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Fives POV

White hot pain exploded in my gut as I fell. I saw Kaitlyn's expression turn to horror, and then to pure rage. She reignited her saber and leaped at Dooku. She pinned him to the wall with the Force, and jammed my General's saber into the Sith lord's heart, killing him instantly.

She let his body drop, and ran over to me, but my eyes were already closing.

The world faded into darkness, and the last thing I knew, Kaitlyn was leaning over me, and begging me not to die. And she told me she loved me.

My last thought as I drifted into darkness was I love you, too.

Kaitlyn POV

No! Fives! I ran over to him, and cradled his head in my lap

"Fives! Wake up! You have to wake up! We need you! I need you! Fives? Fives!"

My voice dropped to a whisper, "Fives, I love you. I'm an idiot, I should've realized it sooner. God, I love you Fives. Stay with me."

The force flowed through me, and I put my hand on his wound, sensing the melted body suit and armor, and the cauterized blood vessels. I willed his body to repair itself, and it responded. I watched as the wound closed, and became a small circular scar. I leaned over and kissed his forehead.

"Wake up, Fives. Please. I love you, stay with me."

His amber eyes struggled to open, and he murmured, "I told you I'd always be there, Kait'ika. Soldiers don't break promises."

"Oh Fives. Don't scare me like that." I leaned over him, and kissed him.

He looked amused, and said, "You were the Sith for a while, not me. That's scary. The little scratch I got? I was fine." I rolled my eyes.

Kenobi ran in, clearly expecting a fight. His eyes turned to me in surprise as he saw me with Fives' head in my lap. He looked around, and his eyes widened when he caught sight of Dooku's crumpled body at the bottom of the wall.

I heard a groan, and saw General Skywalker waking up. He jumped up, and wobbled, but he growled, "Where is Dooku?"

I wordlessly pointed, but then added, "Thanks for letting me borrow your saber, Skywalker. He's dead, anyways."

The young general's eyes were as big as dinner plates. "You killed him?"

I said simply, "He hurt Fives."

Anakin smiled knowingly, and chuckled, "I thought so. Dooku, wow."

He took his saber back from me, and looked at it. He then pulled Dooku's saber to him, and handed it to me. "You deserve this."

~~Time Lapse~~ Kaitlyn POV

Grace gave me a big hug, and all the troopers gave me thumbs up, as I walked through the halls of the cruiser. I had Ventress' sabers back on my belt, along with Dooku's. The Council had told me to keep them, and I had been assigned to Obi-wan as his apprentice.

We had also been given an assignment. Intel reported that Grievous had been spotted in a far off system, where we hadn't really explored. We were heading to find him with the 501st.

I was trying to get used to the fact that the 212th was now my legion, not the 501st, but they weren't that different. Not like the 41st and 666th. Those two were the opposite ends of the spectrum.

A weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt happier than I had been…in a very long time.

I walked over to the observation window, staring at the Resolute's silhouette against the streaks of light. Fives was aboard the Resolute.

Kenobi, Cody and I were aboard the Negotiator, Kenobi's flagship. I wondered quietly what planet it was.

"Padawan Winter." Speak of the devil.

"Master Kenobi" I turned to see my new master standing behind me, along with the commander. "Commander Cody," I added.

The commander nodded at me. We were equally ranked now, because of me becoming a padawan. I fingered the braid that now hung behind my right ear nervously.

The ginger-haired Jedi Master announced, "We'll be arriving in three hours. We should discuss strategy."

"Of course," I murmured, following Kenobi to the briefing room.

We stopped at the hologram projector. Anakin, Ashoka and Rex's figures were already waiting for us. Grace and Kix stepped into the hologram's view and I grinned at my friend.

She grinned back, and nodded at me.

I smiled, to myself.

I was home.

Although, I did wonder how I would change things.

I did know that Palpatine was numero uno on my personal hitlist.

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