Hello again… So a lot of you are upset that I included Sasuke, but I needed too. The story demanded something and Sasuke was the only character I could think of that would be reasonable to add and provide a challenge in the game to Naruto. Also the story needed a little dramatic tension, plus I thought of a thousand ways to humiliate Sasuke in this context and figured, WHY THE FUCK NOT.

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Pitch #3: Naruto Bleach Crossover

Most bleach crossovers give the crossed over character a Zanpakuto, which sometimes is done very well, but let's try and be a little more creative and use a new Idea. Naruto lives in Karakura Town sometime after a miraculous escape during the extraction ritual and is in hiding while he trains himself to take on Akatsuki. The ritual has given him the ability to temporarily inject fragments of his soul into ordinary objects , allowing him to access supernatural powers and weapons, using the items as Catalysts and essentially making an artificial Zanpakuto. Example, A kitchen knife to a sword, or a watch into a gauntlet capable of time control.

Remember this is up for grabs anyone can take this and run with it. ANYONE.

Chapter 19: Shorty and Apollo

"Sasuke Uchiha?" Naruto asked his eyes wide in disbelief as he looked Karin Koizuma in the eye, making her blush and step back.

"Yeah he's here with me actually….Um….SASUKE, WHERE ARE YOU?" Karin shouted looking desperately for her friend.

"I'm over here geez, I just needed to use the…bathroom…..god no" Sasuke responded walking out of the bathroom and just freezing when he caught sight of Naruto, mortified.

However, Naruto wasn't mortified when he caught sight of Sasuke; no it was actually quite the opposite. The blonde boy's eyes filled up with mirth, his foxy grin came back but was quickly closed behind his lips and his cheeks swelled as he struggled to contain a sense of amusement….and failed. "OH MY GOD you're so short" Naruto exclaimed while he burst out laughing, nearly falling to the ground.

Apparently the Dimensional displacement that had brought Naruto, and apparently Sasuke, to the same dimension had a few side effects that only one of them where aware of. Because of Kyuubi any physical anomalies created by the displacement had been purged and repaired by his will, refusing to be stuck in a weak container while in a strange world. Inversely, because Sasuke lacked a great and powerful, as well as grumpy, demon spirit living in his gut, he took the full brunt of what the anomaly had to offer. As such, while Naruto at Sixteen stood at 6 foot 2, a whole nine inches taller than he was last year at fifteen, Sasuke still stood at the 5 foot 0, the same height he was three years ago, at thirteen. "Yeah laugh it up, Dobe, I was taller then you once remember!" Sasuke shouted, irritated by the laughing.

"Yeah, and now I'm at least a foot taller then you, and I know that my friend Sena is taller then you too" Naruto barely managed to say as his laughing began to spread to Karin, who was beginning to giggle.

"Shut up" Sasuke grumbled stepping forward to give the blonde a swift kick.

"Oh god, you still sound like a thirteen year old too" Naruto gawked as his laughing became strained as his body struggled for air.

Sasuke's face turned a blaring red, and he turned away and stormed off, just like the thirteen year old he looked like. "Let's go Karin" he said, making the blonde girl stop laughing and turn around. But before the two left Sasuke looked back over his shoulder "I can't believe it was you of all people who took my ambitions from me….you'll pay dearly".

While Sasuke the moody little boy walked off with Karin in tow, Naruto managed to calm down somewhat and looked at the retreating figures. He tried to figure out what it was that Sasuke had told him before leaving, as he didn't hear a lot of his own laughter. As he did he noticed something big, something about the blonde girl. "Damn….I could bounce quarters off that thing" Naruto commented, earning a meek, surprised and embarrassed thank you to echo back at him.

In the Gulf of Mexico half way around the world, was a massive cruise ship, though at that moment it may as well have been a yacht as a single man had bought up a majority of the tickets to give to guest of some sort of party. They were gathered around him and listening to his incredibly demeaning opinions of various programs, the space program in particular, and the people who supported them. " In other words, the best thing to do with war and space program development cost is to siphon them from the Japs… they would even pay ten million dollars while licking a white man's ass" The man said as he took a sip from his wine glass " those yellow monkeys are Americas wallet".

The Man took a long drag from his cigar as his guests laughed, an assistant then approached him with a phone telling him it was from japan "It's the magazine editor Mr. Apollo"

Blowing out the smoke that he had let fill his lungs he picked up the phone. "Oh Mr. Editor, I'm sorry about not calling you sooner but I already cancelled the game against the Japanese". A series of annoyed and panicked mumbles were all that the guests could hear before Apollo said "No Mr. Editor, isn't it monsoon season in Tokyo, so everything is really damp and humid right?" Apollo smirked, literally feeling the tension on the other side of the call" I'm a former NFL player, why should I go somewhere so uncomfortable?" Apollo smirked as the phone blew up into a mix of angry English and Japanese swears before he hung up.

"So that's the story huh?" Hiruma said as he took a sip from his drink, deeply settled in the couch with Kurita, Naruto and Sena behind the couch itself.

The editor meekly nodded, afraid of the devil boy , backing up when the boy suddenly leaned forward. "I would have never guessed there was someone who though he could defy the devil bats" Hiruma said his face darkened with an ominous shadow as Naruto, Kurita, and Sena backed away.

"ACTION" came a harsh shrill shout over the practice field of the Deimon devil bats, followed by a sharp familiar cackle.

"By Inari, I hope this isn't as stupid as I think it's going to be" Naruto grumbled as he headed for the field to see what the hell Hiruma was doing.

A few minutes later on the field the team , well Monta and Sena were discussing Hiruma's latest scheme which turned out to be an advertisement that was supposedly going to be used to goad Apollo into accepting, and attending the rematch date. Monta instantly tried to ham it up and ended up catching the ball in an expensive suit which he instantly ruined by rolling around to get to his pose. This pretty much summed up Naruto's day at school, cause as Hiruma's third in command he was stuck hauling the equipment around with Kurita, who was by Hiruma's ruling his second. They then pestered Yukimitsu, making him do some weird pose and then went off to start an argument between Komusubi and the Huh-Huh brothers. Then Hiruma dragged him all over the school filming various things while he sent Mamori on a run to get footage of chickens, monkeys and tigers.

Finally Hiruma let Naruto off gear duty and put him in one of the ads, weird pointless scenes. All he had to do was sit on this throne on a set that the theatre club had built, surrounded by the girls from the dance club all dressed like princess Leia from Star wars (more specifically the sixth movie the scenes where she was jabba's slave). "What kind of ad are we making, Hiruma?" Naruto asked, thoroughly confused.

Hiruma's answer was just a glare and a grin before he ducked behind his camera and waved his finger, calling action to the set. Naruto sighed and sat down on the throne like he was told to, and went through his part in the ad. He was told to look down at this little green ball that Hiruma had placed on the throne, get angry, and then throw the prop throne at it, all while having the dance squad drape themselves over him like he was Conan the Barbarian or something. The after that was all over he just left leaving him to explain what was going on to the scantily clad dancers who were trying to snake their hands down his pants. After a brief explanation that only caused more problems Naruto managed to find his way back to the club's office to find everyone enjoying some fried chicken while Hiruma filmed them. Naruto just stared at this all blankly as he tried to connect the many pointless scene's together. "Screw it" He mumbled as he threw his hands in the air and left not even bothering to learn what the ad was supposed to be for, because it definitely had little to do with football at this point.

He would have left immediately but Hiruma stopped him and shoved the last tape into his hands along with a folder and grinned like the devil he was. "If you're going out stop by the video club and tell my little friends I have a project for them, give them the folder and it will explain what I want done" He explained before glaring, driving the point across that this was to be done now.

Naruto just sighed, having been unfortunately dragged back into his bosses plans.

" sir, this came for you in the mail, it's from that football team in Japan the Deimon Devil bats" One of Apollo's many assistants said as he walked in holding a small envelope that was labeled EXPRESS.

"Devil Bats?" Apollo mumbled as a look of confusion passed over his face before a look of realization came to him "OH, that monkey team".

Taking the Cd he popped it into his computer and waited for whatever it contained to load. When it did load a promotional banner for the game popped up, followed by his comments that he made over the phone to congratulate the devil bats on winning the contest, but halfway through the little speech he gave them in congratulations he was cut off by a girl doing a mock interview, asking about the team possibly backing out of the scheduled rematch.

The video quicly became slanderous as it portrayed Apollo as a chicken, as well as him being hunted down, pooped on, crushed, ignored and cooked, ultimately to be eaten by the devil bats themselves. Apollo sat there in silence as his rage quickly built up, the grinding of his teeth sounding someone learning to drive stick, before a mouth foaming yell was heard coming from his office. After he was told it was being streamed around the world things only got worse. In a growling mess Apollo told his assistant to call the magazine and tell them the game is on. "AND IF THE ALIENS DON"T WIN BY AN ASTOUNDING VICTORY OF AT LEAST A TEN POINT LEAD, WE WIL NEVER RETURN TO AMERICA" came his voice, as it echoed throughout the school.

"Well that's a bit unexpected" Naruto mused as he leaned on one of the couch arms, while Hiruma took center seat on the couch itself.

"Yeah, I expected him to be angry, it was the point…but to go so far...we can't just go out and play the game with such stakes" Hiruma mused before his grin returned, bearing a dark message "We'll just have to respond in kind".

"What does that even mean " the editor grumbled as he tried to get the teams thoughts on Apollo's declaration.

"It means, that if we don't win by a victory of ten points the Deimon Devil bats will leave japan the same day!" Hiruma announced, getting gasps of shock from everyone

The next day Hiruma and Kurita came marching into the club office carrying a large box, before dumping the contents on the table. The team, who had been assembled by Hiruma for a meeting, approached the table carefully and picked up the small red packets with Japan written across the cover. Knowing what the objects were thea team was more impressed with how quickly Hiruma had managed to get these for the entire team. "So, you really serious ?" Naruto said aloud, waving his passport in the air " how did you even get my picture for this?".

"Of course I'm serious, I take everything seriously" Hiruma stated as he absent mindedly cleaned his favorite gun "We will win by ten points or more or leave japan, I wasn't joking…." Hiruma said lowly as he lowered the gun to glare at them "So if you want to stay in japan then for the next month you'll want to train like you're going to die" Hiruma announced as he drank in the resulting looks of shock.

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