ME: This is Mayonaka no Tsubasa (a.k.a. Tsu-chan) here! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, but I have gotten a writer's block with my other stories, and Bleach… well, after rewatching the series 4 times looking for inspiration… you get tired of it. Anyways, sorry about not updating for a long while, but honors classes just don't give me any free time, along with NJHS…. Well, you get the point. Also, I've been into voice-acting for the past week, and such, but I'm just making up excuses… Take it away, Su!

Su: Tsu-chan owns nothing but her wonderful brain *Flames surround and looks evil* GOT THAT?

Me: Unfortunately, she is right...

I stared out the window of the classroom. As usual, the teacher was going on about a new type of math no one would understand, save for the cross dresser. I sighed. Why did he have to be so… good at everything? Sometimes, he was even better at comedy than I was! Just thinking about him made my blood boil!

"Mashiro-san, can you please tell me the answer to this equation?" the teacher said. I glanced at the board. It just looked like a bunch of squiggles. I ignored Mr. Whatever-his-name-is and continued to stare out the window. The teacher just sighed.

"Okay then, Fujisaki-kun, please show Mashiro-san how to do this equation."

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, watching as his long, purple hair swayed beautifully… WAIT! What am I thinking? That new nurse must have gave me a little too much of my headache medication earlier.

"You can't deny it forever, Ri-chan." KusuKusu whispered in my ear. Right now, she was hiding by my shoulder, as my hair hid her.

"Shut up, KusuKusu" I whispered back. This was a normal occurrence. I don't know what KusuKusu thinks I'm denying, but I would rather not find out. Charas… usually came up with crazy ideas. Take Kiseki for example. He originally thought a balloon was the embryo.

I was lost in my thoughts when the bell finally rang. I stood up and walked out of the classroom, my fan boys yelling out things like "RIMA-CHAN! CAN I CARRY YOUR BOOKS?" and so forth. Amu came up to me and glared at all the boys. They whimpered and fell back like dogs. I sighed.

"Hard day for you, huh?" Amu asked. I nodded. Who knew that being popular with guys could be so tiring?

"Amu-chan, I think I need to skip the Guardians meeting today. I just think that I will be able to stand Tadase's stupid voice today." I told her. I didn't wait for an answer as I headed towards the opposite direction of the royal garden. If I was lucky, no one would question me…

"Rima-san!" a familiar, annoying voice called out. Fujisaki.

"I already told Amu I wasn't going to the meeting today, so leave me alone." I told him without looking back. I said it in my 'if you argue with me, you die' voice, and he knew better than to challenge that. Sighing, he turned and went towards the Royal Garden. At least he knows when I am serious, I thought.

I glanced around, making sure no one was watching, and pulled the warm object out of my backpack. I sighed; at least it was still intact. It was the real reason I didn't go to the Guardians meeting. It was a second egg.