For once Will was the first one into the choir room. He knew that in the next five minutes his 14 Glee Club members would be spilling in in twos or threes. He walked to the white board to write this weeks lesson and he stopped dead in his tracks and gasped. He heard everyone coming in, talking and laughing. It all stopped when they saw what Will was staring at. They all gathered around him and they all stared in silence. Brittany was the first to break the silence.

"San, what does that mean?" she whispered confused but she could tell that it was bad. Her thoughts were reinforced when Santana opened her mouth to explain but nothing came out, the stuff on the white board had shut up Santana Lopez.

On the white board there were 14 pictures. One of each of the Glee Club members. Each photo looked as if it had been taken from a long way away and they all looked as though they were taken through the scope of a sniper riffle. Under the pictures some words were written in near, tight script. It read: Watch your backs, or your heads rather. Stick together, I only kill the stragglers. HA!

"Mr. Schue, what do we do?" Sam said his voice was way off and he was trying to comfort Mercedes but he couldn't to that without comforting himself.

"I'm going to call the cops go and sit down." Will said he was clearly freaked out as well.

They obeyed without question, however instead of sitting in their usual sporadic pattern the sat in two neat rows of seven They said nothing but some were trying to comfort their significant others by hugging them or holding their hands. The cops arrived ten minutes later. Also arriving with them were Principal Figgins and Emma.

"Okay guys, my name is Detective Gibson. This is my partner Detective Moore. To start here I need you each to tell me you names so I can write it on the back of your picture." Detective Gibson said hardly with his mouth in a tight line.

"Artie Abrams."

"Mike Chang."

"Tina Cohen-Chang."

"Rachel Berry."

"Finn Hudson."

"Kurt Hummel."

"Blaine Anderson."

"Quinn Fabray."

"Noah Puckerman."

"Santana Lopez."

"Brittany Pierce."

"Mercedes Jones."

"Sam Evans."

"Rory Flannigan."

Detective Gibson and Moore nodded as they scribbled all of their names on the back of their pictures. They then stepped aside and whispered back and forth. Detective Moore looked angry at what Detective Gibson was saying but eventually nodded and let him speak.

"I'm afraid at this point there is nothing we can do other than advise you to stick together." he said.

"Are you kidding me?" Santana shouted angrily.

"What do you mean there is nothing that you can do?" Finn said.

"This is crazy." Blaine complained.

"No one has been hurt and for all we know this is all just a practical joke." Gibson said.

"A sick joke!" Puck shouted.

"So your going to wait until one of us ends up dead before you do anything." Mercedes said.

"I'm sorry there is nothing that we can do, come on Moore." he said and the two detectives left the room.

"Did he seriously just leave knowing that we all have targets on our fucking backs!" Puck growled as the two detectives left, Principal Figgins had run after them trying to reason with them.

"I don't know what to tell you guys, I honestly don't know what to do here. I'll say what he did, stick together try not to e caught alone." Will said.

"Mr. Schue are we going to die?" Brittany asked.

"No, you will all be fine. No one is going to die." Will said, though his tone was convincing nobody.

"So what do we do now? Do we just go around acting like everything is okay knowing that we could get shot at any moment." Artie said.

"Guys why don't you go home. Just take the day off from Glee and go-" Will started but there was the sudden sound of 14 cell phones going off.

Everyone's phones went off telling them that they had received a text message. They all took out their phones and gasped once they read the message. Mr. Schue looked at them questioningly and then Santana read the message out loud.

"Well you called the cops, I knew you would but I also knew that they wouldn't be able to do anything. Again watch your heads, one of you won't live until tomorrow." Santana said in a voice thick with fear.

"Oh God." Will said. "Well I still don't think this will change anything. Just go home and ignore the message, I'm sure that this is nothing."

"Mr. Schue I don't want to go home." Brittany said, she was practically in Santana's lap, her arms were thrown around her and she was clearly frightened.

"B, its fine, I'll drive you home." Santana said trying to comfort her.

After they stalled as long as they could they left as a group of 14. Puck and Quinn got into Puck's truck and left together. Sam led Mercedes to his car telling her to leave hers. Santana led Brittany to her car and made sure she was in before looking over her shoulder and getting in the drivers seat. Finn, Kurt, Blaine and Rachel got in Kurt's car. Mike, Tina, Rory and Artie got into Mike's car. They were staying together in their cars but they knew they would be separated once they were dropped off at their houses.


He was sitting in his bedroom doing his homework. He was finding it extremely hard to concentrate and he kept checking his cell phone every five seconds to see if he had gotten any new texts. He had told his parents what was going on they, like the rest of the parents of the kids in Glee Club, called the police station to complain about the lack of attention on the issue. His phone made the noise that he had a text message and he quickly opened it.

You are number 1, goodbye.

He read the message twice and stared out his window, before he could do anything there was the scream of a bullet breaking glass. He was dead before he hit the floor. His mother came sprinting into the room shortly followed by his father, they both started screaming, there son was dead because the police.


"Santana our phones they just went off." Brittany called to her girlfriend who was washing her hands in the bathroom.

"I'm coming, wait for me." she said and came running out of the bathroom and sat down next to Brittany, they both opened their phones and gasped. The message was simple:

1 down, 13 to go.