered in smelly thestral dung. Pansy shrieked from a nearby table and Crabbe and Goyle stood up awkwardly, unsure how to help. Ron shouted in laughter and Hermione couldn't help but titter too. Thankfully Professor Sprout was engrossed in conversation with Neville, and unaware of much else. Malfoy finally got over his initial shock, and used his wand to get rid of the dung. Once he was impeccable again, he looked at Harry, his grey eyes like steel.

"You'll pay for this Potter" he said, in a low menacing voice. Harry just laughed.

"Eat dung Malfoy!" he said happily and the rest of the Gryffindors laughed loudly with him.

"That was bloody brilliant!" Ron exclaimed clapping Harry's shoulder as they were leaving the greenhouse later.

"Yes, but you still could have gotten into a lot of trouble Harry" Hermione fretted.

"It would've been worth it." Harry grinned.

"Potter!" a familiar voice yelled behind him. Harry didn't need to turn around to know that Malfoy was there, now that there were no teachers around, ready to 'make him pay'.

"Looking to stir up more shit?" Harry teased. The image of dung-covered-Draco was still too fresh (pun not intended) for Harry to take him seriously.

He probably should have though, because next thing he knew the world around him seemed to stretch out of proportion and his whole body hurt. He scrunched up his eyes in pain as he fell to the ground with a small thud. Before he could recover, he heard Hermione screaming for a teacher and Ron yelling profanities, but their voices seemed to be coming from far away, up above him. What the hell did Malfoy do? The ground beneath him felt soft and moist, Harry opened his eyes, and immediately blinked again to make sure he was seeing right. Everything around him was green, and he could barely see the sky through the strange plants . . . Suddenly he felt as something scooped him up and raised him to the sky. Trying not to fall off, Harry struggled to figure out his surroundings. He could hear his friends more clearly now.

"What the hell did you do to him Malfoy?" Ron yelled furiously.

"What? I think this size suits him." Malfoy said. Size? Oh no . . . Harry felt the soft, squishy surface he was on, his suspicions confirmed. He was on someone's hand! Looking around in panic, everything seemed way larger than life. Harry realized in horror, Malfoy had made him miniature!


The weasel was screaming at him holding mini-Harry and Draco was trying to stay calm. Blinded by anger (and humiliation) he had used a very dark spell his father once taught him, and it definitely wasn't ministry approved. He could very easily be expelled and if they found out his dad was teaching him spells like that . . . he'd have to bribe have the ministry to keep it hush. Professor McGonagall and Snape where rushing over, led by Granger and Draco almost wished he was as small as Potter was now. McGonagall took one look at mini-Harry, (who was hanging on to Ron's unstable hand for dear life) then at Draco and yelled "Dumbledore's office! Now! And for heaven's sake Weasley, be more careful!"

A few minutes later Draco was being interrogated by the headmaster in his circular office, not for the first time. Potter was standing on Dumbledore's desk, scarcely taller than the small bowl of lemon drops on it.

"Are you aware Draco, that the spell you used is very powerful dark magic?" Dumbledore said calmly.

"I don't know, I just read it in a book somewhere." Draco said avoiding the head's definitely-not-twinkling eyes.

"Not a book you found at Hogwarts, for sure" Dumbledore said omniously.

"Sir!" Potter yelled in frustration. For such a tiny thing, he had a big voice, Draco thought in annoyance. "Can you just turn me back to normal now, and punish Malfoy later?" Harry said desperately. Dumbledore looked down at him sympathetically "I'm afraid it's not that simple Harry. Such powerful magic takes time to reverse. I believe with Professor Snape's help, you could be back to your normal size in under a month though"

"A month!" Harry yelled and sent Draco a murderous look that wasn't the least bit intimidating under the circumstances. "How can I live like this for a month?"

"Excellent point Harry, I think young Draco needs to understand the graveness of his actions. His parents will be notified—" Draco cringed. "and he will be in charge of your well being while you recovers from his curse."

"What!" Draco cried at the same time Harry yelled "NO!".

"Really Draco, you should try an ear-clearing spell. You will take care of Harry for however long it is necessary, helping him in all aspects of daily life, such as making sure he is well-fed and rested, gets to all his classes, keeps up with all his homework, doesn't get stepped on and anything else Harry needs while he is still the size of a teacup." Dumbledore said.

"Sir, Draco will be the first one stepping on me." Harry said. Draco almost nodded.

"Well now, that won't be a problem. Because if Draco fails to take care of you, or harms you in anyway, the person who taught him the spell will be in even more trouble." Dumbledore said with an almost wicked smile.

Draco felt his jaw drop. He mentally calculated how much money it would take to bribe the entire Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"And as an added incentive, every time you fail to look after Harry, you shall permanently lose a lock of your well kept tresses!" Dumbledore said gleefully waving his wand at Draco's head so that it was surrounded by pink fireworks for a moment and muttered a complex incantation. Draco couldn't seem to close his mouth. Father had told him that Dumbledore was a barmy old codger but he never told him that the madman was just as dangerous as the Dark Lord!

"But . . . sir, can't I just stay with Ron and Hermione?" Potter asked desperately. He was sitting the edge of the candy bowl, looking up at Dumbledore. He looked almost cute. Almost! Draco pushed the thought away.

"I agree they'd do a much, much better job than I ever could" Draco said, equally desperate for a way out of this situation.

"Hmm, I don't think so. I think this will be beneficial to both of you. Now, Professor Snape has already started on the potion that will reverse the spell, Harry you can start taking it tomorrow. And Draco, Professor McGonagall can help you with a few spells you will need"

Draco and Harry looked at their headmaster helplessly. But he seemed perfectly satisfied with his decision. "Off you go now, to McGonagall's office. You are both excused from the rest of your classes, but tomorrow I expect you to follow your schedule, and report to my office at the end of the day. That's all" Dumbledore said, with slight smile.

Draco considered his options. He could risk ruining the family name, fortune, his father's position at the ministry and his own hair. Or he could lose his pride and baby Potter for a month. In the end, his hair won.

"Fine" He sighed and unceremoniously, but carefully picked Potter up and carried him in his palm. As they left the room he could have sworn he heard a few of the portraits giggling.


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