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A confluence of too much work, not enough time, and three separate viewings of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 have all sent me escaping into TwiFic again. Expect short chapters and updates every day or two. And it's all just for fun. No beta, no pre-readers. Just Edward, Bella, and the multiverse. (Of which, Stephenie Meyer only owns two.)


There are a few things I know about Bella Swan.

I know she likes her coffee without sugar but with a healthy slosh of half and half. If the office fridge is out of her preferred brand of high-fat dairy, I know she scrunches up her nose and reaches for the Coffeemate, but that she does so with disdain.

I know that she looks great in heels, even though she rarely wears them, and that's okay. The benefit to her mile-long legs is offset by the tension in her posture, and I hate to see her looking that uncomfortable. And she doesn't like people staring anyway.

People stare when she wears heels. But I don't think she knows why.

I know her screen saver is of the Muppets, and that her favorite Muppet varies from day to day. Right now, it seems to be Kermit, because she's had that song about rainbows playing softly in the background for a week. Sometimes it's Gonzo (I'm Going to Go Back There Someday). And every now and then it's Rowlf (I Hope That Something Better Comes Along).

Apparently, she likes her puppets bittersweet.

I know she lives in an old neighborhood, far away from student housing – that she doesn't socialize with anyone from our program much at all. That she's insanely beautiful and that she could have anyone she wants, but that she never, ever dates. That her voice, as rare as it is to hear, is gentle and low.

That she's smart. Brilliant. Smarter than me, and I'm not trying to brag when I tell you that's saying something.

I know she likes theoretical versus experimental physics, that she earned the only A in Dr. Banner's nanoscale class last semester, and that string theory is her area of interest.

I know she looks particularly insanely beautiful in blue.

And as I hitch my backpack higher on my shoulders and shove my glasses up my nose, I decide there's one other thing I know.

I know that today's the day I'm going to go up to her.

Today's the day I'm going to say hello.




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