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Santa Jr.

It was the next year and it was almost Christmas time. He still loved Christmas and everything that had to do with Christmas. He settled down in his chair in the bullpen after printing his report. He found a folder and put it inside and went back to Gibbs desk and sat it down. He had already put in his leave request, but this time so did Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky and Jimmy. Vance had given all of them a Christmas present of letting them have the week off before and after Christmas this year. He was glad that they were off work and another team was going to be working for them. He had already given his presents to everyone and everybody liked what they gave him. He also loved what they gave him this Christmas. He had told everyone to meet at his apartment tomorrow and don't forget to pack to leave. Abby, Jimmy and Ducky had no clue at what was happening, but they were happy to be invited along with the rest of the team. Gibbs, McGee and Ziva couldn't wait to go back to the North Pole.

Abby, Ducky and Jimmy were the first to make their way towards Tony's apartment and be invited inside. Abby asked where they were going, but Tony told them to wait until the rest of the team arrived. The doorbell rang and he opened it up to the smiling faces of McGee and Ziva along with Gibbs.

"I can't wait Tony." McGee said as the door was closed.

Tony smiled at McGee's enthusiasm. He looked around and saw that everyone was packed and ready to go.

"I promised Abby that I would tell them where they were going, but not before you arrived." He turned to Abby, Ducky and Jimmy. "I'm not really who I pretend to be. I'm actually Santa's son. Every Christmas I go up to the North Pole and help with everything. I go a week before and the week after Christmas. I sometimes go with my Dad to help deliver presents and have on occasion delivered them too."

"Tony, you know my rule. Don't lie to Abby."

"It's true, Abby." Replied McGee. "Last year Gibbs called us to go with him to Tony's apartment because of his gut. We all turned around and saw that Tony appeared in front of us. He told us who he really was and then took us to the North Pole. I got to pet the Reindeer."

"It's true then."

"Yes, Abby it's true." Replied Tony.

"Oh, I can't wait." Abby said hopping up and down and then hugged Tony.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes" Everyone replied at once.

They all disappeared luggage and all and they reappeared inside the workshop. "This is the workshop. I wanted to show this to you first. We will go to the house later and then to the Reindeer stable, so you can see them."

They all watched as the Elves rushed around getting the toys ready and doing everything to make sure that they would be done on time. He watched as his father looked up from what he was doing and spot them.

"Tony, I'm glad you made it and I'm glad that you brought your friends along." His father said as he walked up to the group and hugged his son.

"It's good to see you again Gibbs, McGee and Ziva." He too hugged them. "Hello, Abby, Donald and Jimmy." Hugging them as well.

"I can't believe that Tony is actually Santa Jr."

"He will also take over for me, but that won't be for a long time." He said and stepped back. "Let's go to the house everyone." He said and walked out the door and the rest of the team picked their bags up and followed Tony's Dad. The snow was on the ground and the flakes could be seen falling onto the ground.

They stepped into the house and Abby, Ducky and Jimmy looked around in surprise. It was nice and homey. The fireplace was on and the living room was warm, but not too hot. Just then Tony's Mom walked out of the kitchen and saw that she had company.

"Tony." She grinned at her son and gave him a hug. "Jethro, Tim and Ziva, so glad that you could make it back this year." She said as she hugged them too. "Abby, Donald and James so glad that you could make it." She said as she introduced herself and hugged them too.

She turned to her son again. "Tomorrow we will bake the cookies and make the hot chocolate. Today all of you can just rest. There's room for all of you, so you can have your own rooms. There's a room off the kitchen where you can watch movies, or play games. Why don't you give Abby, Donald and James a tour of our home, workshop and Reindeer stables?"

"Okay, Mom. I will do that after we go set up their rooms." He turned to the team. "Come on guys." He said as he picked up his bag and went upstairs and showed them their rooms. Tony put his bag on the bed and stepped out into the hallway where the rest of the team was. "Okay, let's take a tour." Tony said.

"I know we already had the tour, but can we come with you?" Tim asked.

"Sure, come on." He showed them the rest of the rooms, the kitchen and the rec room where there was a huge big screen where a DVD player was hooked up along with an X-Box with a Kinect. Along the wall were games, books and DVD's in the many bookshelves. "You can take a book and read it in your room if you want to." Tony said as he showed them everything. They went outside and he took them to the workshop and they took a tour of what the elves were doing then they went into the stables.

"As I told Gibbs, McGee and Ziva this is one of my favorite places to be. I love feeding and taking care of the Reindeer."

"Can I pet one of them?" Asked Abby who was looking around in wonder.

"Go ahead Abby. If any of you want to pet them go ahead." He watched as Jimmy walked up to one of the Reindeer and petted one and he could see him smile. Even Ducky petted one of the Reindeer and Tony was surprised that even Gibbs petted one too. He didn't do that last time he was here. He was happy that everybody seemed to be having a good time.

Tony also went up to one of the Reindeer and petted one of them and even began brushing him. He watched as the others were still with the Reindeer that they had stepped in front of. When Tony was done he watched them a little bit more and told them that they should go back to the house.

"Can we come back?" Asked Abby and Tim.

"Of course you can." Tony replied and they all followed Tony back to the house. The smells from the kitchen smelled really good.

Tony made his way towards the kitchen. "It smells good, Mom."

"Dinner will be ready in a couple of hours. Go make yourselves at home. Go read a book, or watch a movie, or even go play a game." She said as she looked at the team.

"Okay, Mom."

They ate and after that they watched a movie and then they all went to bed.


The next day they had a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice. They walked around for a bit and then Tony and the team went back into the house. Tony went into the kitchen to help his Mom with the cookies. Abby and Ziva wanted to help too and they did. When the cookies were done and cooled they stared on the hot chocolate and loaded it onto the cart to take them to the workshop. After that was done they also ate a couple of cookies and drank hot chocolate. After that they also helped in the workshop. Tony and the rest of them helped with the toys and then put them in boxes and then wrapped them.

It was finally Christmas Eve and the toys were put into the big red sack and put into the sleigh. The Reindeer was put into the harness and they walked to the front of the workshop where Santa came out and stepped into the sleigh and Tony was wrapped warmly into a red suit and sat next to his Dad. His Dad handed over the reigns to his son and they took off.

Tony and his Dad got home pretty late the next day and both of them made it to their own rooms and went to sleep. Tony woke up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He grabbed his bathroom kit and made his way towards the bathroom and took a shower. After that he went downstairs and greeted his teammates and had brunch. After that they made their way towards the workshop and helped clean up the mess.

The next day they helped making a couple of the toys again, but this time it was a little slower and not as rushed as last week. Finally it was time for them to go. Tony hugged his parents and promised to come back next year. They invited the whole team back again and they said they would try to make it back. They finally disappeared and reappeared back in Tony's apartment.

"Thank you, Tony. I had lots of fun. I hope I can go next year too." Abby said

"You're welcome. I'm glad you had fun."

"Thank you, Tony for inviting me." Ducky and Jimmy said at once.

"You're Welcome. I'm so glad that you could make it."

They said their goodbyes and left Tony to be on his own. Tony was truly glad that they all had a good time in the North Pole and he was looking forward to bringing them back."

Tony put a DVD in the DVD player and lay down on the couch. He was going to rest, so that he could be rested when he went back to work. He didn't even make it to the end of the movie as his eyes slipped shut and he fell asleep.

The End