Okay to those of you reading I've decided to try and write a Naruto and Eyeshield 21 crossover. No I won't make a new team just with Naruto characters to do this,nor will I include any other Naruto characters. It's another one of those Naruto lost in another world crossovers but I'm doing it differently, Most crossover's like this involve Naruto's shinobi abilities, such as using jutsu , and involve them so liberally that it just seems to destroy a story they worked so hard on, and they don't even realize it. These stories also deal with Naruto trying to blend in, in places that have nothing like this or anyone to explain it away, there are also stories with Naruto trying to accept his fate of being stranded in an unfamiliar world that seem to resolve the problem only to bring it up again abdruptly.

In this crossover Naruto was stranded in the eyeshield 21 world after the valley of the end, it has been three years and Naruto has long come to terms with his current situation.

So now that a little bit of the back story has been given let's start the show.

Chapter 1 : Naruto, lost in the world

Naruto was the first to admit it when he screwed up this time, mostly because he was the only one who knew that he had screwed up, and the only one there to berate him over his mistakes. However, he admitted it long ago and had accepted his problems and as such he was pretty content with the meager life he had now. The place he was in was vastly superior to his last home in many ways, even if he didn't have a place to sleep at night. The simplest way was in technology, which was abundant and used for practically everything, it was so abundant that people had to go to school to know how to use some of this technology. The other ways weren't much more complicated but were very personal, for instance he was no longer beaten on a regular basis by that jerk who lived on the floor beneath his, and he was no longer denied food for holding kyuubi, now it was because he was dirt poor and had absolutely no money.

Life was tough for Naruto now as he had no job and no other skills to use. The area he lived in was pretty clean and well-off, and if there was a criminal underground they did a damn good job of hiding. The ninja boy managed to live off of stolen food he swiped off of food carts and the outside of local markets and wear clothes that he had run off with. Luckily the police couldn't catch him or identify him since his experience with the anbu told him to keep his head down and to hide quickly. He currently lived in an old condemned hotel that was scheduled for demolition so a new, better hotel could be built in its place and as of right now he was heading that way with his latest haul, a loaf of bread a small slab of ham and two apples. As he approached the building he called home he saw a terrifying sight, the police. Immediately he turned tail and ran as fast as his legs could take him. Unfortunately he was spotted and the police immediately took after him in their squad cars.

They swerved and cut the homeless boy off, but Naruto did a back step and spun around trying to run off the way he came, only to run into a rather tall cop who had his baton drawn. Naruto dropped the bag and let its contents spill onto the floor as he raised his hands above his head and kneeled down, surrendering without word. They cops slapped the cuffs around his wrists and escorted him into the squad car before taking him into the station.

A few hours later Naruto was sitting in front of a desk in his underwear, his arms cuffed to chair. Across from him was a fat desk cop going over the inventory of items that were found on the boy. "Let's see here, one heavy brown jacket, one pair of black and orange track pants, one pair of knock off running shoes, a pair of signature socks, a designer t-shirt, a bag of assorted food, a trench knife, a set of ten throwing knives and a hand carved lock pick" The cop listed before looking Naruto in the eye "Young man every item on this list is incriminating or confirmed to be stolen what do you have to say for yourself".

Naruto just sat there, cold, looking into the cops eyes, never flinching and refusing to speak. It began to disturb the cop, as the boy's eye's, while a deep calming blue with odd flicks of red, were slit, which coupled with his grungy looks and dirty skin made him look like a wild beast. "Would you like some gum?" The cop asked, holding out a single stick of sugarless gum. Naruto looked at it briefly before hearing his stomach growl and deciding that a stick of gum was better then nothing. "There, you see?" the cop said as he tried to smile under the boy's strange glare "Now you're going to get in big trouble whether you talk to us or not, We found your little squatters nest in the old building when the Demolition crew did a pre blasting sweep, so you facing both trespassing and petty theft charges, which normally aren't bad, but with the magnitude of all of this spanning over two to three years we have to do something, so please just tell me what's going on and we can all leave here happy and not in prison" the cop explained, again smiling, trying to get Naruto to crack, and he did not.

"Lieutenant Hiro get in my office right now" Came a shout form the angry police chief, his glare pointed right at the fat police man.

Hiro shuddered as he quickly got up from his desk and ran towards his bosses office, leaving the young man he was trying to interrogate locked to the chair. Naruto in his boredom started to blow bubbles with the gum gathering the attention of a certain cop. This cop had been a slave of the Mysterious Mr.H for about a month now, and he had yet to meet this devil of a man in person. Mr. H apparently uses his slaves to gather more slaves, and so on, creating an endless chain, and while this cop had never meet the man blackmailing him he did get a description from a friend of his who was , by chance, also a slave of Mr. H. The description he was given of Mr. H had been pretty vague, describing him as a fairly tall person with spiky blonde hair and devil like eyes who was always chewing bubble gum, something that currently matched the boy in police custody. In a panic the police officer quickly gathered up the stolen objects and threw them into naruto's lap and uncuffed his hands from the chair. "There, now get out of here Mr.H. before they put you in cuffs again" the cop said with a panicked smile on his face.

Confused Naruto got out of his chair and walked to the door in his underwear, before putting his pants, socks and shoes back on and running out of the station with the shirt and jacket slung over his shoulder. Naruto kept running as he dressed himself, weaving through the lightly populated streets of deimons night life. As Naruto meandered through the nearly vacant street he felt a large yawn overcome him, he desperately needed to find a good place to sleep before doing anything else. Luckily he had just passed the local high school, which he had heard had a problem with it's locks.

Walking up to the front door he gave them a solid tug and was disappointed when they didn't move, apparently they had fixed the locks. Naruto turned away to try and find another place to squat, but suddenly another thought crossed his mind. "Maybe I'm trying the wrong door" Naruto thought as he turned around and began to walk around the school, trying all the doors he could find and failing. It wasn't long until the Naruto came across a small shack that was separate from the school, Naruto smiled thinking he had hit the jackpot. The door was ajar and the light wasn't on, which was a good sign as well, it seemed that Naruto's luck was beginning to turn around quickly. Naruto opened the small shack door and was meet with a terrible sight of discarded clothing and bags scattered over the floor and piled up. However, it was better than most places he spelt in, so he decided why not. Crashing into a pile of sports jersey's Naruto picked up a random one from the pile and used it as a blanket. It's number was 99.

-Insert line-

It was about 4 A.M. When Mamori arrived at deimon high ,two hours before the Kurita and Hiruma would come in for some morning practice, and two hours before Sena's arrival to help her with the team schedule. It was also about four hours before school actually started so she figured she had plenty of time to get what she came here to do. Because the American Football Club only had a small little shack to operate out of she figured she'd better clean it up, because the place was frankly a pig sty and she refused to see how anyone could get any quality work done in that mess they called a club room.

Swiping all the junk off the table Mamori set her bags down and grabbed hold of the broom and trash bags that she had brought with her. Scanning the room for an optimal place to start her cleaning she came across the pile of dirty uniforms and sighed. Grabbing a trash bag she immediately went over to the pile and was about to shovel them in the bag so she could take them to be washed when she saw something moving in the pile. Panicking she grabbed her broom and began to beat what she thought was a wild animal that had broke into the clubroom. "Get out, get out," Mamori chanted as she swatted the offending creature in the uniform.

Suddenly the pile of clothes began to shift as one of the jerseys was moved out of the way to reveal a scruffy and dirty looking Naruto lying in the clothes. "geez, I'm sorry lady" Naruto said as he got up from the pile of clothes, rubbing the back of his head.

"AH, it's even worse a BUM, get out now, your trespassing" Mamori shouted as she beat Naruto over the head with the broom trying to get him to leave.

"Ah, I'm not a bum, I'm…I'm" Naruto looked around desperate to find something that could help him out, then he saw a recruitment poster for the American football team " I'm here to join the American Football Club" Naruto says as he held the top of his head in his hands, trying to shield himself from Mamori's broom of death.

Mamori just looked at him with a disappointed glare as she withdrew her broom from the beating position. "Why are you really here?" She asked a foreboding tone in her voice, kind of like she knew where this was heading.

Naruto sighed, seeing no other way out of his predicament "I'm just trying to find a place to sleep for the night, and it's not like I have anywhere else to go, so I decided to you know crash here" he explained as he brushed himself off ,getting the broom dust out of his hair and clothes.

Mamori just looked at the poor boy in confusion. "What do you mean you have nowhere else to go?" Mamori asked, truly confused, the boy looked to be about the same age as her, so he must have some sort of family, foster or otherwise.

"Well, just that" Naruto explained as he rubbed his dirty hair "I've been on my own for three years now, no family, no friends, just me living off any food I can swipe and wearing any clothes I can carry out of the store without being noticed, All I have is on my back" Naruto finished.

"What about school?" Mamori asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

Again Naruto began to rub his head nervously "Well I don't really have time for school I spend most of my time scoping out places trying to find the perfect time to swipe something good from the stores, even if I did have the time it's Impossible, I don't have any background information of any sort, anywhere kind of like I just appeared out of thin air" Naruto laughed as he ended it proud that he had covered up his past pretty well.

Mamori's eye's began to well up with tears as she listened to Naruto's story. How could anyone be so kind and happy after being dealt such a cruel card in life? For some reason she felt compelled to help the boy in front of her, even thought she had just meet him not but two minutes ago . However she could only do so much to help this kid, if she really wanted to help him, she would need HIS help which wouldn't be cheap, but could be won with one thing. However, she really didn't want to help Hiruma enslave people, but she knew that Naruto would be better off if he was. "I can help you, but you have to promise that you will join the American Football Club, got it".

Naruto just looked at her in his bland confused look "Okay, but why do I have to join the club for you to help me?"

Mamori turned away, refusing to look at the poor soul she was practically handing over to Hiruma. "Just come on, I'll get you into the school so you can use the showers and I'll get you a uniform okay" Mamori sighed as she left the club house to show Naruto around the school.

-Insert Line-

It was about 6 a.m. and Sena Kobayakawa was wandering around the campus of deimon high, trying to recreate the deimon devil bats game schedule as well as write his schedule for Saturday. He sighed as he looked over the burnt tournament schedule, which had regrettably fallen victim to Hiruma's flamethrower. As he walked by the club house he was struck by a certain thought. Perhaps there was a back p tournament schedule; it would explain how Hiruma knew their next game was against the Oujou white knights. Sena just hoped that he could find the schedule in that mess.

However, when Sena knocked down the door he was greeted to two surprising sites. One was a clean Club house and the other was Mamori, sitting and laughing with a strange blonde haired boy wearing a deimon high uniform. "Oh good morning Sena, Me, and Naruto here, got here early" Mamori fibbed when she saw the boy she viewed as a little brother walk in "it was a little dirty so it might not be too different".

"It's completely different" Sena said in awe before his rested again on Naruto, who was leaning back with a fox like grin "Umm… who's he?" Sena asked Mamori as he'd never seen this guy before in his life.

"Oh this is Naruto and he's here to join the football team" Mamori said as she strained a smile.

A large thud was heard as several bags hit the floor of the club house. At the door stood Kurita standing in shock, with a huge almost impossible smile. " A NEW MEMBER" Kurita shouted in joy as he lifted Naruto out of his seat and preceded to try and kill him with his death hug "Please sit down and enjoy your welcome party guys" He said in glee as he spread out a numerous array of sweets that made Naruto salivate in hunger.

While Mamori and Kurita talked about the finer points of the spread of food Naruto was grabbing food left and right and chopped it down in such an ease you would say he hadn't eaten in weeks. Sena looked over suspiciously at the newcomer, before smiling, the more the merrier right?

However as soon as Mamori identified where the pie had same from and began to compliment the vanilla beans Hiruma barged in with his usual bored look and kicked the table up and flipped it over claiming that it was time to get started on their strategies to use against. Hiruma was bent over a box examining its contents as Mamori yelled at him for throwing all the food off the table. Naruto just watched as the football club descended into chaos for a split second before being brought back by Hiruma pouring the boxes contents onto the table. It was at that moment that Hiruma first noticed Naruto "Hey Who are you, fucking whiskers" Hiruma asked as he pointed at Naruto with his abnormally sharp fingers.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm here to join the football club" Naruto repeated, hoping he didn't have to introduce himself again.

Hiruma just stared at Naruto for a few seconds before cursing. He then turned to the other members of the club "Okay new plan, we spend the morning gauging Naruto's skills and then we'll come up with the Game plan for the upcoming match" Hiruma explained with his usual grin returning "Now everyone to the weight room".

As Sena, Kurita, and Naruto headed off to the weight room Hiruma swept his figurines back into the box in a hurried pace only to be stopped by Mamori. "What is it fucking manager" Hiruma grumbled as he closed the box and turned around.

"I need a favor" Mamori said firmly " It concerns Naruto".

"Yeah, the new guy, who recruited him anyway?" Hiruma asked.

"I did, you see Naruto isn't exactly a student, and doesn't really have any paperwork to get him in" Mamori explained, which only seemed to make Hiruma mad "But he said that if you got him into Deimon High then he will play for the team without question, Now if that isn't enough I'll…" Mamori stopped instantly when she saw that Hiruma had pulled out his computer.

"Don't worry about it fucking manager, this guy" Hiruma paused for a second before his grin got larger "is as good as enrolled, I can see his potential and I'm not letting this guy go so easily, between him and eye shield alone, our chances of beating Oujou just jumped 25 %" Hiruma's devilish grin then turned into his signature hellish smile.

So there is the first chapter of Deimon's Wandering Devil I hope you like it and I hope to break some molds and hopefully create a few as well. Honestly while they are cliché's I think the person or people who started the whole Clan Restoration Act and other ideas that were turned into fan clichés may be decent writers. However there are so many fics that use these things now that it's impossible to find the real story and any mention of these elements instantly deducts 10 points from the stories overall score, At least In my mind. Naruhina also does this for me cause no one can write a good one it seems, without going back and twisting a lot of stuff in strange ways, it's gotten to the point were I try my best to avoid reading Naruhina, though I do find decent ones now and again that just end up disappointing me.