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"Liiiink!" little six year old Zelda shouted banging on her friends room. It was early in the morning and most of the residents in Skyloft were all still asleep. Zelda was one of the few who got up early in the morning, and now she was demanding her friend to do the same.

She knocked on her friend's door for a good minute as hard as her tiny little fist could. She still didn't hear Link give her any sign that he was up, or even getting up and she was getting impatient. Against her father's orders of politeness and manners (whatever those were) she forced open the door of Links room and peeked inside.

The room was dark sunlight being blocked out by the shade of his curtains letting only a small beam of light in between them. She was able to make out Links bed and a small Link shaped lump underneath two layers of blankets with his head poking out at the top. She couldn't understand why Link always liked to have a lot of blankets on top of him when he slept. Just one blanket for her was too hot to sleep in.

Even after banging on the door he was still asleep he had always been a deep sleeper.

Zelda carefully and slowly opened the door the soft sound of creaking filled the silent room, but Link still slept in completely unaffected by the sound. Zelda silently walked towards the door on the tippy tops of her toes quietly giggling to herself at the thought of what she was about to do.

She reached the window of Links room and grabbed the sides of Links curtains. She stood in place and turned her head to her still sleeping friend she was about to burst from laughter. She pulled the sides of the window curtains letting in a flood of light that filled the room. The bright sun being in the right position to shine into Links room.

Link still snored, even with the sunlight it didn't do anything to Link.

Zelda stopped laughing when she realized her plan didn't work.

"Link! Get up!" Zelda said.

This time she saw link open up one of his eyes slightly looking at Zelda. Link just groaned lightly before pulling the covers over his face to block out the light and sound.

"Hey! Don't go back to sleep!" Zelda complained pushing the side of his bed to shake it, "Come on Link daddy's still asleep and I wanna play."

Link didn't listen to her and continued to snore in a way that Zelda knew was a fake snore. She continued to shake the bed back and forth the wooden post were sliding an inch across the floor.

Zelda started to groan in annoyance knowing he wouldn't wake up.

"hrrgh, Hup!" Zelda grunted pulling herself up the bed.

"Come on Link!" she yelled hopping up on the bed. She landed and sat herself on the area where Links tummy was. She heard him grunt when he felt her sitting on him, but he didn't get up.

Still sitting on top of Link she placed both her feet to both sides of his body and started stomping on the bed as fast as she could, she placed both of her hands on Links chest to keep herself balanced as she kept shaking the bed with her fluttering legs trying to get Link to wake up.

"nnnngh, go away," Link slurred out still half asleep.

"No, I wanna play! Come on Link get up!" she yelled.

Now she was flapping her arms in rhythm to hop up and down while still sitting on Link. The bed was really starting to shake, but still Link didn't make any sign of getting up.

"rrrrgh!" Zelda decided that enough was enough. She was bored and Link was the only one on the island that made anything fun. She got off of Link and stood on her knees to the side of him. With a great "Omph" she pushed Link off the bed.

"mph!" Link sounded still inside his blankets, he landed with a small thud half a foot from the ground and fell on the floor in a tangled mess of covers. Link struggled and squirmed a bit before popping his head out of the cocoon blanket.

"Zeldaaa!" Link said sadly. He got one arm free and started rubbing the area of his head that hit the floor. His face looked like he was about to cry, and he felt his nose start to get a little runny.

"No, no crying Link. You promised you wouldn't cry anymore," Zelda ordered him.

When Zelda told him that Link tried to freeze his face to keep it from frowning more than it did, his cheeks puffed up in an attempt to try and smile past the pain. His eyes were beginning to moisten, but Link tried to will his eyes to not cry.

"Come on, let's go play now," Zelda said hopping off the bed and grabbing Links arm. Link complained as she tugged him out of his spot, but he didn't have it in him to say no now that he was up. He just let his friend pull him wherever she wanted.

Zelda lightly opened her eyes when she awoke. The morning sun came, and she felt peaceful as she awoke. Zelda looked around her area trying to remember what happenoh yeah that's right. Zelda looked to her side to see Link sleeping next to her. She looked down and then quickly looked back up blushing remembering the two of them were both still naked from last night. A small stressing pain coming from her loins was verifying last night's event.

Zelda felt strange waking up, for the last month she had been seeing Link fight it out with Demise in a one on one fight to the death. Now… she was dreaming about a time when they were kids.

Did that mean it was over?

Was the residue, evil, darkness… whatever it was keeping her in a nightmare state gone? Could she go back to sleeping peacefully? No more having a horrible dream, waking up in a cold sweat, and having to go check on Link to make sure he was okay?

"mmm…," Link suddenly stirred make a small waking up sound. He opened his eyes looking up at the ceiling then he turned his head to the side to see Zelda who was already awake before him. "Morning," Link said in a tired yet cheerful tone.

"G-Good morning," Zelda said a little uneasy.

"So… last night… we-?"


"Just making sure," Link said. He reached up and placed an arm around her hugging her close to him before laying his head back again, "So… did you have that dream again?" he asked her.

"What dream- the one with Demise?" Zelda asked, did he know something?

"Yeah, usually when you're dreaming you kick me in your sleep and you start snoring loudly. But last night you were actually pretty peaceful," Link said. Wait she snored and kicked him in her sleep?

"I don't snore," Zelda said raising her head up sounding offended.

"Yeah you do," Link said jokingly accusing her, "so was it the dream?"

"N-No, it was a different dream this time," Zelda said remembering the dream she had.

"Really? So have those visions stopped?" Link asked hopeful.

"I don't know it's… too soon to say. It was only for one night," Zelda told him.

"What was it about?" Link asked.

"Well… I was dreaming about when we were kids," she told him.

"What about it?" Link asked wanting more detail.

"I was six… and you were still asleep, and I wanted to play. So I tried waking you up," Zelda said.

"Oh yeah I remember… you always got me up early… and when I didn't get up you tried to force me awake. And every time I didn't get up you pushed me off of my bed. I think that's where you got your 'pushing me off the island' trait," Link said. Did she really push Link off the island so much that people could identify her by that? "Kinda funny that you're still jumping on me," he said with a smirk.

"L-Link!" Zelda said blushing. It was a fond memory as kids why did he have to make it into an inappropriate joke.

"What? You can't get mad at me you were the one who started it," Link said jokingly pointing at her.

"That doesn't mean that I want you to do… that," Zelda said annoyed at him.

"Do what?" Link asked sarcastically, "Make sex jokes about you jumping on me."

"Knock it off!" Zelda said embarrassed and annoyed.

"Fine fine… but you were the one who drugged me."

"I remember! Stop it," Zelda ordered. Link was just quietly laughing at her getting upset so easily.

"Alright sorry," he said still smiling, "I'm gonna get the pumpkin soup I dropped last night, reheat it for breakfast," Link pulled the covers off of himself and stood up.

"LINK!" Zelda yelled covering her eyes blushing a deep red. She and Link were both still in the nude, but Link acted as he naturally did.

"What? What's wrong?" he asked not knowing what Zelda was upset about.

"Put some pants on!" she shrieked still covering her eyes.

"Oh come on you're still shy about this?" Link asked, Zelda peeked through a small slit through her eyes and saw that he was facing her not bothering to cover, "Are you shy? Or is it Hylia telling you what to do again?"

"Both!" she said scrunching her eyes shut.

"Really, after what we did last night? I'm pretty sure you've seen everything I have, and vise versa," he said smiling at that last part.

"That doesn't mean it's okay for you to go around naked!" Zelda argued back at him.

"Oh really? What a shame, I would have enjoyed that," Link said sarcastically (not really).

Goddess, how does he do this? Last night he and she both had their first time, but he was able to act like it was 'business as usual' after that? Just strut around with his thing hanging there almost like he forgot his old best friend was there. Zelda was still having a tough time getting used to the fact that they 'did it', and it wasn't because Hylia's telling her how 'immoral relations were' or something along those lines.

"Just put something on! Please!" Zelda said still tinted a deep red.

"Fine," Link said defeated, he went over to the pile where their clothes were and grabbed his pants, "So you don't feel like doing it again?"

"No!" Zelda shrieked out.

"Really?" Link asked again.

"I-I don't know… l-later, maybe," Zelda said awkwardly, embarrassing or not last night took 'flying her Loftwing for the first time'('s) title of 'Best night of her life'.

"I'll hold you to that," Link said, "by the way if you serious about not walking around naked you might want to pull the blanket up."

"Wha-AH!" Zelda shrieked. This whole time she forgot that there was no blanket covering her breast, she threw both her hands over her chest to cover them, just in time to see Link raising his leg to put on his pants. "W-Why didn't you say anything sooner?" she asked trying not to stare at Link.

"You really need to ask?" he said.

"Ugh, I'm using the bath," Zelda said annoyed, she wrapped herself with the blanket and picked up her dress and underwear before heading out the door.

The Pumpkin soup wasn't as good as they had hoped. Despite it just being a day old it didn't have that warm soothing feeling it had when you ate it fresh. Zelda and Link both slurped their small share in an awkward silence, again. Zelda was still a bit upset at Link for teasing her so much, and Link who felt a little bad for teasing her so much.

"So… about last night," Link said softly.

"Mn? No no no no!" Zelda said not wanting to start another fight.

"I know, I-I'm being serious here I swear," Link promised, Zelda gave him the suspicious eye slant look, but let him continue.

"Why did you… drug me?" he asked, "I mean… I'm pretty sure that if you asked I would have had se- er… 'done it' with you."

Okay he was trying to be discrete so he probably wasn't leading her into anything.

"You can say sex. I was…well, I was afraid I would have just run off," Zelda said, "I did want it… a lot… but Hylia didn't. So I decided to try and make it so you wouldn't stop no matter what."

"I would have kept going if you told me to, you didn't need to drug me," Link said.

"Really? Even if I begged you to stop?" Zelda asked him.

"Uh… well… no, I guess not," Link said.

"I probably would have just run off, Hylia made it difficult for me just to go through with that plan," she said.

"So is she making you feel bad about last night?" Link asked concerned.

"No she… a little, but I think I'm finally learning to suppress her," Zelda said.

"So you'll be free to be yourself now?" Link asked, "Because I'll be honest I miss the days when you would try and keep me in line. That face you made when you did your 'big boss' routine was really cute," he said.

"Probably," Zelda said.

"Great," Link said placing his empty bowl on the ground, "Anyway I got a bit of work to do, I have to start getting some wood. The Kikwi's are gonna show me where there are some big logs I can chop for more materials. By the way a few of them want to know if they can stay close to our home when it's finished. They like the fact that I can scare off monsters it makes them feel safe."

"Uh… sure I guess," Zelda said thinking, "I suppose it would be boring if we didn't have any neighbors anyway."

"Great, I'll let them know the good news," Link said getting up, he turned around ready to head out the door, "Oh uh… there's just one more thing," he said turning back around and sitting back in his spot in front of her.

"What?" Zelda asked.

Link grabbed her left hand and pulled her in closer, the two of their faces were an inch and a half apart.

"Will you marry me?"

"What-WHAT?" Zelda screamed out in shock and surprises.

She pulled her hand out of Links grip out of reflex bunching her arms together in front of her. When she did she felt something out of place. Somehow Link had put on her forefinger in her left hand a small gold ring with a dazzling bluish lavender jewel.

"L-Link I- wh-what?" Zelda's head was racing a mile a minute. Did he really ask… oh goddess she was back to being unable to say certain words. Did he really? This soon? W-What was he… when did he… This ring was… where did he get the time to pick up a ring like this?

"Look familiar?" Link asked her when he noticed her silent expression was looking at the ring.

She looked at the ring, and she thought it looked… shiney… why would she think that?

"You remember that time when we were kids? You saw something shiny at the Bazaar and you really wanted it? You were eight then at the time. I stole it, and when they found out I did I was forced to clean the stalls for a whole month," Link told her.

"That time… That was a ring?" Zelda said, she did remember. She reminisced about it when the two of them returned to Skyloft for the first time and she looked around the Bazaar. "You remembered that?" she asked surprised that he would remember something so long ago.

"Yeah, you didn't know it was a ring?" Link asked her.

"Well… no. All I knew was that it was shiny I didn't know it was a ring," Zelda said.

"Well surprise then… so… do you?" Link asked again.

Did she wh- oh… uh… right… marriage.


Married to Link.

This was… granted yes this was pretty much to be expected. Zelda herself had used to picture something like this happening between the two back when they lived on Skyloft.

There were so many different versions she made in her head about this moment.

Link inviting her out one evening alone, a nice dinner by the sunset and by the time the sun would go in a few seconds he would propose to her.

Link, a great and well respected knight of Skyloft, going off on a great journey for the safety of the people, and then months later returning after everyone except her had given up hope for his return. He would surprise her with his return and the two of them embracing each other in love and then proposing to her.

Link asking her out on her birthday, the two of them spending hours together all day before returning home to have some birthday cake he made for her. Then when she took that first bite into her cake she would taste something hard, and when she spit it out she would see the ring and then he would ask her to marry her.

Link coming to her rescue from the evil Groose who had kidnapped princess Zelda for her beauty, and just as he's about to force her into marrying him Link would come just in the nick of time to duel that-… okay that dream was when she was still a kid.

And now it was really happening. Link was asking her to marry him.

The morning after he had been drugged and the two made love, and then him teasing her about it. After having day old pumpkin soup for breakfast.


Zelda was sure there wasn't an old day dream she had about that.



"I… nn no… not like this," Zelda said, the words were so difficult for her to say.

"I-… wh-why… I thought that," Link stuttered shocked and saddened, "I thought that you and I-… you don't feel this way about me?"

"No," Zelda said, "I-I do want this… I mean… I used to dream about this all the time. But… not like this."

"I don't understand," Link said confused.

"Link… I do want to marry you, I really really 'Really' do. But after everything we did today- well this morning. I just… I don't want us to start out like this," Zelda told him.

"You're angry at me?" Link asked worried.

"No," Zelda said, "Waking up to you teasing me, lumpy pumpkin soup, and living in the woods… It's just… it's not any way I envisioned this happening."

"So… you're saying no because my proposal wasn't romantic enough," Link asked still sounding confused.

"Well… yes," Zelda said sadly, she felt horrible. She felt like she was being really selfish for saying that, "I'm not saying no… Just… not like this," she finished.

"… heh heh… Hahahahaha!" Link laughed.

He was laughing? Why was… did she say something funny? Laughing was the last thing she expected Link to do, she thought he would have felt much worse after being told by the woman he loves she wouldn't marry him.

"W-What so funny?" Zelda asked worried.

"You're answer," Link said smiling through his words, "That… heh heh, when I decided to propose to you I was thinking that something exactly like this would happen. But I didn't think I'd need to worry about that if a part of Hylia was controlling you."

"S-So… you're not sad?" Zelda asked a little relieved.

"heheheh… no… no it's perfectly fine," Link said cheerfully, he took ahold of Zelda's hand and took the ring he put on her, "I'd rather Zelda tell me 'no' because I wasn't good enough over having Hylia tell me 'yes' just to spare my feelings."

That was… even more unexpected to Zelda. He was okay that Zelda was telling him no?

"It's fine… I'll find a better way to propose to you," Link said.

"You're sure," Zelda asked still feeling bad about saying no.

"I'm sure, besides Karane wants a fairytale ending. Gotta thank her for the leaves in some way," Link told her, "The next time I propose to you it'll be so great then when you tell Karane how I did it she'll go through hundreds of story books to find out where I copied it from."

"Really?" Zelda asked him.

"Really," Link said, "Anyway you want, just tell me; how can I make it more romantic for you?"

"Just… I-I don't know, I suppose I would have liked it if you did a kind of romantic surprise, but that's gone now that I know," Zelda said thinking.

"No! No it's not, I'll find a way to romantically surprise you," Link said.

"Well… Link you don't need to go through that much trouble, I mean a nice dinner together probably would have been enough," Zelda said.

"No way… I'll be sure to surprise you!" Link said, "And if the next times not good enough then I'll try again till I get it right."

Zelda was surprised, she knew he faced through nearly impossible odds and fought against giant monsters and enemies for her. Yet this was a completely new level of dedication for her.

"You promise?" Zelda asked deciding to go along with it.

"I promise," Link said, "So… anyway I need to go, the Kikwi's are waiting for me and I'm already late."

"Oh… okay, that's fine. I'll clean up here," Zelda said as the two got up, "So I'll meet you for lunch?" she asked smiling.

"Definitely," Link said smiling back at her.

The two shared a short kiss before Link raced out the door.

The morning for Zelda was odd, surprising, and happy to say the least. Link took her rejection a lot better than she thought. Those dreams of Demise didn't affect her this morning. And those voices from Hylia were starting to quiet down, she was able to say what she wanted without her telling her no. And Link wanted to… great din's fire he was really about to… no! No daydreaming, she wanted this to be perfect. After everything that had happened to the two of them she needed at least this moment in her life to be perfect.

She could wait.

Even if today wasn't perfect like she wanted they had the rest of their lives to fix them.






Zelda felt someone sneaking behind her reaching for her left hand.

"That's not surprising enough."

"Damn, alright later," Link said heading out the door.

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