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The dark king and embodiment of evil Demise, and the young sky knight and goddesses chosen hero. The two swordsmen prepared to each other in the tranquil and peaceful world. Demise turned his head and faced the small human who had foolishly arrived. The chosen hero faced him as well, head on, with eyes more fierce than the wildest Loftwing. The bravery and foolishness of the human was beyond comprehension to Demise.

For the longest time in his immortal existence, humans would shudder from just a glimpse of his fiery hair. The cowardly race had fooled themselves into thinking that uttering his name would bring a curse. Humans were truly a fragile and pathetic race, the mere idea that they were able to last in this world was something baffling.

Yet here, right now, was a human, a boy, a child. This warrior chosen by the goddess, his existence in this world must have been short. His experience in the world could be compared to a walk through the woods when compared to Demise's long life of constant war and terror.

This boy should have run, this boy should have ran away, he should have gone under one of his people's pathetic and soft wooden roofs. Yet here he is right now, wielding the sword the goddess's had blessed as though he was born to wield it since his birth.

The steps he took to reach him, unwavering, heading onward forward. Not a single step had gone to the left or right, each one of them moved in a full forward swing. The boy didn't make a singe moment of hesitation, he walked on to what would be his death.

His eyes, it was like looking into precious gemstones for the first time. Every set of eyes that Demise had ever seen, every single one had the same type of expression. Fear, sadness, a loss of hope, all human's were supposed to have the eyes of cowards.

This boy, there was no fear, there was no sadness, and a look of anger that would rival even his own.

The most amazing human he had ever laid his own eyes on,

and he would relish and forever remember this day.

The day he would kill the goddesses precious chosen hero.

"Ah… so you've decided to meet your end in battle after all," Demise started, "It pleases me greatly to see such misplaced valor, human."

The boy then stopped, but not out of fear. He was listening, listening to the words of the one he desired to kill.

Demise continued to speak.

"Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings, for where we stand… shall serve as your tomb for eternity."

He had given his promise to him, his promise to kill him. End his life, and leave what little would remain in this nameless realm.

And even after that, his courage was not swayed, not one bit.

Demise began to move again, around the boy. As a wolf would when circling its prey.

"The hate for the gods that has boiled in my veins," Demise said as he continued to circle the boy, "You will taste all of it, in the bite of my blade."

Demise stopped circling the boy, and turned to face him. The chosen one.

"The only question left is how long you will manage to remain standing before I take your life. Try to keep it interesting for me, would you?"

Demise stretched out his hand, like he was reaching out to him.

"And when you do fall, know that your world and everything in it is mine to dominate… Mine to subjugate… Mine to rule!"

Demise stood forward and faced the chosen boy, mimicking the same determination he showed.

"When I finish with you, you can take solace in knowing your friends and kin will soon follow, as I wipe all who oppose me from the face of this world!" he yelled with confidence.

The world around the two suddenly changed, from a light blue and sunny sky, into a dark and stormy sky.

The boy did nothing for a second… then…




He was afraid? He was scared? This was surprising, that courage that seemed limitless seemed to all but vanish. Now he looked as though he regretted his decision to come here, to face him, and his everlasting amount of dark power.

This chosen hero, had regretted his decision to fight. At the last minute.

Demise was ready to take in this feeling, this laughable moment, something he would remember for all of his immortal existence.

"It won't be long now," Demise said with a somewhat cheerful expression, "At last the almighty power I've sought for millennia.

I will take the Triforce for my own."

"Shut up," he heard.

He was regretting his decision a moment ago,

now he was taunting him?

"Do you honestly believe," he continued, "That I could take solace, knowing that everything I've grown to love will be taken over by you?" he asked.

The boy didn't raise his head, but he took hold of his shining blade and held it up. His strange blue shield that bared the triforce and goddesses symbol had been raised in front of him for defense.

"Even if that was something I could relax to… that would be impossible," he said, "You've taken someone I care about far too much. I aim to get her back."

What was this? What was this boy feeling? Was he truly being brave? Or was he just acting courageous?

Whatever the boy was feeling, Demise knew who he was talking about.

"The goddess's power and her soul will forever remain with me," he told him, "The very power that you humans begged to save you, will be used to ensure your demise."

"I don't care about the goddess."


What did he mean by that?

He was not fighting for the goddess? Then who? Was he talking about some nameless human he had slayed some millennia ago.

The boy finally raised his head, Demise saw another interesting look that he thought he would never see in humans.

The boy didn't regret his decision a moment ago, he didn't even lose any of his courage.

Along with being courageous, and angry at Demise, he was also annoyed.

Annoyed at Demise, the embodiment of darkness.

"I didn't come to save the goddess," he said swinging his sword in anticipation, "I came to save Zelda."


The name that goddess had taken for her now mortal form?

"It does not matter!"


Demise swung his large blade, a strong gust of wind blew from all sides of him and passed by the boy who didn't even flinch at the feeling of Demise's power.

"What you desire will no longer matter, once I end your life chosen hero The world shall be under MY foot! For ETERNITY!"


Zelda woke from her sleep, her forehead sweaty, heart pounding, and fear clouding her mind. She rose from her makeshift bed underneath the life tree in the sealed sanctuary. She looked around and saw that everything was fine, nothing was wrong.

Looking around at the cracks in the wall she noticed the direction of the sun's rays shining through the old building. It was dawn, the sun was just rising, and the small miniature loftwings were starting to fly out of the tree.

Zelda started to relax, letting reality sink right back into her. She was not stuck inside Demise being used as substance, she was still in the sealed grounds, she was in her home. Zelda leaned back and let her head rest on her soft pillow as she pulled back on the covers of her sleeping bag.

Her memories of the past week was starting to take hold again and diminish the fear she was feeling a few seconds ago.

Demise had been defeated, Impa and Fi were both gone, the very weapon that Link had used was sitting at its place on the pedestal, and she and Link… were both resting in their makeshift home.

"zzz…zzzzRRZz." Speak of the devil, Zelda heard the sound of Links loud snoring from the other side of the tree. The chosen hero was snoring so loudly it was a wonder Zelda was even able to sleep.

Normally this would be the moment that Zelda would just go and give a small kick to the boy and wake him up so she could get a few more moments of sleep. She wanted to, but she didn't feel she could.

Ever since her memories of her past life had been awakened, the memories of being the goddess, she felt a great change in her personality.

Zelda had once been a goddess, a symbol of hope, a being of unlimited generosity, a being of pure righteousness and justice. That newly awakened part of her had a strange effect on her.

The side of her, the Zelda who would always joke around and willingly push Link off of high altitudes with disregard for his safety (because she knew he was a strong man and would be fine), was being repressed.

Normally, Zelda could easily rudely wake up Link without a moments hesitation, but the goddess side of her was somehow holding those feelings back. The mere thought of doing any amount of misfit or prank on Link would fill her with grief. She even started regretted all those times she did some type of mischief on Link growing up with him.

Pushing him off the deck to be caught by his Loftwing for the first time in his life and so on, yelling in his ear to wake him up when he slept in, and swiping the last bites of his food during lunch at the knight academy cafeteria.

She knew that it was nothing to fret over, and she knew that Link never even considered holding a grudge at her for what she did, but her goddess side kept panging at her. Making sure she felt bad for all the times she was even remotely bad.

Zelda decided to get up, knowing that she no longer had what it took to force Link to wake up from his sleep, besides, the recent dream she had kept her from going back to sleep. She got up and grabbed her rucksack that she had brought from her home and pulled out one of the towels she had with her.

Before heading off she walked to the other side of the tree to check on her hero. Link, he was sitting up, wearing his old clothing from before his knighthood. No blanket or pillow on him, he had let Zelda use them for herself, despite her telling him that she didn't need that much cover. He looked comfortable and contends none the less.

The way he would sit up with his eyes closed, mouth agape, head tilted to the side, and no sign of him waking up any time soon.

Link looked so… adorable.

The goddess side of her began to act up giving her short feelings of guilt for thinking of her best friend as adorable.

She left him and headed out the front door of the temple in a hurry.

Once Zelda was outside the temple she took a right, up the ramp to the small allyway where the bomb flower was and went behind the wall.

At that area was a large metal basin of water, courtesy of the water dragon.

Once the water dragon had heard the news of the goddesses decision to stay here on the ground she had given it to Zelda.

"A good soak is good for washing away fatigue and stress. Consider it small thank you gift for all you've done for us my goddess," were the water dragons words.

Zelda let her towel drape on a nearby branch and began to disrobe, pulling up her ceremonial white dress and taking off her blue jewel like shoes. When Zelda removed everything she wore she climbed up to the rim of the basin and stuck her big toe in it.

By the magic and blessings of the water dragon, the moment her toe touched the water it had slowly changed from cold to warm, steam immediately started to rise from the basin and Zelda let her leg down into the water. She brought her other leg over the rim till she was in the water basin and let the warmth take her over. Slowly she sunk till her head was underneath, her long blonde hair splayed out like a flower floating on the surface of the water. Soon she rose her head back up, letting the warm water drip down.

She grabbed and handful of the water and began covering herself with it, ensuring that any and all spots on her to make herself clean. This basin was a blessing to Zelda, warm bath water whenever she wanted, and the magic from the basin instantly cleaned it. It was like taking a bath back at her home at the academy in the sky.

Once she was sure she was cleaned up she just sat in the basin, submerging her body up to under her nose as she relaxed. While she did though, Zelda began having new thoughts, thoughts about the dreams that had been plaguing her every time she slept.

Demise, that king of evil.

For some reason her nights were filled with his memories. Specifically about the battle between him and Link.

She didn't know why she had them, perhaps it was an effect of the time when her soul and essence were eaten by him in his monstrous form.

However she got them, they were there.

Every time Zelda had these dreams she felt the same things that Demise had felt, his anger for the gods, his desire for revenge, and his lust for violence. All this destructing without a shred of regret of remorse, to think that such a being could exist, had existed.

Everything that Link had faced before Demise, they were nothing compared to him.


Zelda also remembered the look she saw in Link when he faced Demise. That anger, hatred, never in all her life had she ever seen Link so angry.

She never knew that the once sweet and innocent boy she had grown with, could give a look so fierce that it would send even the bravest Moblin's running in fear.

She took a hold of a spot over her left breast and gripped her skin, the area where her heart was.

That look Link had given, had frightened Zelda.

"Zelda!" she heard.

Link must have woken up and seen that she wasn't behind him. Zelda heard Links voice from over the wall that was separating the two, he was calling out to her from out of her sight, obviously respecting her privacy.

"I'm over here, I'm in the bath!" she called back signaling she was okay.

"Oh! Okay! Just wanted to make sure!" he yelled back at her, "I'm gonna head into the woods and get us some breakfast, you want anything?" he asked her.

"Whatever you bring is fine," she said.

"Alright, be careful," she heard him say, soon it was quiet again and she was sure that Link was gone.

The basin magically got warmer, as though it was reacting to Zelda's feelings when she heard Links voice.

The two of them, they were alone.

On a world mostly devoid of any other human life, just her

and her best friend since childhood who risked everything just to be reunited with her.

The thoughts she was having of him.

The goddess side of her was doing all it could to make sure that she felt guilty of the un-pure thoughts she had of her best friend.

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