Mellowbrook Drift

Avery: I know Kendall isn't in this episode but Ronaldo is, just read and you'll know why I used this episode.

-Kick's POV-

Today was supposed to be my day, I was supposed to win the cart race. Ronaldo cheated with science, since when does science help you in life? Ha, I'll show him tomorrow on mount Hurtsmore. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going because as I absent mindlessly walked to my house I bumped into someone. Someone who was also not paying attention to where she was going because she had her nose in some book. The blond stared down at me and I looked up at her. I made eye contact with the best milky brown eyes you've ever seen. She looked kind of pretty, I really like her top, it suits her. What am I thinking? I accidentally told her that last week when I lost my helmet, but that didn't mean anything.

"Watch where your going Clarence" Kendall snapped

"Maybe you should Kendall" I snapped right back

"What are you up to now anyways?" She asked in an annoyed tone of voice

"Cart racing down mount Hurtsmore with that science nerd, Ronaldo, tomorrow" I replied

Kendall raised an eyebrow as if trying to remember who Ronaldo was. He moved here about a month ago so I wasn't surprised she didn't know who he was.

"And I'm going to beat him" I said "Because I have the laws of awesome on my side"

"The laws of awesome?" Kendall said with a laugh, then she walked away

I narrowed my eyes at her as she left, I'll show her. She thinks she so perfect with her good grades, and her ruler strait honey blonde hair, and that It Girl book she's reading.

Wait, didn't I give her that book? I thought she wouldn't read it, maybe it's actually a good book. Or maybe she thought she'd enjoy the only present I've ever given too her, wondering if it would be the only present I ever would give her. Honestly I don't even know if I'll give her any more presents. But I cant even explain my relationship with her, its like trying to find a needle in a haystack, almost impossible. I guess it's just easiest to say we're opposites that don't attract.

"Hey, Kick" I heard Gunther yell "You ready for tomorrow?"

"Oh right" I replied I was so preoccupied thinking about Kendall I almost forgot

"What were you talking to Ms. Perkins about?" Gunther asked with a huge smile on his face, I rolled my eyes

"Just our usual banter" I replied

"Yeah your usual banter that sometimes involves kissing" Gunther teased

I felt my cheeks get hot and turn a bright crimson colour.

"Gunther!" I yelled in anger "I told you to never bring that up again"

"Sorry" Gunther said "By the way, why do you hate Kendall?"

My eyes widened as I tried to rack my brain for the reason why I hate her. Well there is the fact that she's a diligent teacher's pet that is quite relaxed and easygoing and I'm a daredevil that likes stunts, awesomeness, and being hardcore. Its just not likely for people like her and people like me to be friends. I suddenly got a vague image in my mind, it was dissolved and blurry like a forgotten memory. I could almost picture the face of a little girl, she was sitting on a bed crying. I cant hear what she is saying but I can tell that she's angry.

"Hey Kick" Gunther yelled "Are you okay?"

I shook myself out of my thoughts. Who was that girl and why was she so familiar? What happened?

"Yeah Gunther, I'm fine" I said

-Kendall's POV-

I sat in my backyard hammock, connecting two maple trees. Through the green leaves I could see the bright sun shining, the brilliant blue sky, and the big white clouds that were mindlessly floating by. They looked fluffy like pillows or giant pieces of cotton candy. It must be wonderful to be a cloud, just floating around in the atmosphere with no real place to go, just allowing the wind to take you away. Clouds are lucky to be free and have no responsibilities or expectations. I wish I were a cloud, then I could see the world as I change shapes. Down below little kids would point up at me and say "Look I see a cloud shaped like a bunny" or something like that. I stood up from the hammock and began to run around the yard with my arms open wide, as if I were a little bird trying to fly and taste freedom for the first time. I began to laugh and spin in circles. I felt the warm late May sun kiss my face and the slight, cool, breeze blowing through every strand of my long blonde tresses. Feeling dizzy I collapsed ungracefully onto the long, soft, green grass and inhaled the sweet sent of daisies and lilies from the flowerbeds. I smiled and looked up at the clouds again, I could see one shaped like a distorted turtle shell, one sort of shaped like a skateboard with three wheels, and one was shaped like a heart. I wonder if that heart means anything, maybe it's a message from my mom, maybe she's saying she still loves me. I smiled and allowed my brown eyes to flutter shut as I immersed myself in the warm glow of the sun.

I wish I could just lie here like this forever, but I cant because I have to pick Zane up from his tutoring session at the library. Science is Zane's weakest subject so daddy is paying some science whiz to tutor him so he can "be the best he can be." But its not like he's failing, Zane is smarter than I was at his age. I checked the time on my cell phone and sighed as I stood up. I picked up the book I had been reading in the hammock and let myself out through the back gate. I didn't even bother checking to see if the door was locked since I live in the kind of neighbourhood where you don't even need to lock the door. I read my book to keep myself entertained, it was a good book. It was the Accidental IT Girl book that Kick had given me on my birthday. I was preoccupied and didn't look where I was going so I bumped into someone. I put down my book and looked at the small boy in front of me. He looked up at me with those sparkling baby blue eyes of his, I wonder what his hair looks like. His entire family has different hair colours so I have no idea if his hair is black like his brother's or orange like his mom's. I should probably say something now.

"Watch where your going Clarence" I said, probably a bit hasher than necessary

"Maybe you should Kendall" Kick said my name as if it were a bad word

"What are you up to now anyways?" I asked with both curiosity and annoyance

He is probably up too some death defying stunt, sometimes I wonder what its like to feel that much adrenaline.

"Cart racing down mount Hurtsmore with that science nerd, Ronaldo, tomorrow" Kick replied

Ronaldo? Where have I heard that name before? Have I met this kid, well maybe he's someone that can actually beat Kick. He's probably not nearly as tough and hardcore though.

"And I'm going to beat him" Kick continued "Because I have the laws of awesome on my side"

"The laws of awesome?" I said, I began to giggle a bit, then I remembered I had to pick up Zane so I walked away without another word.

I went back to reading my book as I continued to walk to the library. I was at that part of the book where the main girl and guy finally put their differences aside and stop being enemies, and they kiss. This is why books are so unrealistic, but then why would I die just to be Juliet for one day. Why was I, Kendall Perkins, suddenly jealous of a fictional character? I guess that is what's wrong with girls that like romance books and movies, were dreamers. But everyone has to grow up eventually and realize that everything in fairytales and romance novels, none of that happens in real life.

"Kendall" I heard Zane yell when he saw me

"Shh" The librarian hissed

I smiled and hugged my little brother, then a blond boy with glasses over his hazel-green eyes slid his chair back and stood up from the desk he and Zane had been working at.

"Hello there, you must be Kendall" he extended his hand and smiled at me "I'm Ronaldo"

I think my eyes widened a little, I knew I had heard that name before. So this was the guy Kick was racing with tomorrow. I took his hand and shook it, since I don't have many, or any, friends I might as well be nice to this guy.

"Is daddy coming home for dinner tonight?" Zane asked

"I don't know Zane" I whispered, I didn't want Ronaldo thinking we had a terrible father

Zane sighed, I felt sorry for him, he doesn't even remember mom and sometimes it feels like dad is home less and less.

"I have to use the restroom" Zane said, he ran to the restrooms at the back of the library

"You know, your pretty" Ronaldo said

"Um, thanks" I said, was he hitting on me?

"Do you like tea or coffee?" Ronaldo asked

"I actually prefer tea" I said

"Really, because my mom works at this new tea shop not far from here called Chai Me" Ronaldo said "You want to go there some time?"

"You mean like on a date?" I asked

I had never been on a real date before, unless you count that mishap in the theatre but lets not. He is not a bad looking guy, I could easily use him to make Kick jealous. Wait, why would I want Kick to be jealous if he hates me? And why would I even want to make him jealous? Plus, Ronaldo is not a bad guy, why would I want to use him? But hanging out with him could help me get my mind off of Kick. Even if I don't like him in a boyfriend way I could force myself too. That wouldn't count as using someone, would it?

"Do you want it to be a date?" Ronaldo asked with a smile

Zane came rushing back towards us.

"Kendall can I go to the park and play with Joel?" Zane asked

"Only if you stay with him and someone walks you home afterwards" I said like an overprotective mom

"Kendall I'm not a baby" Zane whined

"Yes but your not a teenager either" I reminded him "stay safe"

I know why I'm badgering him even though he is an eleven year old boy that is perfectly capable of taking care of himself in our tiny town where nothing exciting really happens. Its because I've lost way too many important people in my life and I don't want to loose anyone else.

"Bye Kendall, bye Ronaldo" Zane said as he hugged me and ran off

"So about the date, you want to go?" Ronaldo asked

How many times would this actually happen in my life, how many guys would actually like me? I mean I'm just a teacher's pet.

"I would love too" I finally replied

Then the two of us left the library and walked towards the tea shop.