Alfred woke up to a pounding on his head and he could barely get his eyes open. Things were still blurry when he finally got them open so he knew that his glasses were missing. He tried to move but he felt that his hands were tied behind his back and his feet were tied together. He had absolutely no clue where he was and how he had even gotten there.

He remembered that there was a dark figure next to his car and it came rushing back to him that the man had come after him and knocked him out with a single blow to his head. Alfred squirmed a bit trying to see how tight the ropes were and he sighed and gave up when he felt that the ropes were too tight to just easily break out of them by wiggling. He sat there and tried to make some kind of sense of where he was.

He was laying on something soft so he could tell that he was laying on a bed at someone's house it seemed. The room was dark like the curtains were shut to keep anyone from being able to look out or in. He remembered seeing features of his hair and what color eyes the tall man had, but his head was hurting so bad that he couldn't really try and remember the rest of the details.

Alfred was parying to whatever was out there that his head would stop hurting so much. He had never felt pain like that before even when he had played his favorite sport, American football. Even then he had taken some pretty bad blows before. After what felt like forever of just laying there, he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Maybe it was his captor or someone coming to beat him upside the head again.

He held his breath in anticipation of who was coming to pay him a small visit while he was tied up. The door opened and Alfred could barely make out the outline of a woman. He let go a little bit of his breath but he still prayed that nothing more bad was going to happen to him. The woman made her way over to him and he saw that she had something in her hands. Alfred became even more afraid since he wasn't to make out what exactly it was she was holding in her hands.

When she got to Alfred's bedside, she turned on the lamp that was on the bedside table. Alfred still couldn't make many more details out about the woman without his glasses but he noticed that she had a large bust and she had short blonde, hair. There was only one woman he knew that looked like that.

"Yekatarina, where am I? Why was I hit over the head with a pipe? And why am I all tied up on a bed?" Alfred was beginning to freak out more than he would have liked himself to. He wanted to try and play cool but it was becoming increasingly harder since he really didn't have the upper hand in this situation. "Shh, calm down Alfred. Here's some medicine that should make your head feel a lot better."

Slowly, she helped him to sit up and lay back against the headboard. She urged him to open up his mouth and layed the pill down on his tongue. She put a glass of water to his mouth and he took the pill willingly to just try and make this headache go away. Yekatarina grabbed something else off the bedside table. She put his glasses on his face so that he would be able to make things out better. Alfred noticed that she didn't look like her usual happy self. Her eyes were a bit red like she had just gotten through crying about something and she had a small bruise forming on the side of her face near her right eye.

"What happened to you? Are you alright?" Alfred asked worried and tried to find a position more comfortable in the ropes.

Yekatarina looked shocked for a moment, but she tried her best to brush it off. She brought her hand to her face where the bruise was making it's way to be noticed. "It's nothing. Brother got mad about something and he accidently hit me for it. It's nothing that really needs to be worried about." She said it so casually and softly that you would think that she was talking about the weather.

Alfred look at her incredulously. She really couldn't be serious saying that her brother hit in the face hard enough to leave a bruise, and it was perfectly okay because it was 'an accident'? She refused to look at him straight in the eyes and instead played with the hem of her blouse. Things were silent for a moment and neither really knew what to say in that moment.

"You know, I don't think it was an accident that he hit you in the face. Even I get mad at Mattie sometimes, but that never gives me the right to be able to hit him." Mentioning Matthew's name reminded him that he needed to get home soon. He didn't want Matthew to stay up worried sick about him.

Like a switch, something clicked in his head. Moments before he got hit, Alfred had kissed Matthew on the floor of the tuxedo shop. Then, when he had gotten to his car, a man with violet eyes and silver head hit him in the head with a pipe. Now, Yekatarina was taking care of him and she was obviously bothered that her brother had hit her. Putting the pieces together he finally figured everything out.

"Ivan saw me kissing Matthew didn't he? Is that why he hit me in the head with a pipe and dragged me to his house?" Yekatarina looked him in the eyes for the first time since she had walked in the room. She opened her mouth to say something but at that moment, Ivan walked in the room.

Yekatarina stood up and stood out Ivan's way and even looked a little scared when he looked at her. She ran out of the room since she was really too scared to try and fight against anything that Ivan put up. Ivan laughed a dark and evil laugh that could easily scare even some of the bravest men. Ivan slapped Alfred in the face and laughed when Alfred made a low groan of pain. "Was that really so bad, сволочь? There is going to be much more pain for touching my Matvey..."