In the year of 2194 there are many people who still like to keep some of the older traditions. One such family is that of a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. Now it may seem like an odd thing to call a child but it was a tradition going back centuries and all of the girls in the family had been given the same name. It was a tradition so old that the reason behind it had long been lost.

Little Red was just like any other teenager, she loved to hang out with her friends and she spent hours in virtual planes of reality. Also like any other teenager, she disobeyed her mother when she was told to do chores. Unfortunately, every Sunday she was faced with an errand she could not avoid, she was to visit her sick grandmother with some baked goods that had been prepared freshly by the house robot that morning. Every Sunday she'd stroll through the metal forest and down to the village where her grandmother lived.

One Sunday, something didn't feel right, she could feel someone watching her as she weaved between the cold trunks and ducked under iron branches that hung low over the paths. She tried to ignore the feeling of a harsh glare on the neck but it niggled at her until she finally stopped to inspect the forest around her. Deep in the distance she saw something move swiftly through the trees, but as she scanned the shadows to follow its path, a figure grabbed her from behind and pushed a cloth over her mouth to stifle her scream. Fear overwhelmed her but so did the adrenalin pumping through her veins, she pushed away and spun, hitting her attacker with her outstretched leg. He fell to the ground and she stood over him a smile on her lips as she saw the fear in his eyes and the shake of his body. He was one of the Wolf House clan, a group of thugs who terrorised the streets and vandalised local buildings, everyone knew they were bad news.

"What do you want?" she demanded putting pressure on his stomach as she did so.

"That smell, it's so delicious and I'm so hungry." He replied weakly, the sound was so thin that Red could only just hear it.

"Well, you're not getting any of these!" Red signalled to the basket. "They're for my grandmother who's very sick. Now, I must go as she lives on the other side of the forest and it will take forever to get there. If I catch you near me again I will rip your puny head off and don't think I'm joking." Although she did feel a little sorry for the Wolfhouser, she knew what they were like and he could easily be tricking her in order to attack her and her batch of goodies.

She left him there, panting on the ground and skipped off on her way, not turning back even once.