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It was a breezy, spring-like day in Jump city. The titans were doing their normal things. Raven was reading on the roof, Robin and Cyborg were playing some racing video game, and Beastboy was trying (and failing) to teach Starfire how to make tofu burgers.

All of a sudden, the tower was full of bright red light and loud noises. Everyone stopped what they were doing and went to the main computer. Raven flew down, having heard the noises through an open window.

"What is it?" she asked irritated "I was just getting to the good part".

A picture of an alien popped up on the screen. Everyone was looking at it, no idea what to do, when Starfire screamed.

"Th-hh-at's Th-h-at's" She struggled, unable to speak. She swallowed, her mind obviously racing.

"These are aliens of Gernik, their planet and our planet had a war many millenniums ago. Still most people fear them for their stinger. It-"

"A stinger? Dude! That's just wrong," interrupted the changeling, "I mean- OW!" He turned around rubbing his head and gulped when he saw Raven glaring at him.

"As I was saying," She continued, "The stinger can paralyze someone, and they can be drained of all strength for a long amount of time."

"Ok so stay away from the stingers and we'll be all set," Robin stated, "c'mon!" They all went the abandon warehouse in which the "Gernikians" were last seen.

The warehouse was an old, broken down building that used to make airplane parts. It was a giant hanger with a walkway all around the top of the building.

The titans flew in the direction of the docks. Cyborg was driving Beastboy and Robin- while the girls preferred to fly. They found that the alien ship crashed into the side of the old structure.

"Get away from my new home!" Starfire yelled as her eyes and hands turned green.

The leader answered her with a series of clicks and gurgles.

She stood, obviously understanding the strange language.

Again the leader talked, this time to his warriors. He turned around and smiled, an evil little smirk.

Then his warriors got in position to fight. Some jumped up on the walkway, some on top of boxes of old mechanical items and some around the exits- trying to form a barrier.

"Well I know what that means," Robin said "Titans, GO!"

Robin and Cyborg ran to the center of the warehouse. They were fighting here and there and watching each other's blind side.

Beastboy was not far away from them. He was changing forms. He went from a gorilla, to a rhino, to an elephant, and finally deciding to be a kangaroo. He was jumping and kicking the visitors.

Starfire flew up into the air and started shoot bolts everywhere, while Raven flew on the walkway and started attack. She fought with her powers, using shield of black energy to protect herself. But when she heard something behind her, she ducked and a bright green blast flew swiftly over her head.

….…RAVEN'S POV…..…

The kicking and punching is really using my energy, I'm getting tired- But I can't back down this smart-ass alien.

When I cornered him, or her, rather, IT. I saw its eyes travel from me to something behind me.

My body knew what was happening before my brain did. I ducked and saw a bright blue blast fly past my head

"You just messed with the wrong person, buddy". I said while I jumped up and kicked it.

Boxes of junk were engulfed in black energy and I threw it at them. They cowered in a corner, and I landed feeling happy with myself.

I was going to finish them off when I heard Beastboy yell;


I went to turn but was too late. I felt the worst sensation in my back. "Oh no…." I thought "that didn't just happen?"

I dropped to the ground; I could barely keep my eyes open. The last thing I remember was hearing Robin screaming my name.