Rule Number One: Anything that can go wrong can and will when you least expect them too.

Momma always taught us that, my twin brother Len and I. We knew and yet we expected nothing.

"Rin your what!" Len screamed at the top of his lungs. It was when we were first engaged, which was about two months ago.

"Well you heard me!" I looked at him. His blue eyes were exactly like mine. His beautiful platinum blonde hair was like mine as well. Len and I. I couldn't help but smile at that thought, and the thoughts about our children. Needless to say they were something we weren't expecting.

Now flash to our wedding two weeks ago. It was outside a lakeside mansion. I had picked it out and Len didn't know. Second, I knew there were going to be ducks and geese and I warned Len about them, Len only knowing it was going to be outside, because the cherry blossoms were in bloom, one of his biggest fears since he was attacked by a goose when we were four. Yet he didn't hear me.

The minister had everything set up. The veranda and little table set facing the guest's seats, which were faced towards the water. A pure white carpet was in the aisle, with yellow and orange rose petals scattered about it. A soft yellow ribbon was tied on each chair side facing the aisle.

I looked outside once more from my dressing room inside. My gown was strapless and the front came down to my knees, the back flowing down to the ground and trailing about 5 inches. An orange ribbon was tied around my waist. My hair now was about shoulder blade length, with slight curls at the ends, my bangs still parted by the clips Len got me for our fifth birthday. I had a short veil, attached to a miniature crown stuck in my hair. The bouquet had white and yellow roses with a white piece of cloth attached to it tied by an orange ribbon.

As I slowly walked down into the courtyard of the mansion, I saw a goose slowly approaching Len. I gasped and almost dropped the bouquet. Luckily Miku caught it in time as I rushed the aisle. Len raised his eyebrows. He was standing at least a head taller than I was by now, in a dark suit with an untied bright yellow tie around his neck. I pointed behind him as he turned. He screamed quite loudly as the goose grabbed his pants. He stood shaking his leg as his best man Kaito kicked at the goose, Miku running up trying to calm her boyfriend, Kaito, down. I was laughing at this point, until another goose tried to tear my dress up. Then Len, whose goose was now gone, thanks to Kaito and Miku kicking it, was trying to get me to ignore it.

All the while I'm pretty sure Akaito and Teto and Ted we're all filming and laughing, along with most of the guests. Even the minster was chuckling as he went through the ceremony. Len smiled as he slid the ring on my finger. I did the same as I slid it on his. The kiss was soft and light. His stomach growled when we parted. I laughed.

Lesson we learned at the reception. Don't let Kaito make the cake, it will be made of ice cream.

AND as you can see I had fun with this. PLease no flames!