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Same Ol'' Game, Just New Players

Only the best of the best participated in the Fletcher Bike races. People flocked from all around Gotham to see the talented men and women race over obstacles and around laps on their large two-wheeled machinery.

To all of Gotham the Fletcher bike races was the exact equivalent to horse racing in the early 2000s. Meaning many made or lost money on simple bets at the betting window.

"How much sir? And whom are you betting on?" The woman said from behind the window.

"1 dime on Firetrail." A suave man said as he handed the woman in the Fletcher track uniform his cred card.

"One thousand on Firetrail. Good-luck sir." She said indifferently handing him his claims ticket. "Next." She called. A teenaged girl wearing black sunglasses and chewing a piece of gum walked to the window.

The woman dropped her the-customer's-always-right manner and took a slow look at the girl.

She was about seventeen, brown skinned and about 5'7" in height and 32/23/33 in her measurements. Her hair on one side black and the other side dyed red. She had her hair braided into three high pigtails, two on the side of her head and one in the back with silver bells dangling from the ends.

She wore a black biker jacket over a skintight red and black wife-beater. From the waist down she wore lose-fitting black and red biker pants with kneepads of the opposite color on the outside. And on her feet were seemingly bulky red and black biker boots with a buckle on the sides.

"Sorry kid no one under twenty is allowed to bet, house rules." The woman said.

The girl shook her head causing the bells to jingle. "I'm not here to bet." Said the girl.

"No? Well if you wish to enter as a racer go to the main office and talk to the receptionist there. Though I doubt you will manage, only the elite races here." Said the woman about to signal for the next person in line.

The girl chuckled in her throat as she blew a bubble with the pink gum. "Nope. Not here for that either." She said after it popped.

"Then what do you want?" The woman asked upset that by now the first race had started.

The girl pulled out a large popgun that looked much like an old-fashion toy. "I'm here to rob you." She said aiming at the window.

At first the woman was shocked but then she began to laugh. "Honey this is triple thick plated assault proof glass." She said knocking on the glass. "No one can break this."

By then three security guards had surround the girl. "I figured as much." She sighed. "If I were you I'd duck down." She sang. She spat her gum out into her hand. Then quickly back flipping she tossed the gum onto the window.

Ka-foom! The gum exploded taking out the window and knocking down the three security men.

"AAAaaaah! Somebody help me!" The woman screamed as the glass rained down on her.

"Oh yoo-hoo!" A voice sang from above her. She looked up to see the girl standing, actually squatting, on the dispenser with the gun pointed at her. "Grenade gum: now in wintergreen, blueberry, cotton candy, and strawberry." She said popping a fresh stick of gum into her mouth. "Now hurry up and put all the cash in this bag." She pulled a small bag from her coat and tossed it at the woman.

Shaking the woman opened the cash register and began putting the cards and bills into the bag.

"While we're still young here!" The girl said cocking her gun. The woman quickly removed the entire tray and poured the money in. "Now you've got it." She smiled taking the bag.

"Yeah and now we've got you." Two new security guards said from behind them.

"Aw party-poopers." She said jumping down from the desk with a back flip. Turning she smiled as she aimed her gun at them.

The two men jumped to the side as she fired. Pop A flag rolled out with the word BANG in bold red letters.

"Ha! A trick gun." The first man laughed.

"Yep my favorite toy in the world." The girl said sneezing the trigger once more sending the flag torpedoing towards the laughing man. The ball at the tip of the flag cracked excreting a gas. He coughed from the fumes swaying back and forth.

"Nighty-night big boy." She said as he fell flat on his back into a deep sleep.

The second security guard ran towards the girl with his hand in a ready fist.

"Oh my what kind of a man hits innocent young ladies?" The girl asked as the man approached her. The man swung and she ducked to the side. She brought up her leg snapping his head to the side; she swung her elbow into his gut.

"A weak kind of man." She frowned as he dropped to his knees. "Oh well I had better be going before the real police gets here." She said running towards a black motorcycle. With a laugh she fitting the helmet over her head and sped away. Unknown to her a dark figure flew after her.

"Terry what's the situation?" Bruce asked.

"Police reports say some girl; most likely a member of the Jokerz, just robbed Fletcher Racings." Batman said.

"The Jokerz must be trying to make a move up in the world." Bruce said petting Ace.

"I was thinking the same thing only the Jokerz usually work together." Batman said.

"Strength in numbers." Bruce said.

"Yeah but this one's doing things on her own." Batman said.

"Well you had better hurry and finish this, your mother called and she want you home early tonight. Something about a 58.3 on your last test." Wayne said.

"How did she find out about that? Great!" Batman shouted.

"What is it?" Bruce asked.

Batman observed the empty streets below him. "She just disappeared." Batman said turning around. "Wait..." Batman looked down to see the girl leaned against her bike as if she was waiting from something. "I've found her." He reported landing a few feet away from her.

"I thought I was being followed." Her lips covered with black lipstick curved into a smile as she removed her shades. "I was expecting the police. But the new Batman! I wasn't excepting you at all tonight." The girl said clasping her hands together with genuine joy.

"Great another joker out to make a name for herself." Batman said flatly as he approached her.

The girl's eyes narrowed as her smile melted into a scowl. Without warning she ran towards him and punched him in the stomach. With a groan Batman folded over from the blow. She brought her elbow down on his spine lowering him a little farther down, then she kicked up her leg tossing him backwards onto the ground.

"Don't you ever say that again!" She said pointing down on him. "Those two-bit goons are a disgrace to all humanity! The name of Joker use to strike fear into people's hearts now they have reduced it to a simple 'problem of today's society'." She said fuming.

"Seems I've struck a nerve." Batman said jumping up. "So who are you then?"

"I'm Harley." She said placing her hand to her chest.

"Harley? Well Harley you have a strong right hook." Batman complimented rubbing his jaw. "If you aren't a Joker then why are you dressed like one?" He asked kicking out his leg.

"You ever hear of the clown prince or crime's girlfriend Harley Quinn?" Harley asked dodging. "I'm her successor." She said removing her jacket revealing three black diamonds tattooed on her left forearm and three red diamonds tattooed on her right deltoid. She tossed the jacket onto the bag along with the stolen money.

"Quinn? She's alive?" Batman asked just before Harley swung back.

"Yep." Harley said swinging her fist and kicking out her leg. "Miss Q met another fellow after the J-man was killed. She gave up the live of crime and had a family and is now taking care of her two granddaughters." Harley said swinging for Batman's chest but spun kicking him in the jaw.

"You're good." Batman messaged his chin. Then he combated landing kicks and a few punches on Harley as she fought him.

Harley smiled. "Thanks." She swung again.

"How did you inherit the name?" Batman asked catching a flying fist and flipped her onto her back.

"Ow!" She cried out as her back hit the hard asphalt. "My grandfather use to work for her." She hissed as she stood.

"Your grandfather?" Batman asked preparing for any sudden attacks.

"Yeah my grandfather, you have a hearin' problem b-man?" Harley asked as she stretched popping her spine and shoulders. "You know what batty? I'm bored." She said walking towards her bike.

"What?" Batman asked with a skeptical look lowering his defense.

"That little heist at the tracks just wore me down and you play too rough. I think I'll go home and take a nap then work on my bike some." She said.

"You have got to be kidding me." He muttered lifting his brow.

"How about we finish this next time?" Harley asked looking through her bag for her shades.

"No you're under arrest." Batman said holding up his handcuffs. (I can't bring myself to calling them bat-cuffs)

Harley stopped rummaging through her bag and looked up at Batman as if he were insane. She removed a spray can and aimed it towards the bat pressing down on the head. Sticky string spewed out of the top onto the Bat.

He looked on with annoyance. He lifted his arm to remove the string from his eyesight but couldn't move his arm. "Wh-what is this stuff?" He asked.

"Super sticky string in a can, it's a killer at parties. On average that stuff weakens in about a hour. But you being the new bat on the block, you'll be free in half the time." She said placing her helmet on her head and revving the engine.

Harley waved the bag of loot in the air. "See ya later b-man!" Harley shouted as the motorcycle leapt up on one wheel then raced away.

"Oh no you don't." Batman said stretching his arms apart breaking free of the string. Quickly he grabbed his bolas and threw them towards the fleeing Harley.

"Hey what's the big idea?" Harley asked as the bolas wrapped around her waist pinning her arms down.

"This!" Batman said yanking back on the line connected to the bolas.

"Aah!" Harley yelled as she was pulled off the bike and landed rolling on the road with the bag still in her hand. The bike wobbled as it sped forward cashing into a light post.

"Damn it! I just stole that!" Harley screamed looking at the flames spewing from the crashed motorcycle.

"And you're going to juvy hall." Batman reported.

Harley quickly removed a fingernail file from her bag and cut away the bolas. "Bats you've got to learn how to treat young women much better than this on dates." She growled as she pulled a large gun with a cork in the barrel from out of nowhere. "I didn't want to use this but you've forced me!" She shouted pulling the trigger.

The Bat covered his eyes in anticipation. KA-BOOM! When he opened his eyes again he found himself covered in party string and confetti. But no Harley could be seen.

"Terry what happed?" Wayne asked.

"You don't want to know." Batman said taking off.