Ever since Walden and I sat together in that bar, met that lesbian couple, and kissed because he felt like that would help us score I couldn't help feeling that he had been acting differently around me. I personally was very shocked that that had even happened, I've never kissed another guy before; I wondered if he had. I decided to ask him about it.

"No, you are the first man I've ever done that to," he said. That kind of made me feel special.

"Oh..." I didn't know what to say. I think I must have looked nervous because he gave me a quirky smile and we just stood there for god knows how long. After those long few seconds he moved a bit closer to me.

"Alan...I have to admit something. I actually really enjoyed that kiss." I swallowed a huge amount of saliva that had collected in my mouth as I stood frozen in front of him, loudly.

"Oh..." Again I had no idea what to say. He laughed at me, I don't blame him, I'm ridiculous.

"You don't have to look so scared you know." I jumped slightly.

"I'm sorry Walden, it's just that I didn't expect this...at all!" He brought his hand up to brush it along my arm, if he was trying to be seductive it was working.

"Um, I have to say Allan, I've been thinking and I think I want to ask you something." My body tensed and a nervous chuckle escaped.

"What might that be?" I sort of squeaked it out.

"Well I was kind of wondering, will you marry me? I mean after everything that has happened with my ex wife I just don't feel so into women lately. I think I need to try something new and I very much liked kissing you, not to mention you're like my best friend at the moment." My eyes were so wide by then that I could feel them drying out and I almost choked on my own spit. His hand was still lightly touching my arm which put my mind even more into a haze, I couldn't ignore the fact that he was so incredibly gorgeous. "What do you say Alan? Will you marry me?" I opened my mouth in an attempt to say something but nothing came out, I tried again.

"Uh...um...if you mean to marry you a.k.a. live in the same house as you and share you're millions of dollars then...yes! Yes Walden, I will marry you." I couldn't believe I just said that! The smile that appeared on his god-like face was too adorable for words though, so it was worth it. My heart stopped beating when he closed the distance between us and placed his lips on mine for the second time. I probably should have expected that but I didn't and my body became even more stiff. I never found myself to be gay in any way, even though other people seem to have, but this kiss was fucking AMAZING! Soon my body fell limp against his and I relaxed into the kiss as his arms wrapped around me, it felt so comforting. I surprised myself by shoving my tongue deep into his mouth, and he surprised me by gripping my dick hard through my jeans. A moan flew from my mouth into his. He pulled away and with my eyes closed I tried to recapture his lips but couldn't. Opening my eyes I found that smile back on his face only this time it was a mischievous one.

"I can't wait for the honeymoon babe." He winked at me and quickly skipped out of the room. I was left alone and dazed in the dining room with my mind jumping around to different events involving Walden, ones like him completely naked and hugging me, that happened a couple of times, and us waking up one morning naked and sharing a lawn chair for a bed with no remembrance of what happened the night before. This all came at me too fast, but I guess there were all those signs, plus we have been living together for months now so us developing feelings for each other was bound to happen. Just then Berta walked into the room.

"What's up skippy?"

Not looking at her I simply said, "I'm getting married."

Her mouth fell open and she dropped the laundry basket she was holding.