A/N: Ngl, this idea was not originally mine but it just begged to be fic-ed, so this is my attempt. Not sure how long this'll go for but I'll try to make it interesting. Hope you enjoy!

"La la la la la la la la la," Brittany sang out gently, going up and down the scale in demonstration while Sugar watched her as they sat together casually on the living room couch. The television across the room was airing live coverage of the 2031 VMAs and Sugar had insisted she was a better singer than the latest performer, Lady Gaga's teenage daughter, which of course had then led to a short lesson on singing from someone who Sugar knew had had actual experience with it in the past: her mother. "Now you try."

"La la la la la la la la la," Sugar mimicked creakily, her voice cracking twice as Brittany struggled to hide a wince. The fifteen-year-old smiled proudly when she was finished. "I sounded fabulous. I should totally join my school's Glee Club; they'll elect me unanimous leader as soon as I open my mouth."

Brittany's own mouth opened and closed for a few seconds as she struggled to find an appropriate response to that. Finally, she settled on: "You do whatever makes you happy, honey."

"Do you think my disability will give me an advantage against the other people who try to join?" Sugar mused suddenly. "Is it like college?"

"You don't have a disability," Brittany reminded her, flicking her on the shoulder and earning a bratty huff in response. "And don't say you do anymore; I'm sick of taking trips to the school to sort out issues that don't exist. I'm sending your other Mom if it happens again, got it?"

Sugar shot her a glare and crossed her arms. "I thought you said you weren't gonna tell her!"

"And I haven't. So no more self-diagnosed Aspergers from you, and she'll never hear about it in the first place. Deal?"

Sugar just rolled her eyes and adjusted her attention to the television, where a forty-year-old Ke$ha was performing her latest single, "Glitter and Alcohol". "Some things never change," Brittany whispered from beside her as she watched the performance, earning a clueless eyebrow raise from her daughter in response.

Off in the distance a door slammed, and Brittany perked up immediately as Santana entered the living room, setting a small briefcase down on the kitchen counter and kicking her shoes off once she was done. She let out a relieved sigh, wiggling her toes, then looked over at them with a satisfied smile as Brittany grinned and practically leapt off of the couch to greet her. "You're home early!"

Sugar watched in disgust as they hugged each other tightly for a good few seconds before pulling away to lock eyes with matching grins on their faces. "Yeah, well… I figured we'd want some extra time for our special day."

Brittany nodded happily and leaned in for their usual after-work peck on the lips, but this time it went on longer than usual. Sugar rolled her eyes and glanced at the clock on the wall, then pretended to check her wrist for a few seconds, before finally clearing her throat. "Okay I get it; twenty-year anniversary or whatever… but seriously. Get a room."

They detangled themselves from each other and both turned to her at the same time: Brittany sporting a guilty expression, and Santana an offended one.

"Go to your room, Sugar," the latter commanded.

"Uh, no. The VMAs are on." Sugar rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the television, while Santana looked over at Brittany incredulously. She received a nervous shrug in response.

"Listen, your Mom and I are going out to dinner tonight," she finally announced, watching as Sugar continued to focus on the television unblinkingly. After a moment, she leaned over slightly, waving her hand in Sugar's expression. "Hey! Escúchame!"

"I haven't started taking Spanish yet," Sugar replied simply, but her attention moved to Santana anyway. "Hi, were you saying something?"

Santana stared back at her for a moment, before looking to Brittany with a sigh. Sugar caught the faintest sounds of "please… ground her?" and immediately straightened up indignantly. "Hey, you can't ground me; I have a date with Johnny tomorrow night!"

"Sugar, we told you you couldn't go on that date," Brittany reminded her gently. "No dating until you're sixteen."

"But… he's sixteen."

"Oh, that'll make us say yes," Santana countered sardonically, cutting Sugar's rebuttal off to continue, "Now, as I was saying, Britt and I are going out to dinner tonight for our anniversary. We should be back by midnight, but while we're gone: no parties, no getting into the liquor cabinet, and especially no Johnny Hen-rich. Understood?"

"It's pronounced Heinrich," Sugar retorted. "He's Jewish."

"Well, that doesn't change the fact that he certainly won't be getting anywhere near your Holy Temple if your mothers have anything to say about it," Santana told her snarkily, and Sugar's face dropped as she watched Santana pull a giggling Brittany out of the room in the direction of their shared bedroom.

"Like you didn't do the same thing when you were my age?" Sugar called out defensively as they left. She hadn't expected a response, but a moment later, Brittany's head popped around the corner, her cheeks slightly pink.

"As a matter of fact, your mother and I were virgins until our wedding night," she retorted hastily, before disappearing back around the corner and hurrying off to go get ready for her impending date.

"Yeah, right," Sugar mumbled, sitting back and crossing her arms before turning the television volume up with the remote in her hand. Willow Smith finished off a choreographed performance to her latest single and Sugar sighed, bored and frowning as she envisioned the night ahead. A whole house to herself on a Friday night, and absolutely nothing to do or no one to hang out with.

Sighing again, she got up and tossed the remote to the side, padding down the hallway until she passed by the guest bathroom. She did a double-take when she saw Brittany was inside, curling her hair in the mirror and already dressed in a sparkling black dress. "I like your dress," she commented, stepping inside the bathroom to watch Brittany put the finishing touches on her hair and begin her makeup.

"Complimenting me isn't going to get you a date with Johnny," Brittany warned her, shooting her a smile in the mirror. Sugar rolled her eyes.

"Why are you in here anyway?" Sugar paused for a second, then answered her own question before Brittany could, "Oh wait, you're doing that lame thing where you get ready separately and then don't see each other until you're ready to go? I thought that was just for weddings."

"Well, tonight's special," Brittany reminded her. "Twenty years is a long time to be with someone."

"Don't you ever get bored?" Sugar mused, moving back and settling on the toilet lid, then leaning over to grab a nail file out of an open drawer. She worked on her nails as she waited for a response.

"Nope. I just love your mom that much," Brittany replied with a smile, leaning closer to the mirror to apply mascara. "Besides, relationships change a lot over such a long period of time. People change. Twenty years ago, I was a lot less smart and Santana was a lot less brave."

Sugar snorted. "Mom, afraid? She almost killed that guy who messed up her mani last week."

Brittany grinned. "Well, she was always like that. But when we first started dating we couldn't even hold hands in public. People weren't as okay with two women being in a relationship as they are now."

Sugar raised an eyebrow. "No PDA? That would suck; Johnny and I-" Brittany paused to look at her and Sugar finished hastily, "Uh, hold hands all the time. So um, why did you care what other people thought?"

Brittany shrugged. "It's just something that was a big deal to her. We started dating during our senior year of high school, and never told anyone until near the end of college. Not the best way to spend four years in a relationship, but… I stuck it out, and it was worth it."

"Why?" Sugar replied incredulously. "You should've dumped her ass."

"Language," Brittany reprimanded, then chuckled. "And you better be glad I didn't, because your ass wouldn't be sitting here asking me these questions. Anyway, I stayed with her because-"

"Because that's what people who love each other do," Santana cut her off from the doorway, and Sugar heard Brittany gasp as they looked at each other for the first time.

"You're gorgeous," Brittany breathed out, and Santana bit her lip and grinned, twirling slightly in a dark red dress and then holding her hand out for Brittany to take.

"So are you. Are you ready to go?"

"Ah, almost; the little one here distracted me. All of a sudden she wants to know about when we started dating."

"Why? Senior year of high school; she knows that," Santana replied as Sugar looked indignant at having been called "the little one".

"I was just asking about why you wouldn't hold her hand, is all," she defended. Santana wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Ugh, because I was a completely ashamed closet case and had a lot of issues with myself back then," Santana told her. "It ruined the rest of high school and a lot of college, and if I could change it, I would. But we can't turn back time, and… I think we turned out pretty well in the end, didn't we?" She shot Brittany a small smile and received one in return, then reached down to pat Sugar twice on the head. Sugar immediately began fixing her hair as Brittany finally finished her makeup.

"All done!"

"Beautiful, as always," Santana complimented as Brittany finally took her hand. Santana twirled her out through the doorway and called back, "Remember, Sugar: no boys!"

"Yeah, yeah," Sugar mumbled back, finishing up with the nail file as the front door swung open down the hall, then slammed shut a moment later. "So lame." She left the bathroom and headed back to the living room where the VMAs were still on, musing silently to herself about the conversation that had just occurred. If there was one thing she knew about her moms' personalities, it was that Brittany was the level-headed, caring one, and Santana was the strong-willed, "take me as I am or get the hell away" type who did whatever she could to make sure the people she cared about were satisfied. It was a little disconcerting to think of either of them as cowardly or to imagine them hiding their relationship. Sugar couldn't imagine not being able to make out with Johnny in the hallways every day.

Plus, she was a teenager herself after all, so she knew there was no way in hell her moms had waited until marriage to have sex.

Her interest officially piqued, she got up and headed to her moms' bedroom, recalling that they kept all their high school momentos and pictures in a large box in the back of their closet. Sugar had never been curious enough to bother looking through it before, but she did know that both of her moms had been cheerleaders, and that they'd been a part of a glee club called New Directions from sophomore through senior year. This reminder was what had recently inspired Sugar to think about trying out for her own school's glee club. After all, if her moms could do it, she totally could, too.

She dug through several boxes before finally locating the correct one, then spent five minutes dragging it out of the closet and dumping the contents onto the floor. A mountain of pictures and trophies spilled out, and she sifted through the pile, picture by picture. There were a lot that contained a third blonde cheerleader who Sugar quickly identified as Quinn Fabray; her moms had lost touch with the girl after high school but they'd mentioned her occasionally over the years. The same went for several members of New Directions, actually; Sugar found that she could put names to most of the faces she saw, but she'd never met any of them personally. Now that she thought about it, she realized this was probably another effect of her moms keeping their relationship a secret. They probably had wanted to cut ties with everyone who might've suspected something during high school.

"That sucks," she mumbled, trying to imagine never seeing her own friends again after high school.

She found a picture of her moms with Kurt Hummel and his boyfriend Blaine Anderson near the bottom of the pile. Santana looked like she wanted to be anywhere else at that moment but in that picture, and Brittany was smiling widely next to her but there was a small but noticeable gap in between herself and Santana. Beside them, Blaine and Kurt were pressed together with their hands clasped between them. "Geez, be more gay," Sugar mumbled at Kurt and Blaine. "And be more obvious you don't want to look gay," she added to the female half of the picture, before tossing it aside and reaching for another one. "And those uniforms are super ugly, ick. So 2010s."

She went through a couple dozen more pictures and after being sufficiently disturbed by the dude with the butt-chin she forced herself to clean it all up and move it back into the closet. "Where you two evidently thought you belonged in high school anyway," she mumbled with a roll of her eyes as she pushed the box to the very back and then collapsed on Brittany and Santana's bed. The clock read 10:30, which meant she still had another hour and a half to kill.

She went to her room and grabbed her cell phone, deciding to text Johnny to pass the time, but apparently he was way ahead of her because she already had 1 new text from about an hour ago: "We still on for tomorrow?"

She stared at the phone in her hand for a moment, mulling it over, then smirked and replied, "I'll have to sneak out, but we are so on."

"Cool. You pick where we're going."

Sugar bit her lip and smiled, then closed her phone and collapsed back into her pillows with a dreamy sigh. Tomorrow, she was going on her first date with her first official boyfriend, and she vowed to make sure they did something they'd never forget.