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Rain was pouring down on the streets as a blonde boy ran down it. There was no one other than him on the sidewalks and it was better for him than for anyone to see him in the state that he was in. The side of his face was bleeding and he had his hand over it in a pathetic attempt to try to keep it from bleeding. He refused to let any tears fall from his face since he believed that he was stronger than that. The cut was deep and if he didn't find some help soon, then he was going to start to get dizzy from blood loss.

He was running as fast as he could to get to the one place that he knew he could go for anything. He had gotten the wound from another fight with his parents. All the time he would end up getting hurt from saying something wrong or they would do it to him just for the heck of it. This time his father threw a bottle at him and it ended up hitting him in the head. He got sick and just ran as soon as he could away from that hell hole. He believed that if he had to stay there for another day then he would most likely end up shooting himself in the head just to end the stress. He saw the lights of the house that he was looking for.

It was a white large house that had French doors that he had seen so many times. He would know what house it was just by feeling the doorknob. He quickly rang the doorbell multiple times to catch the attention of whoever was home. "Cher Dieu, please hold your horses! I'm coming!" He heard the voice of his best friend's Papa. Thank God that he was there. He didn't think that he could handle Mr. Arthur at a time like that. When Mr. Francis opened the door, his face went from annoyance to worry and surprise.

"Alfred! Why are you here and why is your face bleeding?" He moved down to Alfred's height and moved his hand away from his face so that he could try to see the injury better. He could tell that it was a pretty serious injury, but it wasn't as bad that he would need to go to the hospital or anything like that. "Entrez dans la maison en ce moment. Nous devons obtenir que les soins pris." Alfred had no clue what Mr. Francis said but he followed him into the house anyways. His head was pounding with pain and he would do anything to try and get it to go away. He shut the door behind him and went into the kitchen where he could hear Mr. Francis trying to find something to help cut off the bleeding.

Alfred sat down at one of the chairs at the dining table and leaned against the back of it as he felt his head become a little bit lighter. He was suddenly brought back, though, when he felt a wet rag being put against the wound. He flinched but tried to stay still to let it be cleaned up the best that he could. Two sets of footsteps came down the stairs. Alfred could already guess who it was; Mr. Arthur and his best friend Matthew. The footsteps stopped at the entrance between the living room where the stairs were and the kitchen. Matthew came running over to Alfred and he could easily see that he was worried. Anyone would be with the amount of blood that was coming out. It was reduced from what it was earlier but it was still coming out a bit.

"Alfred! Alfred, what happened to you?" Matthew was becoming more and more worried by the moment. "Just another fight with my parents. Nothing to worry about, Mattie." Alfred smiled the best that he could. Even if both he and Matthew were only nine, he was going to keep him from being worried about him the best that he could. "What the bloody hell were your parents thinking? I have the right mind to go and call the police right now and get them taken away." Arthur was furious. Even if Alfred wasn't his son, he was still protective of him and he wasn't going to let anything happen to him like that ever again.

No one stopped him as he went and got the phone off the charger and dialed the police. He went into the other room to explain what happened to the operator. Alfred could hear him talking but his head hurt too bad to try and pay attention to what he was saying. He laid his head back and half closed his eyes. After what only seemed like a few minutes, he heard sirens come down the street to the house. No one went to the door except Arthur.

Things were explained better to the police and they quickly came in and questioned Alfred on what happened. He was scared even if he really didn't want to entirely admit it. Matthew felt it from him and grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go of it. Alfred felt a little bit stronger having Matt by his side. The police left after an hour and a half of being there. Neither Matthew nor Alfred really knew what was going to happen. Francis and Arthur seemed relived after both of them talked with the Captain of the police. They both came to Alfred and Matthew to talk with them. "Alfred, you no longer have to stay with those b√Ętards that were once your parents." Both of the children looked confused.

"What he means Alfred, is that you no longer are going to live your parents. You're going to be moved from your house to somewhere else." That made Alfred become afraid, he didn't want to have to leave Mattie behind. He would find any way to keep that from ever happening. Arthur and Francis gave both of them a soft smile when they figured out what Alfred was thinking. "You're not going to be leaving Matthieu behind. In fact, just the opposite. You're going to be living with Arthur, Matthieu, and me from now on." Alfred had never felt happier. He wouldn't have to leave anyone that he loved behind. He didn't know it at that time, but eventually he would have to do more than just leave them.