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The ship crash landed, skidding across the dry land and crashing into a tree,

"Well! That didn't go as planned, y'all alright?" asked Cyborg as he climbed out and assessed the damaged.

"Yeah" Beastboy answered, getting out of his pod and walking over to Starfire to help her. "How bad is the ship?"

"Actually, I think we did more damage to the tree" he chuckled, gesturing to the fallen tree. "Some bumped and dents; nothing I can't fix once we're home."

"Cy, can you track down Raven from here?" asked Robin as he climbed out his own pod and looked around. "We need to find her quickly so-" he stopped and tensed.

"What is it bro?"

"I thought I just saw.. never mind" (1)

"Okay..." He replied, now looking at the screen in his arm. "Rae is… Three miles from here, in that direction" he pointed towards the sun.

He thought for a moment, trying to think of a plan "Come on guys, lets-" Robin turned and a gun was pointed at his face.

The aliens found them; they must've heard the crash. Starfire was being held against a tree, a rope in her mouth so she couldn't speak, while Cyborg and Beastboy were being advanced by the others. Robin started attacking anyone he could reach, and only hoped the team was alright. But when he wasn't looking a fighter came and punched him, sending him flying.


He crashed into a tree and was knocked unconscious.



Her eyes fluttered open. Looking around, she saw that was in a sort of glass cell, so it seemed liked she was in a cage in the zoo. She wanted to get up, to try to find a way out, to see her team, but the poison was doing its job, and she couldn't move. Her fingers were the only thing that could move, but she didn't think that mattered. She felt useless and scared; would her teammates come? Are they alright?

What... what was that? It was my name, but who said it? Oh my... it was Robin! He's here, and he's in trouble! I have to try to call back, but I don't think my powers will work…

She took a few deep breaths and put all her strength into calling back; unfortunately she had little strength, and could only manage a few letters before fainting.

R… ro... Robin…

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