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This is the end?!

Harley took a long look at the two story garage she had made her home. She was going to miss the place. She would miss the serine nose of the radio combined with her modifying JoyRide constantly echoing off the steel and brick walls. And the work she had put into fixing the place when she had first found it. It had taken her weeks to replace and clean all the windows. All the scrubbing she had done to return the grimy mahogany colored floors to its natural red color.

Nightshade looked in her direction when he heard her sigh in longing. Gently he wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly rocked her to and fro.

I put too much work into this place just to let it go so easily. Harley said with a heavy heart.

Nightshade gave her ear a small kiss before he released her. Harl you know that someone good is taking the place. Your friend...whats his name...the guy who just got a job.

Harley nodded as she picked up her bag. I just hope Charlie takes good care of this place. Oh well let's get moving. Harley said placing a few of her belonging into the satchel along side Nightshade's.

Okay baby ready to go? Harley asked fitting her helmet over her head as she mounted JoyRide.

Nightshade was unsure if she was talking to him or her bike, he only climbed on behind her and grabbed hold of her waist. Let go Harl. He said. JoyRide's engine roared as Harley drove them out of the garage perhaps never to return.


You're late. Bruce said as Terry ran down the long narrow dark stairs.

Terry huffed as he approached Bruce. One of my teacher's wanted to talk to be after school about why I keep falling asleep in class. Terry said looking down almost accusingly at Bruce.

Bruce turned in his chair so that he was facing the large screen of the computer. You wanted the job.

It would be easier for me if I could find a pattern or some kind of clue to Harley's attacks. Terry said.

Bruce threw Terry a sideways glance. Except for Fletcher's anniversary Harley's attacks have mostly been random.

And it's impossible to predict what's going on in the mind of a head case. Terry said putting on the suit.

Bruce gave Terry a have smile. You're learning. He said. Until Harley and Nightshade are apprehended you're going to have to keep a careful eye on Fletcher. Bruce said.

Batman, play bodyguard? What about the rest of Gotham? Terry asked his face changing as he pulled the mask over his face.

You'll have to manage both. Bruce said.

Terry groaned as he got into the Batmobile and left the elderly man to the dark empty cave, his only company the malodorous bats, a dog, and the old memorabilia from his glorious days as the dark knight, Gothams protector.


Nightshade and Harley had waited throughout the day in the park seating on a bench or at the fountains watching the many people walk by. Are you sure you want to do this tonight Harl? Nightshade asked biting into a warm giant pretzel that acted as his dinner.

Harley sat beside him sipping a can of soda through a straw. It's a good a time as any. Harley said folding her feet beneath her so that she sat Indian style. Why do you ask? She asked.

Nightshade smiled. I'm excepting something to come in the mail today. He said.

She gave him a sideways look. A black-market package? What did you get a foreign exotic plant that could throw the country's ecosystem out of order? Harley asked.

Nothing that drastic. Just a small surprise. He said with a wink. Together they watched as the lampposts illuminated one by one filling the pink and purple sky with light before it became darker.

The park's security police should be coming by soon. Harley said tossing her empty can into the trashcan across the walkway from her.

Park police? Nightshade asked.

Harley leaned into Nightshade's arm and took a bite of his pretzel. Yeah. You never heard of them before? She chewed. They make sure Jokerz don't mess the place up, kids with curfew cards go home, so on and so on. If they notice who we are we might be in trouble. Harley sang.

They moved from the fountain to a bench to watch the pink and purple in the sky turn to a deep navy then black. The sound of feet alerted Nightshade to the park police coming towards them. He whispered, Harley heard as well but did not give the sound any sign notice.

Hey you! One officer called.

Nightshade panicked at the thought of being caught ahead of time. Me sir? Nightshade asked.

Yes, what are you doing out here? He asked. Do you have ID? Do you have a curfew? Who's that girl? Where's her ID? The questions poured on.

Nightshade couldn't think to answer any. His hand was slowly drifting towards his pocket where he kept his deathly plants when Harley let out a loud cry from underneath Nightshade's arm.

That bastard! She cried. Nightshade looked wide eyed at her. How could he stand me up like this? Aint I woman enough for him? Harley cried into Nightshade's chest.

Nightshade quickly caught onto Harley after she gave him a small nip in the chest. Sorry mister but I don't have anything on me. You see my friend here was suppose to go out on a date tonight but the guy never showed. She called me crying and I rushed out without my wallet. Nightshade said.

Harley released another cry. All men are lying bastards! He doesn't know how long I worked washing and doing my hair. And all the time I spent trying to get this makeup right! Whaaa! All men are bastards! Harley howled.

The policemen flinched at the last statement. Mina, not all men are bastards, look at these policemen. Nightshade said waving his green hands towards the police.

Harley looked up red eyed, Ha! I bet ya each of them has someone waitin' at home pining for them and when they do go to see them they treat them like dirt. All men are grunting, groaning, bastard pigs! Harley cried.

Nightshade managed to hush Harley down. Okay, just get her home. The policeman said running off to make a phone call home.

Harley sniffed a few times then stood. We had better get going. She said clearing her face.

Harl, you're good. Nightshade said tossing the rest of his pretzel then followed her to her bike.

Harley smiled as she applied her black rose lipstick to her lips. "You know it babe."


Later that night...Nightshade and Harley stood side by side as they rode the elevator to the top floor. Nightshade leaned against the wall as he tried to fight the antsy anxiety building within him.

Harley peered at him from behind the dark circular lenses of her shades. I never would have thought you to be the claustrophobic type. She said watching as he shifted his weight for the fortieth time. I mean you rode in my elevator before.

Nightshade forced himself to let out a breath of air. The elevator at your place was a cage it was open, this one is closed off and plants don't like to be closed in. Nightshade said.

Harley playfully pulled his red hair. Just focus on something and we'll be out before you know it. She said pushing her shades back on her face then closed her eyes.

At first Nightshade focused on the music playing in the elevator, an updated version of Mozart or someone of the sort. He felt himself growing upset, they shouldn't destroy classics so carelessly as they did. He quickly changed his focus before he took out his unease and anger on the moving box to the reflection Harley in the mirrored walls. It was accurate to say she enjoyed variety he thought to himself as he looked her over. Her red and black twin pigtails arched up before falling down to a stop above her shoulders. As always they ended with silver bells. She wore a black and red belly shirt that she had made herself by sewing the halves of one black shirt to a red one. Convinced that it didn't reveal enough of her proud flat stomach she cut the bottom a bit higher so that if she were to take a deep breath she could reveal her ribs. She wore red leather suspenders over her shoulders that held up the red and black shorts she had made in the same fashion, only she broke the catch that kept the front close. So she went on allowing her silk black panties she wore underneath to show. But she wore her work with pride as she tapped her booted foot with impatience.

You know I can feel you staring at me. She said without opening her eyes.

BING! The elevator sounded as they came to their floor. The doors slowly opened to reveal four security guards awaiting them with their guns ready.

Forgot that elevators had cameras. Harley said.

Put your hands up! One of the guards shouted.

Harl shall I do the honors? Nightshade asked smiling down at Harley.

Harley smiled as she crossed her arms at her chest. You have your fun. She said. I'll met you in the parking lot on the top floor. She said.

Nightshade jumped out of the elevator onto the steady floor. One leg flew out catching a guard in the gut, he spun in the air with a flying kick knocking another in the head. Landing in a crouch he sprung onto his feet ramming his elbow into the chest of another. The last guard only managed to fire once missing Nightshade entirely. Nightshade scoffed as he threw a small object towards the man. The object exploded releasing a large spider like plant. It raveled around the guard pinning his arms and leg together.

See you upstairs Harl. Nightshade said. Harley only smiled as she shook her head commanding the voice operated machine to go onto the next floor.


When Harley reached the next floor she was met with the same force. Harley Jest you are under arrest! The obvious leader said cocking his gun.

Harley only smiled her eyes still hidden behind the dark shades. You must be joking. She said placing her hands on her hips.

Hands on your head! The leader yelled.

Harley cocked an eyebrow, As you wish. My you guys are so serious, you need a laugh. Harley quickly snatched the silver bell from her braid of red hair and threw it at the feet of the guards.

A thick cloud of gray-white smoke lifted into the air.

The men looked around to see the results. Nothing.

Then among the group someone stifled a laugh. More muffled laughs broke from here and there until finally someone began to chuckle out loud. The rest of the group soon followed in turn. Until they all were laughing madly.

What was that? The head security guard asked Harley as he and his men held their stomachs in laughter.

Harley removed the other bell from her hair. Diluted Joker venom. Strong enough to weaken them, but weak enough for them to maintain rational thought and speech. She said as if it were a perfume commercial. She held out the second silver bell. This contains the antidote to what you've just been exposed to. Now, I will give it to you if you and the rest of your sleazy buddies get out of here. Harley said holding the other bell tightly in her hand.

The head guard wheezed a yes. Good boy. Harley said breaking the bell's frame and allowing the tablet inside fall onto the floor. The tablet released a white smoke and the laughter in the air died.

I don't want murder on my case just yet, but if you try me I will. Harley said keeping an eye on the group as they headed towards the elevator then disappeared. Now to get Uncle into the office. She smiled picking up a telephone from one of the many desk.


Jordan Fletcher sat in his den watching the latest news. In truth it only looked like he was watching when all the while he was thinking, wondering when Harley's twisted sense of torment would end. She had to be stopped before she went too far.

Down the hall of his lovely two-story home the telephone rang. Fletcher did not move. Faith would answer, most likely it was for her. He thought to himself.

A small yet haughty voice called from the doorway. Fletcher turned to see the lithe brunette dressed only in a Egyptian silk robe that showed her smooth long legs and opened slightly in front to show her busty cleavage. If only she were as faithful her name. Jojo, it was the office. They say they need you there ASAP.

Fletcher stood and kissed her on the cheek. Did they say what they need me for? He asked.

Faith frowned and shook her head from side to side causing her dark hair to ripple. Sorry Hon, I forgot to ask. She said not actually caring if she missed an important message. But they said if you don't get there PDQ they have no idea what might happen.

(Pretty Damn Quick.) Fletcher wondered who he knew used those terms for emergency. Fletcher stood to leave but stopped to backtrack for his gun.


Okay Harl, my, as you would say, 'motion sensitive plants of destruction' are ready. Nightshade said walking into the indoor parking lot top.

Oh, and what delightful surprises do you have for any unexpected guest? Harley asked.

Poisonous Passion flowers, Fuchsia Swings that produce a suffocating pollen, a few walls of thorny vines, and the royal finale a very hungry eight foot Venus Flytrap.

Harley snatched off her shades. How long have you been growing that?! Harley asked with shock.

Remember awhile back I told you to stay out of the closet in the garage? Well that is what was in there. Nightshade smiled removing a near black rose from seemingly nowhere and gave it to Harley.

Harley held the rose to her nose letting its soft petals stroke the ridge of her upper lip. He wasn't making her decision any easier the kind way he treated her, but she had to do what she had to do. Harley tucked the rose into her braid. Red, remember what I said on the roof? Harley asked Nightshade as she inspected her gun.

About what? Nightshade asked turning to see Harley holding her popgun aimed at him.

Harley looked heartlessly at him. About not needing anyone. She said. You don't need me and I don't need you.

And what about us? Nightshade asked. They never officially said that they were a couple but their partnership must have meant something to her.

Don't tell Miss Q I said this but it's better to be feared than loved. She pulled back the trigger.

The cork of the gun exploded releasing a mist of chalk white vapor. Nightshade coughed as he waved away the mist. Harl what are you doing? He asked coughing. His focus began to blur as he swayed on his feet.

I knew nothing poisonous could mess with your high toxin tolerance, so I figured you being a plant weed killer would do something to you. Harley said walking towards the staggering Nightshade. It took me awhile to figure it out though.

The last thing Nightshade saw before he passed out was the look Harley gave him with her soft brown eyes. For what we had Red I watered down the weed killer, so you'll be up and about in a hour or so, just little weakened. Harley said, as she finished her words Nightshade collapsed on the cold black linoleum floor.

Harley tapped Nightshade on the shoulder with the toe of her boot. Sorry bout that. She whispered as she took his arm and began to drag him into the corner of the indoor parking lot.

In the harsh bright lights of the indoor parking lot Harley tied the unconscious Nightshade onto her JoyRide. Okay baby you remember what I told you? She asked placing the helmet over Nightshade's red hair. JoyRide revved its engine once. Good baby, now get him outta here. I don't want him around when things start to get ugly. Balanced prefectly on its two wheels JoyRide rode out of the building at its mistress's command.


Jordan Fletcher walked up the stairs to the entrance door of his building. He turned at the sound of something landing behind him.

Working late? Batman asked.

Fletcher nodded as he walked in. Small emergency they need me for. He answered.

Batman followed. And you don't think this might be a trick? He asked.

Fletcher smiled as he got into the elevator. I'm a businessman, I think of all the possibilities.

Batman watched as the elevator containing Fletcher raised above the circular floors. He sighed about to leave when he heard a thumping sound from above.

The elevator had stopped short and it sounded like Fletcher was fighting with something. With a loud creek the elevator titled backwards about to fall. Acting quickly Batman shot into the air towards the elevator. He threw a batarang at the mirror walls breaking the surface.

Fletcher appeared at the hole. It's about to fall! He shouted stating the obvious.

Batman quickly grabbed hold of Fletcher flying the both of them to the floor above as the elevator fell beneath them.

Dammit I knew she would try something like this! Fletcher hissed as his heart pounded madly. Isn't it your job to capture her before she kills me! He demanded.

Batman became suspicious as Fletcher was very edger to be rid of Harley even if she was a threat to his life. Perhaps Harley was telling the truth, there might be more to this case than they are letting on.

Harley and Nightshade may still be here. Sostay close to me until I can find a safe way for you to get out. Batman said.

Why don't you just fly me down to the bottom floor then I could walk out? Fletcher asked in a tone that mocked Batman's intelligence.

Batman stared trying not to lash out at the middle-aged man. Because Harley wants you here and most likely her partner has each obvious exit blocked. Batman said walking on. Fletcher finding the explanation most logical followed.

The quiet halls were filled with the sound of the intercoms coming into power. Good evening gentlemen and welcome to today's broadcast of office confessions! Harley said over the line. Today we'll hear how junior vice president did to really get her promotion, what lunch chef Luc secret is in his secret sauce, and most of all Batman will realize who the true villain is in the on going mystery of Harley Jest!

She's here! Fletcher shouted running down the hall.

No wait! Batman shouted as a plant grabbed him by the arm then ankle. Holding a bladed batarang in his hand he cut away at the limbs then ran after Fletcher.

I told you to stay by me! Batman shouted as he came onto Fletcher who was struggling with a carpet of Dichondra. With a single stroke of a blade he freed the man.

"I wonder what other tricks my dear 'niece' has for us." Fletcher said bitterly as he got onto his feet.

"What walks downstairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound? A spring a spring a marvelous ting! Everyone knows it's a slinky!" Harley sang as a metal coil bounced towards them.

Batman glared at Fletcher. "You had to ask!"

"It's Slinky, it's Slinky. For fun the wonderful toy. It's fun for a girl and a boy! It's fun for a girl and a boy!" She stopped. "Especially sine this one is exploding with fun, if ya know what I mean!" She laughed.

They noticed with horror the small explosives attached to the coil's middle. Batman quickly grabbed the metal toy and tossed it down the hall. "Get back!" He shouted grabbing Fletcher's collar and tossing him towards the dull creamy brown walls.

BA-BOOM! The floor shook with the explosion.

Over the intercom they could hear Harley clapping her hands merrily. "Very good Batsy, you're a pretty quick thinker. But my intentions with my slinky wasn't to kill you but to wake up Reds lovely black rose hedges. They need large sounds or movements to activate!" Suddenly a wall of brown limbs slammed across the hall farther down in the distance of where the two had been. Then another wall closed down but closer, then another and another each one coming closer. "Now let's see how quick you are on your feet." Harley laughed killing the intercom once again.

Batman shouted pushing Fletcher forward. They both ran the walls of brown limbs crashing down behind them. They ran until they were only two floors away from the top floor when the walls of dangerous limbs stopped.

What the hell was that?! Fletcher asked his heartrate quickening.

A trick to get us here. Batman said watching as the wall grew poisonous black roses he had never seen before. "If Harley can see us then she must be in the security control room."

"Then you had better hurry up and stop that girl before she gets us killed." Fletcher stated.

Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee ha haha! Uncle Fletcher. Harley's voice sang over the intercom. Do you remember this?

Ahem! I, Leonard West, being of sound mind and body here by place a friendly competition where I will fund either Marshall Jest's or Jordan Fletcher's company, depending on whose motorcycle completes the main race of the Paxton Charity Races before the other.

I, Marshall Jest, in sound body and mind agree to the terms of competition as said above. I, Jordan Fletcher, in sound body and mind agree to the terms of competition as said above.'

Short and simple little contract, that what I loved about dear Uncle West, he kept everything simple. Oh and look this document is complete with everyone's signature.

Batman stared at Fletcher open mouth as everything began to come into order. A bet!! You killed my father over a stupid bet! Harley's scream rumbled throughout the halls.

Fletcher began to run down the halls away from the angry glare Batman was giving him. He came to a stop as he turned for the second elevator is in perfect order.

As the doors parted a large vicious Venus Flytrap like creature reached out its sharp barbs desiring a taste of the frightened man before it.

Batman knocked Fletcher out of the creature's way as it began to extend its jaws out and snap close. Fletcher watched as Batman began to fight with the beast-like plant. Taking the opportunity to run off to find Harley for himself he left the dark hero to fend for himself.

Batman watched as the man took off with a gun held in his arms. "Fletcher!" He shouted in vain hopes of stopping the man. He turned at the inhuman sound of the overbaring plant in time to avoid the tentacle like limbs of the huge Flytrap. As he fought the gaint creature he realized this was something he wasn't gettting involved in.


Fletcher crept into his office in hopes of finding a place to sit and consider his best plan of action. Now not only did he have his vengeful 'niece' to worry about, but now that his secret was out he had Batman to think about as well. He had to find a way to silence Harley first, before she said anything else that would get him into serious trouble. When he went in he found nothing out of place, nothing to indicate that anyone had been by. His papers from before still sat in the in box and the ideas that he reject still rested on the floor near the trash can, his account books, dictionary, and address book still sat untouched on the edge of his desk. Yes, no one had been here. He thought with relief. That was until his large black leather chair spun revealing Harley awaiting him.

No walk-ins! Come by appointment only! She shouted aiming her gun at him. She pulled the trigger. Foosh! The Bang! flag unrolled. Fletcher waited for another surprise as her toys usually held but nothing. He looked up only to see Harley laughing at him from behind her black nailpolished fingertips.

She pressed the trigger again shouting out the flag. The flag attached to a string flew out and wrapped around the gun in Fletcher's hand. Harley pulled on the string yanking the gun out of his hands.

Harley sat Fletcher's gun down on the desktop. Please Uncle Fletcher, sit down. Let us catch up on old times. Harley smiled placing her feet on the desk next to her bag of tricks.

Give me that contract Harl! Fletcher said holding out his hand.

Harley brought the white paper to her chest protectively. But why Fletcher? Is it because it ties you to my papa's supposed accident' and Uncle West's untimely demise? Harley asked slowly causing the chair to swivel from side to side all the while keeping her feet on the desk.

You don't know what you're talking about. Just give me that contract! He demanded

Harley took down her feet then sat down on the desk itself. Oh but you know as I know exactly what I'm talking about. I was always curious why papa gave me this to hide when I was younger, I guess he knew you better than you thought. But now I know what this is and why everything happened. The funny thing is how I found out. Do you want to hear? Harley asked.

Fletchers response was a low growl. I say that's a yes. It was a few years ago on the anniversary of my papa's death, the exact day I dropped out of highschool. At first I was all alone at my papa's grave but then Uncle West joined me followed by Mr. Parker, my papa's driver, and Mr. Brooks, the alternate driver.

It was by pure chance that Uncle West mentioned how coincidental it all was. Parker too drunk to drive thanks to a pre-game party he was invited to. And Brooks incapacitated due to some muggers beating him up in the street two days before, and it was so odd because they forgot to rob him. Amateurs, go figure. It was then Uncle West said 'It would have been nice if Marshall had won that bet. He had the skill.' I asked what did he mean and he told me all about the bet and the contract. Then I too realized that way too many coincidences happened that week. So I went home and read through all the papers my daddy gave me to hide and protect. And then it hit me like a bullet through the brain you killed my papa. Harley said standing on her knees. Uncle West figured that out too, didn't he? He was going to expose you then you did it again, to protect your sorry ass and your business you killed him. Everyone knew how strange Uncle West was, it was just a matter of time before he went over the edge. That's the explaination you gave wasn't it?

Fletcher slowly stalked towards his desk wondering how he could get to his gun and rip the contract away from Harley all at once. I had no attentions of killing your father Harl. He began in a sincere tone. But I just needed that money more than your father did. You see I had debts that could have ruined me, Harl. So I paid those men to mug Brooks then I got Parker drunk. I didn't think your father would race, I had forgotten that he could.

Cut the bull Fletcher! You still rigged the bike to fall apart at a fast speed! And you still murdered West! Deep down you knew what you were doing! So don't try to pretend. Harley said jumping down from the table with her spring punching glove in hand. And don't interrupt me while I'm telling a story! Harley yelled pulling back the trigger. The red glove flew out at Fletcher at top speed knocking him backward onto the floor.

Ahem! After my father was dead you figured his death could be tied to you if anyone found the contracts, so you destroyed yours then went in search of papa's. You finally figured that papa gave his contract to me. And that's why you made sure I was sent off to the hospital. So you'd have enough time to look for this without question. Harley waved the contract slowly back and forth like the victory flag it was for her. She placed the contract in her inner jacket pocket with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Fletcher, back on his feet with a bloody nose, flinched as he found himself unable to convince her of his story. C'mon Harl darling. I can give you anything you ask. Fletcher said.

The rage in Harley's eyes faded as did the scowl tugging on her lip. It seemed as if she was shrinking with her humble look. Then in a voice that Fletcher had not heard in years Harley said in a two-year-old like voice. I want my papa. She raised her popgun ready to fire.

Fletcher quickly grabbed one of the small stiff metal end tables of his office and swung it towards Harley. Harley managed the dodge the first swing that was aimed towards her face but missed the second that was aimed towards her ribs.

In a grunt Harley fell against the large black marble desk then fell to the carpeted floor dragging the many books and her bag down with her. You rat bastard. Harley breathed as the pain in her chest continued to sting with each breath she took.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can't hurt me Harley. Fletcher said crouching over the fallen figure of young woman. Fletcher carelessly reached into her jacket looking for the contract.

Harley reached over grabbing the fallen dictionary and using all of her might and the weight of the heavy book smacked it across his face. Try that one on for size! She said standing onto her feet as Fletcher rolled back in pain stopping on the floor next to her overturned bag of tricks.

You bitch! He yelled reaching into the bag and removing a small glass sphere with green liquid resting in the bottom. With careful aim he threw the sphere down at Harley's feet.

As the glass broke the ball released a thick cloud of green fog.

Fletcher looked around for the results of Harley defeated by one of her own toys. He grunted with irritation as he noticed the thick green mist made it impossible to see.

Fletcher breathed through clenched teeth tasting kiwi on his tongue as the thickness let up. From the vapor came a taunting laugh. Silly Fletcher. Harleys voice rung out from the sheet of green vapor. She stepped up to Fletcher. What you just released out of my bag o' toys was Joker venom. You can tell by the taste. She licked out her tongue and ran it over the ridge of her top lip.

Fletcher's face merged from shock to a grin as the Joker venom took effect. You bitch! A-ha ha ha ha ha ha! He laughed punching Harley in the face.

Harley fell on to her back. Rolling into a flip she grabbed her almost empty bag to reach only her yoyo. With a flick of her wrist she tossed the yoyo in the direction of Fletcher. The yoyo body parted wrapping around Fletcher's torso pinning his arms down.

Harley wiped the blood from her nose with the back of her sleeve. Bola yoyos you've gotta love She said pushing Fletcher down onto the floor.

Fletcher's wide eyes fell onto the smug face of Harley. Ha ha-You won't-ha ha ha-You won't get away-haHa-rley. Fletcher said between breathless laughs. We'll-hah ha ha ha haaha! We'll be-haha arrested hahaha to-ha-gether.

Harley looked around Well as Miss Q taught me if ya gotta go, go laughing and most important with a bang! Harley quickly loaded her popgun then began to fire at the modern office all the while laughing. She laughed insanely as the office walls succumbed to the mad roaring flames.

Harley reached into her bag and removed a magic 8 ball. O' wise eight ball tell me should I destroy the entire building? She asked shaking the ball.

::Most definitely:: Harley laughed out at the message as she shook the ball violently causing the message crystal inside to break releasing it's liquid. The blue liquid turned red as Harley walked out through the maze of metal cubicles until she came to the balcony.

Employees asking for more office space? Are they complaining about the early work hours? Not enough excitement in the office? She pitched the black ball towards the center then ran back into Fletcher's office. BOOM! The bottom floor shook at the massive explosion.

Harley stood onto her feet watching as her hellish destruction unfolded in pure chaotic flames. The orange fire licked towards her bare legs as her eyes glowed with the reflection of the firelight. Without reason she began to laugh wildly as she spun once her fingers cutting through the hot flames unharmed.

For a moment Fletcher managed to bring his laughter down to mild giggles and climb onto his feet. With giggle he ran towards Harley ramming his shoulder into her gut pushing her back farther and farther. And together the two fell through the large glass window into a twenty-story fall towards the cement stairs and sidewalk below.

From instincts alone Harley grabbed hold of the building's ledge on the twelfth floor. Her right hand shot out and grabbed hold of the bola yoyo string catching Fletcher. Harley don't let me fall! Fletcher begged his fear fighting the effects of the Joker venom.

Harley sneered as she gave her arm a firm shake making Fletcher jerk beneath her. Did you think of my papa when you fixed his bike to fall apart?! Did you comply with Uncle West's pleas for his life before you killed him?! Did you think about the lives you would ruin when you began all this?! Harley demanded. Did you not think that I wouldn't personally come back to hunt you?! She asked loosening her hold on the heavy-duty bola wire. Was it all worth it? The lives you ruined, the lives you took? Was this worth it? She asked giving him another jerk.

Fletcher began to cry pathetically under Harley. Now you see who the real monster is, dear Fletcher? Fletcher whimpered. "Eeny-meeny-miney mo, catch at tiger by the toe." She sung sweetly. "If he hollers like him go!" Harley smiled at herself as she decided Fletcher's fate.


The floating fire engines sprayed the unruly fire as the police kept the curious people at bay. Batman flew down the street looking wildly for any signs of Harley and Fletcher if there were any left of him. In the distance he spotted a lone figure with red and black hair seated atop an object on the grassy lawns of a near by park.

Batman approached Harley as she sat motionless atop the hogtied Fletcher watching wild orange and yellow flames consume the building. I thank you for not getting too involved. Harley said still unmoving.

I was busy with those lethal plants of your partner's. But I still heard the entire confession since you didn't turn off the intercom in Fletcher's office. Speaking of Fletcher, I see you didn't kill him. Batman said watching as the black painted grin on Fletcher's face slowly let down although he continued to laugh.

I want to see him suffer for what he's done. He's lucky my mix of Joker venom isn't as strong as the real deal. I'll get the recipe right one day. But I did make up his face! Harley laughed. "How did you get away from Red's hungry flytrap?" She asked as an afterthought.

Kicked it over the balcony, it burned when you threw down the explosives. Where's Nightshade? Batman asked walking close enough to see Harley sat cross legged with one arm dangling to her side heavy with the unloaded popgun.

Harley did not take her eyes away from the entrancing flames, she only exhale noisily in a deep sigh. I sent him away. I didn't want him to get mixed up in this worst than I've already got him. Harley said.

That was kind of you. Why? Batman asked.

Harley smiled as she turned towards him so he could see the glow of the fire reflecting off her glassy eyes. That's easy Batsy, I'm crazy about the guy. Miss Q taught me a lot of things dealin' with crime. But she as so taught me some things on love. You can't leave love to chance. And I just couldn't let Red get arrested just because of me.

Batman was shocked to hear that the villianess had such feelings. Harley reached into her pocket and removed the folded piece of paper. "Well papa, your lil' girl kept her promise." She said to no one. She stood from Fletcher's back and looked to Batman. "Now I'm not giving up Batsy, just taking a tiny rest from three and a half years of vengence." She said holding out the contract to him.

Batman reached out and cuffed Harley's hand as he took the paper. Then handed both she and Fletcher over to the police after telling them of Fletcher's crimes. Fletcher with two counts of murder and one attempted murder. Where as Harley had property damage, two counts auto theft, assult and the crimes went on.


Fletcher and Harley sat across from each other handcuffed in the police van. Well isn't this nice? I go to juvy until I can be trailed as an adult and you go to prison for two counts of murder. Harley laughed.

Fletcher smiled. I helped your father raise one hell of a woman. He said with pride. That's something that can hunt you for the rest of your days. I made you who you are."

"Quiet the both of you." Said the policeofficer sitting in the back with them.

"Oh go shove it!" Harley pursed her lips at the officer.

"I almost got away with it all Harley, if it werent for you. Fletcher laughed.

Harley smiled. But don't you know Fletcher? Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. She said just as the van jolted to a stop.

The back doors were pried open by a large vine and a furious Nightshade looked in. He pointed to Harley directing the vine to grab her.


Terry yawned as he took off the suit. Have you heard the latest police reports? Bruce asked.

Terry looked over Bruce's shoulders to see the news. Police van transporting Harley Jest and Jordan Fletcher was forced to a stop 11:49 PM. Some supposed creature took a reluctant Harley Jest. Terry read. He pulled away from the message on the screen. So he went back for her. He mumbled out loud.


The navy night sky lightened as hues of orange, pink, and purple appeared in the sky. On the Gotham streets a large moving van drove quickly through the semi-empty morning traffic. Harley sat in the passenger seat with her hands before her still entrapped in the large metallic handcuffs. The reason why they made them like this was because the smaller handcuffs were too easy to get out of. Harley laughed with mockery.

Nightshade watched her with divided attention. Here's a trick Miss Q taught me. And a 1, a 2, a 3! Ta-da! Harley said then with a small tug her hand slipped out of the cuff. Sorry about that whole weed killer thing Red. But I didn't want you to get hurt or nothin'. Harley said as she tossed the cuffs out the window.

I figured that was what you were up to. Nightshade said.

Harley smiled as she kissed Nightshade on the cheek but Nightshade turned so that it landed on his wanting lips. And how did you know I what I was doing? She asked resting her head on his shoulder.

You sent me on JoyRide instead of in a cab or something of the sort. To let go of your prized bike like that mean you had to care. Also there was that look you gave me before I passed out. Nightshade said reaching behind him. Can you get that large box from behind me?

Harley laughed reaching behind him for the box among the rest of their belongings including JoyRide. I was hoping you didn't notice that look. She looked back to the box. Is there something in it? She asked.

Nightshade smiled. It's that mail I was expecting earlier. He said. He smiled when he heard Harley cry out.

Aw a spotted hyena cub. She cried placing the heavily spotted tan cub into her lap. How did you get it? She asked.

A lot of money and secrecy. Nightshade said watching as the cub immediately took a liking to Harley. I hope you don't mind that it's a male, but I was told that the female of that species is very dominant.

He's for me? Harley asked.

Nightshade smiled. Of course, you can't be Harley with a laughing hyena.

What am I going to name you my little killer? She asked rubbing his belly. I know. I shall call you Erik, short for HystErik. Ha ha! Harley laughed.

So what do you think we should do now? Part ways? What? Nightshade asked as he drove on.

Red, you kidding me right? Harley asked as she scratched Erik's ear. For years now I've managed to convince myself that I don't need anyone. That's why I always worked on my bike, it fought the loneliness for awhile. Now that you've come into my life I doubt I can go back to that. It's a nice feeling coming home after a hard days crime to find someone there to welcome you.

Nightshade draped his arm around Harleys shoulder pulling her closer to him. So what are we going to do now?

We'll keep low for awhile. Keep ourselves out of trouble. What do you think about getting an apartment?

As long as it's in the Garden district I'm fine. He said smiling.


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Psssssssssssssssssssssst! Hey you, down here. I have something important to tell ya. I'm thinkin' about writing a new Batman Beyond fanfic kinda like a sequel. Here's a small sample of the first chapter.

Grey Shadows of the Past

Harley Jest hummed along with the song playing softly on the radio as she pulled a faded olive green belly sweatshirt over her wet hair. The shirt matched with the tight torn sweat pants she wore on her semi-dry legs. The sweat suit once belonged to Chris but due to a shrinking accident in the dryer she now owned it. And after a bit of exercising and a shower she found it was the most comfortable thing to wear.

For almost a half year Harley and Chris, better know as the deadly criminal Nightshade, had been living together in an modest apartment in the South of Gotham. It wasn't as spacious as her garage home but it sufficed.

They both made an almost honest living with Harley periodically working at a motorcycle repair and detail shop. And Chris working at a nursery helping to produce lovely, lush, and colorful plants, much like the vegetation already overtaking the apartment. The two only committed crimes when the mood suited them or when they were short on the rent and bills.

Harley carefully placed a medium-rare T-bone steak onto a plate and sat it down on the floor. Dinner time baby. She said refilling the water dish. A small thud of paws on the carpeted floor could be heard as a young spotted hyena ran from the living room into the kitchen. Eat up Erik. Harley said walking into the living room to wait for the hour to end when her beloved Chris would return home.

With a small jump she plopped down on the sofa. Laid back with her legs crossed Harley flipped through the television channels. She stopped on a opera playing on the Public Broadcasting Station but changed once again when it was interrupted with the usual fund raiser. "Six thousand years can pass and they still won't make their goal." She muttered changing the channals until she found an interesting and violent cartoon to watch. The New Batman. Someone had come up with the great idea of animating the new Batman in Gotham, as if the play wasn't enough. The only thing about the cartoon that upsetted her was that she and Nightshade wasn't mentioned yet.

Bzzzz Harley looked up curious as to who would be at her door. If it's another one of that jerk of a super nagging about me keepin' a pet I have some laughin' gas for She said to Erik as she looked out the peephole.

Although she couldn't see the face clearly due to the flithy peephole glass Harley could tell a richly dressed woman stood opposite her door. The woman sent uneasy shivers down Harleys spine. Erik baby, you had better hide. Harley said still watching the woman through the hole. Erik picked up the half eaten steak in his mouth at his mistress command then went into the bedroom crawling beneath the bed.

After seeing that her pet was safely hidden did she open the door. When the door was fully open Harley saw the face of her visitor and gasped. Harley stared shocked at first then angered.

The dark skinned woman smiled sweetly at Harley. Well aren't you going to welcome your mother in? Emily asked.


Later that night Chris returned home. Harley I'm home! He joked as he tossed his jacket onto the love seat. Chris rubbed his sweaty red hair. He asked.

Goosebumps rose on his green skin when he didn't hear a responds, instead he heard a laugh like sound come from behind the couch. Chris carefully looked over to see Erik shivering his golden brown eyes staring up at him in fright. Erik? Where's Harley? Chris asked almost expecting the small hyena to answer. Franticly Chris began to look about the apartment to find it was completely empty of his beloved girlfriend. Though he tried to convince himself of other possibilities he knew she was gone.

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