This story contains language and events that would equal a PG-13 movie.

Depicting language like F***, $h*1, B*$#%, A$$. and h, e double hokey stick, but they are uncensored in the story. IF Bruce Almighty can use them and still be PG13, I think I can too! PLEASE READ ALL OF IT AND REVIEW!

(The love interest come in in the third chapter, by the way)

It could only be you. (The real name of the story just wanted more people to find out about it.)

As the last note played on the hit song "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber, a 14-year-old genius, prophet, rich, Luben Risteski sat back stage, waiting for the pop idol to come off. He heard him say his thank you's and goodnights then exit stage right, down the stares, to a crowd of his staff giving him praise for his song he just sang at the American Music Awards. Justin had the biggest grin on his face and was laughing so hard that he was crying. He looked up and thanked the lord for his success. Luben looked up, and with the ability to speak to God directly he mouth the word 'no' and looked back at Justin, who was now going to his dressing room. Luben just rolled his eyes and shook his head and looked down at the floor. He knew he had a reason to be here. He received a message from God telling him to help Justin. Luben knew it would take a few months to even a year to help Justin, but in that time, Justin's life would change drastically.

Luben got up and started walking toward Justin's room. In that time, he ran into the stage manager, who had just walked out of Justin's dressing room. He recognized Luben imminently. The world knew about his talents since January of 2010, when came out of hiding. Today, Luben lives by him self in a mansion in Columbus, Ohio.

After the stage manager recognized him, he stopped him with amazement on his face.

"Luben Risteski?" He asked in shock. "What are you doing here?" He looked down at his backstage pass. "Wow! I didn't know were a Justin Bieber fan!"

"Quite frankly, I'm not." Luben responded. "I am here on a mission. When is it possible to speak to Justin, alone?" He asked. The stage manager sighed deeply and ran his hand through his hair.

"Ohhhhh," He groaned. "Its going to be a while. He has his fans, his after party…" he trailed off. He looked at Luben.

"True," Luben responded. "Well I guess then I could-" Just then, the door to Justin's dressing room opened and an entire crowd of people walked out. They were his make up crew, sound and his agent. The stage manager looked over at them who were passing by. One stopped to tell him something. He nodded and they continued on. Everyone seemed to be walking out of the room, including what looked to be Justin's friends.

Every one walked out, except Justin and his parents. Then the stage manager looked back at Luben, and said,

"Well, I don't know if it's a good idea to go in there, but for some reason his parents kicked all of them out. Feel free, but if I were you, I wouldn't."

"I'm still going." He said. "Seeya' Gregg!" And he walked toward the door. Gregg looked down at his shirt and he saw he had no name on it. He looked back at Luben who was smiling back at him. They both knew that Luben knew everything there was to know. Although he didn't know everything, he knew that names of every person on earth. Luben also had God-given powers. He could do anything he wanted. Every one in the world thought he was the next Jesus, but Luben always said, "Never think that. I am no where near the power that Jesus had. I am but a prophet. Not even a saint."

Luben had his ear up to the door and was listening in on what was going inside. He could hear Justin's mother yelling at him about his test grade for home-schooling. He has gotten F's for the past 5 tests he has taken. He could hear Justin using the tour he just finished as an excuse, but his mother and father denied it and blamed his laziness. They were arguing on what to do, until his mother finally said,

"Justin, your not going to the party until we find a solution for this!"

"WHAT!" Justin yelled. "Please! No!"

"Yes Justin!" He father intervened.

"No! Mom, Dad that's not fair!"

"Yes it is Justin, you know education comes first-" She stopped because just then, Luben opened the door and walked in.

"I'm sorry," His mother started. "But we nee-" She stopped when she saw that it was Luben . The room got quiet. When they all looked back to see that it was him. They all stared at him in awe. He smiled.

"I know, I'm so beautiful!" He said sarcastically. The world knew that he wasn't self-centered, but he was very warm-hearted and kind, always cracking jokes.

"Luben… Risteski?" Justin's mother exclaimed.

"Yes. It is me."

"What are you doing here?" Justin asked.

"Well I was sent here by an… anonymous source, telling me your in trouble." They all exchanged looks. "Well? Whatdya' need?"

"Ummmm." Justin's mother groaned. "Nothing."

"Are you sure?" They all nodded. "Okay, then." And Luben left.

Justin looked down at his tests and sat thinking for a second. He got an idea. Imminently, he ran out of the room and saw Luben turning the corner. He yelled out for him. Luben didn't turn around so Justin ran after him. He yelled after him again. This time Luben turned around.

"Luben," Justin said panting. "Is that why you wanna help me? Because of my grades?"

"Well," Luben responded. "First off, I never said I wanted to help you, I said I had to help you." Justin just glared back at Luben, who was about the same height as him, just a little shorter.

"Are ya' gonna'?" Justin asked.

"Well, lemme ask this, what is gonna happen if I don't?"

"You saw what happened! My parents wont let me do anything for my career."

"True, eleven-year-old girls everywhere will be so sad!" Luben mocked. Justin shot him a piercing look. Luben chuckled and continued.

"Well lets see how much you really want my help." Luben said.

"I'll beg on my knees!"

"Really?" Luben asked. Justin feel down to his knees and cupped his hands.

"Please!" He yelled out. The stage crew started staring at Justin as if he was a lunatic. Luben smiled back at him and told him to get up. They started walking towards the exit where Justin was supposed to meet his fans. Luben gave him the information as they were walking.

"Just remember, 9000 Rodebaugh Road in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. That's my house. I found it most affective if you were to come live with me. I'll teach you everything you need to know in a lot less time. I expect you there on Monday at 6:00 am sharp!"

"6:00 am?" Justin exclaimed. Luben nodded. "Alright! I'll be there."

"You better be, and remember the most important thing to do is-"

But the door opened and Justin was sent into a sea of screams of adoring fans and camera flashes. He then was on the balcony overlooking all of them. He quickly looked back to hear what Luben had to say, but Luben, was no where to be seen.