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The fire burned brightly, and the scent of smoke filtered in through her nostrils—Bella Uley hated the smell of smoke. Anything that reminded her of her past she hated. To be honest, she didn't even know why she was here. It wasn't like she knew any of her brother's –Sam's— friends, and his girlfriend hated her so much that Bella wanted to vomit.

She used to know them though, before they became so distant and hateful toward her that she never came around anymore. She couldn't really understand what she had done to them. Had she said something, behaved badly? It didn't matter much now she was going to die soon anyway, if not by Sam's hand then by their father's. She could still feel the bruise from where he'd hit her—every time she moved it was like walking through fire.

No one would notice though, so the relevance of hiding them was slightly moot.

Bella had been surprised when she had received the invitation. She hadn't heard from any of the La Push characters in two years, and receiving such an invitation—with a hand written letter attached even—had been… distressing.

Dear Isabella,

I am proud to say that I have finally done it, proposed I mean, and she accepted. If you are reading this, I want you to know that I am sorry, how I treated you was unjust, and I regret it. I regret it deeply. That time… it was difficult then, our life was different then, but I am stronger now, and I pray to the gods that you will come to our announcement party. Please! I know that Emily and you did not see eye to eye, mainly due to my casualties as a brother, but please, just come. Let me see you again; let me beg on my knees for you to forgive me.

I know that you are acquainted with everyone here, but I wish for you to officially meet the pack—the family—they are very important to me, just like you.

You should have been a part of our lives Isabella, and for that I am sorry. Please, please, just come; even if it for only a short time, come.

With regrets,

Sam Uley

Coming home to La Push was like coming home to death. The memories were overwhelming, and the rare decency of the area made her eyes burn with tears. The tiny diner the girls and Bella had always inhabited was the same, her high school; everything was just as it once had been. It hurt to look at, it hurt to be near, but most of all, the life that had once been hers hurt to think of.

As the cab drove, Bella stared longingly out the window at the forest she had once roamed freely with her friends and family. The memories were thick in her throat, stuck and never getting out. Slowly, as if anticipating she might jump out of the car at any moment, the cab driver pulled the vehicle to a stop; she could see the dunes of First Beach just a few feet ahead.

She must have been sitting there for a while because the driver had opened her door and was holding her book bag out toward her, waiting for her to take it. "You gettin' out?" The burly man asked when she finally noticed him standing there.

"Yes," she answered, and then grabbed her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and headed to where she could see the fire. She hated fire. The music that surrounded the bonfire was strong and heavy with a beat so loud it made Bella's ears ring.

"Bella! You came!" Whirling around so fast her head spun, Bella was shocked to find Emily approaching her with a bright smile and a warm look in her eyes. Slightly startled, Bella clenched her worn windbreaker closer to her slight frame.

Trying to respond with a sincere smile, Bella responded, "E-Emily, It's so nice of you to invite me." Slightly agitated, she bit her lip and whispered lowly, "Are you sure I should be here? I mean, does Sam know I'm here? I d-don't wish to intrude…" she trailed off when Emily shook her head vigorously.

"You are more than welcome here, Bella." As she was pulled into a gracious hug, Bella tried to hide her wince as her bruised limb was brushed against by swiftly pulling out of the embrace.

"Thank you, Emily," Bella whispered lightly. She ducked her head, only then realizing how much smaller she was compared to Sam's fiancée—and Emily was short.

A startled gasp left her throat when she was picked up from behind and pulled into a tight, painful hug. "Hey baby sis." The words were gruff against her ear, but the kindness in them caused a wash of confusion to go through her. "It's been a while." Slowly, she was lowered to the ground and every movement seemed to brush against her bruises and damaged limbs. She thought she did well hiding her pain, but obviously she was wrong.

"Are you hurt?" Sam's voice was curt and demanding.

"No, I—"

Sam cut her off, "I can smell—" He stopped, and she watched as he clenched his fists tightly, his body shaking furiously. It didn't take a genius to realize he was upset, his body was shaking so furiously that she was afraid to move. After a short time he seemed to calm down, but she was still wary of him. Keeping her distance from his hands, she followed behind him as he led them towards the group, Emily hot on their heels.

Bella didn't like being here, she didn't like the smell of the water or the constant stares she received from the Quileute's. It was like middle school all over.

As they reached the fire, the smell of smoke became even stronger than when they were in the parking lot. She could hear the laughter from the other invitees and the music was just as overbearing as it was from far away. They suddenly stopped, causing Bella to bump harshly into Emily sending her flying forward into the sand.

It was suddenly eerily quiet—until a low and threatening growl came from Sam.

Frightened, embarrassed, and shaking like a leaf, Bella threw herself down next to Emily in the sand quickly helping her to fix her beautiful dress and rearrange her previously immaculate hair, all the while trying to remind herself that it wasn't kind to stare at Emily's scars.

"I-I'm so sorry, Emily. I'm such a klutz, I can pay for the dress—oh god! Is that a rip?" Bella felt horrible, this was Emily and Sam's day… Sam, would he hit her? "I knew this was a mistake," she began to mumble. "I should never have come…" she trailed off as she was roughly pulled up from the ground and set on her feet. Large, unfamiliar rough hands began to dust her off, and out of the corner of her eye she noticed Sam doing the same with Emily.

"It was an accident." The voice that spoke was rough and smooth all at the same time, and when she glanced up her eyes connected with a pair of warm blue mahogany. Paul… it was Paul.

You're so disgusting. It's no wonder Sam hates you, you're an ugly half-breed that tore his family apart.

I give you my life now

Please why won't you try?

Show feelings of fire

I need to go higher

-Rebecca & Fiona/Edge