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Okay just as a side note, Santana is my favorite character and I didn't want to kill her off, but it was necessary because it was the only way that everything would truly be over, sorry if you didn't like the ending because of it.

It had been six months since the mess had ended. It was the last day of school before graduation, everyone was in the choir room. The choir room, which had once held 14 students, now only held 10. Out of the remaining 10, 6 were graduating tomorrow, and one was possibly moving back to Ireland, unless he could convince his family to let him stay, which seemed highly unlikely.

Everyone had begun to heal, slowly but surely they were all getting better. Puck, Tina, and Brittany had taken the longest time to heal though they were getting there. For a while none of them were themselves, any of them. After a few weeks they seemed to be more aware of people and what was going on and started dealing with things. Every remaining member was now seeing a psychiatrist, she had really helped them alot. Sure there were times when they would forget and they would turn to hear Quinn say something sarcastic, Artie do some funny gangsta imitation, Mike to jump up and start dancing, or Santana to make a rude yet funny comment.

About two weeks after Santana's funeral, and when everything had finally ended, Mr. Schue had come into Glee Club with five large framed photographs. He hung them up in the room near the trophy case. One of them was larger than the others. The four smaller ones were each positioned around the larger one. Will had put them up before anyone had arrived in the choir room. The four smaller ones each contained a single photo with a name inscribed in the wood of the picture frame underneath. The first one was a picture of Artie smiling in his wheelchair, he was wearing his usual sweater and glasses, under the picture in gold letters was his name, "Arthur 'Artie' Abrams". Next to Artie's picture was Mike's, in it he was clearly in the middle of some dance moves, he was wearing his signature fedora, under it the letters read, "Michael 'Mike' Chang, Jr." Then there was the large picture frame that held many pictures. Next to that was Quinn's, she wasn't wearing a Cheerios uniform in the picture and her hair was short meaning it was a pretty recent photo, her name "L. Quinn Fabray." was on the bottom. The last picture was next to Quinn's it was Santana's picture. In hers she was wearing a Cheerios uniform and had her hair in the standard Cheerios ponytail the gold letters read, "Santana Lopez".

The entire time that the five pictures had been in the case, the one in the middle had never faced front. Mr. Schue had said that he had made a collage, and they would look at it together when they were ready. Today, the day before graduation, was the day. They all knew it because they were quickly running out of time and they knew this was as ready as they were ever going to be. Mr. Schue walked over to the case and pulled it out, carefully making sure that no one saw it as he brought it to the front of the room.

"Are you guys all ready to see this?" Mr. Schue asked and they all nodded. "Are you sure because if you aren't I can..."

"Mr. Schue, we are ready, really, please show us." Puck said and Will nodded.

He turned the picture over and they all gasped, it was a collage alright, a collage and a half. The main picture was one of the Glee Club at Nationals the previous year. In the picture were; Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Lauren, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Mike, Tina, Sam, and Mercedes. All of the people in the picture were smiling. On each corner of the four corners of the large frame was another picture. On the top left was a picture of Santana, Brittany behind her with her arms wrapped around her. On the top right was Mike, leading Tina in a dance around the auditorium. The bottom left contained a picture of Quinn who was sitting on the piano her head on Puck's shoulder. The bottom right had a picture of Artie, but in the picture he wasn't in his wheelchair, he was standing, with the help of his Re-Walk, before it had broken.

Scattered all around the frame were pictures of Mike, Artie, Santana and Quinn with different friends, significant others, and members of the Glee Club. There were a lot of pictures, some big and others small. There was one picture that no one could really think of where it had been taken but it had somehow managed to only contain, Mike, Santana, Artie and Quinn. Most of the pictures that had Santana in them also had Brittany in them, same with Quinn and Puck. Mike and Artie had a lot of photos together as well as with Tina. There were some where Santana, Quinn and Brittany all had their Cheerios uniforms on, others had Artie and Mike with the other football players in their uniforms. Then there were the pictures of them during various performances that the New Directions had done. One contained Santana and Rachel on stage during West Side Story. Another showed Brittany and Mike dancing during Valerie. There was a picture of Artie singing during Nationals and one of Quinn singing with Sam.

After they had all looked at the pictures, tears in their eyes they began reminiscing. They were talking about what had happened when this picture or that picture had been taken. Filled people in on what had happened who weren't there, or tried to remember what on earth had caused Mike and Santana to make those faces. They laughed and cried and talked for a long time. Will knew that he had chosen the right moment to show them the collage he had spent so long working on. He knew the time was right because they were sad, yes but they were able to laugh and talk about the memories involved in each of the pictures. He found himself sitting on the floor with them laughing and telling stories. They didn't realize how late it was until Brittany's phone had rang and her mother was calling asking her why she wasn't home yet seeing as it was 8:30 at night.

As Will watched as the last kid walked from the room he knew that this was it. The majority of them would be graduating tomorrow. These pictures would always be here as a reminder but they had all finally gotten closure, even Tina, Brittany and Puck. Will took one last look at the collage before turning out the lights in the choir room and leaving the school. He knew as he did this that they were all finally going to be able to move on, but still always remember, they would never forget their friends, Artie Abrams, Quinn Fabray, Mike Chang and Santana Lopez, never.