Okay so I feel bad but now I just want to upload something of Terrible Things below is a chunk of what I have. Okay so I lost about 12k words... and What I'm left with is 9k words. So I lost alot of ground. I'll upload by total word count. So when I hit 12k words I'll upload another chapter, another one for 15k, and then nothing again till I finish.

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Due to some technical difficulties with I can't see what this looks like on the doc manager... So If its clompy looking and stuff not my problem. Anyways based off the fanvid I made saturday. Check it out it's to the song Terrible Things by Mayday Parade. Check out the video is called Terrible Things Jake/Hayley its on the channel MusicalWheaeten and yeah. I own nothing but Nick, Holly, Jayden, and Lucy... well I don't even own Nick XD since he is more or less based off Nicholas Purcell himself... Yeah here we go its set way in the future... Nick, and Holly are 15... Lucy is 16... Jayden is 17. This is really long, and its plot heavy since at one point I will have about five plots going on, and this is just a one shot. Please read the authors note at the end, it has some very important information about the fic, I didn't want to explain here do to spoilers.

Slow, so slow

I fell to the ground, on my knees

So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose

If given the choice, then, I'm begging you, choose

To walk away, walk away, don't let her get you.

I can't bear to see the same happen to you.

Now son, I'm only telling you this...

...Because life, can do terrible things

~ Mayday Parade

Nick's P.O.V

Friday the 11th, Bancroft - Cadworth Home:

"So Nick, how are you liking Lakewood?" my Aunt Cadence asked. She wasn't really my aunt she had just been extremely close to both my parents, Along with her Husband Kirby.

"I like it I miss my old friends, but I finally feel a connection to my mom here, I finally know her name thanks to Mr. Stockley, My dad keeps everything about her and his past for the most part under lock and key."

"Your dad has his reasons Nick." My Uncle Kirby had spoken up.

"I know, I just wish he'd let me talk about her once without shutting d-" I was about to say down which was cut off by a doorbell. Cadence got up from her chair and went to answer the door. My dad must have been there.

"You need to tell him about his mom sometime Jake."

"I will when I'm ready Cadence."

"He wants to know."

"It hurts Cadence."

"I understand that Jake. But he didn't know her name until last week, when Mr. Stockley brought her up and he had no idea who she was."

"I can't Cadence."

"Why Jake?"

"I just can't."

"He needs to know."

"I can't tell him."

"You tell him or I will."

"Can we just leave?"

"Leave but remember what I said. Just tell him Jake."

The following Friday, Collins household:

"So Nick what do you say I see if I can get off early and we can go out and maybe get pizza or something. We can go to the Hannigans."

"Sounds cool dad."

"I'll try to be home at 6 and we can leave at 7?"

"Sounds fine dad. Unless I get a Troop call everything is fine."

"I forgot all about that."

"It was also part of your childhood dad, and you seem to have blocked it out."

"I've just been busy with work."

"Okay, well I'm gonna be late for school. So tonight right dad? Please don't bail again..."

"I won't I promise." I sighed he always promised, and those promises were always broken.

Later that evening:

"I got it dad, no I'm fine. I think I'll just walk over to Hannigans and grab some pizza, maybe see if Holly and Jayden want to join me."

"Well have fun, I'll see you when I get home." I grabbed my watch-come and pressed the call button.

"Hey Hol, hey Jay."

"What's up Nick?" Holly asked.

"Wanna meet me for pizza at the Hannigans?"

"Dad canceled again?" Jayden responded

"Yup he canceled again..."

"Sorry Nick, I can meet you after cheerleading practice." Holly responded.

"I can come, basketball practice just ended."

"Sounds good so see you guys in an hour?"

"See yah then bye guys." Holly said turning her watch-com off.

"I'll be there bye dude." Jayden said also turning off his watch-com.

An hour later, Hannigans:

I had arrived before my friends and was looking at one of the many comic shelves. I picked one up with an ice ghoul on the cover, and studied it. It was entitled Jakeinator and the Ice Ghoul. I continued to study the cover, there was a superhero type guy whom I guessed was Jakeinator and a blonde girl with curly hair. I examined the page throughly for maybe an authors name, there was something about this cover something so familiar.

"Thats a great comic man." A waiter smiled and said noticing me. "Its a Jake Collins original, never was actually released, that was exclusive for kids at his high school and we got a few copies. He had hit big too with the comic book industry, then there was some terrible event 13 years ago and he just disappeared."

"Wait did you say Jake Collins?"

"Yeah why?"

"No reason... What can you tell me about the girl on the cover?"

"I'm not sure really, I think she was his high school girlfriend, they might have gotten married. He managed to keep his love life out of the press, when he hit it big."

"He's over here Jay." Hol called bouncing over to where Nick was.

"Thanks man." I said turning back to the waiter. I stared back to the comic I clutched in my hand.

"Whatcha got there bro?" Jay asked.

"Just a comic... I think my dad wrote it..."

"What makes you think that," Holly said straightening her brunette ponytail..

"It has an ice ghoul, it was written by a Jake Collins, and this Honey character looks familiar."

"Let's not worry about it now." Jayden stated sliding a hand through his gelled black hair.

"You're right, I'm starving."

The three current Lakewood Troop members grabbed a booth towards the back of the restaurant, and waited for someone to get their pizza order.

"So I think I'm gonna do more research on Jake Collins comics tonights. There has to be something out there more about him, more about my mom if Honey was based on her."

"Have you thought about asking your dad," Holly asked.

"I have Holly," I sighed.

"Maybe your Aunt and Uncle," Jay mused. "Weren't they in the Troop with your parents?"

"I'll ask next time I go over, its just we haven't gone over there since last Friday, it had something to do with something Cadence said to my dad."

"Well, one day you'll get your answers Nick." Holly said rubbing my back between my shoulders.

"Maybe you could ask Mr. Stockley some questions about your mom,"

"I did he got a call from my dad, my dad doesn't want him to answer any more questions."

"If I ever see my dad at a decent hour, and not between him getting home from work and locking himself in his office, I'll ask him again, and demand answers next time."

"What time is it? I left my phone at home," Jay asked.

"Its 8," I said getting out my iPhone and checking the time.

"I should get going, We have a tournament in Stockland tomorrow, and I have to leave by 6."

"Bye Jay," Holly and I said in unison

"What about you?" I asked.

"I don't have to leave till whenever."

"Maybe, we should leave now, I can walk you home." I said.

"I'm a big girl I can take care of myself."

"I just don't want to go home yet."

"Well then I guess I can let you walk, poor little ole me home." She teased.

"Shall we go madame?" I joked.

"We shall," She smiled before standing up.

We exited the restaurant, and walked through the quiet streets of Lakewood. It was a calm Friday night, the first in awhile they haven't had to fight monsters. I had become instant friends with Holly, I had to win Jayden over though I was replacing his best friend, after he had moved to Detroit. Soon the three of us became inseparable, some people thought we made a weird group with Holly, and peppy brunette cheerleading captain, Jayden the sports superstar, and then me the arty geek. Everyone understood Holly and Jayden hanging out but add me to the mix and it didn't make sense. Sure they weren't my Troop friends back in Waukesha but we've become super close, and I couldn't see being in a Troop with anyone else. The code for the Troop was still Mime Club, though we actually do know some mime moves unlike the Troop when my dad was young, according to Mr. Stockley

"Whatcha thinking about Nick?"

"Just us..."

"What about us."

"You me and Jayden, and why were friends."

"Well the Troop, silly."

"But if you think about it there aren't rules that say you have to hangout outside of the Troop, but most Troops do, thats really where lifelong high school friendships come in."

"If you say so..."

"Well you've just been a brooding emo kid tonight, you know that Nick."

"Sorry Hol, I've just been thinking of my mom more then usual.. You know I don't even know why she isn't in my life. She could've taken off, or maybe she's dead, or maybe she didn't want me."

"Nick, I'm sure she loved you, and you need to confront your dad, he needs to tell you sometime. Demand answers."

"I guess your right Hol."

"Oh I'm always right."

"Cocky much."

"Oh I try." She teased

"Oh look we're at your house."

"Thanks captain obvious."

"You're welcome Sargent sarcasm." We strolled up the walk to her house in silence.

"Well I'll see you soon." I smiled as we stood on her doorstep.

"Probably tomorrow, since tonight we didn't have any monster attacks."

"Well its a date." I smiled.

"Bye Nick."

"Bye Holly." I said turning on my heels to leave.

"Wait Nick."


"Just hold on a second." She said quickly before giving me a kiss on the cheek and turning to enter her house. I clamped a hand to my cheek, and slowly began to stroll down the path to the sidewalk. Its not like I've never thought of Holly that way, it's just I never thought she thought of me in that way. Suddenly my brain went from thinking as if this was a problem to HOLLY LYNN GELLER JUST KISSED ME! I practically ran home. I was still trapped in the moment, my hand fumbled so much with the door handle. I eventually got the door opened and I was heading straight for my room. I noticed my dad's office door was open for once. He was sitting at his desk with something in his hand. I knocked on the door frame.

"Oh hey Nick."

"Hey dad."

"So how was pizza?"

"It was fun."

"Well thats good."

"So dad what are you looking at?"

"Oh nothing," I watched him flinch as he quickly shoved what was in his hand into one of the desk drawers, and locked it.

"Er, sure. Dad I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Its about a girl."


"Well you know Holly, and I are really close right? Well tonight after pizza, and I walked her home. So when we got to her house she kissed me. Well it was only on the cheek, but still. I feel like I'm over thinking it, but I think she likes me and I just don't know dad."

"Well Nick, I think it's time I tell you a story." Grab a seat its a long one." he sighed. I sat down on one of the chairs on the other side of his desk.

"Well dad I'm ready."

Jake's P.O.V.

I had been rehearsing this in my mind for years, and finally I had to tell him. I didn't think I was ready but I think I'd be able to handle this, maybe.

"Nick, when I was just a bit younger then you when I met your mother. I wasn't looking for anyone special really, I just wanted to survive high school and maybe hit it big with the comic book business. Then one day Mr. Stockley called me into his office, and well you know what happens. Your life is suddenly changed, you get to save the world, well kind of. You feel special, you do something with your life. Well thats where I met your mother, and I suspect you already know that, from Mr. Stockley, Cadence, or Kirby. When I met your mom, I was blown away she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She took my breathe away every time I saw her. Well things never seemed to work for us. She had a boyfriend, they'd break up and maybe I'd be with someone or the timing would suck or something. Son I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things. Well finally things were right for us we were both single, and nothing seemed to be stopping us this time. So I finally gathered the courage to ask her out, and well son I don't think fate was in my favor then, since somehow I ended up dating Cadence, and we had dated for about two months, and as you know she's half monster. So when I found out, I broke up with her. Now I want you to know I broke up with her for being half-monster, I think I used that as a way out. I really liked her, but I don't think I ever felt anything more than a friend. I thought I could finally be with your mom, it took as awhile but finally when we had gotten locked in at the Stillwater Troop headquarters. Well I'll spare you some of the details, and after that things between us changed, We didn't start dating after that. Maybe a year later halfway through junior year. Well that's when everything changed."

"Then what dad?"

"I think thats enough for tonight its going on midnight. Go to bed maybe I'll tell you more in the morning." I yawned.

"Night dad."

"Night Nick." I said as I watched him walk out the door. I grabbed the picture from the drawer I had shoved it in. I stared at the photo, I clutched in my hand.

"Life can do terrible things." I muttered under my breathe.

Nicks P.O.V.

I laid in my bed that night, thinking about what my dad said. I knew some of what he had told me, but some of what he had said was new information. I had ended up finding out some stuff on the comic book artist Jake Collins. I can confirm that he is my dad. Do I know anything about Honey? No, no I don't. I texted Holly about how my dad was finally sharing, and about how I was excited to learn more about my mom, and even some more about my dad. She hadn't texted back but I'm guessing she had gone to bed around midnight and I had texted her at 1.

The following morning, Collins Residence:

I woke up earlier then usual, and checked my phone for any new messages. Holly had texted me a few minutes ago, she was always up early. I texted her back immediately just more about how I was excited to learn more about my mom today. I climbed out of bed and headed for the kitchen to grab my usual breakfast of pop tarts. I was surprised to see my dad at the stove, actually cooking.

"You can cook?"

"Yes Nick I can cook, I just choose not to. I used to all the time then you learned to make pizza, burgers, and TV dinners, plus my job got busy suddenly. So I'm gonna ask you can a father not surprise his son by cooking for him"

"Not when I haven't seen said father go near the stove in ten years."

"You have a point, and today my schedule is clear."

"You said that yesterday."

"I even turned my phone off."

"I just wasn't aware being an art dealer kept you so busy."

"Its surprising how busy a career it is."

"So dad, what's for breakfast."

"Scrambled eggs, and french toast."

"Okay than." I said checking my phone to see if Holly had texted back. She had, I told her about my father making breakfast which she found equally as shocking. After living here a year it dawned on me, my dad had never met Holly or Jayden. I texted her asking if it was weird that she'd never met my dad. She said it was, but she suggested I could do some research on Troop Grid about him, apparently the Lakewood Troop had been pretty good when he and my mom were members.

"So Nick who are you talking to?"

"Just Holly dad."

"You two are close then right?"

"Mr. Stockley said we're just like you and mom, whatever that means."

"I think its time for more of that story."

"Okay dad I'm all ears."