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Hybrid Theory Redux
Papercut Redux

Videl could hardly believe the things her eyes were telling her. Gohan really was the boy at the Cell Games, it almost made sense but at the same time, none of it meshed together. She knew he was strong, but strong enough to beat Cell? She`d had her suspicions alright, especially when she`d first discovered how strong he was at the Gyoosan Budoukai, but this?! "How..." Videl mumbled, watching the youth continue his slow walk into the ring. The entire arena shook a bit as golden light seemed to pull from the area around the boy, who moved with a threatening pace and a menacing look to everything he did. His posturing was quite literally perfect, his arms set at his sides and his hands balled into tight fists. These weren`t the threatening things about him at the moment though, nor was the corona of gold encircling him in the form of a seven or eight foot tall pillar of fire, slowly dying down to maybe a foot or so above his head.

The truly menacing thing though, was the look on his face. It was a look of angry resolve on his face, and the look of near-murder in his eyes. That was what menaced her, it was also what made her somewhat frightened of the friendly, shy, almost timid youth she`d come to think of as a friend. "How is this possible?"

Piccolo remained stoic and grim, looking at the ring but infrequently shooting glances back down into the fighter`s lounge. It was at that moment that Dabura spoke up again.

"Is that all the power your transformation yields?!" Dabura taunted. Gohan gave no response, blurring forward and driving his elbow into the other`s gut. Dabura lurched forward, some purple-white fluid slopping out of his mouth, over Gohan and onto the floor of the ring. He was quick to recover, smacking Gohan across the face with a blow that could level a small building as easily as one would swat a fly. Gohan jerked from the impact, only to swing his leg up into Dabura`s stomach, jumping with that impact and backhanded the larger fighters in the cheek.

Gohan twisted with the flow of his arm, landing on all fours and blurring up and to the right while Dabura faded just as abruptly. In a flurry of movement reminiscent of when Goku fought Cell at the infamous Cell Games, the two fighters blazed all around the ring, arms flying, fists hitting, kicks landing, blocks, parries, a throw here or there and the infrequent energy blast at close range. A lethal show of force by any means, and then the two vanished again.

They reappeared up in the air, Videl only followed by the movement of Piccolo`s eyes, and even he seemed to have a bit of trouble keeping up with them. Zangya was a bit better off than Piccolo, having just arrived in the loser`s-out area of the stands, currently standing next to Videl. She seemed to have a rarely visible look of chargrin on her, hard concentration mixed with semi-exhaustion.

An explosion cracked through the skies, not one of fire, one of air being swept aside in a shockwave that trembled the entire arena. The action halted, Dabura and Gohan hovered there, with Gohan`s fist planted solidly in an angry Dabura`s cheek, the attempt at a punch from Dabura having missed entirely. They hovered like that several seconds before drawing apart, freezing still in mirrored postures of readiness. Dabura wiped his mouth and spat out a bit of that purplish goo onto the ground.

"It seems I have underestimated you," Dabura growled. "You have no idea," Gohan replied, a cut on his forehead opening up almost spontaneously and oozing out a small trickle of blood. "Be proud young mortal, it is rare that anyone ever takes first blood over the Demon King," Dabura exclaimed. "But I have no further time for games," Dabura stated, throwing his hands out to the sides. Green bolts of lightning lanced out from the entire island, converging on a single point, high above the ring: Dabura himself.

His aura-like glow suddenly intensified a hundred fold, Gohan supressed a stagger at how high the other`s power spiked up. It was almost twice his own now and rising, continuing on until it hit what Gohan estimated to be Dabura`s limit. The entire island shock as a green sphere of light erupted from Dabura`s body, flooding out and into the air. Gohan didn`t budge, thankfully the light had no real impact. It was just that - light.

By the time things settled back down, Dabura hovered there, greenish energy cracking about him, a red aura rising all over his body and the cloak he wore. "Dabura, what`s going on over there?" A voice chimed into the Demon King`s mind. "I`ve met unexpected resistance in the form of a child. His power is nothing compared to mine though, do not worry," Dabura thought back. "Don`t tell me what to do, Dabura," Babidee sharply answered as the M on Dabura`s forehead glowed red. "I understand Master. This whelp will be terminated immediately," he thought back as Babidee laughed over their mental connection to him. "Be sure of it."

Dabura grinned. He wasn`t playing games anymore, not at all. "Are you ready to die?" Dabura asked. Gohan didn`t say a word in reply. "Should I do it?" He asked himself, weighing the options in his mind. Did Gohan want to risk going to the next level when so many people were around? People that could be potentially injured by it? He reached up and scratched the side of his neck, popping his jaw in thought, thought that was sharply cut off as Dabura appeared in front of him and hammered him in the back of the head. Gohan flew forward only to meet Dabura`s knee right into his stomach. The larger fighter grabbed Gohan by the ankle and flew towards the floor of the ring, slamming Gohan into the tiling with enough force to kick up another sharp impact crater some twenty feet in diameter.

"Should I just let him win?" Gohan thought as he fought back to his feet, feeling a sharp pain in the back of his head. Dabura grinned and sliced forward with a speed that Gohan barely percieved. He couldn`t see it but he could mentally track it, and that`s just what he had to do. He closed his eyes, throwing his arms up in a block and skidding back a dozen feet, right out of the crater, leaving two trenches from where his feet had dug into the concrete. Dabura slowly left the crater, walking out and towards Gohan with a menacing look.

"Do it!" Gohan heard a familiar voice shout out in the back of his mind. His eyes narrowed and he let off a sneer as his power suddenly started skyrocketing.

Why does it feel like night today?
Something in here`s not right today

Videl looked up, surprised to see storm clouds appearing out of no where up in the skies. She was even more surprised when they began to rapidly spin about, forming a tornado that was wrapped in lightning, a tornado that was only a few feet wide, descending towards the ground. She had to fight to avoid being swept away, as did virtually everyone else in the arena but Piccolo, Zangya, Vegeta and the now - somehow concious and on his feet - Trunks, all of whom seemed to whether it all with ease. A select group in the audience was also managing to whether it, though one of them was having to hold virtually everyone else in place for the time being.

Electricity surged in the ring as the tornado assumed a shade of near-golden, blue cracks of lightning rippling from the ground and pillars of golden light erupting from the sea around the island.

Dabura facefaulted.

Why am I so uptight today?
Paranoia`s all I got left
I don`t know what stressed me first, or how the pressure was fed
But I know just what it feels like, to have a voice in the back of my head

"You can do it Gohan, just like you did against Cell!"
The voice shouted in his mind again. The eye of the tornado suddenly began to expand and the outer winds began to dissipate before it finally blew away entirely, leaving an even more threatening looking Son Gohan standing in the ring, hair streaked up entirely save for a rebellious lock that hung out over his forehead in sheer defiance of the rest. Dabura grimaced at the sight of the aura that flowed around the boy, even more so at the sheer power that radiated off of him in droves, cracks of energy pouring out all around him.

Dabura raised up an arm and covered his eyes as a brilliant flash of golden light filled his vision, ending after a few moments as an angry, utterly menacing youth began to move forward, murder in his eyes, hatred in his stance and brutal swiftness in his movements. Dabura was barely fast enough to dodge the first blow, a punch that passed by him and gouged a hole in the inner wall of the arena from it`s sheer force. Dabura growled from the gut, this fight wasn`t going to be as easy as he thought.

Gohan remained in the pose from his punch, staring blankly ahead before drawing back to a seemingly relaxed stance and leering up at his foe. "Scared?" Gohan asked. "I fear no mortal, brat!" Dabura replied coldly. "You should," Gohan replied, turning towards him.

By now a few members of the crowd had begun to take a bit of a hint, realizing this fight would probably be among the more violent in history, perhaps even more so than what had happened earlier between Killa and Yamu, or even Mister Satan and Dabura, and a select few among them, long time, hardcore Tenkaichi Budoukai goers, knew to leave while they were ahead. The announcer on the other hand looked like a little child with a new toy.

"Finally! The match I`ve been waiting for since Son fought Jackie Chun! Or Son fought Tienshinhan! Or since Son fought Piccolo Junior... Wow, lotta classics there," he thought while looking on at the ring. The sky had cleared by now but the sun was beginning to set, slowly but surely. He almost wondered if the battle he was about to see would stretch on into the night. He hoped not, but given the length of Goku`s first match in the finals, and given that this boy who said he was Goku`s son was easily a few dozen times stronger...

"... Well, hopefully I`ll at least keep the arena intact this time," he thought.

"What are you waiting for?" Gohan asked. Dabura snarled. "Nothing."

It`s like a face that I hold inside
A face that awakens when I close my eyes
A face that watches everytime I lie
A face that laughs everytime I fall
And watches everything

Dabura blurred, Gohan threw his arm up and blocked the venom-filled kick that would have sliced through a building, barely being moved by it as Dabura held there for a moment, making eye contact and then blurring out again. Gohan darted forward and vanished before an explosion sounded off up in the skies, a blue and orange blur of a tornado forming as two figures battled one another back down into the ring with numerous impact shockwaves sounding off from every blocked or successful impact, gushes of air moving faster than sound itself rippling off of the twister-like fight that continued to move downward even as they made contact with the ground, drilling away at the concrete tiles, throwing a few of them up in the process, simply by dodging their feet around.

"How is that Gohan?!" Videl thought. She couldn`t describe the shock running through her mind at the sight - the parts of it she could actually see - of Son Gohan as he was at the Cell Games, the part that couldn`t be broadcasted around the world. It brought a near twitch to her eyelids at the fight taking place before her. Another explosive shockwave sounded off, this one accompanied by a wave of silver shaded light, throwing Videl back against what felt like a soft wall of concrete and literally knocking the wind out of her. She looked up and back to see Piccolo standing there, unphased by her but a look of outright amazement and pride etched onto his face.

She looked to the side to see Zangya with more or less the same expression, minus the obvious bit of pride, and then looked to her other side to see the crowds slowly starting to thin. Good, people were getting out of the way. That was a very good thing, the way this was shaping up she honestly doubted the likelehood of the arena`s survival.

Up in the stands, a small group began to fight with one another. "Trunks is not ready for this kind of flight Yamcha!" Bulma contested hotly as her former boyfriend, now best friend, nonchalantly grabbed her under the back of the legs, and around the shoulders, scooping her from her feet and then waited for Puar and Oolong to finish climbing on his shoulders. "We`ll worry about any real damage after the fact Bulma. Are you sure you`ll be alright, Kame?" Yamcha asked, looking over at Roshi. "I`ll be fine, takes more`n a bit o` wind to take down the Turtle Hermit, yanno," Roshi replied while getting to his feet. "Real shame though, was actually looking forward to keepin` this shell a few more decades," the old man mumbled.

Yamcha didn`t hear him, and in a few seconds, the main portion of the group was airborn, lifting up over the wall of the arena as the old Master tracked them with his senses, looking on at the turtle that had been his pet for close to a hundred and thirty years by now. "Why didn`t you go with `em, Umi?" Roshi asked as he got to his feet using his staff, setting the shell down at his side and his staff in front of the turtle. Umi Gama frowned. "I don`t trust you to be left alone," he replied finally while grabbing the staff and closing his eyes. "Well, may as well give these people an easier exit, eh?" Roshi asked, looking for, and spotting, a major empty spot in the crowd. It would require a slight jump to pull it off, but he could manage.


"You`re really gonna do it?"

"Shut up, ya broke my concentration..." Kame chastised his pet, who rolled his eyes in reply. Roshi drew his hands in front of himself, then to his side again as a blue glow formed over his skin. "Ka..."

It`s like I`m paranoid
Lookin` over my back
It`s like a whirlwind inside of my head
It`s like I can`t stop what I`m hearin` within

Gohan froze, feeling energy build up outside of the ring but quickly deciding to ignore it. The match with Dabura took precidence now, and he let himself flow into it like water, much the same way his father had often fought during their training. Gohan`s skill seemed to raise with that one realization, he flowed into every movement he made in the fighting afterward. Dabura jumped back, avoiding a flurry of swift, earth shattering kicks and touching down with a pair of dual taps, the tiles trembling fearfully under his boots.

"Keep fighting Gohan, you can overcome him! Just don`t give up!" The familiar voice shouted. Gohan drew encouragement from it, ducking down and drawing his arm back, avoiding Dabura`s kiai and darting forward. The gigantic Demon King keeled forward as the elbow struck him in the gut and Gohan spun behind him, skidding to a halt and cupping his hands together before letting out a shout. A large ki ball blazed out of his palms, rushing forward towards the crowd only to dart straight up and execute a graceful arch and shoot back down, crashing into the back of Dabura`s head and exploding hard enough to throw him to his knees.

Dabura growled sharply and got to his feet. "Foolish little brat," he snarled, about to say something else until he looked back to see a bald, festively dressed old man with a long white beard that flowed down to his chest, hands shooting forward as he screamed.

"... HA!!!"

The resulting beam, Dabura could tell, was weaker than anything he himself would ever throw, but it did the job the old man wanted, striking into an empty part of the stands and blasting an easy escape route, as well as ensuring most of the crowd got scared enough to actually leave, before the old man himself backflipped and came back to the ground, a turtle waddling up next to him and giving him his staff.

Dabura was amused more than annoyed, the announcer looked half mortified and Gohan remained stonily dedicated as roughly 75% of the remaining crowd fled through the quick exit Roshi`s blast had created.

"Crowd control never was my specialty," Roshi muttered while grabbing Umi Gama up onto his back and crouching down before backflipping out of the arena all together, Umi Gama going with him. The only trace that Old Man Roshi, better known at the Budoukais as Jackie Chun, was ever even present to begin with was an oversized, 220 pound purple turtle shell with a pair of leather straps on it, held in place with wooden screws, laying plainly on a chair.

"How can an old guy do that?!" Videl asked herself, the twitch in her eyelids becoming a bit more defined.

Outside, Master Roshi set Umi down and glanced over at the group that was now eying him annoyedly. Yamcha had just set Bulma down and was now holding Trunks while Puar perched on his shoulder and Oolong crouched down behind Bulma, looking as if he was either trying to glare at Roshi or gaze upon the promised land concealed by Bulma`s skirt. "What?" Roshi asked with a shrug. "Had to make sure those two don`t kill half the people in there by accident and I made sure not to kill anyone myself."

It`s like the face inside is right beneath my skin

Gohan fought down the smug arrogance that boiled beneath him, begging to be unleashed so that he could torture Dabura like he had Cell, but the rest of him was so focused on the fighting at hand that he almost didn`t notice either way that he had begun to coldly smirk. "Don`t give in to the inner self Gohan, you have to fight him! Keep your ego out of it," the voice sharply chastised him. Gohan looked over his shoulder finally, the smirk gone as Dabura glared at him.

"Ready to continue or do you need a break?" Gohan asked, earning a sharp retort. "I need no rest, I need only your blood!"

The violence resumed, Dabura darted forward, Gohan spun around and backhanded him in the side, Dabura replied swiftly, and for the first time since Cell, Gohan felt real, honest-to-Dende pain running through his body in his second form of Super Saiyan, biting back against the numerous curses that threatened to spill out as Dabura`s hand embedded itself in his stomach. Gohan grit his teeth and glared into Dabura`s eyes, spotting a cruel grin there as the other drew back and lashed out again, only to have his foe duck the attack and ram his elbow and forearm into Dabura`s throat. The other staggered back, then flew up as Gohan ran into him and backflipped up, kicking Dabura in the jaw as a result. Gohan threw his hands forward while arriving at a total stop, throwing forth a heavenly blue bolt of energy that caught Dabura in the stomach, then darting forward again, jumping up and smashing Dabura across the face with a balled up fist.

Dabura crashed into the concrete of the ring and skidded back until his head hung over the ground outside the ring, coughing somewhat until he leaned up. Gohan let out a feral cry and rushed forward, crouching in mid-run and skidding the rest of the way at Dabura with his hands out, a luminous golden glow present in them as he shot forward one ki blast after another. Dabura sat up straight and swatted each incoming attack away before blurring straight up at the last second. Gohan continued forward, eyes going wide and then, he felt the kick slamming into the back of his neck.

Gohan landed squarely outside of the ring with cratering force as his chin smashed into the ground. "Son Gohan has lost the match!"

Vegeta twitched. "Come on damn it," he thought annoyedly.

Gohan got back to his feet and leered over to the announcer, who then noticed that Dabura had materialized on the ground at effectively the same time as Gohan had hit. "I take that back! The match continues until one of these two loses, get back in the ring or we end the tournament with a double disqualification!"

Gohan grimaced and got to his feet, rolling into the ring and sitting there on his hands and knees as Dabura jumped backwards into the ring and screamed, kiai precursing an enormous fireball which was avoided as Gohan darted straight up, altering his course on a sharp vector and throwing a ball of ki at Dabura, who punched the attack and flew right through the resulting explosion. Gohan grabbed him by the arm and flew back into the ring, slamming Dabura into the ground before ripping him back up and doing it again to the opposite side. Dabura cried out as he felt Gohan slam him again and jump onto his back, using his ki to force himself down with enough force to produce a two foot deep Dabura-sized crater.

Gohan blurred away and broke into a hover up in the air.

Dabura climbed out a few seconds later, wiping his face off and growling.

I know I`ve got a face in me
Points out all my mistakes to me
You`ve got a face on the inside too and your paranoia`s probably worse
I don`t know what set me off first, but I know what I can`t stand
Everybody acts like the fact of the matter is
I can`t add up to what you can

From the sidelines, Vegeta was beginning to feel more and more miniscule compared to the happenings in the ring. Trunks looked surprised that the two inside were even managing to fight given how violent things seemed to be, but he withheld the usual gasps everyone might have had. Vegeta grimaced as an errant ki blast darted by his head and struck somewhere deep in the building, causing a large explosion that was sure to have leveled at least a square block of the ten or eleven square block wide building.

Debris flew by, Vegeta was sure at least a bit of searing blood went with it, but he didn`t bother to look back, and neither did Trunks. The two stood shoulder to shoulder, looking equally resolute as the confrontation continued.

Dabura dodged up, Gohan followed suit, they ended back to back until both flipped and turned upside down in mid-air, darting forward and lashing out at one another repeatedly. Several spurts of blood flew loose from the impacts, but neither fighter slowed down, battling towards the ring again and touching down with a twin jump as Dabura cupped both hands together and shouted. "Bakurikamah!" Dabura called, a large golden sphere appearing in his hands and rushing into the form of a thin, twin beam of goldish energies, which lashed out at Gohan.

Gohan replied in kind. "Masenko-ha!"

The two beams collided in a mid-air duel that lasted several seconds before Dabura darted down, allowing his beam to be overcome by the force of the Masenko, which Gohan guided up before it could hit part of the arena. Dabura shot forward only to find Gohan meeting him halfway, a knee slamming into his mouth and a fist meeting his eye a second later. Dabura flew back and into the ground, a black eye and a few teeth missing, which promptly regenerated a few seconds later as he got to his feet, staggering somewhat.

Gohan touched down and uppercut him right in the jaw, Dabura grabbed him and jumped back, slamming Gohan out of the ring and into the ground. He expectantly looked over at the announcer, who pointed out bluntly.

"You`re on the ground too... So..."

Dabura slapped himself on the side of the head and grabbed Gohan`s hair, dragging the youth back into the ring and pulling back only to reel as Gohan snapped his arm up, catching Dabura off gaurd right in the forehead. Dabura fell back as Gohan got to his knees, hands at his sides before he gathered power and threw them forward, unleashing a bolt of energy right into Dabura`s chest, eliciting a loud shriek from the Demon King, who lay on his back with smoke rising off of him. Gohan promptly fell to his side, and out of the Ascended Super Saiyan form and into regular Super Saiyan, his hair falling to it`s usual length and form in that level. "My head hurts," Gohan complained.

Dabura chuckled out before sighing and passing out.

"One!" The announcer began.

But everybody has a face that they hold inside

"Two!" He continued. Gohan felt lightheaded and he could barely even focus his vision, finding it difficult to breathe. Fading from Super Saiyan helped matters only slightly, and his hair faded black and fell to it`s usual disorderly style.

A face that awakes when they close their eyes

He let his eyes fall shut at the count of three.

A face watches everytime they lie

"I need some sleep,"
he thought lazily, rolling onto his back and hearing Dabura cough out, waking up and laughing still from exhaustion and stress. "Four!"

A face that laughs every time they fall

Yep, sleep was starting to sound like a good prospect for Son Gohan at the moment. "Five!"

And watches everything

Goku looked somewhat mortified and the Grand Kaio was suitably taken aback at the events of the fight. It had been such a quick moving battle that he could only barely follow the movements of the fighters involved, seeing them more as blurs than actual figures.


So you know that when it`s time to sink or swim

"Get up!"

That the face is watching you too

"Eight!" Gohan opened his eyes and sat up as best he could, struggling to his hands and knees.

Right inside your skin

"I can do this,"
Gohan thought, planting one foot into the ring. "Nine!"

The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me

"Ten!" The announcer called out as Gohan got his other foot situated and made it to his feet. He looked expectantly over at the announcer, even as the remaining members of the crowd, numbering about a hundred or two hundred people, two hundred and thirty tops, seemed to inch forward in their seats.

"Both fighters are disqualified! The tournament has ended without a definate victor in the final round!"

Gohan fell back over, cussing out profanity in three languages(English, Japanese and Namekian), as well as a few of the more colorful words he`d learned from Vegeta in the past few years. Dabura burst into maddened laughter as well, he had one thing in life he despised even worse than the one time he had ever lost a battle, and that was the suffering of indecisiveness that came with a draw, an inconclusion, especially to a climactic battle like this. A rare stream of tears escaped him as he rolled onto his side and glared over at the announcer, only to look back over to Gohan with nothing but absolute anger on his face.

The other let out a loud screaming of some profanity that actually made Vegeta blink, then slammed both fists into the ring and calmed down, wobbling up to his feet and glaring over at Dabura.

Dabura glared back, getting to his feet and lifting from the ground. "We`ll finish this another day, brat. What`s your name?" He demanded. "Son Gohan, anytime, anywhere," the other replied in kind, looking almost like he was ready to resume the battle right off the bat. "Good. We`ll continue this some day," Dabura vowed, shooting off into the sky with a shockwave of air.

Gohan stood still, glaring at the vapor trail the other left with obvious contempt. "Count on it," he muttered before looking over to the announcer. "What does that qualify me as?" Gohan asked, head tilted to the side. The announcer straightened up. "It means you get half the full money you would`ve won if you made first, and it means that second prize will also be divided in half and half of it given to you," the announcer stated. "But Dabura left..."

"True, but we`re gonna need something to rebuild the arena today..." The announcer grumbled out, walking into the ring and patting Gohan on the back. "You did good today, Gohan, that`s the best match I`ve ever seen! Hope to see you at the next tournament, check`s in the mail," the announcer stated, having kept the Ox King`s address all these years and sent tournament prize money to the Son family through him. Part of the privacy deal he had worked out with the group over the phone at Goku`s last Tenkaichi appearance.

"Wow," the announcer thought, looking around the arena. "Those two almost did as big a number as Piccolo and Goku did when they fought... Well, the arena was smaller back then..." He looked into the smoldering crater-filled ring and then the blasted out stands, and the ruined secondary building of the arena. "... So much for almost..."

Videl finally snapped out of it as Gohan walked towards what was left of the fighters` lounge, spotting one of the other two there seeming to go ballistic and giving off a light chuckle before realizing her father had been in the building when it had been blasted...

"Oh Kami..." She mumbled as Piccolo rested a hand on her shoulder and motioned towards the figure stumbling towards their part of the stands on crutches with a noticable difference in his appearance, not one of physical difference either. "Daddy!" Videl cried out, breaking away from Piccolo and Zangya and running towards her father.

"... A warrior like Dabura should be dead!" Vegeta yelled out. Gohan remained calm and impassive. "If you hadn`t been so fucking weak the-" Gohan finally cut him off, forcibly yanking the Prince to eye level by his ear. "Could you have beaten him, Vegeta?" Gohan asked, letting go and regaining control of himself. He muttered out a sheepish apology and took the Senzu offered to him by the elder version of Trunks before storming by a fuming Vegeta. "I cheered for him telepathically for that?" Vegeta growled. "Give him some credit, I doubt any of us would`ve lasted against Dabura. I would`ve had to go past my maximum just to give him a challenge."

"Shut up," Vegeta grumbled, storming out after Gohan.

"Guess it`s time for me to head home," Trunks thought aloud, tucking his hands in his pockets and jumping up before taking to the air and spotting Yamcha, his mother and the others. "Yeah, guess so," he thought with passive amusement at his younger self`s incessant habit of sleeping.

End Hybrid Theory Redux

Author`s Note: And so ends Hybrid Theory Redux. Sooner or later, I`ll have the next installment of the Hybrid Theory universe out, when that is, I don`t know. As for WHERE it is... It could very well be the part of the HT universe that crosses over into Sailor Moon, I don`t know yet. See ya when I see ya! *Waves*


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